Austrian Airlines Cancellation Policy

How to Cancel Austrian Airlines Flight

When you are traveling with Austrian Airlines and want to cancel your flight, you should know some specific rules and regulations. They can be known via the Austrian Airlines cancellation policy. It can have distinct rules for international, as well as domestic tickets, regarding flight cancellations.

Also, It can deeply explain how to cancel a flight with ease. Hence, it will be simpler for you to take advantage of this policy and seek flight cancellations if you have a comprehensive understanding of it. 

What are the Austrian Cancellation Policy Terms? 

There are some terms that passengers must follow in order to cancel their flights. Among all, one of the important terms is that they can cancel their reservations up to three hours prior to the scheduled departure time, depending on certain circumstances.

After this period, if you do not show up for the flight, then it will be automatically canceled by the air carrier.

The following are the other terms that are necessary to be known for a reversal: 

  • According to the Austrian Air cancellation policy, the reversal fees for infants and children will be determined using the discounted ticket. It can include charges and taxes. Also, the portions that are not used will not be refunded. 
  • Only authorized payment methods are accepted for the revocation fees. Furthermore, there won’t be any discount offered on the fees. 
  • When a visitor is having an Austrian confirmed reservation and a ticket is also refundable, he or she can easily cancel it. 
  • If a flight is canceled after twenty-four hours of purchasing, then there will be a cost charged. 
  • A maximum of twenty-four hours prior to takeoff is permitted for a plane ticket reversal, under the Austrian Airlines flight cancellation policy. 
  • Assuming that you have purchased your flight ticket from an agency, then get in touch with it to request a reversal. 
  • Passengers can request compensation in case the air carrier cancels their flights. 

Important Note: Fortunately, there is no service penalty for canceling a flight due to an emergency. It can be a sickness or death in the family. For this, make sure that you provide the legal document to the air operator.

Austrian Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

This air carrier’s 24-hour policy is similar to the same-day cancellation feature. The tourists are entitled to a cost-free benefit, under this policy, which is valid for twenty-four hours beginning from the moment of the booking.

Revoking a plane ticket can be readily accommodated within the specified time period. No cost will be requested for the same as well. Additionally, following Austrian Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy, the full amount of their tickets will be refunded to them.

Important Note: Whether it is Economy or Business Class, this policy is applicable. 

What is the Procedure to Cancel an Austrian Flight? 

When employing the flight cancellation procedure, it is important to use a trustworthy channel. Owing to this, there are many authorized channels provided by this air operator. One such channel is the main website. With this, Austrian Airlines flight cancellations can become easy. Otherwise, when you require thorough assistance, you can connect with the officials on the call.  

airfleetrating-Austrian Airlines Cancellation Methods

Method 1: Telephone the Customer Service Center

Some travelers may need to book flights, as well as cancel them, using the offline way. This is because instant help is provided by the air carrier. To connect with it, you will require the correct number of the airline. For that, you will have to visit the Austrian Airlines website. There, the Contact Us page will help you to find the phone number that works in your country. 

Or, you may use these directions to find this number:

  • First, access to the website. 
  • At the bottom of the first page, you can have the “Customer Service” feature. 
  • In that section, owing to the Austrian cancellation policy, press on the “Contact” tab. 
  • With just one click, you will be directed to the “Contact Us” page. 
  • Scroll down the page. You can get the contact numbers. Choose the correct one and call the air carrier officials. However, prior to calling, make sure that your flight is confirmed with Austrian Airlines.

Important Note: Sometimes, it may happen that the calling line is busy. This can be due to a large number of passengers calling for their queries. So, you can wait for a while and reconnect with the airline later. 

Provided that the call gets connected, then this is what you need to do:

  • You will have to request the Austrian Airlines ticket cancellation on call. 
  • Provide the details of your plane ticket. Generally, they will include the following:
    • Planned date and time to leave 
    • Complete name
    • Seat number
    • Booking code and additional details
  • You will be asked to pay the penalties if any after entering this information. 
  • The officials will finish the procedure as quickly as the payment has been made. After this, they will let you know the same. 

Method 2: Ticket Cancellation via Website

Many procedures are now simple to do with the help of the website of this air operator. One such procedure is available for Austrian Airlines flight cancellations. It is more convenient or effortless to execute by using the website of this carrier. With this, a flight gets canceled instantly as well. Also, the information related to flight remains safe and secure with this method. 

