United Airlines Check In Policy

airfleetrating-United Airlines Check-In Policy

The United Airlines check in policy assists fliers in their boarding process. It mentions all the regulations concerned with the procedure including the minimum time limits. The check-in rules for different countries may differ. Hence, having a good understanding of this policy can help you in international/domestic travel. 

What are the Basic Conditions for United Flight Check in?

Passengers can pay heed to the basic guidelines of the United check in policy such as:

  • Deadlines for check-in will be informed well before the scheduled date of the flight. 
  • The time limit differs based on the:
    • The country you are traveling to
    • Method of boarding you choose 
  • Security screening may increase the waiting time before boarding. 
  • Passengers without a valid boarding pass will not be permitted to fly. 
  • The traveler named in the ticket should be present during the check-in process. 
  • If your reservation includes pets or extra baggage, they must be checked in. 
  • During boarding, passengers will be divided into different groups like 1, 2, and 3. 
  • If you arrive late to the airport, you may be charged a penalty. 
  • Unaccompanied minors should complete this process as well. 
  • You will be required to present your passport to obtain a boarding pass. 
  • The check-in guidelines for codeshare flights may slightly vary. 

Note: If you are found in violation of any of the mentioned conditions, the airline may cancel your booking and not issue a boarding pass. Also, when preparing for your United Airlines check-in, it’s important to have accurate passenger information. United Airlines Name Change Policy provides a streamlined process for making any necessary changes to passenger names.

Which Rules Apply for United Airlines Baggage Check in?

Your boarding process will not be complete until your bags are received by the carrier. For this, some United Airlines check in baggage regulations are: 

airfleetrating-United Airlines Baggage Check in
  • Depending on whether or not you have bags, the minimum check-in times differ. 
  • You will have to arrive early at the airport when you have special items to be checked in. 
  • Passengers with luggage must complete boarding 45 minutes before the take-off. 
  • On most international flights, bags should be presented at least 4 hours prior to departure. 
  • The items must not exceed the given weight and size restrictions. 

Note: Your luggage will not be accepted by the airline if you do not present it within the appropriate time limits. 

Is there a United Airlines Check in Time Limit?

To ensure that the flight leaves on schedule, the carrier has given a specific time limit for checking in. 

  • These United check in times vary based on factors such as:
    • Whether the flight is domestic or international 
    • Type of ticket 
    • Whether you are carrying baggage or not 
    • Method of checking-in 

For Domestic Flights:

The following table gives a summary of the check-in time limit on United and United Express domestic flights: 

Checked Baggage Condition Time Limit 
With checked baggage 45 minutes before departure 
Without checked baggage 30 minutes prior to take-off

Note: Sometimes, exceptions might be applicable on certain flights based on the arriving airport. 

Involving Airport-Based Domestic Flying:

In case you are traveling to domestic destinations via any of the given airports, these time restrictions apply: 

Airport Check in Time – With Checked LuggageCheck in Time – Without Checked Baggage 
Kahului 45 minutes 45 minutes 
San Juan 45 minutes 45 minutes 
Mammoth Lakes 30 minutes 30 minutes 
Honolulu 45 minutes 30 minutes 
Salt Lake City 45 minutes 45 minutes 
Baltimore 45 minutes 45 minutes 

There are certain airports that follow a special time limit due to their domestic check-in regulations. These are as follows: 

Airport Time Limit 
Lagos 90 minutes 
Delhi 75 minutes 
Palau 90 minutes 
Tel Aviv 90 minutes 
Athens 75 minutes 
Rome 75 minutes 
Aguadilla 45 minutes 
Toronto 90 minutes 
Milan 75 minutes 

If the airport you are departing from is not given in the list above, you can visit the “Airport Processing Times” page on the official site of this airline. 

When Traveling Internationally:

On international flights, the time limit can vary in the following manner: 

Nature of FlightBoth With and Without Baggage 
United Express Flights 60 minutes prior to departure
Flights between Micronesia and the Marshall Islands 90 minutes before take-off

Note: Check-in for flights taking off from Guam must be done between 7:30 P.M. and 9:30 P.M. This is when the flight is scheduled to leave before 9:30 A.M. the next day. 

For Airport-Based International Travel:

The international flight check in time on United for some specific airports is as follows: 

Airport Time Limit Before Departure 
Kahului 60 minutes 
San Juan 60 minutes 
Mammoth Lakes 60 minutes 
Honolulu 75 minutes 
Salt Lake City 60 minutes 
Baltimore 60 minutes 

Note: The above mentioned time remains the same whether you are traveling with or without checked baggage. 

Is There Any United Airlines Pre Check in Time?

You will have to undergo security screening during boarding, which might sometimes take long hours. This screening can be completed quickly when you follow the United pre check in time. 

Based on your airport, these are the time limits within which you should be present at the boarding gate: 

Airport Pre Check in Time 
Koror 60 minutes 
Dublin 30 minutes 
Lima 30 minutes 
Sydney 60 minutes 
Yap 60 minutes 
Kosrae 60 minutes 

Under TSA PreCheck Program

To further speed up the security screening, you can apply for the TSA PreCheck program. 

