Turkish Airlines Pet Policy

airfleetrating-Turkish Airlines Pet policy

The Turkish Airlines pet policy makes accommodations for animal travel. It enables owners to bring their animals on board with ease. The different rules and restrictions related to their transport are highlighted under this policy. Additionally, it ensures that there is no compromise to their safety. 

What are the Main Rules of the Turkish Airlines Pet Travel Policy? 

Adherence to these regulations under Turkish Airline pet policy is required: 

  • Travel reservations can only be made on official bookings made with the carrier. 
  • The rules for domestic and international flights vary. 
  • On connecting flights, pets will be dropped off for a while at the stopover. 
  • Animals can be transported on interline flights as well. 
  • Passengers will only be allowed to bring dry animal food on board. 
  • It is mandatory to follow the weight and size restrictions. 
  • Pets can be transported either in the cargo or inside the cabin. 
  • Travel regulations given by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry should be followed. 
  • Acceptance for animal transport should be obtained at least 6 hours before departure. 

Note: The airline has the right to revoke your booking when the above-mentioned conditions are not adhered to. 

Rules in General for Containers

Prior to carrying containers, be aware of the following:

  • Pet containers are not included in the general baggage allowance and are charged. 
  • Only animals in secure containers can be brought into lounges. 

Is there a Turkish Airlines Pet in Cabin Policy?  

A pet-in-cabin policy is available. Through this, owners can carry their animals with them inside the airplane. 

The rules of the Turkish Airlines pet in cabin facility are: 

  • These pets can only be carried in a container kept under the passenger’s seat. 
  • Travelers can select only window seats. 
  • Passengers in the emergency rows are allowed to book seats for their animals. 
  • Generally, one animal in one container can be allowed. 

Approved In-Cabin Animals

On Turkish Airlines, when flying with pets, the following can be brought inside the aircraft: 

  • Dogs 
  • Cats 
  • Canaries 
  • Small birds
  • Parakeets 
  • Small domesticated animals 

Note: Animals with respiratory issues will only be accepted if they are approved by PETC. 

Breeds of Cats/Dogs Allowed

These dogs or cats should remain seated with their owners throughout the trip. Such breeds include: 

Cats Dogs 
ExoticShar Pei
BurmeseJapanese Chin
BirmanEnglish Toy Spaniel
British Shorthair Chow Chow
Scottish FoldBrussels Griffon
Lhasa Apso,
Boston Terrier

Weight and Size Restrictions for Carriers: 

While transporting animals inside the cabin, the following Turkish Airlines pet carrier dimensions have to be followed: 

Maximum Weight Maximum Size 
8 kgs or 18 lbs Height – 23 cm or 9 in, Width – 30 cm or 12 in, Length – 40 cm or 16 in 

The above limits include the weight of the crate as well as the animal combined. 

Note: When you go over these dimensions, your companion will be transported as cargo luggage. 

Turkish Airlines Pet Travel Fees for In-Cabin Service

All the animals being carried as in-cabin baggage will be charged a separate fee. 

  • This fee is fixed and its payment is mandatory under the rules of PETC. 
  • But it differs based on the ticket fare and class of service. 

For Domestic:

The charges for domestic trips are:

Destination Fees 
Domestic  Destinations 175 TRY or 9 USD 
Northern Cyprus 400 TRY or 21 USD 

To Fly Internationally:

Turkish Airlines pet charges for international destinations depend on which group your ticket belongs to. 

Group Fees 
65 USD 
105 USD 
185 USD 

For Transit Trips:

In the case of animal travel on transit flights, the following charges apply: 

Group Fees 
A to A 130 USD 
A to B 170 USD 
A to C 250 USD 
B to B 210 USD 
B to C 290 USD 
C to C 370 USD 

When Involving Other Flights:

On flights different from regular bookings, charges for carrying furry beings inside the cabin vary based on the type of flight: 

Flight TypeFees 
Traffic Red Flights 65 USD 
Interline Flights 75 USD 
Stopover Flights Depends on the number of stopovers 

Is there a Turkish Airlines Cargo Pets Policy? 