Important Note: On the website, it is important to choose the language that forms your preference. Otherwise, it will be tough for you to execute the procedure. 

Given below are the steps to make plane ticket cancellations online:

  • Kindly open your web browser and go to the Austrian website. 
  • On the main site, you will have to select the “My Bookings” feature to log in to your profile. 
  • The “First Name”, “Booking Code”, and “Last Name” should be entered there. 
  • After entering the details, tap on the “Next” button. 
  • Now, your booking will be featured on the screen. Take a reservation for an Austrian Airlines ticket cancellation. 
  • Press on the “Cancel” tab. 
  • The next step is to make payments when needed. 
  • After the completion of a plane ticket, the airline will send you a verification message. 

Austrian Airlines Social Handles

The flier can directly connect with Austrian Airlines’ social handles for any query regarding the cancellation.

Social HandlesLinks

Austrian Airlines Cancellation Fee

Canceling a flight at Austrian Airlines is convenient for customers. However, for the airline, it can create challenges. With reference to these challenges, it is important to charge a fee. Also, for this, the main factor is cancellation timings. Based on that, the exact fees can be decided. 

Detailed information on fees is provided below: 

  • The fees charged by this air carrier can vary for regional and international flight cancellations. 
  • In some circumstances, the airline charges penalties ranging from USD 100 that go up to USD 500. 
  • When a visitor cancels a flight during twenty-four hours after making it, she/he doesn’t have to pay anything. 

Please look at the table below showing the Austrian Airlines cancellation fees details: 

Days Remaining until DepartureFees Charged
30 10% of ticket 
Ten to nineteen 50% of flight ticket 
Three to two 85% of the ticket price
Between 29 and 20 25% of the total flight amount 
Nine to four 65% of the ticket price 
One day before travel100% of your flight 

Austrian Airlines Refund Policy

The airline provides refunds to its visitors on meeting some criteria given in this policy. If they meet all of them, then in some situations, the airline will issue the refunds in the form of trip vouchers to book the ensuing flight. Also, a cash return is available. This can change depending on the situation.  

airfleetrating-Austrian Airlines Refund Policy

Please read the following criteria for a refund in accordance with the Austrian Airline cancellation policy: 

  • Only when a flight is canceled in twenty-four hours of a booking and is scheduled to leave no later than a week, a complete refund will be provided. 
  • A trip coupon given by the provider has a one-year maximum use period. After this period, you will not be eligible to use it. 
  • Given that the payment was made utilizing a credit card, the Austrian Airlines flight cancellation refund request may take up to seven days to be processed. 
  • The refunds may be given up to twenty working days in the event of cash and cheque payments.
  • In the event of refundable tickets, the unused portion of the tickets may be returned. The unused tickets and trip documentation must be submitted for that to the air carrier. 
  • The airline taxes, as well as fees, will be repaid when a tourist did not use a voucher at the time of a reservation. 

What is the Procedure to Claim an Austrian Airlines Refund? 

By adhering to specified guidelines, tourists of Austrian Airlines are entitled to refunds on cancellations. Therefore, accurate details will be required with regard to this. Once everything has been ensured, navigate to this provider’s website to quickly claim your ticket amount. Next, you have to select the My Bookings option. Put the required information as directed on this page. After your canceled flight is displayed, a form for an Austrian Airlines flight cancellation refund will be available. You can then be prompted for certain information in order to get your money back. Input the necessary data in the form. In the end, make sure to check your information twice before sending it to the airline. 

Important Note: While entering the necessary information, kindly mention the accurate reason for flight cancellations. Otherwise, it is possible that the air carrier will deny your request for the same. 

Austrian Airlines Flight Cancellation Compensation

There are times when you and your family arrive at the airport. However, after reaching, you will get to know that your flight has been delayed or canceled. In such instances, you need not be concerned. The air carrier will provide compensation against it. Also, if rebooking is required, then Austrian Airlines will make every effort to place you on the next aircraft. There, the seats will be provided for free in a similar service class. In addition, this can be provided in six hours from the original leaving time. 

