Spirit Flight Change Policy

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The Spirit flight change policy functions amidst emergencies. It helps in modifying the schedule of trips or their destinations. Through this, adjustments can be made in advance too. Both individual and group reservations are served by this policy, provided that certain rules are followed.

What are the Rules to Change Spirit Airlines Flights?

Spirit’s policy on changing flights comes with the rules given below:

  • You can modify:
    • Dates
    • Flights
    • Itineraries
    • Timing
    • Destinations
  • One can modify flights:
    • 45 minutes before one’s originally booked domestic trip’s departure
    • 60 minutes before the original international flight departs
  • The facility to make online changes is available up to 1 hour prior to departure.
  • After adjusting flights, you may not receive points.

Can I Make Spirit Airlines flight changes within 24 Hours?

The passengers of Spirit change flights using the twenty-four-hour policy. Under this:

  • You can make changes to flights within 24 hours (or even less) from the reservation.
  • The flight’s departure should be at least 7 days away.
  • This policy also applies to Flight Flex fares.
  • You can get a complete refund. 
  • Its amount will be in the payment form originally selected.
  • When refunds can’t be given, Reservation Credits are provided with 90 days validity.
  • These credits can undergo service costs or other deductions.
  • The 24-hour policy gives free changes on bookings made before 5th April 2021.
  • Additional modifications may not happen for free.
  • You may apply this policy when you have met the requirements for check-in.

Is the Same Day Flight Change on Spirit Airlines Allowed?

One can find the option for same-day modifications on this carrier. It can be exercised in certain circumstances. For detailed information about the same day flight change Spirit Airlines option, it will be useful to check the website too.

What is the Spirit Flight Change Policy for Saver$ Club?

Under the reservation change policy, Saver$ Club gives access to certain benefits to members. These include:

  • Flight Flex fliers of Saver$ Club can make last-minute modifications.
  • Usually, flight modification fees can be lower if applied.

What is the Free Spirit Flight Change Policy?

Free Spirit is a program by this airline. It can permit adjustments but not within twenty-four hours of the departure time set.

  • Modifications can take place as per the availability.
  • They will be in sync with the latest reward levels.

Is there a Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy for COVID-19?

Passengers may not be fit to travel due to COVID-19. As per the Spirit flight change policy:

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  • In this scenario, they can chat with the carrier via its website.
  • They can learn which options are available.
  • Accordingly, they can adjust the schedule.

What is the Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy for Groups?

This airline’s flight modification policy serves reservations made in groups. It is subject to the following guidelines:

  • Travelers flying in groups can modify their trips.
  • They can make the adjustments within 30 days prior to take-off.
  • Per traveler, the fee will be $50 for managing a booking.

How to Change My Flight on Spirit Airlines?

Using the online options, trips can be modified from the smartphone application or website of this carrier. Otherwise, to change flights on Spirit Airlines offline, calling is one of the feasible options.

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Option 1: From the Site

For quick modifications, rely on this carrier’s website. It can support adjustments for domestic as well as international trips.

  • Open the Spirit Airline website.
  • Tap on “My Trips”.
  • Look for “Find My Trip”.
  • Under this, add your “Last Name”.
  • Input your “Confirmation Code”.
  • Select “Continue”.
  • Once your trip is found, modify it.

You may try using these steps to make modifications via the “Spirit Airlines” app on Apple/iOS and Android.

Option 2: Through the Chat Service

Via the other Spirit change flight online option, you get to use its chat facility. This is functional through the website and requires fairly basic information.

  • On the website of this operator, find “Contact Us”.
  • Press “Let’s Chat”.
  • Choose “Spanish” or “English”.
  • In case a message regarding Spirit flight cancellation appears, press “No”.
  • Now, from the available options, opt for “Change or Cancel Flight”.
  • Tap on “Change My Flight”.
  • To confirm the action, hit “Yes, Change it”.
  • Complete the prompts appearing on the screen.
  • Or, choose “Not Yet!” for further assistance.

Option 3: On Phone

At times, you may require in-person help to adjust trips. For Spirit flight time changes, modifications to schedules, etc., calling is, therefore, suggested.

