Air New Zealand Baggage Policy

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Air New Zealand Baggage Policy

Air New Zealand, is amongst the well-known airlines in Auckland. The airline serves nearly more than 50 destinations across the globe. When planning to fly with this operator, having detailed information about what to carry onboard can be suggested. For this, knowing the Air New Zealand baggage policy can be thoughtful. This policy can define the type of bags that you can carry. In addition, checked bags limit, weight and size restrictions, and the carry-on luggage system can also be included in it.

Air New Zealand Baggage Allowance for Checked Bags

Checked baggage allowance of Air New Zealand can indicate the bags that can be approved for carrying. This approval can rely on certain factors such as route type, cabin class, frequent flyer membership, etc.

Along with these factors, size and weight dimensions should also be considered. Air New Zealand checked baggage allowance can enable the customers to carry a maximum of 3 bags of 158 centimeters and 23 kilograms per piece. For both domestic and international flights, the same may be applicable.

Note: In the 3 bags allowed, carry-on baggage may not be included.

In addition to physical attributes, the number of bags can also play a role when seeking allowance for checked bags on Air New Zealand. The number of bags for passengers may depend upon the domestic, Tasman, Island, and long-haul flights of the airline. It can also rely on which cabin class fare, such as Flexi or Economy class, the customer chooses.

FareDomestic FlightsTasman FlightsIsland FlightsLong-haul Flights
Seat + Bag1 bag1 bag1 bag
Flexi2 bags2 bags2 bags
Economy Class1 bag
Premium Economy Class2 bags2 bags2 bags
Works Deluxe2 bags
Business Class3 bags3 bags3 bags3 bags

Air New Zealand Extra Baggage Allowance

Extra baggage allowance on Air New Zealand can refer to the additional luggage a traveler can take. This airline can allow extra baggage when booked online or during the airport. While making the booking, the right to purchase up to three additional bags on all domestic and international destinations may be given. For each bag, 23 kg can be the ideal weight limit. The total size dimensions for every bag can be 158 cm.

Tip: Additional baggage may be added to the ticket fare approx 3 hours before an international flight and 30 minutes before the domestic destination.

So, when traveling within New Zealand, this allowance can be availed of. For Air New Zealand baggage allowance to Australia and such international locations as well, the same can be applied.

Note: The extra baggage facility can also be accessed on Virgin Australia code-shared trans-Tasman flight tickets.

It can be important to note that when Air New Zealand allows passengers to carry extra bags, it may apply a fee as well. For flights within and outside the country, Air New Zealand extra baggage fees can be required. Based on the destination and the exact number of additional bags, the fees can vary.

FlightsFirst Bag Fees (in Dollars)Second Bag Fees (in Dollars)
New Zealand Domestic Routes5445
Australia and Pacific11380
Other Destinations166135
United States180400
United Kingdom130290

Air New Zealand Overweight/Oversized Baggage Fees

Airlines like Air New Zealand can demand that the passengers pay baggage fees. Especially when bags are overweight or oversized, the fees can be asked for. On this airline, bags can be considered overweight when they are above 32 kg. Likewise, on exceeding the dimensions 152 cm in total, bags may be declared as oversized.

Usually, Air New Zealand overweight or oversized baggage fees can be USD 180 or more on all American flights to/from the USA. Since the fees can vary as per the cabin class or itinerary, you may contact the operator to know the exact amount.

Air New Zealand Carry-on Baggage Policy

New Zealand’s well-known airline welcomes its passengers to travel with their carry-on luggage. Carry-ons can also be considered as hand luggage. Some specific rules can apply on bringing Air New Zealand allowed baggage as carry-ons. One of the primary rules can be to keep in mind the number of bags. Each cabin class can be allocated with a specific number of bags to be carried inside the flights.

  • Economy Class: 1 piece of 7 kilograms
  • Premium Economy and Business Class: Two pieces of 14 kilograms.

Note: The carry-on dimensions of the bags should be 118 centimeters in total. The personal item, meeting the dimensions and weight, can be stored under the seat as per the Air New Zealand Airlines baggage allowance policy.

