Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy

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Fliers can rely on the Qatar Airways flight change policy for modifications and upgrades. Thus, this facility works for 2 purposes. Provided that you apply its rules, you can easily adjust your trips. Moreover, you can benefit from refunds when the carrier adjusts the schedule of a reservation.

What are the Qatar Airways Flight Change Rules?

When considering changes to your Qatar Airways flight, it’s crucial to ensure your name is accurate. For any modifications required, please check out Qatar Airways name change policy to facilitate a seamless process. To exercise the change flight Qatar Airways facility, be aware of the rules given:

  • You can modify a trip when the fare rules allow you to do so.
  • Modifications can be made to these:
    • Dates of travel – Inbound, outbound, and for both directions
    • Destinations
  • Even exchanges are a part of the flight change policy. 
  • The rules associated with fares can further apply.
  • You can exchange your tickets for vouchers having a 10% higher value when reserved:
    • Through official website
    • Via the authorized mobile application
  • Trips upgraded via the following can’t be modified:
    • Qcredits
    • Avios
  • You cannot make adjustments to offers regarding upgrades.
  • Return trips can be updated.
  • The upgrades made through this policy can’t be revoked/refunded.
  • Due to voluntary flight delays, you can try to reschedule your trips.
  • Whenever you change your travel, reissue your ticket.

How Do I Change My Qatar Airways Flight?

Depending on your convenience, you can upgrade or modify your trips online or offline. 

airfleetrating-How to Change Qatar Airways Flight

Option 1: From the Site

The passengers of Qatar Airways changing flights online should have the ticket details with them. You can log in to your account in the usual way. Then you can manage your booking. 

Or, these steps can assist you:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Search the terms “Qatar Airways Manage a Booking”.
  • Choose the first official link.
  • Here, add your “e-Ticket Number” or “Booking Reference (PNR)”.
  • Then, your “Last Name” has to be mentioned.
  • Tap on “Find Booking”.
  • Once you retrieve your trip, you can begin managing it.

Upgrades or modifications to bookings can be made via the Qatar Airways app too. It is available for Apple/iOS and Android users. The steps listed above can guide you through this.

Opinion 2: Through Various Offline Mediums

You can change your flight on Qatar Airways offline. This involves 3 mediums:

1. To get in touch with the carrier on call, the following can work as Qatar Airways change flight contact numbers:

LocationContact Number
Afghanistan+974 40230319
Australia+61 283201015
Algeria+213 982405262+974 4023 0000
United Arab Emirates+971 600521473
Belgium+32 28948391
Brazil+5511 51080474
Canada+1 888 366 5666
Cyprus+35 722008541
Denmark+45 32725806
Egypt08000060230+20 1501718010
Ethiopia+251 11 554 4638
France+33 488910726
Finland+358 923 191 110
Georgia+995 706 777 992
Germany+49 6917 4899 14
Hungary+36 1 755 5025
Indonesia(007) 8030160210(001) 8030160210
Italy+39 0230578845
Japan+81 345101960
Kuwait+965 22059250
Lebanon+961 1 763 100
Malaysia+60 392125457
New Zealand+64 9 8866229
Philippines+63 286263646+974 4023 0000
Qatar+974 4144 5555
Russia+7 4951083497
United States+1 877 777 2827
Vietnam+974 4144 5555

Note: To get more numbers as per your region, refer to the website of Qatar Airways.

2. Assistance can be availed at the airport counters of this carrier.

3.You can find various ticketing offices of the airline. They are present in locations such as:

  • Algeria
  • The United Kingdom
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • The U.S.

The addresses of such offices can be found on the site of the airline.

Via the same mediums, you can get a trip re-issued. But keep in mind that this method may not include free modifications. Also, it will invite service costs.

What is the Qatar Airways Flight Schedule Change Policy?

The schedule adjustment policy is for tickets with segments that were issued under Qatar Airways (QR/157) plate/stock. 

  • Their original point of departure should be later or on 1 October 2022.
  • Trips may be adjusted 1 day before they have to begin.
  • The above can include reversals/changes.
  • When you change a flight on Qatar Airways, the adjustments can comprise:
    • Change in departure/arrival timing
    • A misconnection in relation to a specific ticket
    • Switching the airports
    • Service downgrades
    • Cancellation of flights
    • Adjusted frequency 
  • Your “Travel Trade Partner” will notify you about the changes.
  • This partner will also issue the ticket again.
  • In case you are notified about PNR schedule updates 30 days more than take-off:
    • Accept the segments or rebook them.
    • Get the ticket issued again within thirty days from the updates.
  • When the updates to the PNR are given 30 days before the departure:
    • Rebook/accept the ticket segments.
    • Issue your booking up to 1 day before the departure originally.
  • When rebooking is possible 2 hours from the departure, reversals may not be given.

