JetBlue Cancellation Policy

Jetblue Airlines Cancellation Policy

JetBlue Cancellation Policy

Fliers may cancel their flights every day due to various reasons. To facilitate such cancellations, different airlines give different types of rules. Similarly, JetBlue has determined one such policy. The JetBlue cancellation policy is especially for all those passengers who have changed their minds and are not looking forward to traveling anymore. There could be any reason for cancellation, from the COVID-19 condition to any other. By taking the passengers’ situations into consideration, the policy provides various options to suit their preferences. 

JetBlue COVID Cancellation Policy

Safety in COVID-19 is very important for airlines like JetBlue. Sometimes, passengers need to cancel flight bookings due to health safety amidst the pandemic. According to JetBlue COVID cancellation policy, in the event of a flight cancellation, passengers have the option to do so. They can get refunds too. They can get their money back through cash, debit cards, credit cards, or other forms of payment they prefer. 

Note: It is important to note that there are no changes to the cancellation fees on most of the fares.

JetBlue 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

The carrier based in America has dedicated a part of its cancellation policy to the reservations made within twenty-four hours. According to this policy, passengers can initiate reversals and get their amount back. Hence, a good understanding of the regulations of the JetBlue 24 hour cancellation policy can help you to make requests, claim refunds, and check the status of your flights.

Rules Defined by JetBlue Flight Cancellation Policy

The JetBlue cancellation policy is for all those passengers looking to cancel their flights and want to get their money back. This is done, keeping in mind the policy’s rules. The cancellation policy rules are different for non-refundable tickets, refundable tickets, and members of Mosaic. Accordingly, the policy can be applied.

For Non-refundable Tickets:

  • After the pandemic, passengers who booked tickets around February 28, 2021, and canceled them after the risk-free period are entitled to eCredits. The eCredits can be utilized for future flights for 18 months from the point of cancellation.
  • Travelers need to show up at the airport to confirm the cancelation or a change in their tickets. If they didn’t show up at the airport, then no such cancelation or changes will be considered.
  • When a passenger gets the ticket with the help of TrueBlue Points and ends up canceling it, the amount will be credited back into the account registered.

In Case of No-show:

The no-show policy is for all passengers looking forward to the JetBlue cancel flight option on the same day of departure. In such a case, the passengers have the advantage of changing the flight.

For Refundable Tickets:

Refundable ticket options are quite expensive but they are worth trying. After having a refundable ticket, passengers are entitled to a complete refund. This is when they decide to cancel the ticket within 24 hours after booking it. 

In some cases, travelers will get a complete refund, and in others, a partial refund will be issued. There will be no need for them to pay any cancellation fees, as per the JetBlue cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy for Mosaic Members:

Mosaic is a level of status on this airline. It is a part of the frequent flyer program. A mosaic member is one who has collected at least 15,000 flight points in one year or has flown 30 segments and collected 12,000 flight points within a year. Under the JetBlue cancel flight policy, when a passenger is a member of Mosaic, the ticket can be canceled without paying any fees.

When can you cancel the flights on JetBlue?

Passengers are free to choose when they want to travel and when not to. Cancellation could occur for a variety of reasons. In most cases, the flights are canceled due to changes in travel plans, but sometimes, other reasons can be the cause that will let a person see the JetBlue cancellation policy. 

Such reasons are given below:

  • A person may not be well.
  • Some mishaps may take place.
  • A flier may be going through some unacceptable situations.
  • The flight schedule may have been altered unexpectedly.
  • Due to problems with the baggage, a traveler may decide to cancel the flight.

You can avail of JetBlue ticket cancellation in all these instances. You may not be needed to provide any documents for accessing the feature in some situations. Thus, this free choice makes it even more convenient for the users to cancel their tickets. 

Note: Alternative to cancellations, you can choose to change your flights or upgrade them. This can be preferred especially in the case of a change in travel plans. 

How to Cancel JetBlue Flights?

This airline, to cater to the requirements of its various types of customers, gives many methods for cancellation. It allows both conventional and online options that facilitate JetBlue tickets cancellation. You can choose the option as per the nature of your ticket reversal. The time of your request can also affect the mode of your action. 

The following are the main ways through which you can request the cancellation of a JetBlue flight: 

  • Through the official website
  • Via the mobile application of the carrier
  • By connecting with the agents via calling the customer care

All these methods are simple to use. Passengers just need to follow the right process to easily get through it. You can select the method most suitable for you according to your requirements and then initiate the cancellation procedure. 

