Air Canada Flight Change Policy

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The Air Canada flight change policy comes into use when you want to modify the date of flying. Also, for other adjustments relating to the destination, name, and seat, you can rely on this policy. At times, when a change is made to your schedule, you can use the facility to avail of help.

Air Canada Flight Change Rules & Regulations

Once your ticket has been completely bought, it gets confirmed. Post this, you can modify it. Adhere to these regulations while you do so:

  • Make modifications through the sources of reservations.
  • This airline manages trips when they are booked via:
    • The application: Air Canada 
    • Contact centres
    • Kayak
    • Google Flights
    • Skyscanner 
    • Aeroplan
    • Air Canada Vacations
    • Air Canada Business
  • According to the Air Canada flight change rules, you can adjust your Flight Pass.
  • Alterations can be made in the case of reversals/rebookings too.
  • A flier can make modifications up to two/2 hours before a flight departs.
  • Prior to modifying Basic tickets, remember the following:
    • They aren’t refundable.
    • The tickets remain non-transferable.
    • One cannot convert them into:
      • Aeroplan rewards
      • Travel vouchers
  • Under this policy, you can change the date, destination, seat selection, etc.
  • Further, standby bookings can be modified.
  • It is best to make modifications before check-in on Air Canada.
  • When you wish to adjust a trip but cannot, you may ask for a refund.

Air Canada Same Day Flight Change Policy

A few hours after the booking, the acceptance duration can begin. At this time, the availability of new trips is checked. Accordingly, you are provided with the Air Canada change flight same-day option.

  • You will be helped by an agent at the airport to use this option.
  • A fee may apply for utilizing this facility.

Air Canada 24 Hours Flight Change Policy

On this airline, you can adjust a trip right after you reserve it. This is available for the first twenty-four hours after purchasing that trip. 

  • This is the risk-free duration.
  • On Air Canada change flight within 24 hours offline.
  • The most preferable approach includes calling the carrier.
  • Possibly, you may not be asked for a fee.

Change Air Canada Flight in Brussels

As per the information updated on 12th December 2022, travelers can initiate voluntary Air Canada flight changes in Brussels.

They will have to be aware of the following conditions:

  • The ticket should be purchased maximum by 8th December 2022.
  • Travel dates should lie between the 15th and 16th of December 2022.
  • Traveler’s flights should be to/from/through BRU.
  • Changes can be made at no charge.
  • You can select any other date to fly but not later than 20th December 2022.
  • New reservations may be affected by cabin availability.
  • Differences in fares will have to be settled.
  • To get help, kindly use the contact number: 1-888-247-2262
  • For the following travelers, direct communication has to be made:
    • Air Canada Vacations
    • Aeroplan

Changing Air Canada Flights Online

When you can navigate the website well, you can use the first option to adjust your trip. Otherwise, fliers who need detailed guidance can prefer the chatbot of this operator.

airfleetrating-changing air canada flights

Option 1: Using the Website

Passengers of Air Canada change flight online when they require a free approach to this. This option enables them to find a new trip. When found within a period of 5 days before the departure, it is free to use the policy. 

Note: Keep in mind that any increase in fare prices will have to be settled.

  • You need to be on the authorized website of the airline.
  • View “My Bookings” on the site.
  • Then add one of these:
    • “Ticket Number”
    • “Booking Reference”
  • Now, insert “Passenger Last Name”.
  • Tap on “Find”.

This will help you retrieve the desired booking. Then you can change Air Canada flight without fee.

Option 2: Via Air Canada ChatBot

The chatbot of this airline is useful for finding answers to queries. Even when you want to manage bookings, you can depend on this method of the Air Canada change flight policy.

  • Open this operator’s website.
  • Tap on “Contact Information” at the end.
  • Locate the bot at the bottom.
  • In the space to write, mention “Change My Flight”.
  • You can retrieve a trip by pressing “Click Here”.
  • Or, choose one of the options displayed by the bot.
  • Based on what you decide, follow the prompts of this chatbot.