  • Mention “Hello” on the phone number of this airline.
  • Call/drop a text or WhatsApp message regarding the time, date, name changes, etc.
  • At times, the contact information may also be suitable for calls.
Customer TypePhone NumberTiming/Days
For domestic and international usersWhatsApp or call: 855-728-3555
Text: 48763
Call (Mexico): 800030071
Add 711 for help regarding the impaired hearing.
Available 24/7

Option 4: With Social Media

Directly contacting this carrier on social media is a useful suggestion. You can drop a message for changing flights with Spirit Airlines. 

The available social media platforms are:

Social ProfileSocial Media Links

Option 5: Via the Airport

You can head to a local airport and reach the counter of this airline. The Guest Service Agent team can entertain requests relating to the date, time, or other schedule modifications.

When is Spirit Airlines Change Fee Required?

In some instances, flight modification fees are needed. This depends on the nature of adjustments along with other aspects. 

  • They apply to bookings made via reservation credits.
  • The Spirit Airlines change reservation amount will be charged as per the current fees.
  • You will need to pay the differences in:
  • When the differences are lower, you may get Reservation Credits.
  • These credits:
    • May not include all types of charges
    • Cannot be transferred
    • Can come with expiration dates

10. How Much is Spirit Change Fees?

Under the policy, the Spirit flight change fee is determined as per the duration of modifications from departure. In some cases, it can also be free.

Days Left before Take-offFlight Modification Cost per Passenger
7 to 59 $49
0 to 6$99
60 or moreNo cost applies

Can You Change Spirit Flight for Free?

The Spirit Airlines change fees can be waived in these scenarios:

  • In case there are 60/more days prior to take-off, you can modify it for free.
  • Making adjustments on the same day of reservation can determine this benefit.

Can I Make Spirit Airlines Flight Changes for Reward Tickets?

It is possible to make adjustments to your reward or award tickets. They should comply with the terms given below:

  • The general flight modification terms are applicable to this airline’s reward trips.
  • You will have to pay the current costs for adjustments.
  • Up to 1 hour prior to take-off, you can make these adjustments.
  • According to the Spirit change policy, one can modify:
    • Origins
    • Stopover cities
    • Destinations
    • Service classes
    • flights
  • Get in touch with a “Free Spirit” expert to adjust a trip.
  • The airline accepts adjustments offline on the phone.

Can You Change Spirit Flight Flex Bookings?

Flight Flex features modifications as one of its benefits. Therefore, you can easily make adjustments to your trips after knowing the following:

  • This plan comes with protection for modification costs.
  • The protection is for 1 adjustment only. A waiver is not available for other changes.
  • It works when purchased via the website of this airline.
  • Modifications are allowed 1 time.
  • You can modify Flight Flex trips online.
  • Members can modify the following:
    • Dates
    • Origins or destinations
    • Timing
  • For online Spirit Airline flight changes/adjustments, use the website of this carrier.
  • To use the facility, there should be 24 hours left before you have to depart.
  • The above condition applies to the following departures:
    • Return
    • Outbound

Charges for Modifying Spirit Flight Flex Trips

After certain flexibilities, Spirit change flight fees get applied. The charges are as follows: 

In the Case of Flight Flex Gold Fliers: 

  • They can modify bookings 1 time for free.
  • Fliers will need to pay for differences in the carrier’s airfares.

For others:

  • After 24 hours from take-off, standard Spirit change fees are applicable.

Can I Change a Spirit Flight under Vacation Packages?

Spirit Vacations come with various features. When modifications are to be made, these features come in handy.

  • Depending on the availability, you can make adjustments.
  • The charges applicable as per current times will apply.
  • This airline may also charge fees associated with third parties.
  • An increase in the following will have to be paid to change flight on Spirit Airlines:
    • Ticket differences
    • Package services
  • Along with these, the rules of the associated third-party will also be vital.
  • Changes are accepted on the call via dedicated centers.
Phone number for Spirit Vacations877-377-0791Or, 954-698- 0125Monday to Friday: 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.
Saturday to Sunday: 9:00 A.M. to 5.30 P.M.
  • Remember that no other mediums will help in making adjustments.
  • Also, they must be made in advance and before departure for acceptance.

Change Flights on Spirit with Bundle It Combo

With this airline’s Bundle It Combo, you can get various flexibilities. This includes flight modifications too.

  • The Spirit Airline change flight benefit is available up to twenty-four/24 hours before take-off.
  • 1 modification is given at no charge/fee.
  • You will be responsible for any differences in costs.

Note: This combo does not cater to Flight Flex Bookings.