Method 1: JetBlue Flight Cancellation from the Official Website

Primarily, passengers can make the request for ticket cancellation through the official website. It is considered to be the simplest of all the methods. Under the JetBlue cancellation policy, the online option is mainly preferred by passengers in the case of international flights. This method also proves to be helpful for frequent fliers as it is time-efficient and convenient to use. 

Under this option, you will have to log in to the carrier’s website and follow the on-screen instructions. The passengers need to provide a reason for cancellation. So, be sure to provide it carefully.

  • Firstly, open your browser and type in the link to visit the official website of JetBlue Airlines. 
  • Login to the site. 
  • On the home page of this site, you will find a panel of tabs at the top. From these tabs, select the “Manage Trips” section. 
  • You will be redirected to a page through which you can retrieve your booking. For this, you will be required to provide the details regarding your flight. These include “Confirmation Code” and “Last Name”. 
  • After entering these details, continue by clicking on the “Find Flight” button highlighted in yellow. 
  • Your booking will now be visible. Now, select the ticket that you wish to cancel. 
  • You may now use the JetBlue cancel trip option to proceed with your cancellation. 
  • Follow the other on-screen directions to complete your cancellation. Pay any charges, if required by the operator. 
  • Once your cancellation is completed, you will receive an email on your registered ID. 

Note: Should you wish to use the online site for cancellations, then it is best to do it well in advance. This is because JetBlue cancellations or changes at the very last minute through the site may not be quite successful at times. 

Method 2: JetBlue Ticket Cancellation Through the Mobile App

The JetBlue mobile application is available and lets customers manage their trips accordingly. You can get the app and initiate the cancellation. The mobile application of the carrier is almost similar to its online site. They both offer similar features and provide the latest information. Hence, as given in the JetBlue Airlines cancellation policy, this app can be used as a substitute for the site and vice-versa. 

  • Get the mobile app for JetBlue Airlines by downloading it on Apple/Android. 
  • Perform the login procedure on this application. 
  • Find the “My Trips” section and click on it. 
  • Next, select the “Manage Trips” option from this section. 
  • You can now view your itinerary and select the flight that you want to cancel. 
  • Continue by clicking on the “Cancel” button.
  • Confirm the cancellation by verifying your details and paying the cancellation fees, if asked by the airline. 

Note: This mobile app may also be used for performing other functions as well like check-in, reviewing the JetBlue baggage policy rules, and upgrading seats. All of these features can be found on the app. 

Eligibility Criteria for Online Cancellations

Whether you are using the website or application of JetBlue, online cancellation is possible on providing when the ticket has not been purchased using vouchers. Even when you use JetBlue Voucher, the same shall apply. In addition, the airline does not allow this flexibility when a travel certification is utilized to pay for the flight ticket.

The online cancellation eligibility criteria comprise other things too.

  • A traveler can use travel credits of the airline to buy tickets. The airline will allow online cancellations.

It is to be noted, as per the JetBlue flight cancellation policy, that app or website-based cancellations need to be done sufficient time before departure. To know more about the time period as per your ticket, the airline can help.

Method 3: Cancel Ticket Offline by Calling

You can simply call JetBlue to cancel flights at its respective numbers. This will help you to connect with the agents. The offline method of cancellation can be used for making requests at the last moment. Moreover, the customer care agents will be available 24 hours a day, therefore, making it easier for you to request such changes. 

As per the JetBlue cancellation policy, you can preferably call the following number to connect with the agents: 

When the call goes through, the executive will first ask for certain details, including the confirmation number and others. Carefully provide these details. You will then have to wait until the executive processes your request for cancellation. A notification confirming the cancellation of the JetBlue flight ticket you booked will be received once the process is completed. 

JetBlue Cancellation Fee

The JetBlue cancellation fees depend on the ticket type and fare. According to the airline, the ticket is divided into four/4 categories: Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Blue Basic. The cancellation fee will be determined according to the type of ticket selected.

Charges for Blue and Blue Plus Ticket Holders:

  • A cancellation fee of $200 per ticket will be charged when the fare ranges from $200 and above.
  • $150 per ticket can be charged if the fare is from $150 to $199.
  • A $100 cancellation fee is imposed when the cost is between $100-$149.
  • For tickets under $100, the cancellation per ticket charge will be $75.

Fees for Blue Extra Ticket:

Blue Express is a refundable ticket that allows a passenger to cancel the ticket even at the last moment. When a passenger cancels the flight even after the period of 24 hours, he/she is entitled to cut down on the JetBlue cancellation fees completely.

