JetBlue Missed Flight Policy

Missed Flight and No Show Policy

Many passengers happen to miss their flights due to delays at the last minute. These delays can be due to the passenger’s personal reasons or due to the aircraft’s breakdown. Either way, this airline has given a policy for the flyers who have missed their flights. This is known as the JetBlue missed flight policy. This policy helps travelers determine what to do if they miss their flights. It also discloses the different methods to make new reservations. Therefore, as a traveler, you ought to understand the rules of this policy. This comprehension will also help you to utilize this policy properly. 

JetBlue Missed Flight Policy Terms and Conditions

To ensure clarity to the passengers who have missed their flights, the airline has established some ground rules following its missed flight policy. By obeying these regulations, both the authorities and the travelers can function in an orderly manner. Therefore, it is important to understand and carefully analyze these conditions. 

In this regard, some of the main JetBlue missed flight rules are mentioned below: 

  • The 2-hour flight policy applies to those passengers who have missed their reservations. Available standby flights will be assigned within 2 hours of late arrival at the airport. 
  • You may be required to pay the JetBlue rebooking fee when you wish to rebook your missed flights. 
  • The fee applicable with regards to this policy can be waived on flights missed due to medical emergencies. However, you may be required to submit documents as proof in such cases. 
  • You will be under the obligation to inform the airline in advance when you are sure to miss your flight or you cannot make it to reach the airport on time. 
  • Passengers can request a same-day flight change as well after missing their flight.
  • The amount charged for missed flights can differ depending on your itinerary, the reason for late arrival, and the end destination. 
  • Compensation for missed bookings will only be given when the flights have been postponed due to the fault of the airline. 
  • In case of a JetBlue missed connection, you will have to inform the airline agents immediately. 

Note: For any queries regarding these rules mentioned above, you can call the airline at their toll-free number or visit the official site of the carrier. The toll-free number of the carrier can be seen on the official site of JetBlue itself.

What Happens If I Miss My Flight On JetBlue?

In most cases, passengers who miss their flights due to emergencies will not be able to inform the airline in advance. Sometimes, travelers may just be late to the airport by a few minutes. In all such circumstances, the standby policy of the carrier applies. As per this policy, you will be assigned a same-day standby flight only when you reach the airport within 2 hours of the original flight’s scheduled departure. 

However, according to the JetBlue missed flight rules, the standby flight is subjected to certain conditions, as follows:

  • The availability of this stand-by flight is not guaranteed by the airline. It depends on the number of flights scheduled on the same itinerary on the exact day of the departure. 
  • The airline will not be able to accommodate you on a new flight when there are no seats left on the standby flight. 
  • You will be required to pay a fee of about USD 75 for reserving your seat on the supplementary flight. This fee can differ based on the value of your initial reservation. 

Note: These same standby rules are applicable for JetBlue missed connecting flight, only the fees might vary. 

JetBlue No Show Policy

Whether it so happens that you fail to show up at the time of boarding, you will be regarded as a no-show passenger. In such a case, the JetBlue no show policy applies. This policy is differently applicable to passengers who have bought both refundable and non-refundable tickets. 

For non-refundable tickets, the following rules will have to be followed: 

  • In case travelers do not cancel their flight in advance which results in a show, then the value of the ticket will be canceled. The entire monetary value of your ticket will be forfeited. 
  • When the traveler calls the airline to let them know in advance, the passengers can get JetBlue missed flight refund. This refund can be in the form of flight credits or monetary value. 
  • Travelers who have made reservations through ARC can choose to have their tickets refunded in the MCO minus form. For such refunds, the JetBlue Flights cancellation fees may apply. 
  • The cancellation fee applies to each PNR separately per passenger. 
  • In case you have made your reservation through any other travel agency, you will have to contact the travel agent directly. They will, in turn, connect with JetBlue authorities to request your refund. 

For refundable tickets, the following JetBlue flight no show policy rules apply: 

  • All the refundable tickets that are canceled at least an hour before the flight’s departure, will be refunded in the original form of payment (OFOP) 
  • When you do not cancel your refundable ticket in advance resulting in a no-show, the value will be deposited in your JetBlue Travel Bank Credit account. This can be used for future bookings. 
  • Travelers who wish to have no-show tickets refunded in OFOP (the original form of payment) rather than in the Travel Credit account will be charged a fee of USD 50. You will also be given a debit memo. 
  • After receiving your debit memo, you will not be allowed to use credit points for making further reservations. 
  • Missed refundable flights will be deemed open for a year from the date of booking. 
  • The status of missed Mint Refundable tickets will be updated to “NoGo”. Passengers are required to contact the airline directly to change this status and reuse these tickets. 

