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As per United Airlines reviews, it is a well-known air service operating for many years. This airline has a huge capacity of handling more than 162 million travelers worldwide. Hence, when you plan to travel by this air carrier soon, you should know about all the reviews and ratings given to it. Our post on the reviews of United Airlines has covered all the latest opinions of customers about its various ticketing options with seat allotment. Additionally, pet cargo, food, and other reviews have also been covered by us. We will share the safety performance and ratings given by plenty of its flyers as well.

You should know all the reviews of United Airlines before you travel with it. In these United Airlines reviews in 2020, 2021, as well the former years, we will cover the following areas: 

Exploring Genuine United Airlines International Flights Reviews

As per some customer reviews of United Airlines, tickets at various prices are available. From getting the best to a satisfactory experience, the customers can choose the ticket accordingly. The flight change policy of the airline is convenient for last-minute abruptions. Speaking of United Airlines’ wi-fi and other amenities, most of them aim at making the journeys very comfortable.

Keeping more such United Airlines reviews in mind, let us know further about what customers think about this airline.

1. Ticketing Options With Seats and Legroom Facilities

United Airlines offers around 6 different options for ticket fares based on the seats and legroom facilities. As per the airline’s reviews, the options include Basic Economy, Economy Plus, First-Class, Premium Plus, and Polaris Business Class.

United Airlines Ticketing Options

* Basic Economy Fare

Basic Economy fare is less expensive than the tickets of the other classes. However, before the arrival, your seat will be automatically allocated and you will not be allowed to alter it. Furthermore, this price does not incorporate group or family seats. Although a fully packed carry-on bag is allowed, personal items are not permitted. According to the United Airlines International Economy reviews, seating is tight here. So, there is little legroom space for stretching out.

* Economy Plus Fare

Along with the arrangements of United’s Basic Economy Fare tickets, there is an additional 3 or 4 inches extra legroom in Economy Plus Fare. Going by the United Airlines Long Haul Economy reviews, this may be particularly useful when you travel on long-distance international flights. It costs approximately $97 for a further five inches of legroom. Some customers may find this to be expensive.

* First-class Fare

Wide reclining seats make up United Airlines’ international First-Class, generally in a 2-2 arrangement. These seats are 19-24 inches broad, with a height of 37-42 inches and reclining of five or six inches for maximum comfort. The First-Class fare has more facilities as compared to Basic Economy and Economy Plus. Also, you can change your tickets anytime using the First-Class option. With the help of United Airlines reviews, we have found this option to be convenient for a good number of its visitors.

* Premium Plus

The Premium Economy segment of United’s international and transcontinental flights resembles its domestic First-Class. It is available only on larger planes and is set in a 2-3-2 or 2-4-2 arrangement. The seats are 18-19 inches broad, 38 inches in pitch, and have six inches of reclining. After seeing several Premium Economy United Airlines reviews, the increased legroom, seat size, and double couch between seats made travelers’ trips much more comfortable. With this fare, they also had a variety of choices for modifying and amending their tickets.

* Polaris Business Class

Although it may appear strange that Business Class is more expensive than First-Class, United’s Polaris Business Class is the premier international offering. Seatings are 20-22 inches broad and spaced in 1-2 and 2-1 patterns, reclining to 78-inch lie-flat mattress. Nothing surpasses flying Polaris on lengthy trips, as is reflected by some United Airlines Polaris reviews. The bedding, staff, and luxury space are much appreciated by flyers.

2. Flight Change and Cancellation Policies

United Airlines is committed to providing exceptional customer service, and out of many aspects of that are their United Name Change, Flight Change, and Cancellation Policies. As per some reviews of United Airlines, when you buy a ticket in any of the fares and travel from the United States, you may not pay anything for canceling your tickets. When the price drops, this air carrier will give you a long-term flight voucher card too. However, you should keep in mind that it will terminate 12 months after your initial ticket was issued. You would also have to spend on a ticket variation if the price rises, as is clarified by several United Airlines card reviews.

3. United Airlines Baggage Policy & Other Fees

United Airlines Baggage

United Airlines customer reviews reveal that its facilities for luggage are pleasant. As per United airlines baggage policy, Carry On luggage for travellers is available on this airline. The prices of the annual subscription, holding fees, and United Bundle options are also positively acknowledged by most passengers.

* Fees for Fare Waiting

Travelers who have given reviews for United Airlines International flights say that you can deposit your money to secure your ticket using Farelock. It is helpful when you are not able to plan your destination at search time. The charge varies according to your location but is $5-$20. So, you may keep a ticket for three to seven days.

* Annual Subscription Fees for United Airlines

Certain flyers have bought United Airlines’ annual subscription for 499 dollars. It has an added legroom and is nearer to the front of the aircraft. For travelers to have more thrill, this will make their adrenaline rush when they approach their location, suggests the reviews.

* United Bundles Option

Many travelers have reported that this Bundle Option includes several choices, such as an upgrade to Economy Plus and United Club Pass at the time of booking. Prices can vary according to the route. However, United Claims stated that these bundles could save some of the fares of tickets.

4. Inflight Amenities

With reference to the United Airlines reviews for 2020 and 2021, different ticket classes provide distinct in-flight amenities. These are the amenities that most flyers expect from this airline, based on how they want to spend their experience onboard.

* Access to Wi-Fi

United Airlines offers in-flight Wi-Fi on all its main jets and major political planes. However, because the airline works with four different suppliers, you will need to double-check the services and rates for your individual journey. As per some United Airlines reviews, many customers have complained about its uneven access inside the flight. This is an amenity that the airline can improve.