Limitations of Making Adjustments Online

The Air Canada change flight online option is limited to a few passengers. This is due to the following reasons:

  • Your information can’t undergo adjustments online.
  • Requests for special services are not entertained.
  • This facility may not help with 24-hour changes after the bookings.
  • Special food requests are not handled online.

Air Canada Change Flight Offline

You can rely on the professionals of this carrier to give you assistance with flight modification. They remain available on the Air Canada flight change phone number: 1-888-247-2262. This number can work best for domestic fliers. 

For international fliers, the phone number is 1 514 393-3333. It can invite charges too. Given that both numbers do not seem useful, depending on the location, other contact information should be utilized.

LocationPhone Number
Algeria0 982 402372
Austria00 800 669 92222
Argentina0 800 345 1540
Australia0011 800 6699 2222
Belgium00 800 669 92222
Bulgaria00 800 66 99 2222
Cayman Islands1-514-369-0113
Chile800 231 100
China (Beijing)400 1122 776
Brazil0 800 591 8842
China (Shanghai)400 1122 776
United Kingdom00 800 669 92222
Colombia01 800 518 9401
Thailand662 632 6620
Costa Rica0 800 032 0066
Switzerland00 800 669 92222
Croatia0 800 223 043
Lebanon961 1 760544
Cuba00 52 55 9138 0261
Lithuania00 800 669 92222
Czech Republic800022915
Mexico800 461 0361
Denmark00 800 66 99 2222
Philippines(632) 7 117 9168
United States1-888-247-2262

Note: The hours of operation, language choices, calling charges, etc., can vary. To confirm these, check the authorized site of the airline.

Modifying Flight Pass Reservations

Flight Pass bookings can be adjusted. As a part of the Air Canada change flight policy, you can make edits to the day, date, or any other aspect. Modifications can be made to 1 or more than 1 reservation.

The additional regulations of this policy include:

  • Credit reservations can be modified 1 time.
  • Before departing (as per the original trip), you can do so for up to 2 hours.
  • For as long as your Flight Pass remains valid, adjustments are free.
  • After it expires, a fee is applicable.

Modifications to Flight Pass Schedule

The carrier may create changes to the schedule of the Flight Pass. When the take-off time is 72/seventy-two hours less or the duration is shorter than this, you can get the option to discontinue it. 

Then proceed with the steps added as follows:

  • From the website of this carrier, you can access a form.
  • As you fill it in, you can revoke the scheduled trip.

How to Modify Flight Pass Bookings?

On Air Canada changing flights as a part of this facility is possible online. Before you do so, when a modification has been made to the schedule, accept it. 

  • On the website of the airline, check “My Bookings”.
  • Insert the information related to your trip.
  • Start scrolling down. This will help in accepting the schedule modification.
  • Then open the “Homepage”.
  • Tap on “Flight Passes”.
  • Sign in to your account. Or, use the application “Flight Pass”.
  • Then make the 1-time free change to your credit reservation.

Air Canada Flight Change Policy for Aeroplan

As an Aeroplan member, you can earn rewards. The tickets purchased via these can be modified. This flexibility is the best in Canada. But it can be used for other locations too.

  • You can do so 2 hours before the leaving time.
  • The fee you pay may not be refundable.
  • New selections will depend on factors like availability.
  • Kindly dial 1-800-361-5373 to cancel Air Canada tickets when changes can’t be applied.

For changes or related queries, use the following contact numbers:

Aeroplan Location/ServicePhone Number
The Caribbean, USA, and Canada1-800-361-5373 (balance points)1-866-529-2079 (bonus points)
United Kingdom0800 756 3865
Other locations1 514 395 0300
Impaired usersUtilize TTY, dial 1 800 361 5373, and use 711 for relay

Air Canada Flight Change Fees

This air operator can ask you to pay certain costs in CAD in case adjustments are made. They may also invite taxes.

