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Located in the western part of England, London Heathrow Airport (LHR) is one of the most well-known airports in the world. As the primary hub for British Airways, LHR serves as a gateway to London for millions of travelers every year. With its state-of-the-art facilities and extensive transportation links, this airport offers a seamless travel experience for all passengers. 

In this guide, all the essential information you need to know about the airport has been discussed in detail. 

What is the General Information About London Heathrow Airport?

A few details about Heathrow Airport that are of keen importance like the address of the airport or its main codes are elaborated in the below-given table. 

Airport London Heathrow Airport 
Airport Type Public 
Operator Heathrow Airport Holdings 
Serves Greater London
Northwest Surrey
Western Hertfordshire
Southern Buckinghamshire
Hub For British Airways and Virgin Atlantic 
London Heathrow Airport Code LHR 
London Heathrow Airport Terminals Terminal 2Terminal 3 Terminal 4 Terminal 5
London Heathrow Airport Coordinates 51.4700° N, 0.4543° W
London Heathrow Airport Runways 09R/27L and 09L/27R
London Heathrow Airport Address London Borough of Hillingdon, England, United Kingdom
Distance from the City 19 miles from London 
Phone Number 44 844 335 1801

What does the Heathrow Airport Map Depict?

The map of Heathrow Airport essentially aims to show a clear and accurate representation of the entire structure. It gives directions to travelers on how to reach their designated terminals or check-in centers. It also highlights the gates assigned to different airlines so that you can easily find out your baggage collection points. 

Given hereunder is the map of LHR Airport:

LHR Airport Terminal Map

What is the Heathrow Airport Code?

One main airport code for Heathrow is LHR. However, this airport is known by a few other popular codes as well. These are as mentioned here: 

WMO Code 03772 
Heathrow Airport Zip Code TW6 Postcode 

How Many Runways does Heathrow Airport LHR Have?

Spread across in the right and left directions, the London Heathrow Airport LHR consists of 2 runways with the following dimensions: 

Runway Dimensions Surface 
09L/27R3,902 meters or 12,802 ft Grooved Asphalt Surface 
09R/27L3,660 meters or 12,008 ft Grooved Asphalt Surface 

What are the Additional Facilities and Services Offered at Heathrow Airport?

There are convenience stores and luxury outlets located at almost all of the Heathrow Airport terminals. These will be open round the clock on all working days. Some of such facilities offered include: 

  • Shopping 
    • Accessorize 
    • BOSS
    • Burberry 
    • Cartier 
    • Chanel 
    • Dior 
    • Discover London 
    • Hamleys 
  • Dining 
    • Black Sheep Coffee 
    • Caviar House Oyster Bar 
    • Gordon Ramsay Plane Food 
    • Joe’s Coffee House 
    • Heston’s The Perfectionists Cafe 
    • Fortnum and Mason Bar 
    • Costa 
    • Big Smoke 
    • Co-Pilots Bar and Kitchen 
    • Caffe Nero 
  • Other Services 
    • Luggage Storage 
    • Payphones 
    • Cell Phone Rentals 
    • Currency Exchange Centres 
    • Smoking Zones 
    • Meeting Rooms 
    • Post Office 

How Long are the Heathrow Airport Security Wait Times?

The Heathrow Airport wait times usually remain the same for all terminals. Any slight difference might be due to varying amounts of crowds and the rush hours. 

  • For international flights, the minimum arrival time is 3 hours before departure. 
  • On domestic and European flights, 2 hours is the minimum security time. 
  • The entire security screening process can take about 15-20 minutes. 
  • Your boarding gate will be announced 45 minutes before departure. 
  • Check-in generally opens at 7:30 A.M. or a few hours before the flight. 

Are there Any Airports Near London Heathrow Airport? 

Out of the many airports in London, the following list mentions the closest ones to Heathrow Airport LHR. 

How Many Terminals at London Heathrow Airport are in Operation?

This airport is home to four terminals. The Heathrow Airport terminals are numbered 2, 3, 4, and 5. Terminal 1 was shut down in 2015 and is no longer in operation. The remaining four concourses currently undertake all the incoming and outgoing flights. 

A detailed description of these terminals is mentioned here. 

Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 

The Airport Heathrow Terminal 2 has check-in desks on the ground floor and on Level 5. It is known as the Queen’s Terminal. The departure gates are located on the first floor. Passengers can take the escalator or use the moving walkways to reach the other terminals from here. This terminal is mainly used by United Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Air Canada.

Terminal 3 Heathrow Airport 

Serving carriers such as Delta Air Lines, Emirates, and Virgin Atlantic, this terminal has check-in desks and departure gates. They are present on the ground and second floors respectively. The arrivals section is situated in the northern portion of the terminal. London Heathrow Terminal 3 also has lounge access and a wide range of stores.

Terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport 

This terminal was constructed in 1986 and has 22 gates in total. It is connected to the other concourses via the Heathrow Cargo Tunnel. After its renovation, the check-in area and the baggage carousels were expanded. Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 is used by airlines such as KLM, Air France, Qatar, and many more. Most of the SkyTeam Airlines operate from this concourse. 

Terminal 5 Heathrow Airport 

At LHR, Terminal 5 is used exclusively by British Airways and Iberia Airlines. It is divided into three separate buildings (A, B, and C). It has check-in desks on the ground floor and departure gates on the first and second floors. It has a main building and a satellite building. Further, there are hotels at LHR Terminal 5 that can be booked in advance for use during stopovers. 

Which Airlines Operate from London Airport Heathrow?

The Heathrow Airport LHR provides flights to about 185 destinations through more than 80 airlines. Some of these carriers only serve domestic destinations while most of them operate on an international level. This airport is the main base for Virgin Atlantic and British Airways forms its primary carrier. 

Some of the other airlines operating from LHR and their terminals are mentioned below. 

What Terminal is British Airways Heathrow Airport?

There is more than one official British Airways Terminal Heathrow. This is because both Terminals 3 and 5 are used by this carrier. Based on the flight schedule and the nature of your flight, whether direct or connecting, the concourse will be decided. Once your terminal is announced, you can check in here and deposit your British Airways baggage

Which Terminal is United in Heathrow?

This American carrier offers its services from the second terminal. It is one of the first airlines to shift its operations to this terminal. Since it is a Star Alliance airline, check-in for both connecting and non-stop flights has to be done here. The United Terminal in Heathrow also has an Arrivals Lounge and a Club Lounge. 

What Terminal at Heathrow is Virgin Atlantic?

All the flights of this carrier depart from Terminal 3. From here, the flights mainly fly to Florida. The Virgin Atlantic Heathrow Terminal has 28 gates, moving walkways, and a spacious structure. Waiting rooms will also be provided when you have to pause your trip due to unexpected Virgin Atlantic cancellations. You can also enjoy food and other amenities here. 

What Terminal is Delta at Heathrow Airport?

Concourse 3 is the Heathrow Terminal for Delta. Being one of the biggest carriers, it flies to several international destinations like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, etc. Hence, this large terminal is perfectly suitable for the worldwide carrier. The concourse also has several ticketing counters, baggage deposit points, and information centers for flight changes or cancellations. 

What Terminal is American Airlines at Heathrow?

The check-in and departure of American Airlines flights take place from the third terminal. At the American Airlines Heathrow Terminal, you can easily book the priority check-in facility to complete the security screening process. 

What Terminal is Aer Lingus at Heathrow?

Aer Lingus Heathrow Terminal is allocated to be the second concourse. To improve your Aer Lingus check-in experience, you can use the self-kiosks as well. Additionally, apart from the general facilities, this terminal also has the Gold Circle Lounge. This can be used after you complete the TSA screening process. 

Which is the Qatar Airways Heathrow Terminal?

This airline provides its facilities from Terminal 4. At this concourse, once you finish handing over your Qatar baggage, you can head to Level 2 to access the departure lounge. Otherwise, passengers can also take a look around the various shopping, dining, and artistic outlets present here. Doha is the main region served by the Qatar Air Heathrow Terminal. 

What is the WestJet Heathrow Terminal?

The Canadian airline operates from the 4th terminal at this airport. A new baggage system was recently installed at this terminal in order to facilitate easy WestJet baggage submission and collection. The Westjet Heathrow Terminal 4 has additionally been renovated to accommodate around 40 more airlines. 

What is the Air Canada Heathrow Terminal?

