JetBlue Check in Policy


The quick completion of the check-in procedure facilitates easy flying. Also, this airline has given the JetBlue check in policy to enable its customers to obtain boarding passes without any hassle. All the regulations and restrictions are revealed under this policy. The other guidelines like time limits are also mentioned. 

What are the Guidelines of the JetBlue Flight Check in Policy?

There are some basic guidelines of the JetBlue flights check in policy that enables different fliers to complete their boarding process. 

  • All the official reservations have to be checked in. 
  • The obtained boarding pass has to be submitted at the airport. 
  • All the necessary documents should be submitted during this process. 
  • Baggage must be properly tagged and deposited. 
  • The luggage must not exceed the given weight limits. 
  • Details on the boarding pass can be changed when sufficient reasoning is provided. 
  • To obtain a boarding pass for third-party bookings, contact the respective agent. 
  • Separate passes have to be availed for each individual of a group reservation. 
  • Check-in must be completed before the given cut-off time. 
  • Usually, JetBlue cancels flights when these requirements are not met.

Note: In case any fare-specific conditions are applicable, they will be informed during take-off.

Rules to Check-in Bags

You can visit the luggage counter to check baggage allowance on JetBlue. Here, it will be scanned, weighed, and assigned tags, following which you can continue with the check-in process.

Is there a JetBlue Check in Time Frame? 

Based on your destination, you will be given a specific time within which the process of checking in has to be completed. This cut-off time frame can change from one flight to another, based on the itinerary as well. 

This JetBlue check-in time for passengers traveling on domestic flights includes the following: 

Baggage TermsCut-Off Duration
When traveling with luggage 40 minutes before departure 
While traveling without bags 30 minutes before take-off

On JetBlue Check in International Flights, the time frame varies as follows: 

Luggage TermsCut-Off Time Limit (Prior to Departure)
If traveling with baggage 60 minutes 
When traveling without luggage 60 minutes 

JetBlue Boarding Time Duration

After obtaining the boarding pass, you will have to head directly to the boarding gate. The time period before which you should board the plane includes: 

Flight TypeJetBlue Boarding Time before Departure
Domestic15 minutes
International20 minutes

Sometimes passengers can be denied boarding even if they meet all the requirements, This can be due to overbooking of the flight. Such passengers will be compensated. 

What is Remote Check in on JetBlue?

Remote check-in enables fliers to conduct the process from certain hotels, parking areas on/off-airports, convention centers, cruise ships, and areas offering rental cars. This is featured by the airline’s partner, BAGS.

  • Access the “JetBlue Remote Check-in” service at one of the areas mentioned above.
  • This option usually opens 2-4 hours prior to departure.
  • It can involve $20 as a check-in fee.
  • A representative available here will issue your boarding pass.

Is JetBlue Early Check in Allowed?

24 hours before your flight’s departure time, you can check in. For JetBlue check in early, you can use the airline’s website. Otherwise, the mobile application can be utilized.

What are the Methods of Checking in on JetBlue Airlines? 

There are different methods through which the passengers on this airline can obtain their boarding passes. These options include: 

airfleetrating-JetBlue Airways Check-in Methods

Method 1: JetBlue Flight Check in Online

The JetBlue online check in option can be accessed by following the given steps: 

  • Open the “Homepage” of this airline’s website.
  • Come to the “Check In” section. 
  • Under the “Search” section, add the following details: 
    • “First Name”
    • “Last Name”
    • “How to Locate Your Booking”
    • “Confirmation Code”
  • Tap on the “Find Flights” option. 
  • You will then be redirected to the second page. 
  • Similarly, complete all the required six steps by following the on-screen directions. 
  • You can obtain the pass at the end. 
  • Print out this past and present it at the airport on the day of departure. 

Note: The confirmation about the completion of the check-in process will be sent to your mail. 

Method 2: JetBlue Mobile App Check In 

To enjoy personalized features, you can use the JetBlue Mobile Check in to complete the process. The check in JetBlue mobile app can be downloaded via Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

  • In this “JetBlue – Book & Manage Trips” app, go to the “Check In” section.
  • Retrieve your booking by giving the required details like confirmation code or passenger name. 
  • Follow the in-app instructions to complete the proceedings. 
  • When it is done, you will be given a digital boarding pass. 
  • This pass can be scanned at the airport. 

JetBlue flight changes or upgrades can be made through this app before checking in.

Note: When the passengers of JetBlue can’t check in online, they can contact the carrier’s agents to get help.