QueryEconomy (Standard)Premium Economy (Lowest)Business (Lowest)First (Lowest)
Air Canada Change Fees$100$100$100$100
airfleetrating-air canada change flight fee

Note: Updates to fees or associated conditions can be modified by Aeroplan/Air Canada when required.

For Voluntary Modifications 

Given that you initiate a change voluntarily, you will have to submit a charge. It can be determined as per the following:

  • You may have to pay:
    • Fees
    • Extra taxes
    • Other charges
  • In the case of reward trips, the Air Canada fee for changing flights is based::
    • Time of your request
    • Fare type

In the case of Priority Rewards

When an adjustment is made to reward tickets, the vouchers for these are applicable to the new trips. This will depend on eligibility. Otherwise, its amount is refunded. You can check it in your Aeroplan account. 

This is subject to these 2 conditions:

  • Your trip should not have started.
  • The said voucher should be valid.

In the instance of a reward certificate, when a change is made, it may be applicable to the new itinerary.

For Aeroplan Members

Through 5th July 2022, the fees to make alterations are waived. Then 6th July 2022 onward, you can modify them 1 time at no cost. 

Date of BookingDate of ChangesWaivers/Fees
Through 5th July 2022Beginning 6th July 2022Waivers for 1-time adjustments
Through 5th July 2022Through 5th July 2022Waivers for multiple changes
Beginning 6th July 2022Beginning 6th July 2022Fees will depend on fares

In the case of Aeroplan fliers, the Air Canada change flight costs have been waived for:

  • First-Class (Flexible)
  • Premium Economy (Flexible)
  • Economy (Latitude, Flex)
  • Business (Flexible)
  • Aeroplan members (super Elite) who have reward trips

For others, $100 applies for each direction and ticket. The fares in this category include:

  • Business (Lowest)
  • Economy (Standard)
  • First-Class (Lowest)
  • Premium Economy (Lowest)

When you make edits voluntarily:

  • Submit the differences in the old/new fares, taxes, charges, fees, etc.
  • You may use points to do so.
  • When the difference in fares is less, partial refunds are given.

Air Canada No Change Fee Benefit

Fliers of certain fares can adjust their bookings. They will not be asked to pay fees. This is due to the flexibility associated with these fare types:

  • Economy (Flex and Latitude)
  • Premium Economy (Flexible)
  • Business (Flexible)
  • First (Flexible)
  • Elite Status travelers (as per eligibility)

With some flexible tickets, Air Canada limited time no change fee benefits are linked. People can make 1-time alterations for free.

Air Canada Change Policy for Reward Tickets

When you have invested in the reward tickets of this airline, you can flexibly make modifications. The applicable rules are:

  • Two hours prior to the departure, make the changes.
  • Unused trips are forfeited.
  • The modifications will be subject to ticket availability.
  • In case possible, you may be able to make adjustments after the trip begins. 
  • The airline may ask for extra points/cash as fees for these changes.
  • When you adjust a trip voluntarily, its payment mode remains unchanged.
  • Taxes, charges, and other fees can apply.
  • If your trip has mixed-service cabins, then modifications will be made when available.
  • In the case above, extra cash or points may be needed.

Changing a Flight on Air Canada’s CareFlex

CareFlex is similar to protection for travel available at $69. It enables people to change flights on Air Canada up to twenty-one (21) days before the date of departure. In the case of travel credits, the same can be done for up to three (3) days. 

These benefits are associated with certain locations:

  • Canada
  • Central America
  • Europe
  • The United States
  • Mexico
  • The Caribbean
  • South America

Terms of the CareFlex Plan

People having this plan can make Air Canada changes only under this, not otherwise.