The cargo policy is given for animals that go over the in-cabin restrictions. However, they will only be permitted as Turkish Airlines pet cargo luggage under the following conditions: 

airfleetrating-Turkish Airlines Cargo Pets Policy
  • The animal must be fit without any health complications. 
  • Food requirements before boarding are the responsibility of the owner. 
  • A name tag should be attached to the crate. 
  • The ventilation of the aircraft determines whether your companion can travel in the hold. 
  • Importantly, the pilot gives the final nod regarding the travel. 
  • You can choose to send your animal as cargo on:
    • The same flight 
    • Another plane 

Weight/Size Restrictions: 

Whether your animal can travel under cargo luggage or not depends on the acceptable Turkish Airlines pet carrier size and weight conditions: 

Acceptable Weight Approved Size 
All crates weighing more than 8 kg Crates with dimensions more than 75 cm * 75 cm * 125 cm ( height * width * length) 

Note: Animals that weigh less than 8 kgs along with their crate, will be accepted as AVIH (Animal on hold). This is only when it is required under special circumstances. 

Crate Requirements for Cargo Transport: 

For crates to be approved by the airline, they must meet certain requirements to ensure the safety of the animals. 

  • The container should be hard-sided. 
  • It should be large enough for the animal to move freely, lie down, and stand up. 
  • Cages should be waterproof and leakproof. 
  • The locking system of the cage should be lateral and fully secure. 
  • The crate should have holes for ventilation. 
  • All the lids should be kept closed. 

Same Flight Cargo Transport:

When you wish to transport your pet as cargo on the same flight as you are flying, you will have to: 

  • Contact the airline’s “Passenger Reservation Department” when flying from Turkey to abroad.  
  • To transport animals on flights to Turkey, connect with the “International Sales Office”.  
  • For domestic flights, reach out to the “Domestic Cargo Department”. 

Note: The Turkish Airlines pet cargo policy makes it mandatory to obtain prior approval for freight animal transport. 

Cargo Transport on Different Flights: 

In case it is not possible to accommodate your companion on the same flight as yours, you have the option to send it on another plane. For this: 

  • Get in touch with the agents of the IATA – International Air Transport Association. 
  • Complete all the customs procedures relating to international travel. 
  • You will have to take care of the Bill of Lading and pricing requirements. 

Note: When transporting animals on different flights, the airline will only be responsible for safety, not health. 

Dog Breed Restrictions: 

There are certain dangerous breeds of dogs that will only be accepted when you get official permission from the cargo service department. These breeds include: 

  • Bandog Tosa Inu
  • Dogue de Bordeaux
  • Presa Canario
  • Wolf Dog Mixed-Breeds
  • Doberman 
  • Boerboel
  • American Bulldog
  • Caucasian Ovcharka

Note: The crossbreeds of the above-mentioned animals will be subject to restrictions as well. 

Turkish Airlines Pet Cargo Cost: 

Heavy animals will be accepted as cargo on the payment of a certain fee. This Turkish Airlines pet travel fee depends on the excess of the crate’s weight from the given in-cabin weight and size restrictions. 


The given table mentions the charges for cargo transport on domestic flights: 

Weight Limit Fees
8 to 15 kg 285 TRY 
16 to 22 kg 385 TRY 
23 to 28 kg 410 TRY 
More than 28 kg 485 TRY 


On international flights, the fee depends on the weight of the crate as well as on the type of group you are put into. 

Weight Limit Group AGroup B Group C
0 to 23 kg 130 USD 210 USD 370 USD 
24 to 32 kg 150 USD 250 USD 440 USD 
More than 32 kg 190 USD 310 USD 550 USD 

Note: The fee is charged only on the weight of the crate along with the animal inside, not on the number of these. 

For Connecting Flights

The Turkish Airlines pet ticket price for cargo transport on transit flights is highlighted here: 

Group 24 to 32 kg More than 33 kg More than 33 kgs 
A to A 260 USD 300 USD 380 USD 
A to B 340 USD 400 USD 500 USD 
A to C 500 USD 590 USD 740 USD 
B to B 420 USD 500 USD 620 USD 
B to C 580 USD 690 USD 860 USD 
C to C 740 USD 880 USD 1100 USD 

Involving Special Trips:

On other special flights like interline or traffic flights, the amount for cargo transport varies as mentioned here: 

Weight Limit Traffic Red Flights Interline Flights 
0 to 23 kg 130 USD 150 USD 
24 to 32 kg 160 USD 150 USD 
More than 32 kg 190 USD 150 USD 

Note: The fee for transporting pets as cargo on stopover flights will be informed at the time of making a reservation. 

Is there a Special Turkish Airlines Pet Policy for Northern Cyprus Flights? 

Considering that you wish to carry animals on flights to and from Northern Cyprus, special conditions of the travel will be applicable. 

  • A TRNC import license must be obtained from the respective veterinary office. 
  • 1 valid health certificate for your pet should be obtained 48 hours before take-off. 
  • The animals must have a passport. 
  • They should be vaccinated against major diseases like rabies, influenza, hepatitis, etc. 
  • Medical reports should be submitted as well. 
  • Animals must be older than 3 months or at least 10 weeks if flying with their mother. 

