Frontier Airlines Pet Policy

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Frontier Airlines pet policy allows passengers to take their furry friends along with them on their journey. The pets are allowed to travel in the cabin. It is also crucial to note that pets cannot travel as checked baggage or cargo.

It is ideal to make early pet reservations with the Airline to ensure travel arrangement is conducted efficiently and the airline can ensure proper space for the pet. 

What is Frontier Airlines Pet Policy?

Frontier Airlines allow domesticated animals like dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small household birds on the flight. The airline ensures a safe and comfortable experience. 

Here are some key details to keep in mind to get hold of the Frontier Pet guidelines. 

  • Pets are not allowed as checked baggage or Air cargo. 
  • The airline states that the pets must not eat food or drink water before four hours of flight departure. 
  • A one-way, directional charge is applicable for pet travel that must be paid in advance during booking. 
  • The passengers must check the rules, laws, customs, and government regulations and restrictions of the destination country on the itinerary. 
  • Up to 10 pet containers are allowed on the flight. 
  • Frontier Pet Policy reserves the right to refuse accommodation to a pet in the cabin in absence of adequate documentation or the animal is deemed as disruptive or aggressive. 

What Is the In-Cabin Frontier Airlines Pet Policy?

Frontier Airlines accepts pets in the cabin. The passengers must check the list of allowed pets and read the guidelines carefully to comply with the airline’s regulations.

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Allowed Pets

These breeds are allowed to travel inside the cabin with Frontier airlines. 

  • Domesticated cats and dogs minimum of eight weeks of age. 
  • Trained service animals (dogs) can travel in the passenger’s cabin for free. 
  • Pets like small household birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, cats, rabbits, and dogs can be carried within the United States.
  • Only domesticated cats and dogs can be carried from or to International flights. 

Travel requirements

The following conditions will apply when traveling with pet – 

  • Frontier Airlines Pets are allowed in the cabin on all domestic Frontier flights.
  • For domestic flights, the passengers have to pay a 99 USD one-way directional charge for the pet. 
  • For international trips, the frontier pet travel fee is route-based. 
  • On international flights, pet travel is allowed only for flights to/from the Dominican Republic and Mexico. 
  • Only 1 pet carrier is allowed per passenger per booking. 
  • The passengers cannot sit in the first or exit row if traveling with a pet. 
  • The passenger is responsible to calm the pet in case of disruption. 
  • Make sure that your pet is odorless, harmless, and requires no attention during the flight. 

NOTE: In an emergency, the pets will not be administered oxygen. 

What are the Dimensions of the Traveling Container for Pets?

Frontier Airlines pets and their carrier guidelines state that the carrier must be large enough so that the pet can stand, lie down, and turn down in its natural state. In addition – 

  • The container must be a soft-sided case. 
  • The carrier must be able to fit beneath the seat of the passengers.
  • The pet must stay in the container throughout the journey with no discomfort. 
  • The maximum dimensions allowed for a pet container is 18″ length x 14″ width x 8″ height
  • The pet carrier is not included as checked baggage. 
  • Pet policy for Frontier Airlines states that the container can either be a carry-on bag (must not exceed 24 x 16 x 10
  • An additional fee is levied for the carry-on bag as per Frontier checked baggage policy

Note – The Airline will provide seat assignments with space if some seats do not accommodate the pet container effectively. 

What Are the Travel Restrictions for Pets with  Frontier Airlines?

Some pets and breeds are not allowed on the Airlines. It may include exotic breeds and breeds that are highly likely to get a heatstroke. 

Restricted Pets

Under frontier pet policy, the restricted breeds include – 

  • Large birds (Birds of prey, Parrots, Macaws, and Cockatoos)
  • Rodents (Including Mice, Squirrels, and Rats), Beavers, Ferrets
  • Reptiles (Including snakes) 
  • Amphibians
  • Insects (Including spiders) 
  • Large wild animals like lions, Bears, and Tigers

Other Restrictions

The passengers may have to abide by certain restrictions on the aircraft for the well-being and convenience of other passengers. 

  • Frontier Airlines Pet travel is not accepted in the cabin on journeys to Australia, South Africa, UAE, UK, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Dakar, Dubai, Jamaica, Barbados, and the Republic of Ireland. 
  • Your pet must remain in the travel container all the time for its safety and comfort. 
  • It is not advisable to sedate the pet for travel as the effects of tranquilizers on heights can be lethal.
  • To avoid distress caused by aircraft motion, do not give the pet food or water on board.
  • Pets are not allowed on Codeshare flights. 

What Are the Documents Required to Travel With a Pet on Frontier Airlines?

While traveling with pets, it is necessary to note that the passengers must carry essential documents not only for them but also for their pets too. 

Make sure that you carry the following documents, Frontier Airlines approved pet carriers, and stay updated with the guidelines of the destination in the itinerary. 

  • The passengers must present health certificates indicating that pets are free from parasites or have been treated for them. 
  • The Health certificate must contain the owner’s name and address, country of origin/ destination, and animal species. 
  • Travel documents are crucial especially when traveling between the Dominican Republic and Mexico.
  • Some of the recommended vaccinations for pet travel include PIP, Hepatitis, and Leptospirosis. 
  • The pets must be administered rabies immunization within one year of travel up to 30 days before the scheduled departure.  
  • Pets that have received the rabies booster less than 30 days before the travel date must present valid proof. 

Note – Domestic travel does not require a Pet Health Certificate. However, check the specific location guidelines. A health certificate is compulsory for international travel.

Can I Take Service and Emotional Support Pets on Frontier Airlines?