  • Modifications to the following are allowed up to twenty-one days before departing:
  • Some adjustments may come under the cancellation category.
  • Hence, the “CareFlex Cancellation” plan will then be active.
  • One set of alterations can be made 1 time for free. It can comprise:
    • 1+ modifications
    • Transfers
  • The change in fare prices will have to be provided.
  • In case the new flight costs less than the former one, refunds won’t be made.
  • To reserve new plans/packages, please do so while placing the modification request.
  • You may buy the CareFlex plan again while making this request.
  • Reservations made via travel agencies/agents are not entertained.

Modifications for Air Canada Vacations

For modifications under involving SUN places, the following information is useful:

DepartmentContact NumberLocations Served
Reservations/Customer Assistance1 866 529-2079/1 800 296-3408The United StatesEuropeCanadaCruises

Adjusting Flights Amidst Weather Problems

This airline has an Air Canada schedule change policy in place for hurricanes. It works as per the information provided by the U.S. National Hurricane Center/Tropical Prediction Center (NHC/TPC).

As per this, when there are weather-related troubles up to 48 hours prior to the point of take-off:

  • You can modify the schedule/date of flying.
  • Adjust the location you would like to fly to.
  • Select other options such as rebooking by dialing 1-800-296-3408.

People who have the following can contact this airline for help as their options will not be the same:

  • Air Canada Vacations group trips
  • Cruise reservations (1-866-529-2079)

Modifying Schedule for Air Canada Business Flights

Travelers get the flexibility to modify their business reservations. They can directly dial 1 888 335 4189. Otherwise, the dedicated page or site: Air Canada for Business should be checked.

  • The changes may not be made for free.
  • Fees will be determined as per the type of fare.

Air Canada Change Flight Policy for Pet Owners

People can reserve their trips even when they have made registrations for pets. They can do so after adhering to the guidelines of flight adjustments and pet policy:

  • Connect with Air Canada Reservations as soon as possible.
  • This will help in making adjustments online.
  • After modifying your booking, connect with the airline to change your pet’s trip.
  • You may also reach out to the Call Center of the company. 
  • Instant changes can be made over the phone.

Air Canada Flight Change Compensation

There may be occurrences due to which the operator may create modifications to schedules. This may even result in flight delays. At times, it can be problematic for unaccompanied minors too. 

Although a clear policy has not been indicated, you can connect with it to find out whether assistance is available. Being a professional operator, it may provide you with rerouting. Or, Air Canada flight change compensation may be given. 

Even after going through numerous parts of this policy, you may have doubts. You may want to know whether the baggage allowance for Checked Luggage can be changed. Or, the number of times you can make adjustments. To get them cleared, you can mail the carrier. 

On the website, you will find the support option for customers. Using this, you can send an email. It can comprise the details of your query. 

Otherwise, you can contact the operator through Social handles as follows:

PlatformOfficial Link

Flying with Air Canada is convenient as you can change your flight when needed. You can make various types of adjustments to fly as you expect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there an Air Canada same day change policy?

Yes, a policy has been made for making changes on the same day.

If Air Canada changed my flight can I get a refund?

You can contact the airline for help when it adjusts your flight and ask for a refund.

On Air Canada can I change my flight?

Yes, there is an option to make various types of modifications to trips.

On Air Canada how to change flights?

Check “My Bookings” on the website to make adjustments to a reservation.

On Air Canada how much to change flights?

Usually, the fee to make changes to trips is $100 for Economy, Premium, Business, and First-Class fliers.

Is there an Air Canada international change fee?

When you modify a trip internationally, it can be charged.

Can I use the Air Canada itinerary change email option?

Via the website of the airline, you can send an email for itinerary modifications.

What is the Air Canada no change fee limited time duration?

Generally, when there are 5 days left before your flight is supposed to take off, the duration is free for changes.

What is the Air Canada no change fee policy?

For some fliers, the carrier gives the benefit of modifications without fees under this policy.

Can I make Air Canada one time change for free?

In some conditions, you can make free adjustments 1 time.

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