Qatar Airways Name Change Policy

Name Change Policy

Fliers can use the Qatar Airways name change policy to ensure that they fly with the correct details. Using this, they can also correct their information. Provisions for legal modifications and misspelled details are further included in it. Identifying the terms of this policy is, therefore, crucial.

What are the Qatar Airways Name Change Rules?

The name change policy of Qatar Airways gives the following rules:

  • FFP numbers can’t be included in the request.
  • Modifications are accepted online.

Is there a Qatar Name Correction Policy?

This air operator has provided a policy to correct your particulars. Its rules comprise:

  • The spellings of the following can be corrected:
    • Family name or surname
    • First/middle name
    • PTC
    • Title
  • Remove FFP numbers before you submit your Qatar Airways name correction request.
  • Spellings can be fixed.
  • Missing personal details that are relevant can be added.
  • If an EMD doesn’t match the modifications made to PNR, the same won’t be reissued.
  • After correcting e-Tickets, they will be issued again. 
  • The Qatar Airways name correction policy states that not abiding by these rules can lead to Qatar cancellations.

Common Terms of the Name Change/Correction Policies

As a passenger of Qatar Airways, change name on tickets or modify it after adhering to these common terms:

  • You can modify a maximum of 3/three characters.
  • Modifications can be made just once.
  • This limit is for:
    • The sum of middle/first/last names
    • Your space and title characters
  • When the airline prohibits the use of these policies in a scenario:
    • The existing reservation can be revoked.
    • A new one can be booked.
  • However, this count of characters excludes modifications, removal, and additions of:
    • Date of birth
    • Infant
    • PTC

How to Change Name on Qatar Airways Flight Tickets?

With this airline, you have 2 online options to modify your name. They both work differently but through the authorized website.

airfleetrating-How to Change Name on Qatar Airways Tickets

Method 1: Changing/Correcting through the Trade Portal

You will require the Trade Portal of this carrier to change/correct your personal information.

  • Open “Qatar Airways Trade Portal” in your Browser.
  • Tap on the official and relevant link.
  • On its “Homepage”, choose “Login I Sign up”.
  • Now, enter the email ID and password associated with your account.
  • Press the button named “Log in”.
  • After signing in, reach the page for self-services to manage your booking.
  • Place your request for name modification.
  • Submit the fee when asked.

Method 2: Correcting via the “Help” Menu

As a flier of Qatar, to change name on tickets, you can access a menu that will help in directly reaching your booking.

  • You need to launch the website of “Qatar Airways”.
  • Click on the menu titled “Help”.
  • Tap on the option of “Name Correction”.
  • Insert your “Booking Reference”.
  • Then submit your “Last Name”.
  • Choose “Retrieve Booking”.
  • After you access your reservation, make corrections to your particulars.

For Travel-Agency Bookings

In case a travel agency is used to reserve a ticket, please connect with it. Through the same, you can access the trade portal. From there, the modifications can be made to your personal details.

What are the Limitations of the Name Change/Correction Methods?

The name change Qatar Airways facility comes with a few limitations. Hence, it is important to know the following before you use this facility.

You cannot use these methods when:

  • A person wishes to fly using 2:
    • Names
    • Passports
    • Tickets (Inbound/outbound)
  • Your birth date can’t undergo verification.
  • The PNR is made via Privilege Club (FFP).
  • Your booking is ticketed and the trip is partly-used.
  • A flier has an interline/code-share booking but is not related to:
    • QR 
    • BA
    • Or 6E, particularly 6 hours before take-off/departure
  • The check-in has been made and offloading baggage isn’t possible.

Note: For legal reasons, there can be exceptions to the above.

Are there Restrictions to Change Name on Qatar Airways?

In a few instances, the name modification facility is not available for use. These include:

  • This Qatar Airways name change policy can’t be used for speculative reservations.
  • Mistakes deliberately made to personal details can’t be entertained.
  • Otherwise, such practices can result in:
    • Losing the seat
    • Other losses borne by the carrier
  • Details on any existing Passenger Name Record can’t usually be modified.
  • Or, the carrier can revoke the PNR whether or not ticketed and issue another booking.

