Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy

airfleetrating-Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy

Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy allows passengers to make changes to their reservations with convenience. The flight change policy is flexible and allows benefits like free change, refunds, or allowance of additional benefits. The passengers must read the guidelines and check their fare rules before they make a flight change request. 

Here is an in-depth overview that passengers must consider before requesting changes to their flight booking.

What are the terms and conditions of the Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy?

Turkish Airlines has set different flight change rules for separate branded fare tickets. The passengers must check the ticket details to check their eligibility and criteria for flight change and the fare applicable on each ticket. 

Flights within Turkey:-

The following change guidelines will apply when requesting changes for the flights within Turkey – 

  • No changes are permitted within 1 hour of scheduled departure.
  • Prime Fly fare allows change for free if requested up to 12 hours of scheduled departure. 
  • For Business Flexible fare, no deductions and penalty fee is implied if changes are made 12 hours or more before the flight. 
  • No changes are permitted after passengers have completed the Turkish airlines check-in.

Travel From TRNC to Ercan Flights 

Turkish Airlines ticket change guidelines have a dedicated policy for passengers traveling from TRNC to Ercan. Make sure to read these policies to make the necessary changes. 

Fare Type FamilyEco FlyPrime Fly Business Flexible
Departure is less than 1 hourNot PermittedNot PermittedNot Permitted
1-12 hours before departureA penalty fee of 19 USD + fare differenceFree. Fare difference applicableA penalty fee of 27 USD. 
Departure beyond 12 hoursA penalty fee of 19 USD + fare differenceFree. Fare difference applicableFree. Fare difference applicable

What is the Turkish Airlines Flight Change policy for international flights? 

The airline has separate guidelines for the Discounted as well as Regular fares.

Discounted fares

The following conditions will apply for the discounted fares – 

Discounted faresDate/ Route Change Rules 
Promotion fareOverall fare varies based on the flight route and class chosen by the passengers.
Semi-flexible fareChange fee applicable
Flexible fareNo change fee applicable
Business Promotions fareChange fee applicable. Passengers can request changes to the destination
Business Semi-Flexible fareChange fee applicable
Business Flexible fareChange fee applicable

Regular fares 

Following guidelines will apply on regular fares for international travel – 

Class of ServiceFlight Change Rule 
Economy ClassECOFLY tickets: Cannot be changed.
Can be changed to 70 USD
PRIMEFLY: Same-day changes are applicable. Free change available fare difference applies. 
Business Class BUSINESS FLY: Can be reissued for 70 USD. 
BUSINESS PRIME: Same-day changes allowed

What restrictions apply to the Turkish Flight change policy?

If you want to change your flight details, here are the key details to consider before making a Turkish Airlines change flight request. 

  • Flight changes are not permitted after the scheduled departure.
  • Passengers cannot alter domestic and TRNC-Ercan flights to international flight segments. 
  • Turkish Flight change guidelines apply for connecting flights too.
  • No changes would be appalled if passengers booked flights under Turkish Airlines pet travel.

What is the Turkish Airlines Policy for Booking within 24 hours?

As per Turkish Airlines flight change policy, passengers are allowed to make changes free of charge within 24 hours of purchase, provided – 

  • The scheduled departure date must be booked at least 7 days or more in advance.
  • The flight must originate from the United States or Canada
  • The flight must be operated and marketed by Turkish Airlines.
  • The flight booking must not include a discounted fare, promotion fare, or any reward ticket.
  • The reservation must include no more than 9 passengers. 

Pro tip – Passengers can also make Turkish flight cancellations for free within 24 hours of purchase.

What is the Turkish Airlines Same Day Policy for Flight Change? 

Turkish Airlines allows passengers to make changes in their flight on the same day if the departure time is between 1 to 12 hours. In addition – 

  • Chargers between 13 USD to 27 USD penalty fee is incurred on flight change and fare difference. 
  • The fare difference is non-refundable and is collected separately. 
  • The tickets booked from platforms like the official website, mobile app, call center, and ticket counters are eligible to apply. 

How to Change a Turkish Airlines Flight Ticket?

There are several methods to make flight changes to Turkish Airlines. The following ways have been explained in depth below:

airfleetrating-Change Turkish Airlines Flight Ticket

Online Portal 

  • Visit the official website of Turkish Airlines.
  • Click on the “Turkish Manage Booking” tab. 
  • Enter the reservation code and the last name of the passenger. 
  • Select the flight segments that need to be changed.
  • There will be new options displayed.
  • Select the new flight, and proceed to the checkout page.
  • Pay the penalty fee along with the fare difference, if applicable. 
  • You will be directed to your registered email account for final confirmation. 

Offline Portals

Following are the channels to change Turkish airlines flights in offline mode:

  • Dial the airline’s flight change phone number +1 (800) 874-8875 for the flight change.
  • Once you connect with the agent, provide the name, flight name, other details, and a confirmation code. 
  • The agent processes the inputs, check the available options, and proceeds with the flight change request. 
  • Pay the change fee, if applicable, and complete the process. 