Cost for Transport on Northern Cyprus Flights

The Turkish Airlines pet charges levied for their travel on these flights are different from the regular fees: 

Weight Limit Fees 
0 to 15 kg 550 TRY 
16 to 22 kg 700 TRY 
23 to 28 kg 750 TRY 
More than 28 kg 800 TRY 

What are Turkish Airlines Pet Travel Rules for Service Animals?

Remarkably, the Turkish Airlines pet policy enables passengers with disabilities to fly with service or assistance animals.  

  • Their assistance can be used in the case of:
    • Physical issues
    • Mental problems
    • Sensory troubles
    • Intellectual disabilities
  • Only dogs will be approved as service companions. 
  • They must be properly trained under licensed professionals. 
  • Although they mostly fly in the cabin, cargo transport will be made available too. 
  • When flying inside the cabin, they must sit near the passenger’s feet. 
  • Dogs must wear a vest and be properly groomed. 
  • Acceptance to bring it must be obtained at least 48 hours prior to departure. 

Documents to be Submitted: 

The authorities require the submission of certain specified documents to make sure that the service pet is capable of assisting its owner. These include: 

  • Appropriate training certificate 
  • Vaccination Proof 
  • Pet Passport 
  • Photographic proofs 

Owners must also submit a statement from the veterinarian certifying that the animal will not need to relieve itself during the flight. Even if it does so accidentally, the owner must be able to take care of the cleaning and sanitization process. 

Restrictions on Transport of Service Pets: 

In certain situations, the carrier may restrict the transport of Turkish Airlines pets for disabled fliers. 

  • Service beings exhibiting aggressive behavior will not be accepted. 
  • Sick animals that pose a safety risk will be denied. 
  • Those who cause interruption to the normal flight procedure cannot travel. 
  • Permission will not be granted for those exceeding size limitations. 
  • They cannot be seated in the general passenger seats. 
  • Animals without muzzles, leashes, or harnesses will not be approved. 
  • They should not belong to one of the restricted breeds.

Note: If your service pet causes any damage or harm to the aircraft or any of the co-passengers, you will be fully liable for it. 

Procedure for Making a Reservation for Service Animals 

Only assistance animals registered beforehand will be permitted to travel, especially on flights between the USA and Istanbul. To do so:

  • On the official site of Turkish, find “Any Questions”.
  • Here, see “Traveling with Pets”.
  • From here, download the Turkish Airlines pet reservation forms.
  • Fill out these US DoT Service Animal Air Transportation and Service Animal Relief Attestation forms.
  • Mail them to the airline at the ID:
    • istoccyhm@tgs.aero for Istanbul flights 
    • and usaops@thy.com for the US flights 
  • If your companion meets all the necessary requirements, it will be accepted. 

Turkish Airlines Pet Fee for Service Animals: 

The following types of service dogs can travel for free without the payment of any Turkish Airlines pet fee on all routes: 

  • Hearing Dogs 
  • Seeing Eye Dogs 
  • Rescue Dogs 
  • Medical Alert Dogs 

For Psychiatric Beings:

In the case of psychiatric service dogs, free transport is only permitted between the US and Istanbul provided that:

  • You bring an empty crate and check it in 
  • The empty crate is shipped in the aircraft cargo 

Note: No additional fee will be charged for carrying animals in a crate inside the cabin. 

How Many Animals can Travel in One Turkish Airlines Pet Carrier? 

Generally, one animal per container will be allowed. However, based on the Turkish Airlines pet carrier:

  • Two animals belonging to the same species can be kept together. 
  • These animals must be used to being around each other. 
  • 3 kittens or puppies younger than 24 weeks can be kept in one crate. 
  • The maximum weight of each:
    • The dog should be about 14 kg 
    • The cat should be 10 kg 
  • More than one adult animal in a crate can only be carried in case of cargo travel. 
  • The in-cabin weight restriction should not be crossed irrespective of the number of animals. 

Note: When carrying more than one animal in one carrier, it is the owner’s duty to ensure the safety of both animals. 

How to Make a Turkish Airlines Pet Travel Reservation? 

Before you carry your pet, it is mandatory to register its booking in advance. The following must be done at least 6 hours before the take-off of the flight. 

  • Firstly, make an official booking with the airline for yourself. 
  • Then contact the airline at the number ✆ +1-877-799-1495
  • Request it to make a Turkish Airlines pet reservation to the current booking. 
  • Submit all the necessary flight details and the required documents. 
  • You will be asked to pay the fee once the agent finds all the documents in order. 
  • Pay the charge and complete the registration. 