Air Canada London Heathrow Terminal 2 is put into use for this airline. This is one of the busiest terminals that houses more than 50 shops and restaurants. Many airlines are now being shifted to this concourse. It has several facilities that offer a comfortable experience to all the fliers. However, when they are flying with Air Canada pets, they will have to relieve their animals outside the terminal as there are no centers present within this concourse. 

Where is the Air France London Heathrow Terminal?

Managed by Skyteam, this airline uses terminal 4 at the LHR airport. In the recent past, around 200 million Euros were spent on the expansion of the Air France Terminal in Heathrow. Due to this upgrade, passengers here can now enjoy a faster and more systematic Air France check-in process. This carrier does not provide any lounge access. 

What Terminal does Air India use at Heathrow Airport?

With its arrival and departure lounges, Indian Airlines operate from Terminal 2. There is a wide choice of restaurants and shops here for you to choose from. The Air India Heathrow Terminal operates domestic flights as well. This is the most recently established concourse of the airport and, hence, provides advanced facilities. 

What is the Air New Zealand Heathrow Terminal?

Generally, most flights under this carrier depart from the second terminal. This Air New Zealand Heathrow Terminal might only be shifted in case there is heavy traffic in the 2nd concourse. Otherwise, all the check-in and Air New Zealand baggage proceedings must be completed at the allocated terminal. 

Where is the Tap Air Portugal Heathrow Terminal?

Terminal 2 is assigned to this airline for all its official operations. There are three lounges present here that can be used by passengers only after completing the check-in process. This Tap Air Portugal terminal Heathrow compensates its fliers during different scenarios. In the case of Tap Air Portugal cancellations too, it can offer this aid. 

What is the Air Serbia Heathrow Terminal?

For boarding flights of this carrier, Terminal 4 has to be visited. Though there are no lounges offered by this airline, the Air Serbia Terminal Heathrow offers a comfortable travel experience through its various convenience-oriented centers and retail outlets. 

What Terminal is JetBlue at Heathrow Airport?

JetBlue is housed by Terminal 2. This Heathrow JetBlue Terminal has different amenities like free Wi-Fi, payphones, smoking areas, and snacking centers. Passengers can also accelerate their JetBlue check-in by skipping the TSA line under the priority boarding option. For any assistance, the officers at the ticketing centers can be reached. 

What is the Etihad Airways Heathrow Terminal?

All the services of this airline are undertaken by Terminal 4. For quick Etihad check-in, travelers will be required to arrive at the terminal a minimum of 2 hours before the take-off. When you happen to miss your flight or undergo Etihad flight cancellations, contact the terminal staff and you will be informed of the alternative options. The Etihad Heathrow Terminal is also known for its systematic TSA operations. 

Where is the Eurowings London Heathrow Terminal? 

Zone B of Terminal 2 is the operational basis for this carrier. For visitors, parking facilities are also made available at the Eurowings Heathrow Terminal. The lounge here will be open between 6 A.M. and 10 P.M. It can be reserved on the spot under dire circumstances such as cancellations. 

What is the Eva Air Heathrow Terminal?

Terminal 2 at the airport is used by this Star Alliance carrier. This terminal was tested before coming into full operation to ensure the proper allocation of the Eva Air baggage carousels. However, when you lose your luggage, you can go to the lost and found department near the third terminal which is connected to the Eva Air Terminal Heathrow Airport. 

What is the Main Vietnam Airlines Heathrow Terminal?

All the commercial flights of this carrier fly from Terminal 4. These flights generally fly to Central Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Recently, new stands were introduced at the Vietnam Airlines Heathrow Terminal to facilitate hassle-free baggage check-in and collection. 

Which is the Austrian Air Heathrow Terminal?

Another one of the major airlines using Terminal 2 is Austrian. This concourse has the capacity to provide services on a large-scale basis owing to its spacious structure. Voluntary Austrian Airlines cancellations can be requested by putting forward a claim with the agents at the Austrian Airlines London Heathrow Terminal. 

What is the Heathrow Terminal for Lufthansa?

Lufthansa Terminal in Heathrow is concourse number 2. At this terminal, there are lounges offered like the Lufthansa Senator Lounge. They will be available for use upon payment after check-in. The codeshare flights of this carrier also use this terminal as their main take-off point. 