Passengers selected under this program will be allowed to skip security lines. For this: 

  • The application must be sent via the TTP (Trusted Travelers Programs) website. 
  • All the personal information of the passenger should be submitted. 
  • You will have to pay a fee of USD 100. 
  • After effective scrutiny by the authorities, you will be informed whether you are selected. 
  • In case you are selected, your membership will last for 5 years. 
  • To apply for this pre-check program on domestic flights:
    • You will have to possess a DoD or a KTN pass 
    • And have a MileagePlus membership 

Relating to the above, some of the other conditions that apply to TSA pre-check include: 

  • The name on the passport must match the name on the ticket. 
  • “TSA PRE” logo must be printed on your boarding pass. 
  • Some airports may not offer this facility. 
  • You can find your KTN number on the official TTP website. 

Can We Check in for United Flight Using the Priority Boarding?

One of the easiest ways to expedite the United Airlines check in process is by using the priority boarding feature. 

  • It gives passengers the chance to skip lines and directly check-in. 
  • This option may only be available on certain routes. 
  • It will only be available on flights operating under:
    • United 
    • And United Express 
  • Your ticket status must be confirmed in order to use this facility. 
  • Any Changes made to the tickets that are already approved for priority boarding will be updated. 
  • When your booking has been involuntarily canceled, a fee will be refunded. 
  • It can be purchased for group bookings as well. 
  • The words “Priority Boarding” must be clearly mentioned on your tickets. 
  • You can choose to apply this feature to the entire trip or only certain segments. 

Fees for Priority Boarding

The fee for purchasing priority boarding generally starts at USD 15. It can go up to any amount depending on your final destination. 

Fliers Eligible for Prior Boarding Check-in

Based on your ticket, you will be divided into different groups. Only Group 2 passengers will be eligible for this feature: 

Boarding Group 1 Boarding Group 2 Boarding Group 3 to 5 
Premier Platinum tickets Premier Silver tickets Economy Plus 
Premier Gold tickets Star Alliance Silver tickets Basic Economy 
Star Alliance Gold tickets United Club, Award Tickets Economy 
United Polaris, First and Business tickets 

Note: Your United Airline check in time differs based on which group to belong to. 

Limitations of this Feature

Although this feature is of great benefit, when it comes to quick check-in, it is also subject to some limitations: 

  • Basic Economy ticket holders cannot avail of this facility. 
  • In the case of voluntary ticket cancellation, the fee will not be refunded. 
  • Even the passengers entitled to early boarding have to follow the check-in time limits. 
  • On group bookings, the facility has to be bought for each individual flier. 
  • The airline has the right to cancel your UA check in despite buying priority boarding. 

How to Purchase Priority Boarding Check in on United?

To be able to access this facility, you will have to register yourself beforehand. For this, you may follow the steps given below: 

  • Navigate to the website of the carrier
  • You will find the “My Trips” tab on the first page.
  • Under this section, enter your:
    • “Confirmation Number” 
    • “Last Name” 
  • Now, click on the “Search” button given to the bottom. 
  • Your trip, along with its itinerary, will now be visible
  • Follow the instructions on the site to complete the purchase of early United check-in
  • You will also have to pay the necessary fee through the available mode of payment. 

Once your purchase is complete, print the boarding pass with the words “Priority Boarding”. 

What are the United Airlines Check-in Methods?

Depending on your flight and the given time limit, you can use any of the check-in methods offered by this carrier: 

airfleetrating-united airline check in

Method 1: Online Check-in Option

Using the United Airlines online check in option, you will be able to obtain a digital boarding pass. Under this method, follow the given steps: 

  • Go to the main site of the carrier. 
  • On the home page, go to the “Check-in” section. 
  • Submit your “Confirmation or Ticket Number”. 
  • Add “Last Name”. 
  • If you are a member of the MileagePlus club, use the option at the bottom:
    • “Check in with Your MileagePlus Number”
  • Now, tap the “Search” button once you have entered all the information. 
  • Your booking will be retrieved. 
  • By following the on-screen directions, complete the online check-in process
  • Once it is done, your boarding pass will be sent to your email and you can print it later. 

Note: The United Airlines web check in the portal will open 24 hours before the departure of the respective flight. 

Eligibility for Web Check-ins:

To be able to undertake the online mode of checking-in, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • If there are multiple flights in your itinerary, the first one must be under United. 
  • The itinerary must not contain more than 4 segments. 
  • A booking should contain 9 passengers or fewer. 
  • Your passport should have been previously scanned by the carrier. 
  • Electronic tickets bought through travel agencies are eligible as well.
  • Bags can be checked in by passengers traveling in the Basic Economy class.  

Limitations for Checking in Online:

You will not be permitted to use the United online check in feature under these conditions: 

  • When your booking has any special requirements that need assistance from an agent 
  • In case you have not bought the ticket online 

Note: Passengers not eligible for this method should call the airline agents to get their boarding process completed. 