Note: Each passenger can carry only 2 pet containers, one in the cabin and the other in the hold. Accordingly, you can book.

Check-in with Pets on Turkish Airlines

At the time of boarding, you will have to check in your companion as well: 

  • You can check in your animal at the pet check-in counters at the airport. 
  • During Turkish Airlines Check-in with Pets you will have to submit the: 
    • Owner’s name and address
    • Contact number
    • Name of the pet
    • Number of animals
    • Vaccination certificate of the animal 

Note: The vaccination has to be done at least 30 days before the flight’s departure and not more than 1 year prior to the take-off. 

Traveling with Passengers Allergic to Animals 

On the same flight, one passenger might be allergic to animals while the other may make a request to bring them on board. In such situations, the Turkish Airlines pet policy’s conditions are: 

  • The request of the flier who has made the reservation first will prevail. 
  • If a request is made for service animals, it will be given preference to allergic passengers. 
  • The order of reservation will be counted on all flights other than those flying to the US. 

Recent Updates in the Pet Travel Policy 

Apart from the general guidelines mentioned, there have been some recent additions made to this policy: 

  • To transport puppies/kittens of 10-12 weeks, obtain permission from a veterinarian. 
  • It is the responsibility of the owners to comply with the state pet policy regulations. 
  • The Turkish Airlines international pet policy prohibits same-flight transport of:
    • Cats and dogs
    • Or, cats and birds 
  • All pet reservations made after Oct 1, 2021, are subject to breed restrictions. 
  • Prohibitions on the entry of commercial dogs into Canada have been imposed from Sept. 8, 2022. 
  • Dogs from high-risk countries for rabies are prohibited as per the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. 
  • Pet reservations cannot be made on flights traveling to the UK. 
  • Commercial animals and pregnant animals cannot be transported. 

Social Media Platforms of Turkish Airlines 

When you have any minor questions about Turkish Airlines pet transportation, use any of the following platforms: 

Social Media Platform Official Link 
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TurkishAirlines/ 
Twitter https://twitter.com/TurkishAirlines 
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/turkishairlines/ 
Linkedin https://tr.linkedin.com/company/turkish-airlines 

The Turkish Airlines pet policy facilitates passengers to bring their companions on board and also transport them in the hold. It makes sure that they remain comfortable and secure throughout the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Turkish Airlines allow pets?

Yes, passengers on this carrier can bring animals.

What is Turkish Airlines’ pet policy in a nutshell?

This policy determines the eligibility of pet travel, size/weight limitations, breed restrictions, and fees. 

Does Turkish Airlines allow pets in the cabin?

Animals and their crates weighing less than 8 kg are allowed in the cabin on this airline.

What are Turkish Airlines’ pet carrier requirements?

Mainly, the crate must be properly constructed and leak-proof.

What is Turkish Airlines’ pet ticket price?

The pet fee differs based on the method of transport. It can cost between USD 65 and USD 1100.

What are Turkish Airlines pet travel restrictions for carry on pets?

One restriction is that the maximum weight of carry-on pets should not exceed 8 kg and the crate’s size should not be more than 23 cm * 40 cm * 30 cm.

Where to make a reservation for pet travel with Turkish Airlines?

Bookings for animals can be made by contacting the passenger reservation department of the carrier.

What are the requirements for flying with pets on Turkish Airlines?

The animal must be healthy and well-groomed. It should meet the weight requirements too.

How to make a pet reservation with Turkish Airlines?

Call the airline agents at the official contact number and register your companion by submitting the necessary documents.

What is Turkish Airlines’ pet policy for in-cabin pets?

In-cabin pets should weigh less than 8 kg and be seated near the passenger’s foot.

What is Turkish Airlines’ pet carrier dimensions for carry-on pets?

Turkish Airlines pet carrier dimensions should not exceed 23 cm or 9 in (h), 30 cm or 12 in (w), & 40 cm or 16 in (l) for carry-on.

What health certificates should I carry when travelling with my pet on Turkish Airlines?

You will have to present vaccination proof, a general medical report, and a training certificate in case of service animals.

Is Turkish Airlines pet friendly?

Yes, this carrier allows the comfortable transport of pets.

Does Turkish Airlines allow pets in Business Class?

The carrier can allow the transport of animals depending on the availability of space in Business class.

What do I do if my pets do not meet the requirements as per Turkish Airlines pet policy?

Your dog/cat/other animals will not be accepted by the carrier if the needed requirements are not met and you will have to cancel your booking.

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