Which is the Terminal Heathrow SAS?

SAS stands for Scandinavian Airlines which uses Terminal 2. Passengers will be given two options with respect to the SAS baggage deposit at this terminal. That is, they can either tag their luggage on their own or use the assistance of the airline staff. Either way, the agents at the SAS Terminal Heathrow Airport ensure that their items safely reach the aircraft cargo. 

What Terminal is KLM at Heathrow Airport?

This Royal Dutch carrier is known to be housed by the 4th concourse at the LHR Airport. The KLM Heathrow Terminal is equipped with enough facilities to handle large aircraft. It is also equipped with services to handle large crowds during KLM flight cancellations. Moreover, passengers can move to other concourses from this terminal using the walkways or the shuttle services. 

Which Terminal is Qantas in Heathrow?

When a traveler is boarding a flight operated by this carrier, he or she will have to head to Terminal 3. Usually, the Heathrow Qantas Terminal 3 undertakes long-haul flights to international destinations like North America or Asia. This concourse is mainly used by Oneworld Airlines and a few Skyteam carriers as well. 

Which is the Cathay Pacific Heathrow Terminal?

Departures of the Cathay airline are managed by the third terminal. This is also the concourse that houses the lost and found department of the airline. The Cathay Heathrow Terminal is known for its smooth operations. It undertakes to ensure full comfort to the affected passengers in case of Cathay Pacific cancellations or flight delays or missed flights. 

What is the Emirates Airlines Heathrow Terminal?

The flying base for this carrier is Terminal 3. At this Emirates Airlines Terminal Heathrow Airport, check-in can be executed. Hence, this is where departures are significantly ensured. For arrivals too, the concourse remains important.

Where is the Aeromexico Heathrow Terminal?

This is a SkyTeam carrier that is under the supervision of the third terminal. This terminal has a four-lane drop-off area which is helpful for the easy collection of Aeromexico baggage as well. Further, the Aeromexico Heathrow Terminal 3 has a wide variety of amenities ranging from different restaurants to a collection of retail outlets. Passengers will be free to explore all these shopping centers. 

What is the Main EasyJet Heathrow Terminal?

Generally, the baggage deposit of this carrier and its take-off occur at Terminal 2. However, it can be shifted when the runways are busy or in view of sudden cancellations. When there is such a transfer in the EasyJet Terminal Heathrow, the airport will make sure that the passengers are informed in advance. For clear information, the help desks can also be visited at any time. 

What is the Finnair London Heathrow Terminal?

One of the oldest airlines operating from Terminal 3 is this Finland carrier. Any mishaps or inconveniences at the Finnair Heathrow Terminal can be reported to the agents present here immediately. The same is the case when a passenger wishes to request Finnar cancellations or flight changes. 

What is the Main Gulf Air Terminal at Heathrow?

Concourse 4 is the main Gulf Air Heathrow Terminal. This terminal has 22 gates all of which enable fast-paced operations and quick ticketing. You can obtain your boarding pass at the terminal once you deposit your luggage. During involuntary Gulf Air flight cancellations or delays, your boarding pass will still be valid. Compensation awarded at the terminal in such circumstances can include free access to the waiting rooms.

What is the Heathrow Korean Air Terminal?

The official terminal of this airline is Concourse 4. It has parking facilities, relaxation centers, and similar amenities. The ticketing counters present at the Korean Air Heathrow Terminal allow passengers to make requests for flight changes, Korean Air cancellations, seat changes, or name corrections as well. 

Where do the Heathrow Airport Arrivals Take Place?

Based on the flight schedules of different airlines, all of the terminals at this airport provide for arrivals. The arrival terminal will be decided in advance and informed to the passengers. However, if there is more than usual traffic at a particular runway, the London Airport Arrivals Heathrow terminal might be transferred.  

Which Terminals Undertake Heathrow Airport Departures? 

Passengers can board their flights from the 4 terminals, that is, all of them facilitate London Heathrow Airport departures. When they wish to use a lounge at the departure terminal, they will first have to complete all the required TSA procedures. The submission of their boarding pass is mandatory at all the departure terminals. 

Where is the Heathrow Airport Lost and Found Department?

