Air Canada Name Change Policy

Name Change Policy
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Flying with the correct name on the ticket is essential. To facilitate this, the Air Canada name change policy allows passengers to modify their names. This feature is beneficial as it permits fliers to evade penalties. Moreover, it will help in avoiding problems when verification is carried out by the airline.

What are the Main Air Canada Name Change Rules?

According to the name change policy, the following rules mainly apply to modifications: 

  • The changes should be done when you wish to transfer the ticket to another passenger. 
  • You will have to pay a certain fee for accessing this feature. 
  • Only passengers who are eligible for alterations will be allowed to change their details.

What are the Guidelines for Air Canada Name Corrections?

Being different from name changes, the given regulations have to be followed for corrections: 

  • On Air Canada first and middle name modifications are allowed under certain conditions.
  • You can enter a combined name in place of first and middle names.
  • They are to be done when the name has been misspelled on the reservation. 
  • It can also be done if the details on the passport do not match the name on the ticket. 
  • Alterations can only be made on reservations officially booked with the carrier. 
  • Minor modifications can be made as well. 

Note: For both name changes and corrections, you will be given a specified time limit within which you have to complete the modifications. 

Common Guidelines to Correct/Change Name on Air Canada Tickets

Some other general guidelines commonly apply to ticket modifications. These are mentioned below: 

  • The name on your identity proofs should be exactly the same as on your ticket. 
  • If the above details differ:
    • Your booking will be revoked. 
    • Also, you will be denied boarding. 
  • Correct your Air Canada name spelled wrong before boarding the flight. 
  • The same conditions apply to all fare types irrespective of the class of service. 
  • Even minor (under 18) bookings are subject to these regulations. 
  • You will have to alter your ticket within 24 hours of booking to avoid any delays. 

Note: Any changes made to the mentioned guidelines will be updated on the official site of the carrier. You can check this site for any queries. 

Is Air Canada Name Correction Allowed for Indirect Bookings?

Indirect bookings are made via a third party or a travel agent. To correct your personal details on these, contact the same. The Air Canada name correction policy may not directly help.

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  • Contact your agent directly for performing any kind of corrections. 
  • This person will have to be informed about the error in the ticket. 
  • He/she will then correspond with the carrier to perform the necessary corrections. 
  • Send your booking reference to the airline authorities when the agent can’t be contacted.
  • Any fee payable should be deposited with the agent directly. 

You can also prefer using this way for changing passenger names on flight tickets.

Note: The airline will not be responsible for any grievance/inconvenience caused by the travel agency. 

Can I Make Air Canada Name Changes on Imminent Bookings?

Imminent bookings refer to short-notice travel, that is, flights that will depart soon, usually within 3 or fewer working days. To change name on Air Canada tickets on such reservations: 

  • You will have to connect with the carrier’s reservation center
  • For this, you may contact the number 1-888-247-2262.
  • An agent will then help you to modify your name on the ticket
  • It will be suggested to make adjustments before you check-in Air Canada flight.
  • A small fee may be charged. 

What is Air Canada Middle Name Correction Policy?

While making your reservation, you will be asked to provide your first, middle, and last names. In case the middle part is inaccurate, you need not mend it. Hence, a specific policy may not be available.

Before you do so, these terms should be known:

  • It is not mandatory to submit your middle name.
  • Passengers are not obliged to correct this information in case of any error. 
  • The first and last names matching the passport will suffice as well. 

Which Documents are Needed to Change Name on Air Canada?

Be it at the time of booking your ticket or at the time of requesting name modifications, you will have to submit a few documents. 

  • No passenger’s request will be accepted if any of the required documents are missing. 
  • As per the Air Canada name change policy, you will require:
    • Boarding pass
    • Passport 
    • Photo ID 
    • Identity proof showing your full name and age
    • A NEXUS card
    • Driver’s license or resident address 

Once the airline scrutinizes these documents, it will confirm your identity after which the name change request will be processed. 

How do I Change Name on Air Canada Tickets?