The latest policy has been revised for Trained service animals and emotional support animals. Since the changes in Department of Transportation (DOT) rules, only dogs are allowed as service animals for a passenger with a disability. 

Guidelines to Follow:

  • Only dogs are allowed in the cabin who are trained to perform actions or tasks for the benefit of a qualified individual with disabilities. 
  • Service dogs can travel free of charge in the cabin. 
  • Only fully trained psychiatric dogs are accepted as trained service animals. 
  • Passengers must fill out the “Service Animal Air Transportation Form” and upload the form on the portal. 
  • One trained service animal can travel free in the passenger’s cabin. 
  • A single passenger can travel with not more than two service animals. 
  • Trained service animals are permitted to/from domestic and international flights. However, they must abide by the international regulations of respective countries. 

Restrictions for pets

The following restriction will apply under Frontier airlines pet policy – 

  • Service animals still in training are not allowed to travel. 
  • Service animals under the age of 4 months are not permitted. 
  • Frontier Airlines pets policy states that Comfort animals, non-task-trained animals, and companion animals are not considered service animals. 
  • Trained service animals with disruptive behavior and habits like growling, biting, lunging, scratching, urinating, or defecating at the gate area or cabin, and acting as a direct threat to others’ safety will be denied boarding.

Booking a Reservation for Service Animals

The booking for Service animals can be done in the same way as the booking for pet animals. 

  • Make sure to book the reservation for the service animal at the time of booking the flight. 
  • Download and fill out the “Service Animal Air Transportation Form”. 
  • If the reservation is booked beyond 48 hours before the departure, the passengers can submit the required form on the portal. 
  • However, if the reservation is booked under 48 hours before flight departure, the passengers must submit the completed form to the airline’s representative at the airport. 

At the Airport

Passengers must take a note of the following consideration at the time of check-in at the airport.

  • The Airport agent determines whether the animal is a trained service animal and whether the passenger seeking travel is a person with a disability. 
  • The airline staff may ask questions related to animal competence and training during the disability. 
  • Under Frontier Airlines flying with pets program, it is ideal to share a copy of the Service animal Transportation form at the counter or onboard. 

How to Book a Pet Reservation on Frontier Airlines?

You can add the pet at the time of reservation by the option “Add a Pet”. You can also add pets to an existing booking by making changes in the “ Frontier Manage Booking” option. 

Adding Pets During Initial Reservation

The passengers can add Frontier Airlines pet ticket at the time of booking by following the given steps:

  • Open the Frontier airlines website.
  • Click on the “Book a Flight” option and add necessary details like the Date, time, Passenger’s name, journey destination, and beginning location. 
  • You will find the button “Cabin Pet” and enter information related to your pet. 
  •  Enter the pet breed, age, and necessary documents like Rabies immunization, vaccination, and Health certificate based on the route and destination. 
  • Pay the required pet travel fee.
  • Confirm the details and the airline will process the request. 

Adding Pets to an Existing Reservation

The passengers can also make changes to Frontier existing reservation and add pets in the cabin following these simple steps: 

  • Visit the airline’s website and navigate the “Manage my Trips” tab.
airfleetrating-add pet to frontier flight
  • Enter the 6-character confirmation code and the last name of the passenger to retrieve the booking.
  • Click on the desired trip you wish to make the request for. 
  • Click on “Add Special Services” and choose the required service. 
  • Enter the Pet details like the breed, age, health documents, vaccination reports, etc. 
  • Complete the on-screen instructions and pay the Frontier Pet fee
  • The Airlines will register the request. 

Live Chat Option

Frontier Airlines have started the “Live chat” option to ensure that passengers do not face any issues or concerns while booking a pet reservation. 

The Chatbot is well-built and can manage a wide array of flight booking difficulties. 

  • Choose the desired language.
  • The associate will guide the passengers on how to book reservations with a pet. 
  • You can either book at the time of booking or after the booking is completed. 

Sharing Queries and Doubts Via Social Media

Frontier Airlines is well-connected on various social media handles. The passengers who wish to get their queries addressed or have some special request can also reach out to the Customer associates or the airline agents on the following pages. 

Social Media PlatformLinks

We hope this article helped you understand Frontier Airlines pet policy for your next flight. For any issues or concerns related to Frontier Airlines, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I bring my dog on a Frontier flight?

Yes, pet dogs are allowed in the cabin on all domestic flights and international flights.

Does Frontier allow pets without a pet health certificate?

A Pet health certificate is compulsory for international travel. Make sure to know the government guidelines of the specific state in which you land.

What is the pet fee on Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines Pet policy charges 99 USD one way to travel with pets in the cabin.

Does the frontier allow pets in cargo?

Frontier Airlines no longer allow pets as Air cargo.

Do pets have access to the cabin at the Frontier?

Pets are allowed in the passenger’s cabin on all domestic flights.

How strict is Frontier with Pet Carrier?

Frontier Airlines is strict with its rules related to pet carriers. The passengers must make sure that the carrier fits under the seat and follow the size specifications mentioned by them.

What do I need to fly my dog on the frontier?

The passengers must carry health certificates, travel documents, and a sturdy pet container while flying with pets on the airline.

What is the pet policy for traveling with a service animal at Frontier Airlines?

Passengers can carry dogs as service animals at the Airlines. Emotional support animals do not qualify as service animals.

Does Frontier Airlines allow pets as checked baggage?

No, Frontier Airlines do not allow pets as checked baggage. They can only travel in the cabin.

What certificates should I carry when traveling with my pet on Frontier Airlines?

Some essential certificates include Health certificates, Immunization records against rabies, vaccination records, and health certificates.

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