The Lost Property Office of LHR is located in Terminal 3 near Zone C. This department offers necessary assistance when it comes to Heathrow Airport lost luggage or misplaced belongings. At Heathrow, Bagport is in charge of all lost property. 

Image of lost luggage at heathrow airport
  • Contact Bagport at +44(0) 844 824 3115 (UK). 
  • Passengers calling from overseas can dial +44 (0)20 3761 1800. 
  • To find their belongings, the online database is used. 
  • All lost property items are kept on file for 3 months after they are turned in or are located. 

What is the Charge to Find Lost Luggage at Heathrow Airport?

In order to retrieve goods, passengers have to pay a service fee. Below is the overview of the pricing: 

ItemsPrice (in Pounds)
Low-value items5
Medium value15
High Value25

For How Long is Heathrow Airport Parking Offered?

Parking at Heathrow Airport can be for different durations like short-stay or long-stay. Both on-the-spot booking and advanced reservations of parking spots are offered at this airport. 

Short-Stay Parking

The short-term airport parking at Heathrow can be extended to 24 hours. The following table shows the amount charged under this category: 

Image of Heathrow Short Stay Parking
Duration Fee Charged (In Pounds) 
29 minutes 
29-44 minutes 9.50 
44-59 minutes 12.70 
1-2 hours 16
3 hours 19.40 
4 hours 23.30 
5 hours 29.30 
6 hours 37.70
9 hours 51.40
12 hours 67.30
24 hours 83.30
Each extra day after 24 hours 83.30 

Long-Stay Parking

Fees for airport parking Heathrow for long-stay depend upon the available spots and the demand conditions. When the passenger volume is low, the following prices are applicable: 

Image of Heathrow Airport Long Stay Parking
Time Duration Parking Charge (in Pounds) 
29 minutes Free 
29 minutes – 2 hours 
One day 37.70
Every extra day after 24 hours 30.30

The costs for long-term parking can slightly be raised during the high-demand season. These are as mentioned below: 

Duration of ParkingCost of Parking (in Pounds) 
29 minutes Free 
29 minutes – 2 hours 
One day 43.20
Each additional day after 24 hours 34.50

Business Parking

Heathrow Airport parking services for businessmen are offered at Terminals 5, 2, and 3. These can also be used by travelers who have time constraints. 

Image of Heathrow Airport Business Parking
  • For any day of the week, the fee remains the same at 42.70 pounds. 
  • POD as well as Meet and Greet Parking facilities are also offered at the airport. 
  • Usually, visitors are free from paying any kind of fee for these types of parking options. 

Being one of the largest international places, London Airport facilitates the operation of different worldwide carriers. All of the terminals at this airport are equipped with advanced services to benefit travelers. The immediate and ready assistance provided by the authorities proves to be helpful to the passengers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is British Airways in Heathrow?

Concourse 3 acts as the main Terminal at Heathrow for British Airways.

Virgin Atlantic is which terminal at Heathrow?

The Heathrow Terminal for Virgin Atlantic is Concourse 3.

Which terminal is for American Airlines at Heathrow?

The third Concourse is indicated as the American Airlines Terminal in Heathrow.

What is the terminal for Delta at Heathrow?

Heathrow Terminal for Delta is Concourse 3.

Which terminal is Aer Lingus at Heathrow?

Concourse 2 is the Aer Lingus Terminal at Heathrow Airport.

Which is the terminal for American Airlines at Heathrow?

American Airlines Heathrow Terminal 3 is mainly used.

Which terminal is for Delta at Heathrow?

Concourse 3 is the main Heathrow Terminal Delta.

What terminal is BA Heathrow?

Both Terminals 3 and 5 are used by BA at Heathrow Airport.

Which is the Heathrow terminal for British Airways?

The primary British Air Heathrow Terminal is Concourse 3.

Which is the Heathrow terminal for Virgin Atlantic?

Flights depart from the Virgin Atlantic Terminal Heathrow which is Concourse 3.

Which terminal is British Airways at Heathrow?

Heathrow Terminal 3 is the main concourse. But Terminal 5 is also used by British Airways.

Which is the Heathrow Terminal for United Airlines?

The concourse assigned as United Terminal in Heathrow is the second one.