* Electrical Outlets

The number of power outlets available varies greatly depending on the aircraft type of United. Flyers have reported that they had access to such power outlets on numerous fares such as Economy Plus to Business Class. Supposing that you are going overseas, please make sure that you have a connection at your seat or one to swap with a companion at United Airlines. On long journeys, having this option available will be of help.

* In-flight Entertainment

After reading several reviews of United Airlines international flights, this air carrier seems to have great in-flight entertainment sources for its flyers. Also, when they want to know what kind of entertainment options are available, then they can go to the reference page of United Airlines and check them. Plenty of movies, TV shows, audio CDs, video games, and even DIRECTV are available on certain Boeing 737 flights. One flyer also stated that this airline had the best choice of flight movies and had an amazing experience onboarding.

* Food and Beverage

United Airlines Inflight Amenities

Due to the ongoing pandemic, certain food services are going slow at United Airlines. Hence, before booking, you need to check with them. Premium cabins have been providing nutritious snacks, preparing hot dinners, and serving complimentary wine, whiskey, and liquor. In all seats, you can have entire prepared meals on a single tray. You will also get some extra snacks mid-flight and before arrival, if internationally traveling long-haul. When you are traveling in Premium Select and Polaris business classes, you can get more gourmet selections for your dinner.

With respect to a few United Airlines food reviews, certain visitors found the food services to be agreeable. However, many passengers believe that more food options can be added with reasonable price options.

5. Onboard Refreshments

Following United Airlines International flight reviews, customers on longer flights may buy from the “Bistro on Board” cuisine. This can include dishes like a sausage breakfast sandwich, mozzarella deep dish pizza, or a porchetta sampler for $6.99-$9.99. The menu options are determined by the aircraft path.

Visitors can also buy sweet and savory nibbles and food boxes from the “Snack Shop” on flights longer than 1.5 hours. The cost ranges from $3.99 to $9.59. Alcoholic beverages will set you back $8, premium spirits will set you back $8-$9, and exotic cocktails will set you back $10.

6. Pet Cargo Services

According to United Airlines pet cargo reviews, you can carry your pet, such as a dog or a cat, inside the flight. When you do not want to travel with your pet inside the cabin, you can contact the airline staff for a cargo facility. Some customers have stated that the pets should be at least 4 months old to take them inside the United flight. Your pet will be considered and charged as a piece of standard baggage by this airline. Each carrier is limited to one pet. However, as read in the United Airlines pet shipping reviews, given that you need a cargo facility, an extra cost can be added to your fare.  

Note: There is a relatively small number of dogs permitted in the cabin of each trip. On the basis of the reviews of United Airlines, we recommend making your airline tickets as soon as possible. Passengers with dogs are not authorized to sit in aisle seats or exit rows.

7. Lost & Found Services

United Airlines have a policy of Lost & Found Services for every aircraft. According to the United Airlines lost & found reviews, travelers around the world can use this option to reclaim their luggage lost on board or on the plane. Flyers can also contact their airline directory and raise a complaint regarding the same. 

8. Safety Performance

As per some flyer’s United Airlines Safety reviews, this air operator has received 5 out of 5 stars in terms of offering safety. The utmost safety of travelers, as well as staff members, is maintained here. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, this airline ensures that each flyer goes through thermal screening. Also, the use of proper masks and sanitization is done before boarding. The customers believe that for personal safety, as well as the safety of health, this airline is working at its best.

9. Group Travel Reviews

Traveling in a group is always fun, particularly with United Airlines. So, you can fly with the most trusted airlines with your group of friends or family, especially when the reviews for the same are very positive. United Airlines offers you bulk booking when you want to go along with your pals. After reading several United Airlines group travel reviews, you can reap the benefits at a guaranteed rate in the event that you have 10 or more friends or family members heading to the exact location. Your group will benefit from a speedy check and a travel supervisor to help the group at the airport and save money by flying with this airline.

10. Customer Satisfaction

With United Airlines, customer happiness can be a mixed bag. Their social media outlets and United Airlines Customer reviews appear to receive a lot of positive feedback from long-term customers. Lost luggage is a significant source of dissatisfaction for United customers, and it is one of the most common complaints on review sites. In addition, aircraft age discrepancies might lead to dissatisfaction with in-flight facilities.

According to one customer complaint, a recliner entertainment system was available on one overseas trip but not on the other one. A few visitors may have been disappointed by this. However, United Airlines has been working to resolve these difficulties and we anticipate that everything will soon be as per the expectations of the flyers.

12. Ratings & Rankings

Various ratings and rankings have been given to United Airlines for its overall performance. Upon its arrival and departure, this airline has attained 3 stars out of 5, which is satisfactory on the whole. Based on the United Airlines reviews, this air operator is also praised for the cleanliness of the aircraft. 

Many flyers have said that they had a fantastic onboarding experience with this airline. However, the most impressive thing about United Airlines has been its legroom capacity. Customers found the seats to be the most comfortable accompanied by the services of the helpful staff for their assistance. Hence, this air operator ranks among the top airlines in the United States.

Summing Up

Overall, customers’ happiness with United Airlines appears to be central to the air operator. Like many professional U.S. carriers, the airline will always have a place for moderate rates and route flexibility. United will keep fulfilling its mission to keep the flyers happy. 

Looking at all the United Airlines reviews for international flights, how soon will you travel with it? Share with us in the comment section below.

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