United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

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It might sometimes become necessary for minors to travel alone which is facilitated by the United Airlines unaccompanied minor policy. It directs adults about the documents to provide and processes to initiate. Further, it clarifies how to book this service and agents, following different ways.

What are the Rules Applicable to Unaccompanied Minors on United Airlines?

Young passengers traveling without their parents or guardians can follow these United Airline unaccompanied minor rules:

  • A prior reservation under the minor travel category has to be made. 
  • This reservation should be made using the official sources of the operator. 
  • Kids need to be dropped off and picked up from the airport by their guardians. 
  • Seats for kids will be selected by the carrier within 72 hours of booking. 
  • An airline agent will assist during the boarding process. 
  • Young travelers also need to clear the customs regulations before flying. 
  • They will be given a wristband once their check-in is done. 
  • This service is made available on both United and United Express flights. 
  • Minor name changes on United Airlines tickets can be made for kids to fly with the correct details.

Note: Ensuring accurate information is crucial, especially when dealing with United Airlines’ Unaccompanied Minor Policy. If you need to make any changes to passenger names, refer to United Airlines Name Change Policy for a smooth process.

Regarding United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Age

Some specific rules relating to the age for unaccompanied minor on United Airlines are:

airfleetrating-united airlines unaccompanied minor age
  • All passengers between the age of 5 and 4 will be mandatorily grouped as minors. 
  • Teenagers between the age of 15 and 17 can avail of this service on an optional basis. 

Constraints Imposed:

The limitations of this policy comprise:

  • Kids under the age of 5 cannot avail of this feature. 
  • Parents and children traveling on the same flight but seated separately are not served. 
  • Transfer of tickets from kids to adults or vice versa is not permitted by this carrier. 

Is there a United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Check-in Policy?

Irrespective of the age of the passenger, they will have to complete the check-in of United Airlines process and obtain the boarding pass. 

To check in for the unaccompanied minor service on United Airlines:

  • These travelers should arrive at the airport at least 30 minutes before the time limit. 
  • Checking in should be done at the ticket counter at the arrival airport. 
  • All the details regarding the traveler’s flight should be presented. 
  • The airline will only approve of young fliers upon the scrutiny of their details. 
  • Once the approval is granted, they will collect a unique wristband. 
  • An envelope will also be issued which can be used to safely carry the documents. 
  • Parents can accompany their children to the gate for check-in at the US airport. 

Process after Checking in

Once the check-in process is successfully completed, the agent will take the minor passenger to the boarding gate: 

  • Here, the boarding pass obtained at the check-in counter should be presented. 
  • Request any additional requirements for the United Airlines unaccompanied minor booking.
  • After security screening, the travelers will be taken to their flight. 
  • Once they board, they will be made to meet the pilots. 
  • Then they will be guided to their seats. 
  • The onboard staff will be available for assistance at all times during the journey. 

Note: Any issues arising during the travel can be immediately brought up with the airline staff. 

In-Flight Services for United Airlines Unaccompanied Minors

After the unguarded passengers board the flight, their safety will be ensured through the following in-flight services: 

  • The airline staff will keep checking on the young passengers from time to time. 
  • They will be provided with a button to instantly call the staff. 
  • In addition, they will be given one free snack. 
  • Packed snacks can be brought on board if they comply with the TSA food regulations. 
  • Free in-flight kids’ entertainment is offered by the United Airlines accompanied minor policy. 
  • Kids’ shows can be accessed on the official United application. 
  • The entertainment services will differ based on the class of service. 

United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Rules upon Arrival

Once the young fliers arrive at the destination airport, they will have to be picked up by a suitable guardian. Depending on the kind of trip, more rules are given.

Flying Domestically

In the case of United Airline unaccompanied minor travel on domestic flights, this procedure should be followed: 

  • Upon arrival, an airline agent will guide the kid from the plane to a guardian. 
  • The children will not be required to clear customs. 
  • Parents should go to the ticket counter and obtain a gate pass. 
  • Their parents should then go to the respective arrival gates of their children. 

Traveling Internationally

While using the United Airlines unaccompanied minor international travel service, the following regulations apply: 

  • The young passengers will be needed to clear customs. 
  • Parents can pick up their kids directly at the ‘Arrivals Area’ after the disembarkment. 
  • Guardians/parents should be present at the airport 30 minutes before departure. 

The person who is picking up a child, be it a parent or an official guardian, will be obliged to present: 

  • Appropriate Identification proof 
  • A correctly signed release form 

Then the authorities will cross-check the details of the guardians/parents after which they will be allowed to pick up their young ones. 

What is the United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Fee?

A separate fee will be charged for the travel of passengers without guardians. This fee mainly depends on: 

  • The number of minors traveling 
  • Whether your trip is one-way or round 

This table highlights the United Airline unaccompanied minor fee based on a few different factors: 

Number of Unaccompanied Minors Fee Charged on One Way Trips Fee Charged on Round Trips 
1 or 2 USD 150 USD 300 
3 or 4 USD 300 USD 600 
5 or 6 USD 450 USD 900

If you wish to make more such travel reservations, you will have to call the airline agents and know the exact amount of fees charged. 