What Terminal in Heathrow is United Airlines?

Concourse 2 is the official United Terminal at Heathrow.

What terminal at Heathrow does British Airways use?

British Air Heathrow Terminals 3 and 5 are mostly in use.

What Terminal does Virgin Atlantic use at Heathrow?

London Heathrow Terminal 3 is used by Virgin Atlantic Airlines at this airport.

What Terminal does American Airlines use at Heathrow?

Boarding takes place from the third concourse, allotted as the American Airlines Terminal at LHR.

What terminal does Delta use at Heathrow?

Delta Heathrow Terminal 3 comes into operation for departures.

What terminal at Heathrow does Lufthansa use?

Check-in for Lufthansa Heathrow Terminal is offered at Concourse 2.

What terminals do international flights arrive at Heathrow?

All the terminals at the London Heathrow Airport are used for international arrivals.

What terminal is SAS at Heathrow?

The designated SAS London Heathrow Terminal is Concourse 2 for all departures.

What terminal is Singapore Airlines at Heathrow?

This airline is housed by Heathrow Terminal 2 for all its operations.

Which terminal does British Airways fly from at Heathrow?

Primarily, Heathrow Airport British Airways Terminal 3 is used for departures.

Which terminal does United fly into at Heathrow?

London Heathrow United Terminal 2 is active.

What terminal does United use at Heathrow?

LHR United Terminal 2 Heathrow Airport is often used.

Where is National Express at Heathrow Terminal 3?

The National Express at Heathrow Airport LHR is situated at the Central Bus Station.

What terminal is Delta at Heathrow?

Delta Terminal LHR is the third concourse.

What terminal is BA at Heathrow?

Both concourses 3 and 5 are used as Heathrow Airport Terminal British Airways.

What terminal is Delta at Heathrow?

Delta Airlines at the London Heathrow Airport is under the roof of the third concourse.

What terminal is Virgin Atlantic at Heathrow?

All the flights of this carrier are undertaken by the Heathrow Airport Terminal 3.

Which is the terminal at Heathrow for British Airways?

There are two terminals allocated to this carrier, concourses 3 and 5.

Which is the terminal for Virgin Atlantic at Heathrow?

Virgin Atlantic at Heathrow terminal is Concourse 3 with the check-in and ticketing centers.

Where is Heathrow Airport in London?

Heathrow Airport Limited, The Compass Centre, Nelson Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW6 2GW, United Kingdom

How far is London Heathrow Airport from downtown?

London Heathrow Airport is located approximately 14 miles (22.5 kilometers) west of central London.

Is there luggage storage at Heathrow Airport?

Yes. Left luggage service operated by Excess Baggage Company, it is located in each terminal and provides secure storage for bags and luggage for a fee.

Can you sleep at London Heathrow Airport?

Yes. There are sleeping pods available for rent at Heathrow Airport. These pods provide a private and quiet space to rest in between flights.

Can you smoke at London Heathrow Airport?

No, smoking is not allowed in any indoor area of London Heathrow Airport, including all terminals and lounges.

Do I need a transit visa for London Heathrow Airport?

If you are a citizen of a country that is not in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, you may need a transit visa if you are passing through the UK on your way to another country.

Does London Heathrow Airport have free Wifi?

Yes. To connect to the Wi-Fi, you can search for the network “Heathrow Wi-Fi” on your device and follow the on-screen instructions to log in.

How big is London Heathrow Airport?

It covers an area of approximately 12.27 square kilometers (4.74 square miles) and has four operational terminals (Terminal 2, Terminal 3, Terminal 4, and Terminal 5) with a total of 80 gates.

How busy is London Heathrow Airport?

In 2019, the airport handled 80.9 million passengers, making it the seventh busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic.

Is there free parking at Heathrow Airport?

Yeah, there is free parking at Heathrow Long Stay for two hours, which is wonderful if you need a place to drop someone off or pick them up. There is also no charge for unloading at the drop-off lanes outside of Terminal 5.

Is London Heathrow International Airport located nearby to the London Kings Cross?

Yes, London Heathrow International Airport (LHR) is closely situated as it will take almost 1 hour. You can directly reach there through the London Underground/ Tube Services on the Piccadilly Line. Through Contactless Bank Card, Oyster Card Daily Cap, or One-Day Travel Card, it will cost you around 12.80 Euros. Besides, you can also take the Heathrow Express from Paddington. But yes, it will cost you a bit more, although it is a quicker option.