Blue Basic Ticket Holders Cancellation Fee:

Blue Basic ticket holders are not entitled to any refund. This is because they are not a part of the refund process. You can try requesting cancellations well before your flight’s departure to avail of reductions in these charges. 

JetBlue Cancellation Fee Waiver 

This airline can waive the fees for cancellation at certain times. However, on your part, 2 ways are available through which you can avoid the fee. These ways comprise you to purchase specific types of tickets. Or, you can opt for 24 hour cancellation. With these, you will find the JetBlue cancellation fee waived.

24 Hour Cancellation Feature:

A passenger is entitled to a complete refund without paying a cancellation fee. This is possible if he or she initiates the reversal procedure within 24 hours. As per the JetBlue 24 hour cancellation policy, this feature is available for most types of tickets.

Purchase JetBlue Refundable Tickets:

Refundable tickets are an option for those who want themselves to be safe in unprepared situations. With such tickets, passengers can execute the cancellation without paying any charges at any point in time. In addition to this, a refund is also assured to you.

Waive it with Mosaic:

When a flier is a Mosaic member, he or she can enjoy mostly all the privileges of memberships. Along with this, the flier can have the right to cancel the ticket. This is possible even at the last moment without paying any JetBlue cancellation charges.

JetBlue Canceled Flights Policy 

This airline may sometimes cancel your flights. When the cancellation is initiated by the authorities, there are some reasons behind it. JetBlue cancellations due to weather is one of these reasons. When it is not favorable, the JetBlue Airlines reviews indicate that it may not risk the lives of its passengers. Hence, you may be unable to continue with your trips.

The other possible reasons for the action can be inclusive of:

  • COVID-19 restrictions 
  • Political crises
  • Technical issues in flights

Note: In case the authorities initiate the JetBlue flight cancellation, compensation will be provided to the passengers. Additionally, compensation can also be availed in case your flights get delayed. 

JetBlue Cancellation Compensation

Sometimes, you may witness JetBlue flight delays and cancellations. Irrespective of the reason why the airline may delay/cancel your flight, you can find relief with compensation.

The cancellation policy makes it clear that the amount can be given when your flight is eligible for it. To confirm the same, you may not have to initiate any procedure on your own. The carrier will send you an electronic message. This is usually done within a period of 7 days of the departing date. 

In case you are eligible for this flexibility, please note that the amount will differ as per the delay hours. The following table hints at the amount for JetBlue cancellation compensation:

Delayed HoursCompensated Amount ($)
3 to 3:5950
5 to 5:59150
6 or 6+200

Keep in mind that any part of the JetBlue flight cancellation policy can undergo changes at anytime. Therefore, the amount provided as compensation may also change. Prior to making any claim, it will be a useful suggestion to find out the exact amount from the carrier.

JetBlue Refund Policy

The JetBlue refund policy is simple to understand. It depends on the type of ticket you have booked and the timing of the cancellation. With respect to these two factors, the guidelines of the refund policy can be laid.

  • When passengers have booked a refundable ticket, they can cancel it at any time. This needs to be done till the date of departure. Following this, they can get a complete refund.
  • In case you have booked a non-refundable ticket, you will get the refund in the form of an e-credit. Cancellation fees may also be charged.
  • Sometimes, travelers may cancel their tickets within 24 hours. Then they are entitled to a complete refund without paying any cancellation fees.

On this airline, the JetBlue delayed flight refund policy is also available. It takes into consideration instances in which the airline may delay your flight. This may cause inconvenience to you. As a consequence of this, your trips or plans may get affected. With the delayed flight refund feature, the air operator can provide you with an amount to compensate for the loss. This may be in the form of money.

How to Place JetBlue Refund Requests?

Requesting a refund from JetBlue is available online and offline. When you choose to do so online, under the JetBlue cancellation policy, you can use the website. On the official site, you need to find the option that enables you to manage your trips. As you cancel your trip, you can also place a refund request. 

  • Visit the official website and perform a login with your credentials.
  • Move to the “My Trips” section and click on the “Manage Trips” option.
  • The summary of your booking appears here. From the list of flights, select the one that you want to cancel.
  • Provide the details of the credit card to receive a refund and confirm the request.

Your amount will be refunded in a few days. To know the exact time period, you can contact the operator and settle your queries for JetBlue refunds.

The offline method is also available for individuals to request a refund. You can contact JetBlue Airlines via its toll-free number and speak with an executive to discuss the change. The agent will help you throughout the refund process. 