Essential Features of JetBlue Online Check-in:

When you go with the online option, you will be able to enjoy a few benefits. Some of these are listed below: 

  • Check-in will open as early as 24 hours before the flight’s departure. 
  • Advance check-in will help avoid waiting time at the airport. 
  • Any changes to the seats or upgrades can be requested during the online process. 
  • Wheelchairs and pets can be added to the bookings during this process. 

Note: Keep in mind that only one email address should be used during the entire check-in process.

Method 3: JetBlue Check in at the Airport 

The JetBlue airport check in option will enable the fliers to seek the assistance of the agents during the JetBlue boarding process. 

airfleetrating-JetBlue Flight Airport Check in
  • Get to the airport before the time mentioned above. 
  • Then go to the airport counter nearest to your JetBlue get boarding pass. 
  • Here, provide the essential documents to the agent. 
  • The agent will verify these documents.
  • You will be issued the boarding pass when all your details are in order. 
  • Take this pass to the boarding gate and get it scanned. 
  • You will now be allowed to board the flight. 

Note: One can request seat upgradation or changes at the airport, based on time constraints. 

Timeframe for Airport Check-in

To ensure that your check-in process is not delayed, you will have to arrive at the airport at least a few hours beforehand. The minimum arrival time for each airport differs as follows: 

Airport Arrival Time (Before Departure) 
Las Vegas2 hours 
Austin 2 hours 
Chicago 60 minutes 
Havana3 hours 
Vancouver 2 or 3 hours 
Houston2 hours 
Boston 2 or 3 hours 
Portland 60 minutes 
Nashville 2 hours 

Note: The designated time period for JetBlue flights check in at the other airports can be confirmed from the site of the airline. 

Method 4: Self-Kiosk Check-in 

Another method of airport check-in includes the utilization of the kiosk device. It permits passengers to complete the entire procedure on their own. 

  • Make sure to reach the airport before the designated time limits. 
  • Find the nearest JetBlue self check in kiosk. 
  • On the device, access the “Check-In” section and provide:
    • Confirmation Code
    • Passport 
    • Credit Card 
    • TrueBlue Number 
    • Barcode 
  • The device will provide you with instructions on how to carry out the remaining steps. 
  • In case you have already checked in online, simply scan your pass at the kiosk. 
  • You may then head to the security gate. 

How to get Boarding Pass from JetBlue?

There are offline and online ways to get boarding passes. Usually, these ways depend on how you are checking in.

Method 1: JetBlue Boarding Pass on Phone

The JetBlue – Book & Manage Trips application can be downloaded on Android and Apple devices. It can be used for checking in. Once the process is over, the boarding pass will be available. 

  • This pass will be self-scannable.
  • Also, “Apple Wallet” can be accessed via the app to save this document.

Method 2: With “Manage Trips”

On JetBlue, with online check in, boarding passes can be obtained. The following process is to be followed via the website:

  • When you are on the website of this airline, tap on “Manage Trips”.
  • If the page for “My Booking” opens, add the details needed.
  • Then opt for “JetBlue Get Boarding Pass”.
  • The document can now be viewed and printed.

Method 3: At Departure Airports

Visit your departure airport. Here, you can access the counter of this carrier. Or, use a kiosk. In either case, you will have to provide your information to get JetBlue boarding pass printed.

Method 4: Via Airports for Group Bookings

Post the check-in is completed via the ticketing counter, approach the staff of this airline. For group reservations, the JetBlue boarding passes will be collectively issued here.

Method 5: For Partner/Third-Party Trips

Depending on the source of booking, passengers can get their boarding passes using the same. For partner flights, based on the 1st flight, the pass will be provided.

Method 6: Online/Offline Option for Connecting Flights

When you have a connecting flight, the mode of receiving the pass is in sync with the check-in procedure.

  • This document is given online when the app is used for checking in.
  • In some instances, it is provided by email.
  • Following the airport-based JetBlue check in, boarding passes are given offline.

What Documents should I Submit while Checking in on JetBlue Airlines? 

To be able to check in without any hassle, you will be required to submit a set of documents to the airline. These include: 

  • Passport of the ticketed passenger 
  • Other identification proof
  • Vaccination proof (as required) 

The documents required for JetBlue unaccompanied minors or pets can differ. These requirements will be informed to you at the time of reservation. 

What is the JetBlue Check in International Flight Policy?