To change passenger name on Air Canada without any hassle, this carrier offers two methods. These include: 

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  • A website-based option 
  • Contacting the airline

Method 1: Via the Website-based Option

This is the online method through which you can modify your Air Canada misspelled name on a ticket using basic details in less time.

  • On the first page of the Air Canada site, tap on “My Bookings”.
  • Give your booking reference. 
  • Provide your last name in the required sections. 
  • Go ahead by clicking on the “Find” button. 
  • Your reservation will be retrieved
  • After this, you can follow the instructions given on the site
  • Make all the required alterations to your name
  • Double-check and confirm these changes. 
  • You will receive a confirmation mail at the end of the procedure. 

It will be best to use this quick approach, especially when you want to change your Air Canada flight. With incorrect details, choosing different flights may not be allowed.

Limitations of Online Modifications

On Air Canada, the change name on the ticket online option may not be available to some users. It means that their ticket is not eligible for it. 

Method 2: Contacting the Officials

You can request ticket modifications by connecting directly with the airline agents. They will be available for managing your booking around the clock. 

The following table highlights some important contact numbers for Air Canada flight name changes: 

Applicability Contact Number 
General Reservations Centre 1-888-247-2262
International – United Kingdom 0800 756 3865
International – Other Regions 1-514-395-0300
Hearing Impairment1-800-361-5373
Aeroplan Passengers 1-800-361-5373

Is Air Canada Name Change Policy Available for Aeroplan?

The members of Aeroplan can modify their names on flight tickets. 

  • They are subject to the same Air Canada name change conditions as the general ticket holders. 
  • The only difference is in the exemption of fees and other charges. 

Do You Need to Pay Air Canada Name Change Fees?

You will be liable to pay a certain amount of fee for modifying the details on your ticket. 

  • This Air Canada name change fee depends on:
    • The type of modification you want to make
    • Your ticket fare 
  • The exact amount of the fee will be informed at the time of name corrections/changes. 

Clearing Name Change Queries on Social Media

When you have simple questions about the Air Canada ticket name change feature, you can reach out to the airline at the following pages: 


The name change policy of Air Canada is one of the most useful features as it facilitates simple corrections and modifications. It is beneficial to various fliers when verification needs to be successfully done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the name on my Air Canada ticket? 

Yes, this carrier permits name changes after the booking is reserved. 

Can you change name on Air Canada tickets online?

Online name changes can be done through the airline’s official site.

How to change name on Air Canada ticket?

You can modify the name either by calling the airline agents or by visiting the main website.

Why did Air Canada center change name?

Its name was changed in 2018 as per an agreement made.

Does Air Canada allow name changes?

Yes, a person may change or correct his/her name on this carrier.

Can I change my flight name with Air Canada?

Changing the flight name amounts to the transfer of the ticket to another flier but it may be allowed.

Can you change passenger name on Air Canada offline?

Offline name modifications can be done by connecting with the official agents of the carrier.

Can you change the name on an Air Canada ticket after booking confirmation?

This airline does permit its passengers to modify their tickets after they are confirmed as well.

Does Air Canada charge for name changes?

You will be subject to pay a name change fee if you wish to alter your details on the ticket.

How to change name on plane ticket Air Canada through the site?

Go to the “My Bookings” section, enter the required details, and follow the on-screen instructions thereon.

How to change passenger name Air Canada via the agents?

Call the agents at the general reservation center number and request a name change.

Is the Air Canada center changing its name?

Yes, the Air Canada center has changed its name to Scotiabank Arena.

When did the Air Canada center change its name?

This body changed its name in July 2018.

Do you need middle name on airline ticket Air Canada?

It is not necessary to enter your middle name while making a reservation on this carrier.

How to correct misspelled name on airline ticket Air Canada?

Misspelled or wrong names can be corrected online or offline based on your ticket’s eligibility.

Does Air Canada charge for a name change?

Yes, both online and offline name changes are charged.

How to do Air Canada middle name corrections?

You need not correct your middle name on this airline.

How Air Canada name correction policy works?

This policy allows travelers to modify or correct their names if they are wrong or misspelled.

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