How to Make United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Booking?

You will have to inform the authorities that you are below the age of 18 and have to make a reservation under such a category. For this, you can use any of the given options: 

  • Reservations through the site
  • By calling the authorities 

Method 1: Through the Site

This option enables passengers to book their flights online and obtain a digital boarding pass as well. 

To book United Airlines unaccompanied minor tickets using this:

  • On the homepage of this airline’s website, find a dialog box with the “Book” option. 
  • You will have to enter these details regarding the flight you want to book: 
    • Whether you want a “Roundtrip” or a “One-way” flight
    • If you wish to “Book with Miles” 
    • In case you are looking for “Flexible Dates
    • Your “From” and “To” destinations 
    • The “Dates” for travel 
    • Class of service 
    • Type of travelers (children) 
  • In the type of “travelers” section, enter the age for the young unaccompanied flier.
  • Click on the “Find Flights” button.
  • Select the flight that you wish to reserve
  • Make the payment using any of the available online methods. 
  • Get your boarding pass as well and get it printed. 
  • Once the booking is made, you will receive a confirmation.

Note: To book the service for minors for third-party bookings, connect with the same agency. 

Method 2: By Calling the Airline Authorities

For making a reservation by connecting with the authorities, you can use the given procedure: 

  • Reach out to the agents by dialing the respective contact numbers. 
  • Give all the details about the flight that you are looking for. 
  • Inform the agent that the booking is for an unaccompanied minor on United Airlines. 
  • You will be asked to provide complete details about the passenger. 
  • Inform the agent who will be dropping off and picking up the child. 
  • Pay the required fee. 
  • You will receive the digital boarding pass at the registered mail ID. 

Note: A service cost might be charged depending on the time of call or the type of booking made. 

Region Contact Number 
The US and Canada1-800-864-8331 (press 2) 
New Zealand0800-747-400
The Dominican Republic829-946-3904
Saudi Arabia009 66 920002185

Note: See “Help Center” under “Help” on the site to find more contacts.

Booking An Agent:

You can further manage bookings and reserve an agent to take care of and assist the underaged passenger during the flight and at the airport. 

Fees for Booking Agents

This service is subject to the payment of a certain United Airlines unaccompanied minor fee as mentioned below: 

Place of Booking Fee Charged 
By phoneUSD 25
At the ticket officeUSD 10
While at the airport USD 50 

Handling Queries for United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service

Sometimes you may have simple queries about unaccompanied minors United Airlines. These can be resolved by connecting with the agents on these social media handles.

Social Handleslinks

In sum, the United Airlines unaccompanied minor policy operates carefully to ensure that no customer undergoes inconvenience. It makes sure that minors traveling without their parents are safe throughout the flight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is United Airlines unaccompanied minor fee?

This fee can be charged between USD 150 and USD 900.

Does United Airlines allow unaccompanied minors?

Yes, this carrier permits minors to fly without their parents or guardians.

Does United Airlines have unaccompanied minors policy?

This airline has an unaccompanied minor policy according to which passengers below the age of 18 will be allowed to travel alone.

What is the age for unaccompanied minor on United Airlines?

Kids between the ages of 5 and 17 traveling without a guardian will be categorized as unaccompanied minors.

What is United Airlines policy for unaccompanied minors?

United Airlines unaccompanied minors policy allows the travel of young passengers if a booking is made in advance.

What age is considered unaccompanied minor on United Airlines?

The United Airlines unaccompanied minor age is above 5 and under 18.

What information does United Airlines need for unaccompanied minor service?

This airline will need the full details of the passenger and the person picking up and dropping him/her off.

Can a 14 year old fly alone in the United Airlines?

Yes, 14-year-old kids can fly alone on this carrier provided that an advance booking is made.

What ID does a minor need to fly United?

A valid boarding pass and identification proof will be required under the unaccompanied minor policy of United Airlines.

What does a 15 year old need to fly alone United?

15-year-old kids will need an official reservation on this carrier, a boarding pass, identification proofs and someone to pick them up.

How do I avoid unaccompanied minor fees United Airlines?

Generally, these fees cannot be avoided and have to be paid at the time of reservation.

How do I pick up an unaccompanied minor at United Airlines?

You can pick up minors at the gate or at the Arrivals Area once they have cleared customs.

What documents do I need to fly in the United Airlines for a minor?

You will require a boarding pass and an identification document certifying the age of the young flier.

How to book a flight for a minor with United Airlines?

You can use the site of this carrier or call its agents and make your booking.

Can unaccompanied minors fly on international flights on United Airlines?

Yes, young passengers can travel internationally with this carrier.

What are the age restrictions for unaccompanied minors on United Airlines?

Passengers below the age of 5 and above the age of 17 will not be considered minors.

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