Air New Zealand Baggage Policy for Pets

The flyers of Air New Zealand may bring pets on board depending upon the route of their travel. This route can either be domestic or international. Along with the route, any weight limits set by the airline should be known. Air New Zealand baggage allowance from the USA and other routes can allow the passengers with their pets if they are under 7 kilograms. Pets up to 14 kilograms can be allowed when flying in cargo holds.

Concerning the baggage policy rules for pets, the following should also be understood:

  • Pets can be transported as checked luggage on domestic routes.
  • Cats, dogs, and small caged birds may travel as checked baggage on all domestic flights of this operator.
  • Only certified service dogs can fly in the cabin baggage of the aircraft on all international routes.
  • Since there is little space on the cargo section of this airlines’ aircraft, only one crate per pet can be allowed.

Note: While you carry your pet, the health documents should be submitted at the time of check-in, in accordance with the Air New Zealand baggage policy.

Air New Zealand Baggage Policy for Infants

Passengers who are having babies and toddlers and can travel on Air New Zealand. While doing so, the age limit should be kept in mind. This airline can permit all infants of age 0 to 23 months old to travel in its aircraft. Infants under the age of 2 can fly without any ticket. Teenagers of 15 or above may fly with infants with Air New Zealand baggage allowance for international flights. However, it should be noted that for safety reasons, infants cannot be seated with teenagers of age 12-17.

Note: Falling in the above-given age group, free travel can be expected for infants. In certain situations, however, an infant may be required to purchase Air New Zealand’s flight tickets. When the infant turns two on the day of the scheduled flight, this condition may have to be met.

There are certain rules made for the security of the infants flying with Air New Zealand long-haul baggage allowance. These rules have to be maintained properly by the flyers to board the plane smoothly.

  • Car seats for infants have to be carried on all Air New Zealand flights.
  • The child restraint device can be purchased by paying Air New Zealand extra baggage fees.
  • Infants with the ticket can avail of the same free baggage allowance as that of the adults.
  • An infant can be entitled to only two pieces of complimentary baggage allowance.
  • For the safety of infants, strollers should be stored in overhead lockers of the airplane.
  • Bassinets can be given to babies up to 8 months old. For booking them, the airline needs to be informed in advance.

Items Allowed to Bring on Air New Zealand Airlines

All the Air New Zealand flights to domestic and international itineraries may permit some specific items to be carried onboard. On such flights, medical and assistive devices for the functioning of disabled passengers can be brought. In addition, some other Air New Zealand allowed baggage items can also be taken including:

Baby strollersBaby car seatAir mattressesHeadphones
Baby foodWheelchairHearing aidsSmartphones
ClothesDiaper bagsCrutchesShoes/Walking stick

Sporting and Musical Instruments Accepted on Air New Zealand Flights

Sports and music instruments can be carried as checked luggage bags at Air New Zealand aircraft. For sport items, you should maintain the weight limit of 23 kilograms. Complying with this limit, items such as kayaks, parachutes, hang gliders, etc. can be carried. The size limits of these items should also be looked upon along with the weight. 1.8 x 0.8 x 1.2 meters height can be the suggested size limits. The weight and size dimensions given can be applicable for both international and domestic routes.

Additional examples of sporting and musical equipment can include:

Windsurfing equipmentSnowboarding equipmentArchery equipmentSky gear
Golf clubsBicyclesFishing equipmentBows and arrows
CanoeScuba diving equipmentBoarding boardsSurfboards
Hockey equipmentLacrosse equipmentParagliding equipmentViolin
GuitarDrumsCell bassDrumsticks/Piano

Prohibited Items at Air New Zealand Flight

Due to some security purposes, some items may not be taken with or get allowance under the Air New Zealand baggage policy. Being poisonous or sharp-edged, the flyers may suffer from serious injuries and accidents on the flight. Havings such attributes, these objects can be refrained from getting the Air New Zealand baggage allowance:

  • Explosives
  • Firearms
  • Guns
  • Scissors
  • Knives
  • Chemicals
  • Peroxides
  • Pesticides
  • Adhesives
  • Radioactive substances
  • Pepper sprays
  • Corrosive materials
  • Lighters
  • Magnetic materials

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