What is the Spirit Change Flight Policy?

The Spirit Airlines schedule change or flight modification policy implies that the carrier can go against the plan set.

  • This carrier may change flights without giving notice.
  • When this happens, it may not always be liable for help.
  • One can receive updates after opting for the “Spirit Airlines Travel Notifications SMS Program”.
  • You can get updates via:
    • Telephone
    • Email
  • When schedules are modified, unaccompanied minors may not be allowed to travel.

What to do if Spirit Changed My Flight?

You can use the chatbot service and get assistance when this air operator modifies your flight. 

  • Come to the “Contact Us” page of the carrier.
  • Hit the button for “Let’s Chat”.
  • Move ahead by picking your language.
  • Tap on “No” when a message regarding revocation is shown.
  • Opt for “Change or Cancel Flight”.
  • Then press “Spirit Changed My Flight”.
  • After this, click on “Change”.
  • Mention the duration of the modification.
  • Accordingly, assistance will be given and you can choose the best option.

Is Compensation Given When Spirit Airlines Change Flights?

In case schedule disruptions occur, this airline can compensate you in the following ways:

  • It will rebook you for free on another plane to the same destination.
  • As per the Spirit change flight policy, the carrier can provide:
    • Connecting 
    • Or, direct flights
  • You can ask for a refund in compliance with the Contract of Carriage – Section 10.2.3.
  • It may not charge for differences in the operator’s airfares.

Note: A disruption of 2 hours or so can make you eligible for the above.

Limitations of the Compensation Facility:

Even when Spirit flight changes are involuntary, the compensation policy is limited at times.

  • The airline may not provide reimbursements for these expenses:
    • Business
    • Personal
  • It may not give compensation, depending on whether the factors are:
    • Controllable
    • Or, beyond the operator’s control

Are Refunds Given When Spirit Airlines Change Flights?

In some instances, you may be able to claim refunds when involuntary modifications do not satisfy you. But there is a limitation to this benefit:

  • Refunds for the following may not be possible:
    • Taxes
    • Charges

Clearing Queries Before Changing Spirit Flights

For some passengers, certain doubts may still need greater clarity. Prior to changing flights on Spirit Airlines, they can:

  • Head to the website of this carrier.
  • Select the option “Contact Us”.
  • Now, opt for “Email Us”.
  • This option will lead you to a form that you have to fill in.
  • Submit it and await the response of this airline.

Drawing to a close, flight adjustments are easily facilitated on this carrier. Whether in advance or at the last minute, the policy works excellently. Provided that its terms are well-applied, its functioning will be easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change a Spirit flight?

Yes, passengers can modify their flights on this airline.

How to change my flight Spirit Airlines online?

Head to “My Trips” on the website of the airline. Retrieve your trip and then manage it.

If Spirit changes my flight can I get a refund?

In some instances, you can find the benefit of a refund after adjusting your flight.

Will Spirit change my flight for free?

This carrier can change flights free of cost after you adhere to some rules.

Is Spirit allowing flight changes?

Yes, this operator is allowing modifications to trips, subject to certain terms.

Can you change flight dates Spirit?

The date of your trip can undergo modifications on this carrier.

Can you change Spirit flights offline?

Prefer calling the airline at 855-728-3555 for changing your trip offline.

Does Spirit charge to change flights?

Spirit Airlines change flight fees are applicable in most cases.

How to change Spirit flights at the airport?

Connect with any Guest Service Agent for initiating flight adjustments at the airport.

How much does Spirit charge to change flights?

Usually, the reservation modification fee can range between $49 and $99.

How much is it to change your flight on Spirit for group reservations?

The charge for modifying group bookings is $50 per person.

Can I change my return flight on Spirit Airlines?

One can change return trips in some scenarios.

How can I change my Spirit flight on WhatsApp?

You have to message “Hello” at 855-728-3555 for modifications via WhatsApp.

Can you change your flight on Spirit Airlines within 24 hours?

Bookings can be changed on this carrier on the same day or within twenty-four hours.

Does Spirit have change fees for all flights?

For certain flights, fees are applied when making modifications.

Why did Spirit change my flight?

The carrier may change flights due to issues relating to the weather, coronavirus, strikes in the air, etc.

What happens if Spirit changes my flight?

You can get compensation, rebooking, refund, and other types of assistance when the airline modifies your scheduled trip.

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