What are Schedule Adjustments for Coupons?

Assuming that you have purchased coupons and the schedule change policy affects your trips, you can get how to rebook Qatar Airways ticket options. 

Time of Take-offOptions for Rebooking
Original departure between 1-31 October 2022Rebook a trip that departs by 31 January 2023Avoid take-off dates after/on 1 November 2022 – before/on 31 December 2022
Original departure between 1-31 December 2022Rebook your trip leaving in 21 days from the original departure date
Original take-off is after/on 1 January 2023Rebook a trip that departs in 21 days from the original departure date after/on 31 December 2022

In the case of revised trips, the duration should not go beyond 12/twelve months.

What are the Terms for Rebooking in Qatar?

As per the Qatar Airways flight schedule change policy, you can rebook a trip. But it may be limited to the following:

airfleetrating-Terms for Rebooking on Qatar Airways
  • You can reroute completely unused tickets with specific origins. 
  • The new take-off should be after or on January 1, 2023.
  • Segments relating to Marriage Segment Control (O&D) can be rebooked/changed.
  • Cabin upgrades may not be free.
  • During airport, destination, or origin modifications, you can’t get:
    • Reimbursed surface transport
    • Accommodation in hotels
  • You will be obliged to abide by the travel conditions/limitations.

To know more details, you should check the website of the carrier.

What is the Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy for Reissuing?

The airline can make changes to the schedule of a trip. 

  • You can rebook outbound/inbound unused tickets in 1 transaction of reissuing.
  • In this case, the original stay duration should be matched.
  • When a flight is irregular, the duration can be extended by another day.
  • Usually, the reissue benefit is given when a plan is majorly affected. This includes:
    • A 1-day trip
    • The stay duration is reduced
  • If you wish to rebook, the new trip’s departure should be:
    • On or after November 1, 2022,
    • Before or on December 31, 2022,
  • The condition above applies when the originally scheduled departure is:
    • Before or on October 31, 2022,
    • After/on January 1, 2023,
  • On Qatar Airways changing flights is limited to rebooking with/on another airline.
  • Your new flight ticket’s Restrictions/Endorsement field should indicate:
    • “SKCHG COMM1068”
  • The following will not be asked for:
    • Fees
    • Costs
    • Taxes
    • Price differences
  • This schedule flight change policy lets you reissue 2 tickets.
  • Residual costs can’t be:
    • Refunded
    • Exchanged
  • On Qatar Airways change the flight for free when you rebook due to schedule modifications.
  • You can reissue unused coupons.

Are there Refunds for Schedule Changes of Flights on Qatar Airways?

Provided that a schedule modification is involved, the carrier can give you several options to alter any inconvenience. 

  • However, when Qatar Airways change flights and you are not satisfied, you can opt for a refund.
  • You can get refunds for unused trips.
  • The amount is provided as originally paid.
  • You can get waivers for:
    • Refundable tickets
    • Non-refundable bookings
    • Q/stopover expenses
    • YR/YQ costs
    • Penalties 
  • To calculate the amount, the airline will consider:
    • Unused NUC
    • Taxes
    • Expenses
    • Charges
    • Fees
  • The following cannot be refunded:
    • Taxes that are non-refundable and partially used
    • Fees for rebooking that were collect ted earlier
    • Penalties for no-shows
  • When the airline changes your flight, you can get refunds for up to one year.
  • You can contact the office/contact center of Qatar in the instances of:
    • Complex refund situations
    • Partially-used tickets
    • Side travel
    • End-on-end trips

Are there Any Limitations of the Flight Change Refund Policy?

With reference to the Qatar Airways change flight policy, prior to seeking refunds, you should know the terms as follows:

  • Waivers are not available in the instances of no-shows.
  • The charges for debit or credit cards cannot be returned.
  • PNR will have to be updated by Travel Trade Partners.
  • The office or contact center of Qatar can provide help for:
    • PNRs involving groups
    • Ad-hoc ticketed group
    • Service downgrade
    • Changes to PTC/Passenger Type Code
    • RTW tickets
  • You can connect with Travel Trade Partners for any other service.

What is the Qatar Airways Flight Change COVID-19 Policy?

An active Qatar Airways flight change COVID-19 policy may or may not be available. 