Is Qatar Airways Misspelled Name Policy Available?

Your particulars may not not be correctly spelled or ordered. Then you can refer to the misspelled name policy.

  • Omitted letters can be corrected.
  • Under the Qatar Airways misspelled name policy, fliers can fix typing errors.
  • You can correct transposed/interchanged letters.
  • Interchanged and incorrectly organized names can be put in order. 
  • You may fix omissions in the middle names.
  • The following adjustments are available:
    • Converting initials to names, for example: “R” to “Robert”
    • Modifying the nickname from the 1st name to one specific detail
    • The deletion of prefixes
    • Adjusting the details for matching your documents of travel

Greater flexibility is given by the carrier when you have to adjust your trips because of legal issues. As per the legal name change policy:

  • The following can be fully changed:
    • Family names or surnames
    • Middle and 1st names
    • All of the above or their combinations
  • Legal purposes such as these can permit the changes mentioned above:
    • Adoption
    • Divorce
    • Marriage
  • Such modifications can undergo validation.
  • The carrier can verify the birth date in the new/original documents like:
    • Passports
    • Local authority-issued official papers
  • You will be given a fresh e-Ticket. This will be declared as one of these:

The Qatar Airways change name option for legal requirements may not work when:

  • The passenger must legally make the modifications.
  • In the case of these trips, no additional scenario is entertained:
    • QR
    • Interline
    • Codeshare
    • 157 plate or stock

When can I Not Correct/Change Name on Qatar Airways Ticket?

Aside from the scenarios mentioned, some conditions associated with your reservation may prevent changing/correcting your details.

  • The airline won’t let you swap names using this policy.
  • You can’t use this facility after checking in.
  • When your itinerary includes the following, this policy is limited:
    • Code-share carriers
    • Interline segments
  • If a PNR/Passenger Name Record is partly-flown, this feature can’t be used.

What is the Qatar Airways Name Correction Fee?

When required, you will have to pay a Qatar Airways name change fee or correction charge. It is associated with certain aspects as described below:

FeesService TypeApplicabilityLocation
NZD 100/AUD 100Name changes or correctionsFor a ticketed reservationNew Zealand, Australia

Connecting on Social Media for Help

With this airline, you can get assistance regarding queries. For any doubts appearing when you have to change passenger name on Qatar Airways, you can rely on these platforms:

LinkSocial Media Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram

To sum up, this Qatar Airways name change policy comes with multiple features. Together, they help you fly using correct details and board planes with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change name on Qatar Airways flight ticket?

Using the menu “Help” on the website, you can change your name on a ticket.

Does Qatar Airways require a middle name?

You may add your middle name on your ticket if required.

How to change name in Qatar Airways tickets online?

Prefer using the Trade Portal on this carrier’s website to modify your name online.

How to change name in Qatar Airways Privilege Club?

A PNR made via the Privilege Club may not be changed. But you can contact the airline for help.

Does Qatar Airways allow passenger name changes?

There are limitations to completely modifying your particulars.

How much is Qatar Airways name change fee?

The name change or correction fee is NZD 100 or AUD 100.

What is Qatar Airways name change policy?

This policy gives the facility to modify/edit names and their parts on flight tickets.

Can I change name on Qatar Airways tickets?

Yes, you can amend your particulars on tickets.

Can I change passenger name Qatar Airways?

Fully changing the passenger name may not be allowed but you can modify certain parts of it.

Can I change my name on a Qatar flight already booked?

Once your booking is ticketed, you can make amends to it, preferably before the take-off.

How to change Qatar Airways passenger last name?

You can use this airline’s website to modify the last name.

Does Qatar Airways charge for a name change?

Yes, this airline applies charges/fees for adjusting personal details.

Is there a Qatar Airways middle name policy?

Fliers can find a facility to correct/change their middle names on Qatar Airways.

Can I change my name on Qatar Airways after marriage?

On Qatar Airways, the change name after marriage option is given.

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