Method 2: Through the Mobile Application 

An alternative version of the online mode is the mobile app. To access the United Airlines app check in, go through the steps mentioned here: 

  • Download the official United Airlines app using either:
    • Play Store 
    • Or, Apple Store 
  • Go to the “Flight Check-in” dialogue box on this application. 
  • Provide the details asked like “Confirmation Number” and the “Last Name”. 
  • Click on the “Continue” button. 
  • Hereon, follow the same directions as the online method. 
  • Complete the check in process
  • Get your boarding pass and print it. 

Note: The eligibility criteria for United Airlines check in via the mobile app are similar to those of the online method. 

Method 3: At the Airport Kiosk 

When you want to check-in at the airport itself but wish to expedite the process, you can opt for the kiosk option. 

In this way, it enables United Airlines flight check in: 

  • Once you arrive at the departure airport, go to the nearest self service kiosk
  • Activate the device. 
  • Go to the “Check in” section. 
  • You can check in using any of the following options: 
    • By providing your credit card details
    • Through your passport 
    • Using the MileagePlus Frequent Flier cards
  • Submit your:
    • 6-digit confirmation number 
    • Or, 13-digit e-ticket number 
  • Once your reservation is located, it will be easy to continue the rest of the procedure
  • Then get your boarding pass on the spot. 

Note: In case you have any kind of trouble accessing or activating this device, you can request assurance from an on-ground agent. 

Conditions for United Flight Check in via Kiosks

Some of the other conditions that apply to this method include: 

  • Oversized baggage cannot be checked in through the kiosk. 
  • For international check-ins, you will be required to present your passport for scanning. 
  • Unaccompanied minors are not eligible to use this mode of United Airlines check in. 
  • Only fliers with electronic tickets can use this option. 
  • If your booking has been changed, you cannot avail of this facility. 
  • Checking into standby flights is facilitated.

Language Choices:

The kiosk supports check in on United Airlines in the following languages: 

  • English
  • French 
  • German 
  • Chinese 
  • Japanese
  • Italian 
  • Korean
  • Spanish 
  • Thai 
  • Portuguese 

Note: Visually impaired passengers can use the kiosk by following the speech instructions or reading the braille script provided on the kiosk. 

Method 4: At the Airport Help Desk 

Another method of checking in at the airport is by visiting the agents at the help desks. This is the conventional method of boarding with no risk involved: 

  • At the airport, go to the nearest check-in counter. 
  • Provide your flight details and required personal information as well. 
  • The agents will take your bags and issue the boarding pass. 
  • Present the pass at the boarding gate to complete checking in. 

Note: The agents will further help with the United Airlines baggage check in as well as seat selection, cancellation, or itinerary/flight changes. 

United Airlines Social Media Platforms 

The social media platforms of this carrier can be of great use, especially in case of simple questions while checking in with United. 

You can reach out to the agents at the following platforms: 

Social Media Official Link 
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/United/ 
Twitter https://twitter.com/united 
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/united/ 
Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/united-airlines/ 

In addition, you can dial the following to get in-person help on call:

RegionPhone Number
Sri Lanka9411-2661703
South Africa0214268058
New Zealand0800-747-400
The United Kingdom0845-607-6760

The United Airlines check in policy makes it easy for passengers to obtain their boarding passes by offering different methods. Its rules are clear and, hence, simple to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check in with United Airlines? 

You can check-in using the official site of the carrier, the mobile application, the airport kiosk, etc. 

How early can you check in for a United flight?

The check in facility opens 24 hours before the departure of the flight.

How late can you check in for a flight United?

Passengers will be allowed to mark their presence up to 45 minutes before the flights take off.

How many bags check in United Airlines?

The United Airlines baggage check in policy permits 2 checked bags and one carry-on under luggage allowance.

How many checked baggage allowed in United Airlines?

Passengers can transport 2 checked baggage items and will have to pay an additional fee for more items.

How to add check in baggage in United Airlines?

You can add your luggage through the website of United or by visiting the help desk at the departure airport.

How to check in for United flight on app?

On the app, go to the “Flight Check-in” section. Enter your details and follow the directions given there.

How to check in online for United Airlines?

Confirm your arrival online using the “Check-in” section on the website and submit your flight details.

How does check-in work for United?

To check in on this carrier, you will have to reach the airport within the time limits, obtain the boarding pass, and submit it at the boarding gate.

What time is check-in for United Airlines?

The minimum time limit varies as per the destination. It can be between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

Do I need COVID test to board United Airlines?

The requirement for COVID tests depends on the country you are traveling to.

Can I pay United Airlines baggage fees during web check in?

Yes, online payment can be made during the web check in process.

Can I change or update my United Airlines flight seat during online check in?

Generally, seat selection can be made before the issue of the digital boarding pass.

What are the terms and conditions for United Airlines check in during COVID?

You might need to submit your COVID test and medical reports during check in.

Why am I unable to check in online for United Airlines?

If you are an unaccompanied minor or have a Basic Economy ticket, you may not be able to check in online.

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