Likewise, to know other benefits of Austrian Airlines cancellation compensation, continue reading further:

  • This air carrier always tries to timely inform passengers regarding delays and cancellations. It can be through the main website, call centers, at the airport, etc. 
  • The provider will give food coupons and hotel accommodations in case a visitor is experiencing any issues related to cancellation or a delay. 
  • Tourists can also request compensation when the airline is unable to accommodate them on the subsequent trip. 
  • The compensation provided is £220 for flights under 1500 kilometers. 
  • £350 can be given for flights between 1500 and 3500 kilometers. 
  • Likewise, for flights that are not longer than 1500 kilometers, compensation can be £350. 
  • For a trip exceeding 3500 kilometers outside the EU, you will be offered £520 as Austrian Airlines flight cancellation compensation. 
  • In case the journey was delayed by less than four hours, the total amount may be decreased by 50%. 
  • You will be entitled to flight reimbursement when a reservation is postponed or canceled less than fourteen days prior to the planned leaving date. 
  • Exceptional scenarios like political unrest, inclement weather, and other occurrences beyond the carrier’s control must be taken into account. For these reasons, you will not be eligible for any compensation. 

Considering All of These, 

The air carrier tries to ensure that nothing goes wrong when you have a booking with Austrian Airlines. In the event that a circumstance necessitates reversing your flight, the Austrian Airlines cancellation policy will be helpful. With a wide range of flexibility and methods available, you may choose the best course of action when canceling a flight is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Through which channel will I receive an Austrian Airlines cancelled flights notification?

The air carrier tries to inform all passengers about any delays or cancellations as soon as possible. In doing so, different channels can be used. It can be done by mail. Or else, by calling them, the air carrier will be able to inform the passengers. Thus, it is important to register your email or phone number with the air carrier. Otherwise, you will not be notified on time. 

Can I cancel my flight Austrian Airlines on the departure day?

Utilizing the Austrian Airlines cancellation policy, you will be able to do a flight reversal on the day of the departure. It should be three hours prior to the leaving time. Otherwise, it can be allowed up to twenty-four hours before the take-off. Also, for these two instances, the fees are kept higher than usual. 

How to cancel Austrian Airlines flight online?

Austrian Airlines customers can cancel their bookings online. Simply come to the website of this air operator. On the site, locate the “Manage Booking” feature and input the details including “Booking Code”, “First Name”, and “Last Name”. Select a reservation and tap on the “Cancel” button to complete the process.

How to make an Austrian Airlines cancellation 24 hours?

To cancel a flight in twenty-four hours of making it, you can do so by calling the customer service number. The phone number is available at the site. Pick the one as per your region and contact the staff. Let them know the actual reason for the Austrian Airlines flight cancellations. Provide the information as instructed on the call. Then pay the fees when necessary. 

What is the Austrian Airlines flight cancellation policy?

This policy establishes all cancellation-related rules and regulations. It describes different methods to cancel a reservation. Also, there is information available regarding the cost of a canceled flight. Some price waivers are included as well. 

Does reversal timing affect Austrian Airlines cancellation charges?

Yes, the timing of reversing a flight plays an important factor in deciding the cancellation charges. As you cancel a reservation early, the air carrier gives your seat to another traveler. So, the Austrian Airlines cancellation fee can be kept lower. However, if you are canceling a flight at the last moment, then it may fail to give a seat to another. Thus, the fees can be charged high in such scenarios. Hence, depending on the cancellation timing, you will be charged a fee. 

What are the Austrian Airlines cancellation refund policy terms?

It is essential to comprehend the terms of the refund policy with the cancellation. This is due to the policy simplifying the criteria of getting a refund. Owing to this, a complete refund is provided. This can be assured when you cancel your flight within twenty-four hours of purchasing it. Otherwise, a fee will be deducted from the total ticket amount. Other such criteria are also mentioned in the policy. If you match the same, then you will be eligible for a refund. 

How much is an Austrian cancelled flight compensation?

When this provider cancels reservations, customers can receive Austrian Airlines flight cancellation compensation. Based on the distance covered, as well as the ticket type, its amount can be estimated. In addition, this cannot always be in monetary terms. As you experience long delays, you will be provided with meals, hotel stays, etc. Sometimes, another flight is given to the customers to the same location and time. 

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