This policy highlights rules with variations when check-in has to be done for international flights. These rules are given as follows:

  • Up to 60 minutes before departure, one can check in.
  • When flying from/to Cuba, check in 4 hours prior to take-off.
  • To board, the time frame is 20 minutes before departure.
  • Also, the customs hours should be active when checking in to avoid boarding issues.
  • The closing customs hours for some preclearance airports (US) are:
Aruba or AUA6.00 P.M.
Bermuda/BDA4.00 P.M.
Nassau or NAS7.00 P.M.

Does JetBlue have Curbside Check in Facility?

Curbside check-in facilities are provided by this operator. But they are regulated by the following guidelines:

  • This facility is available during the operational hours of John F. Kennedy International Airport. 
  • To use it, the following are required:
    • Booking reference code
    • Photo ID
  • Usually, no fees are required when opting for JetBlue curbside check in.

Connecting with JetBlue Agents on Social Media 

Any queries about JetBlue Airways check in can be resolved by dropping a quick message to the airline on their social media. 


Lastly, the JetBlue flight check in policy is simple to follow. It offers a variety of means for its passengers to complete the process quickly. It is also useful in case you happen to get your boarding pass at the last moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When to check in for JetBlue flights?

Up to 60 minutes before departure, you should check-in on this airline.

When can I check in JetBlue?

Early check-in on this carrier begins 24 hours prior to departure. But you can also do so 1 hour before take-off.

When can you check in for JetBlue flights?

Twenty-four hours before take-off, you can check in for a flight.

What time does JetBlue check in open?

Usually, the check-in service can open 24 hours before a flight has to depart.

Why can’t I check in online JetBlue?

Depending on service availability, your location may not support online check-in.

On JetBlue when to check in?

For JetBlue check in international flights, you can check in 60 minutes before take-off, whereas, for domestic trips, the duration is 40 minutes.

On JetBlue how early can you check in?

The option to check in early is available 24 hours before a flight’s leaving time.

How early can I check in for a JetBlue flight?

You can mark your arrival for a flight 24 hours ahead of the departure time.

When do I check in for a flight JetBlue?

When flying domestically, check-in 40 minutes prior to take-off. For an international trip, the duration is 60 minutes.

How early can you check in for a JetBlue flight?

The check-in window can open around 24 hours ahead of a flight’s take-off time.

How late can I check in baggage JetBlue?

40-60 minutes before departure, baggage can be checked in.

What time is check in JetBlue?

When checking in at the airport, 60 minutes to 3 hours before departure, the window is open.

What documents do I need to check in on a JetBlue flight?

Documents like your passport, photo ID, vaccination proof, etc., are required for checking in.

How many times do I check in to JetBlue?

Checking in once is required on this airline.

How to check in for JetBlue flight?

Select “Check In” on the website of this carrier to go ahead with the process.

Why I can’t check in JetBlue?

Given that the timeframe for check-in has not been followed, you may not be able to do the procedure.

How do you check-in with JetBlue?

You can either use the website of this airline or the airport counter to check-in.

What is the minimum check-in time for JetBlue?

The time limit is as per your arrival airport, ranging from 60 to 30 minutes before departure.

How early can I check-in online for JetBlue?

24 hours before the departure of the flight, the web check-in option can be accessed.

Why I can’t check in JetBlue?

You won’t be allowed to check in when you fail to submit the needed documents or meet the requirements.

Can you cancel a flight after checking in JetBlue?

Mostly, cancellations can be done after checking in. But, confirmation with the agents is recommended.

Can you check in online for JetBlue?

Yes, online check-in can be done with this airline.

Why I can’t check in online JetBlue?

Online check-in will not be allowed for those having reservations booked via third-party sites.

Does JetBlue have curbside check in?

This airline offers remote and cruise check-in facilities.

Does JetBlue have online check in?

Yes, the passengers on this airline will be allowed to check in online.

How do I check in for a JetBlue flight?

Go to the “Check In” section on JetBlue’s website. Input your details here to start the process.

How early can I check in JetBlue?

Online check-in begins 24 hours before the take-off. Offline check-in starts a few hours prior to departure.

How to check in a bag on JetBlue?

Use “Bags and Extras” on the website to check in your luggage.

How to check in for JetBlue flights at airports?

Access a self-service kiosk at the airport to check in for your flight.

How to check in with JetBlue app?

Download JetBlue’s application. Via the “Check In” section, initiate the procedure.

When can I check in for my JetBlue flight?

The check-in can begin anytime before the last 24 hours before departure if it is online.

Why won’t JetBlue let me check in online?

Passengers with bookings made with third-party sites will not be allowed to check in online.

How much is a checked bag in JetBlue?

The cost of a checked bag depends on its weight/size. It will be informed while you book or check-in.

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