However, fliers can seek help from the carrier.

What is the Cost of Changing Flights on Qatar Airways?

It may be difficult to ascertain the exact fee to modify tickets with this airline. However, depending on certain rules, one may determine the change flight Qatar Airways fees.

  • In the field for tax, the charge is indicated by XP.
  • The fee will be applicable for every transaction.
  • Depending on which one of these is high, you will have to pay the cost:
    • No-show fee
    • The price for a change
  • QR Market tickets cannot be revalidated.
  • You may be able to revalidate in the instance of group PNR.
  • For re-pricing, the new trip’s value should be equal to/more than the original one.
  • The cost of changing flights with Qatar Airways is applicable for any adult/infant/child who needs a seat.
  • From infants to adults, the charges are the same.
  • A change/no-show cost is also required when you can’t check in because:
    • Your passport is missing.
    • There are visa-related issues. 

Note: Given that you are a no-show flier but are still allowed to modify your trip, your ticket must be valid. Then, a fee will also be requested.

Prior to Departure,

  • The change flight Qatar Airways cost is applied when you modify before departing.
  • You may have to pay a no-show fee.
  • Following this, you have to exchange or reissue the ticket.
  • Price differences can be involved.

After the Take-off

  • Qatar can ask you to make a payment for modifications after the departure.
  • This can involve no-show costs too.
  • Post the change, exchange, or issue your ticket again.
  • As per the new ticket’s cost, the Qatar Airways change flight fee will be evaluated.
  • Depending on the components modified, the highest fee will be asked for.

What is the Qatar Airways Flight Change Fee for Voluntary Modifications?

A passenger can modify a flight willingly. This voluntary action can also include upgrades and downgrades. Furthermore, various conditions and service charges are involved. Accordingly, the flight change fee on Qatar Airways is determined.

Voluntary Updates

The changes to your flight can include upgrades voluntarily done by you. 

  • For cabin updates (Y-J/F) during validity, switching to the higher one is allowed.
  • Change/exchange/reissue fees don’t apply.
  • However, extra taxes can be requested.
  • No-show charges are excluded when you make changes to 3 hours within the take-off.

Note: Similar terms are observed in the instances of upselling of inventory.

Downgrades Made Voluntarily

You can make downgrades from F to J or J/F to Y. They are possible when your ticket is valid. 

  • You can fly in a low-fare cabin. Its cost will undergo re-evaluation.
  • The re-issue/change flight Qatar Airways cost is observed.
  • Within three hours of take-off, no-show fees are applicable.
  • For subsequent re-issuing charges, the airline asks for a price.
  • In the case of downgrades, residual costs are not refundable.

Note: Downselling is not allowed in any scenario.

For Fare Combinations

When you make changes to components, the one associated with the maximum fee is to be paid. 

  • Modifications aren’t allowed when the itineraries are differently priced. 
  • In case there are any penalties, you will have to submit them.

In Other Conditions

Usually, a booking can be initiated for 360 days or so. Depending on the system of GDS, the duration can vary. If a component includes inbound costs, the 1st modification invites no cost. Hence, the fliers of Qatar Airways change flights for free.

Service Costs

Depending on how you are modifying your booking, service charges are required. Also, they are non-refundable.

Type of ServiceFee on Qatar Airways
Changing flights via calling, airport, or ticketing office$25
Reissuing tickets through the airport, phone, or ticketing office $15

What is the Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy for Baggage?

A part of the Qatar Airways baggage policy is linked to the flight modification facility.

  • Officially bought extra luggage is non-refundable/forfeited when you change flights.
  • Date modifications would be allowed only when the route is the same.

Exceptionally, when extra luggage is permitted amidst adjustments but a flight is out of space, the carrier may not allow you to carry it. In that event, you can ask for:

  • An alternative flight
  • Refund

Can I Change Qatar Airways Flights with Privilege Club?

As a Privilege Club member, you get the flexibility to make changes to bookings. You can also make upgrades for a fee.

When more than twenty-four (24) hours are left before departing:

Membership TypeCost to Change Flight on Qatar Airways
Gold, PlatinumNo fees
BurgundySilverPlatinum/Gold (or member’s family/guest)USD 25

If 3-24 hours are left prior to leaving and changes are made:

Member TypeFlight Change Fee
BurgundySilverPlatinum/Gold (or family members/guests)USD 100
Platinum, GoldRefund not available revocation charges applicable

In the instance of a no-show or within 3 hours or post departure:

  • Cash/Avios gets forfeited.
  • No-show fees won’t be required.
  • Refunds are available for government/airport taxes.

