Air France Name Change Policy

Name Change Policy
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The Air France name change policy can be used in some circumstances. It can enable modifications as well as corrections. It comprises several terms for first, last, and middle names. When its terms are abided by, it is easier to use the policy.

Air France Name Change Policy

Is the Air France Name Change Facility Given?

On Air France, ticket name changes may be exceptionally provided.

  • While reserving your ticket, the airline can refer to the name you register. 
  • Once indicated, in general, it may not be possible to change it.
  • However, when a passenger changes his/her name, the facility may be given.

Is there an Air France Name Correction Policy?

Flying with misspelled details may cause verification problems. Hence, travelers can avail themselves of a facility to correct names using this policy. 

  • It will be best to use this feature:
    • For direct or official reservations
    • Prior to check-in
  • In case your information has a typing error, you can correct it.
  • Usually, this airline encourages offline Air France name corrections.

Can You Add Missing Last Names on Air France?

Your name on the passport should be used to reserve tickets on this airline. However, when your passport doesn’t carry the surname or last name, Air France suggests the following:

  • At the time of booking, update the “Given Name” in the fields for the first and last name.
  • Otherwise, in “Last Name”, you can mention LNU, indicating “Last Name Unknown”.

How to Change Name on Air France Tickets?

This carrier advises passengers to modify their personal details on flight tickets from the point of purchase. For third-party reservations, the same agency is to be contacted. For direct bookings, the following methods can help.

airfleetrating-Air France Name Change Methods

Option 1: Through the Official Website

The online option through the site can aid in managing bookings. It may support name modifications under the Air France name change policy as well. 

  • On the official website of Air France, find “Help and Contacts”.
  • Under this, choose “Contact Us”.
  • Now, click on “Check-in or Manage and Change My Booking”.
  • Select “I Want to Change My Booking”.
  • From here, you can get the remaining details to modify your reservation online.

Option 2: Using Telephone

On Air France change name or correction facilities can be accessed on the call. You can place your request with an agent who can then proceed with it.

For the United States, the contact information of the carrier is as follows: 

Phone NumberLanguageWorking DaysOperational HoursService Charges
+1 800 237 2747SpanishFrenchEnglishMonday-Sunday08.00 A.M. to 11.00 P.M.National standard charges apply.
711-833-648-2072FrenchEnglishSpanishMonday-Sunday08.00 A.M. to 11.00 P.M.National standard charges apply.

Note: The contact numbers will vary as per your location. You can automatically access them via “Contact Us” on the website.

What is the Air France Name Change Fee?

The charges for modifying your personal information can be identified during the name-change procedure. Otherwise, get in touch with the carrier to know the Air France name change fee or correction price.

Help for Queries Regarding Name Change on Air France

Prior to correcting your particulars, you may have queries. Or, on Air France, to change name on tickets, first some doubts may have to be cleared. 

For this reason, you can use social media to get in touch with the airline.

Social Media Contact Information

To wind up, the Air France name change policy can come with both provisions and limitations. Hence, its rules and conditions should be carefully comprehended to learn its usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change name on Air France ticket?

You may dial the phone number of this airline for help regarding name changes.

How much does Air France charge for name change?

Air France Air ticket name change fees can be confirmed while modifying the booking.

How does Air France change name policy work?

This policy can allow you to fix the spelling of your name.

How do I correct Air France wrong name on tickets?

To correct the wrong information, you can attempt to manage your booking online from the website.

How to change name after marriage on Air France?

The Air France name change marriage facility can be used after getting in contact with the carrier.

Can I change the name on an Air France ticket?

In some circumstances, you may modify the personal details on your flight ticket.

How can I change passenger’s name?

The Air France change passenger name option may not be given as tickets can’t be transferred.

How to change last name on Air France flights?

For modifying your last name, you can place an offline request via the point of purchase.

Does Air France require a middle name on tickets?

Adding or including Air France middle names on tickets may be optional.

What is the Air France name correction policy?

This policy can help in correcting certain characters of your name when wrongly added.

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