Note: All the refundable missed flight JetBlue tickets booked with travel agents will be eligible for refunds. 

JetBlue Rebooking Policy 

When the airline is unable to put you on a stand-by flight after your late arrival, the option available is rebooking. You can rebook your flight on the same day. Such new reservations can be subjected to some conditions. 

Given below are the main rules of the JetBlue rebooking policy: 

  • Rebooking a flight on the same itinerary can only be possible after the cancellation of your ticket. In case of cancellation of your missed flight tickets, the reason for your delay will play an important role. 
  • Reservations missed due to medical reasons or legal issues can be rebooked easily. 
  • You will be required to pay JetBlue rebooking fee to the carrier. It ranges between USD 75 and USD 100 depending on your itinerary. 
  • Refund fares are usually not applicable to Business class. 

Note: The cost of your rebooked flight can be higher than your initial flight. You will have to pay the complete amount as required. 

Methods To Rebook Your Missed Flight JetBlue

Knowing the different methods available for rebooking under the JetBlue missed flight policy can be immensely helpful. You can immediately rebook the next flight available without causing any further delay. 

The airline offers two main options through which you can complete the rebooking process at JetBlue. These include: 

  • Rebooking Through The Airline’s Website – Online method 
  • Rebooking By Contacting Customer Care – Offline option 

While using either of these options, you will have to follow the correct procedure as given by the JetBlue missed flight rules. However, both of these methods are easy to use and are accessible as well. Passengers can select the option they most prefer as per their requirements. 

A detailed description of how to use each of these methods is given below. 

Method 1: Rebooking Through The Online Website

One of the easiest methods of rebooking your missed flight JetBlue is through the online option. Travelers around the world can use this method at any time since the site is available for use throughout the day. It is also cost-effective since you do not have to pay any service charges to the air provider. Utilizing this option can be beneficial for those familiar with the technology. 

Under this method, you will have to go to the “Book” section on the online webpage. You can follow the steps given below to access this option: 

  • Firstly, open your browser and navigate to the main page of the airline through the link “” 
  • On the homepage, you will find the “Book” section. Select the “Flights” option here. 
  • You can now search for the flight you require by entering the necessary details. These include “From and To Destinations”, and “Departure and Arrival Dates”. 
  • Mention the number of passengers and whether it is a “Round Trip” or a “One-Way Trip”
  • After entering these details, click on the “Search Flights” button given in blue. 
  • Here, select the flight you wish to rebook after checking the itinerary. You can select a new connecting flight in case of a JetBlue missed connection. 
  • Once you have selected your rebooked flight, pay the required fee. 
  • Your reservation will now be confirmed and you will be able to print the boarding pass. 

Tip: Apart from making reservations, you can perform various other tasks through this online site. You can cancel or change flights, claim compensation or pay the JetBlue missed flight fee online. 

Method 2: Rebooking By Contacting the Customer Care

Connecting with the customer care agents to rebook your flight is a viable option as well. Most domestic flight passengers prefer this method. It is also deemed to be the most secure option since the authorities themselves handle the entire process. However, the JetBlue missed flight policy required you to pay service charges in case you choose this method. 

Passengers can reach out to the JetBlue agents at the following number: 

  • ✆ +1-877-799-1495

This is the general toll-free number of the carrier. However, this airline has given different numbers as per different localities to help the flyers in how to rebook a cancelled flight JetBlue. To find out the number specific to your region/country, you need to: 

  • Open the main website of the airline by using its official link. 
  • Go to the extreme bottom of the site to find the “Contact Us” link. Click on it. 
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you will have to go to the “Reach Us By Phone” section. 
  • Select the region to belong to and find your number accordingly. You will have to contact this respective number to rebook your JetBlue missed flight.  

You can follow the given steps when your call goes through:

  • Let the agents know clearly about the purpose of your call. 
  • They will explain to you what happens if you miss your flight JetBlue and let you know the process of rebooking. 
  • You will be asked to provide your personal and flight details for making a new reservation. 
  • Inform them about your destination and the number of passengers. Duly submit other information, as asked. 
  • Make the reservation payment through the available payment modes. 
  • At last, you will receive a confirmation mail to your registered email address. 

Note: The customer service will be open 24 hours a day all through the week. You can make your call at any time to know how to rebook a canceled flight JetBlue. 

JetBlue Missed Connection Policy

This policy comes into play when you have missed your flight at the connecting airport. This means that you have completed half of your journey and used a part of your ticket. For the remaining journey, you will be either compensated or put on a new flight depending on your reason for missing the connecting flight. 