How to Modify Flights as a Privilege Club Member?

For a member of the Privilege Club, this operator provides 24-hour assistance. To avail yourself of it, you can access the website. Here, you can sign in. Then you can find the option to talk to one live agent online. This professional can proceed with your flight change request.

Note: This method is effective for other fliers also.

Can I Change Flight in Qatar Airways with Award Tickets?

You can modify Award Tickets. The facility to change flights with Qatar Airways in this case involves these rules:

  • You can modify after paying for these in the case of:
    • Unused tickets
    • Partially-used tickets
  • Regardless of the issuance date, extra Avios can’t be gathered.
  • For promotional reservations, the rules are:
    • They can be modified if they are in their offer period.
    • After this period, Avios differences get applied.
    • Differences in taxes will have to be cleared.

What is the Fees for Modifying Award Tickets on Qatar?

In accordance with the membership level, a fee will have to be borne by every person.

When twenty-four hours are left prior to leaving:

MembershipAward Ticket Change Fee
PlatinumOr, GoldNone
Silver, Burgundy, Or, Gold/Platinum (or guests and family)USD 25

In case you modify the trips between three and twenty-four hours before take-off:

Tier of MembershipFees for Modifications
Silver, Burgundy, Or, Gold/Platinum (or guests and family)USD 100
Gold/PlatinumCharges don’t apply

You can modify Award bookings within 3 hours of the departure of afterward. In this case: 

  • The carrier will forfeit cash/Avios.
  • Qatar Airways can give back the following:
    • Airport taxes
    • Government charges

What are the Other Types of Modifications to Award Reservations?

Award trips can be flexibly modified in various ways such as these:

  • Route changes when the region is the same are allowed for:
    • Tickets utilized partially
    • Unused tickets
  • For 1-way trips, you can:
    • Not modify the origin
    • Adjust 1 destination provided that the region remains the same
  • In the case of a round booking:
    • You can change the turnaround but the region should not be modified.
    • The origin can’t be adjusted.
  • Sector modifications are disallowed for trips involving partner carriers.

What is the Qatar Airways Change Flight Date Policy?

Using this policy, you can select a different date to fly. 

  • Depending on the kind of fare you have, the terms of this framework can vary. 
  • The passengers of Qatar Airways change flight dates in the instances of upgrades too. 
  • Then they will be booked again. 
  • This will happen as per the rules of the original ticket. 
  • However, rebooking will not be done in the updated cabin.

Qatar Airways Flight Changes and Student Club

With this airline, students can get flexibility in various forms. This is provided under the Student Club program. They can change the date of their flight on Qatar Airways. Usually, the first modification is complimentary.

What is the Cost of Changing Flight Dates on Qatar Airways?

In general, passengers can make adjustments to the date of flying. This can also be charged. For students, costs may apply after the first change. For others, the Qatar Airways change flight date price can be specified after officially contacting the airline.

Clearing Doubts Relating to Flight Modifications

At times, you may have particular doubts. You may want to ask whether the flights of unaccompanied minors can be changed. Or, whether you can use this policy after your flight is missed may not be clear. 

Using the social media information of Qatar Airways, you can get those doubts settled.

Platform Handle/Link

In sum, the Qatar Airways flight change policy is majorly flexible. It supports numerous adjustments. Consequently, you can fly after ensuring all your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Qatar Airways change flight date price?

To be aware of the latest date change prices, get in touch with this airline.

Is there a Qatar Airways international flight change fee?

You may have to pay a fee for changing an international flight.

Can you change flight dates Qatar Airways?

Yes, you can modify or reschedule the date of flying.

How to change my flight date Qatar Airways?

Sign in to your account on this airline’s website to manage the date of your trip.

How do I change my flight Qatar Airways offline?

As per your region, you can contact the operator to get your flight rescheduled.

Why did Qatar Airways change flight destinations?

Due to disruptions, the airline may modify the destination of a trip.

What if Qatar Airways change my flight?

Fliers can get refunds when the airline changes their reservations.

Can I get a refund if Qatar Airways changed my flight time?

Subject to certain terms, you can get a refund when not satisfied with the changed flight time.

Is there a Qatar Airways flight change within 24 hours policy?

Passengers can adjust trips within twenty-four hours of their booking but a specific policy may not be given.

I want to change my flight date in Qatar Airways. What is the method?

It will be useful to visit the ticketing office of the operator to modify your trip’s date.

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