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Name Change Policy
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Facilities such as the Spirit Airlines name change policy make it convenient for passengers to fly. It can support changing and correcting their personal information. With certain modifications for free, it becomes worthwhile to use this policy. To understand it further, passengers can go through its guidelines.

What are the Guidelines to Change Name on Spirit Airlines?

The guidelines to change your details on this carrier are:

  • This policy is best for those who have made official reservations.
  • You can go to spirit.com/help for name change-related information or to learn more.
  • Inaccurate/incomplete information can be amended.
  • When a third-party service is a part of your booking, its rules will also be significant.

Note: Complete adjustments to your personal information are usually limited.

Which Types of Spirit Airlines Name Changes are Allowed?

The 3 types of name changes on Spirit Airlines are allowed. These types and their provisions are given as follows:

Subject to some terms, legal changes are possible:

  • You can make adjustments to your details due to legal reasons.
  • They can possibly include reasons like a marriage or court orders.
  • You will require valid documents in support of the same. They can include:
    • Order by the court
    • A legal document for the name change 
    • Divorce Decree
    • License for marriage

2. Adjusting Misspelled Details

Prior to correcting wrong names, understand the following:

  • According to this policy, minor corrections are allowed.
  • You can modify the order of characters in your details such as:
    • Lawrenec to Lawrence 

3. Changing the Information of Passengers

It is possible to initiate Spirit Airline name changes along with modifying other information:

  • Contact details can be modified for accuracy.
  • You can modify the date of your birth.
  • Modifications can be made to your gender.
  • Passengers can modify the “Redress Number”.
  • Information on the passport can undergo adjustments.

Before you decide to check-in for your flight, make the changes.

Consequences of Flying with Incorrect Names on Spirit

The Spirit Airlines name correction/change facility hints at these consequences in the case of inaccurate details:

  • You can’t fly if your original booking and documents don’t carry the same name. 
  • In a situation wherein the airline gives you vouchers:
    • They can’t be redeemed with incorrect particulars. 
    • Then their value may get forfeited. 
  • You can face trouble in receiving your Spirit Airlines boarding pass.

How do I Change My Name on Spirit Airlines?

When it is possible for you to modify your name via the website, you can chat with a representative of the carrier. Otherwise, the calling option is available to manage your booking.

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Option 1: Chatting with a Live Agent

On Spirit, to change the name on tickets, you can chat with a live representative of this carrier. To approach him/her:

  • First, you have to be on the website of this airline.
  • Use the option of “Contact Us”.
  • Push the button “Let’s Chat”.
  • In the chat box, choose the language you prefer.
  • When asked about flight cancellation, hit “No”.
  • Then you have to press “Existing Reservation”.
  • After this, “Change My Flight” has to be preferred.
  • You will be asked for the “Confirmation Code”. To enter it, press “Yes”.
  • Afterward, you will receive further help to place your request.
  • In case the code is not handy, tap on “No”.
  • Then you will be asked for details such as:
    • “First Name”
    • “Last Name”
    • “Email ID”
  • Followed by adding them, you can connect to a live Spirit agent.
  • He/she will help in placing your name modification request.

Option 2: Help on the Call

Given that you require proper assistance to modify your personal information, dial the phone number of this operator. You can share your concern at 1-855-728-3555.

What are Spirit Airline Name Change Fees?

To learn the fee for correcting names, you can contact the airline. Or, while you initiate modifications, you can learn about them.

Additionally, remember the following:

  • The Spirit name change fees apply as per the current scenario.
  • Given the inclusion of third-party services, additional costs may apply.

For Free Name Changes:

In the case of the following, modifying personal details invites no cost:

  • Legal modifications
  • Correcting misspelled details

Is there a Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy for Vacation Packages?

Under the Spirit Airlines name change policy, you can reserve packages for vacations with this program using your correct details. On the contrary, when required, passengers can opt for mending their particulars via the name change or correction policy.

Limitations under Vacation Packages:

Those with bookings under Spirit Vacations are subject to these limitations:

  • You cannot transfer your ticket to a person.
  • It is not possible to change details completely.

When modifications can’t be made to your personal details, it is best to cancel Spirit flight tickets

How to Modify Names Under Spirit Vacations?

For changing the personal details as a flier of Spirit Vacation Packages, you can dial 954-698-0125.

In addition, you should note that:

  • Modifying information won’t be possible through other ways.
  • You need to change your personal information before your flight departs.
  • When the modification is initiated after the take-off, the value of the package will be fully dropped.

Can I Change Name on Spirit Flights for Group Bookings?

When you have booked your tickets using the program – Spirit Airlines Group Travel, such adjustments are possible. The following name-modification benefits are given:

  • You can make modifications to your personal details.
  • To use this benefit, there should be 30 days left prior to departure. 

Requirements to Fulfill

To use the Spirit Airlines change name facility and avail of the program, a group should: 

  • Comprise at least 10 passengers
  • Be booked for the same flight itinerary

Fees for Modifying Group Reservations

Under the program for Group Travel, Spirit name change fees may or may not apply. This is dependent on the days left prior to take-off.

Days Prior to DepartureName Change Charges
30 days leftFree/No fee applies
Fewer than thirty days left$50 per passenger

Consequences of Group Traveling with Incorrect Names

The charges associated with this program are not refundable. Once the payment is made and the name is incorrect, the following can arise:

  • Difficulties in verifying a passenger
  • Boarding issues

How to Make Spirit Airlines Name Changes for Group Bookings?

On Spirit Airlines, to change the name on tickets, you can find offline and online approaches. Depending on the gravity of your concern, you can choose an option to get help.

Option 1: Via Agents

Fliers with group reservations can connect with agents to modify their particulars. Specifically, they need to contact a Group Travel Specialist. They can help in placing their requests.

Option 2: Through the Group Travel Form

Using an online way, Spirit name changes to such bookings can be made. This comprises filling out a form.

  • Via your browser, find “Spirit Group Travel Form”.
  • The official link will lead you to the “Group Travel” page of the airline.
  • Come to the end of this page.
  • Find the form here and tap on its link.
  • When the document opens, choose “Group Reservation”.
  • Then add your contact details.
  • Describe your request regarding changes to your name.
  • Also, correctly fill in other information.
  • Attach files to support your concern.
  • Then hit the option of “Submit”.

Individuals with different bookings and under various programs on Spirit Airlines can change ticket names. The ease of terms enables them to smoothly use the policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change name on Spirit Airlines ticket?

Use the chat option via “Contact Us” on the airline’s website to change your name.

What is Spirit Airlines name change policy?

The name change policy gives provisions to correct personal details and other information.

How to change misspelled name on Spirit Airlines tickets?

You can dial the phone number of the airline to correct misspelled names on your ticket.

How much is Spirit Airline name change fee?

For changing names in group reservations, the charges are $50/head. For individuals, they are disclosed while making the modification.

How to correct the name on the Spirit Airlines ticket for group bookings?

Get in touch with a Group Travel Specialist to place a name correction request.

How to change your name on Spirit Airlines account?

You can contact the airline in various ways to modify the name on your account.

Can I change name on Spirit tickets?

Yes, it is possible to change the names on your flight tickets.

Can I change passenger name on Spirit flights?

Only in a few scenarios, a passenger can change the name

Is it allowed to make online name modifications with Spirit Airlines?

Yes, given that you utilize the chat option, online modifications to particulars are possible.

What are the platforms to change the name on the Spirit Airlines ticket?

Through official mediums supported by the airline, you can make adjustments.

Can I correct my last name on Spirit Airlines?

In case your last name is incorrect, you can try to get it corrected.

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