Based on this, the following rules are devised under the JetBlue missed connection policy: 

  • Passengers might miss their connecting flights due to a mishap on the part of the airline. These reasons include airplane breakdowns or overbookings. In such cases, the carrier will rebook the next available flight for you. You may not be charged any extra amount. 
  • Flyers of JetBlue who have missed the flight due to their personal fault will be assigned a stand-by booking, only if possible. You will also be under the obligation to pay the JetBlue missed flight fee in this case. This fee can be anywhere between USD 75 and USD 200. 
  • Note that JetBlue will not be responsible to accommodate you on a stand-by flight when you are traveling with two different airlines. That is, when your connecting flight is not controlled by JetBlue, you may not receive any services. 

Note: In case your connecting flight has been missed or delayed due to reasons beyond the control of the airline like bad weather or riots, you will not get any compensation. The option to rebook on the same day might not be available as well. 

JetBlue Missed Flight Refund Policy

Refunds for missed flights will only be allowed on refundable tickets. You may receive your refund in terms of money or as credit points as mentioned under the JetBlue no show policy. Moreover, the eligibility to get a refund for missed bookings can differ as per the reason for missing the flight. 

You can contact the airline to know whether you are qualified to get a refund or not. To claim a JetBlue missed flight refund, you need to go through these below-mentioned points: 

  • Call customer service at the general toll-free number. 
  • Give your flight details and request a refund. 
  • You will have to pay about USD 25 as a service charge. 
  • Your ticket will be refunded following the no-show policy. 
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to your registered address. 

Note: Refunds will be given after deducting the difference in fare and other such charges. 

JetBlue Missed Flight Fee

This airline generally does not charge penalties for passengers who have missed their flight. Business Class fliers will be free from the payment of the JetBlue missed flight fee. However, this fee mainly depends on the reason for your late arrival at the airport. Now, in case you wish to be put on a standby flight, you will be obliged to pay some amount. These charges start at USD 75 and can go up to USD 150/200. Standby flights are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

You no more have to worry about missing your flights, thanks to the JetBlue missed flight policy. This policy is designed to suit the needs and requirements of different types of passengers. It also proves to be quite beneficial since it offers standby flights to those who have missed their flights. The minimal fee it charges makes this airline affordable as well. Moreover, this policy allows passengers to rebook their missed flights through various options. Hence, overall, it is convenient and useful. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you miss your flight JetBlue? 

When you miss your scheduled flight with JetBlue, you can request a standby reservation from the carrier. This can be done only when you get to the airport within 2 hours of your initial flight’s schedule. Standby flights are subjected to seat availability. You may or may not be charged an additional fee depending on your itinerary. 

How to rebook a cancelled flight JetBlue? 

You can use either the online or the offline option to rebook your flight. For the online method, you will have to visit the website of the carrier and use the “Book” option. Under the offline procedure, you can call the customer care agents and request a rebooking. The customer care number can be available on the main site of the air operator. Both of these methods are accessible 24/7. 

Should I pay a penalty if I miss my JetBlue flight? 

According to the rules of the JetBlue policy on missed flights, you will not be charged any penalty fees after missing a flight in most cases. You will only have to pay a standby fee in case you want to be assigned on a new flight. This fee depends on your arrival destination and your ticket fare. 

What happens if I miss my flight on JetBlue connecting airport? 

Travelers who have missed their connecting flights at the airport do not have to worry. They will generally be accommodated on a new flight, if available. When the airline’s fault results in you missing your connecting flight, you will be entitled to compensation. This compensation can include free meals, communication, and transportation services. Hotel services can also be provided by the airline as a part of the compensation. 

Can I get refunds on JetBlue’s missed flights? 

Only the refundable ticket holders will be given refunds. These refunds will be deposited in your Travel Bank Account in the form of flight credits. You can contact the airline in case you wish to convert these credits into money. However, passengers with non-refundable tickets cannot enjoy this feature as per the JetBlue flight no show policy. 

Can I rebook my JetBlue missed connecting flight? 

Yes, the rebooking feature is available on connecting flights. You can contact the airline authorities at the customer care number to access this rebooking feature. Give your flight details and select the arrival destination. Pay the required fee for rebooking. You will then receive a confirmation mail after which you can print your boarding pass. 

Do I have to pay a fee for rebooking my JetBlue connection flight? 

Yes, passengers will be required to make a payment for rebooking a connecting flight. As per the JetBlue missed connection policy, you may also have to pay a certain fee when you have failed to show up at the connecting airport. This fee can range anywhere from USD 75 and USD 200 depending on your ticket. 

What is the JetBlue missed flight policy? 

This is a policy that gives all the rules regarding missed flights. It explains what happens if you miss your JetBlue flight, how much fee you will have to pay, and the associated regulations. It also explains the no-show rules and the refund policy. The different methods to rebook your missed flight are also explained under this policy. 

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