Airport Counters

Passengers are allowed to request Turkish flight change at the airport up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure. 

  • Reach the counter and share information like name, flight details, and the confirmation code. 
  • The airline staff processes the change request and proposes the newly available flights. 
  • Pay the airline change fee to confirm the request.

Kiosk Towers

Passengers can request flight changes through Kiosk Towers, All you need to do – 

  • Contact the Turkish Airlines Kiosk Tower.
  • Obey the instructions given on the screen
  • Put the reservation number and the passenger’s last name to get flight details. 
  • Choose the desired option from the ones available
  • Pay the penalty fee, if applicable, and print the new updated ticket. 

Post your Query through Social Media Portals

Turkish Airlines offer unlimited assistance through its social media platforms. Passengers can use the platform to share feedback and queries like Flight changes. 

Social Media Handle Account Links 
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/turkishairlines/ 
Twitter https://twitter.com/TurkishAirlines 

What are the Turkish Flight Change Fees?

The Turkish airlines flight change fees vary based on the route, fare ticket, and destination chosen by the passenger Below is the overview.

airfleetrating-Turkish Flight Change Fees

If flights Within Turkey 

Below is the overview of the Turkish Airlines change fee applicable for domestic flights.

Fare Type Family EcoFly (Only for B-Q classes)ExtraFlyPrimeFlyBusiness Flexible
1-12 hours before departure16 USD 13 USD Freer 24 USD
Departure beyond 12 hours13 USD8 USD Free Free

If flights outside Turkey 

If you are traveling outside Turkey (International journey), the change fee prices are calculated on the basis of discounted fares and Regular fares. 

Discounted Fares 

Discounted faresDate/ Route Change Fee 
Promotion fare200 USD + Fare differences applicable 
Semi-flexible fare200 USD + Fare differences applicable 
Flexible fareFree
Business Promotions fare200 USD + Fare differences applicable 
Business Semi-Flexible fare200 USD + Fare differences applicable 
Business Flexible fareP200 USD + Fare differences applicable 

Regular Fares 

Fare Class Economy ClassBusiness Class

Flight Change Fee
EXTRA FLY: 70 USDPRIMEFLY: Free Business Fly: 70 USDBusiness Prime: Free

Turkish Airlines Schedule Change

A scheduled change is a change in date, flight number, or time by the airline due to operational reasons. 

As per the Turkish Airlines flight change policy, passengers are entitled to make free changes under the following circumstances – 

  • The flight fails to operate accurately according to the schedule. 
  • Fails to stop at the Passenger’s destination or stopover. 

Scheduled Change Compensation

Passengers are also entitled to get the schedule change compensation in case of a major schedule change. Below is the overview of the compensation pertaining to the ticket condition – 

Ticket Conditions Compensation
If no portion of the ticket is used An amount equal to the fare paid 
If a portion of the ticket is used Refund is higher or as per fare conditions: One-way fare from interruption point to destination or point of next stopover Difference between paid ticket fare and transportation fare used. 

This article aims to explain the flight change guidelines and policies of Turkish Airlines to give travelers a better understanding of the policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request the flight change with Turkish Airlines?

Yes, you can make changes to your Turkish flight if you have purchased the tickets from direct channels like the official website, airport, or mobile application.

I change my Turkish Airlines flight, will I have to pay any extra taxes or penalties?

Passengers enjoy a penalty-free flight change experience if the scheduled flight time is more than 12 hours. However, in some cases, a change fee and fare differences may apply.

What rights do I have if Turkish Airlines changes my flight?

Turkish Airlines offer its passengers some “Passengers rights” in case of flight disruptions. Refer to the website for the rights.

Can I opt for Turkish Airlines change flight date online?

Yes, you can change flight dates online using the official website, mobile application, or call center.

What is Turkish Airlines’ change fee like?

Turkish Airlines charge a penalty fee of TRY 200 to TRY 500 if the scheduled time is between 1-12 hours.

How do I confirm the flight change on Turkish airlines?

You can confirm your flight change information through the mobile application, Kiosks, call centers, and the official website.

Can I change my flight if I have booked it with a pet?

You can refer to the Pet Policy of Turkish Airlines to check the eligibility for the flight change.

Will I be informed if Turkish Airlines changes my flight?

Turkish Airlines inform its passengers about the flight change with a text message or an email on the registered Id.

How can I change a Turkish Airlines ticket to an Open Ticket?

To change a ticket to an open ticket, contact the Turkish Airlines executives or cancel the ticket before flight departure.

What are my rights if the flight is canceled?

If your flight is canceled, you can change your flight or attain a refund. Check the “Passenger rights” guide for more information.

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