Does London Heathrow International Airport have a medical clinic or doctors’ facility inside?

Yes. The London Heathrow International Airport offers a medical clinic facility to its passengers. They have a dedicated team of highly experienced and certified physicians who deal with different emergencies on a daily basis. In case of an emergency, you can also dial 222 or simply find the “BOOTS PHARMACY” for the right assistance and proper guidance. These pharmacies are available in almost every terminal.

What is the difference between the London Heathrow International Airport and Westminster?

It depends on the mode of commute you are choosing. For instance, if you are travelling by your car, then it will take only 1 hour as it is 15-16 miles away. If you are taking a bus or a train, then it will take 1 hour & 20 minutes and 50 minutes respectively. So, it is suggested to choose your commute mode wisely to save a significant amount of time as well as money. Having LHR airport code, you will be provided with all the necessary guidance and assistance for this also at the London Heathrow International Airport.

Does London Heathrow International Airport have an immigration office?

Yes, the LHR Airport has an immigration office. You can directly visit the office or simply call them on one of the following numbers:
* 0844 335 1801 (within the UK)
*+44 20 7360 1250 (outside the UK)
You can also validate these contact numbers by browsing through the official website of the airport to avoid unnecessary confusion.

How can I get from London Heathrow International Airport’s Terminal 2 to Terminal 5?

To travel between these two terminals, the London Heathrow International Airport authorities will provide you with shuttle or underground train services. However, to know whether the charges are applicable or not, you will need to inquire at the customer care counter or simply connect with the customer support team of the airport. They will better guide you about the same.

How can I contact a passenger at the London Heathrow International Airport’s Terminal 3?

To reach out to a passenger at LHR Airport’s terminal 3, you can directly go to the help desk. You can reach there and ask them to help you connect with the passenger. It is a free as well as quick service that can be used by anyone.

Which airlines fly to Heathrow London?

There are a total of 6 airlines that fly to Heathrow London. This airport, along with its LHR Airport code, plays host to more than 90 airlines. American Airlines, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, United Airlines, and Air New Zealand are some of the airlines that fly to this airport in London City.

What is London Heathrow Airport Code?

London Heathrow Airport consists of two airport codes: IATA and ICAO. The IATA Heathrow International Airport code is LHR. These two codes are responsible for giving this airport its own identity. Additionally, you may also see this code on traveller’s tickets and baggage identity cards.

Why is Heathrow Airport Famous?

Heathrow Airport (LHR Airport code) forms the most significant connection in the UK’s air transport system. This airport is more famous in terms of its passenger traffic volume and flight movements. It serves more people yearly than the combined traffic of the two additional airports.

Is duty-free Open at Heathrow (London Heathrow Airport code)?

Yes, duty-free is currently open at London Heathrow Airport. However, passengers are advised to note that there are only a few shops open right now. One of those duty-free shops is at Terminal 2 of this airport which is now open for travellers.

Where is the best place to park at Heathrow Airport?

There are many places to park at London Heathrow Airport. Some of these places where you can park your vehicle are Purple Parking Park & Ride and Good to Go Drop & Ride. These two parking spaces are the best parking spots and sometimes they allow you free parking options also. To find these parking spaces’ locations, you may use the London Heathrow Airport postcode.

Are luggage trolleys free at Heathrow Airport?

Yes, luggage trolleys are free at Heathrow Airport that comprises the Heathrow Airport code. Baggage trolleys are available without any charges at major spots throughout the terminal facilities. At this airport, the arriving passengers will discover a large number of carts in baggage reclaim. These carts are helpful to carry your luggage to the car park, bus terminal, or train station.

What is the Heathrow Airport free travel zone?

The Heathrow Free Travel Zone (HFTZ) is a free public transportation zone. It is sited at Heathrow Airport. The LHR Airport code can assist you in finding the airport and then you can easily locate this zone. HFTZ is financed by the airport itself. Therefore, there are no tickets, oyster cards, or smart cards required to access the buses. The bus facility at the Heathrow Free Travel Zone is completely free to use.

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