JetBlue is notable for the best policies for passengers traveling with it. Using the JetBlue cancellation policy, the passengers can book their tickets easily amidst the COVID-19 situation too. All in all, traveling with this American carrier can ensure that you face no hassles whether reserving or canceling your flights.

JetBlue Cancellation & Refund Policy FAQs

Some of common JetBlue Flight Cancellation & Refund Policy FAQs:-

How long does it take to get a refund from JetBlue?

As per the JetBlue refund policy, the airline promptly initiates the amount when the payment has been made by a credit card. However, if cash or check is considered as the payment mode, then within 20 days upon receipt of all the necessary information, the refund will be initiated.

How much does it cost to cancel a JetBlue flight?

The cost of cancellation, according to the JetBlue cancel flight policy, is $100 per person to travel wholly within the US, Arabian Peninsula, Mexico, or Central America. However, nearly $200 will be charged for all other routes. Also, there is a fare difference that can be applicable.

Does JetBlue have 24 hour cancellation?

There is a JetBlue 24 hour cancellation policy facilitated by the carrier. If passengers cancel their flights within 24 hours after booking, then a complete refund will be provided. However, when they miss canceling the flight within the same hours, there will be an amount deducted as cancellation fees.

Can you cancel a JetBlue flight within 24 hours?

Passengers can cancel a JetBlue flight within 24 hours. According to the 24 hour cancellation policy, the complete amount will be refunded through the original mode of payment utilized at the time of booking.

Are JetBlue flights refundable?

The tickets of JetBlue are refundable, subject to a few conditions. In case a ticket is marked as refundable, you can get a complete refund. But when it is non-refundable, credits will be provided to the travelers. Also, it will depend on the time of cancellation whether or not you can get a full refund.

Can you cancel a flight on JetBlue?

According to the JetBlue cancellation policy, travelers can cancel their flights. Online and offline both modes are available to initiate the cancellation. There are some rules and regulations in reference to cancellation that need to be followed. These relate to time, ticket type, etc.

How to cancel a JetBlue flight online?

In order to cancel a JetBlue flight online, visit the official website and perform the login with your credentials. Move to booked flights and open the particular ticket to cancel. The Cancel button is right there. Click on it. After that, the cancellation will be processed and the passenger will receive notification considering it.

How do I cancel my JetBlue flight offline?

For JetBlue cancellation offline, fliers can call the toll-free number 00-1801-449-2525 and connect with the customer executive. Some details are required to go ahead with the cancellation process. Apart from this, you can also visit the airport for offline cancellation.

What happens if I cancel my JetBlue flight?

If a passenger cancels a JetBlue flight, he or she cannot go forward with a trip with the same ticket. The passenger may be entitled to a refund. This will depend on the kind of ticket chosen. In case the ticket is non-refundable, cancellation may not bring any refunded amount to the account.

Are JetBlue Mint tickets refundable?

According to the JetBlue cancellation policy, Mint tickets are non-refundable. There is an exception for Premium members. They do not have to pay the fees while canceling or changing a non-refundable ticket.

How is JetBlue cancellation refund calculated?

For non-refundable ticket holders, JetBlue provides a refund after deducting a cancellation fee. So, the JetBlue cancellation refund is calculated after this fee is retained by the airline and the left-over balance is credited. The fee amount depends on reservation date as well as fare type.

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Patrick Harper
6 months ago

Some time back, JetBlue cancelled my flights. I had reserved 6 tickets for me and my family. We were heading to Latin America to attend an event. But this cancellation caused me a lot of trouble. I was not able to book any other flights later because the prices were no longer in our budget. I realize that there must have been some genuine problems due to which the tickets would have been cancelled. But at least an alternative could have been provided.

Arthur Fernandez
5 months ago

The 24 hour policy of this airline is awesome. It gets you the benefit of the risk-free period. Hence, when you decide to cancel your trip within the same time, you are not at all charged. Moreover, the JetBlue free cancellation is another great benefit of this policy. When I was not aware of this, I would cancel it within a week. I did not like the cancellation fee then. I mean $200 is just too much for those who travel on a budget.

Manuel S. Williams
4 months ago

This company has made a policy for coronavirus but I wasn’t sure whether it actually worked. Then in 2021 in London, near my place, the number of cases was rising. My father, who had a reservation with JetBlue, actually used the policy. I have no doubts now whether the JetBlue cancellation policy covid. The airline is true to its words.

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