Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy

Name Change Policy
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Passengers can correct spelling errors on their bookings through the Turkish Airlines name change policy. This framework outlines all the main conditions that are applicable to name modifications and corrections. Additionally, it mentions how travelers can adjust their booking details after reservation on this carrier. 

What Rules are Applicable for Turkish Airlines Name Change? 

When you want to modify your name on this airline, you will have to abide by the given basic rules:

  • The name on the passport should be exactly similar to the one on the ticket. 
  • Alterations can only be made on tickets booked officially. 
  • The name you present during boarding should be already recorded in the system. 
  • When 2 or more letters are wrongly entered, they must be immediately corrected. 
  • In the case of group reservations, the details of all the passengers must be accurate. 
  • If your name change involves significant modifications, the passport must be renewed. 
  • Bookings made via travel agencies should be directly referred to the agent. 
  • For making any flight changes for Turkish Airlines, the correct particulars have to be used.

Note: You may be wrongfully denied access to this feature. You can call the airline agents directly. 

You can modify your personal details because of legal reasons.

airfleetrating-legal name change Reasons
  • Last name changes will be allowed in the case of:
    • Marriage 
    • Divorce
  • The marriage certificate or the divorce decree should be submitted. 
  • Legal modifications will be permitted under court-issued orders.  
  • If your last name has been changed by the court, proof should be submitted. 

Is Last Name Change on Turkish Airlines Allowed?

Once the reservation is confirmed on your carrier, you will only be allowed to modify your last name under these conditions: 

  • There must be a valid reason for the alteration. 
  • Make sure to first modify the last name details on your passport. 
  • In this case, Turkish Airlines name change requests should be made before boarding. 
  • When you do not have a surname/last name, enter it as LNU (last name unknown). 
  • You can make a booking using the un-renewed passport when:
    • Your last name has been changed.
    • Also, you have not yet modified it on your passport.

Are there Restrictions under the Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy? 

Although this policy is quite liberal regarding ticket modifications, some restrictions are there: 

  • The complete particulars of the passenger cannot be changed. 
  • You cannot travel with tickets booked under someone else’s name. 
  • Passengers will not be allowed to transfer the ticket to others. 
  • Your surname and main name should be clearly mentioned at the time of booking. 
  • Reservations with mismatched particulars will be revoked under the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy

Is there a Turkish Airlines Name Correction Policy?

It may be possible to make minor corrections to personal information. You can refer to the Turkish Airlines name correction policy for this reason. Or, the carrier can be approached for complete information.

What is the Turkish Airlines Change Name Fee?

In order to alter your personal details on the reservation, you will be required to pay a certain amount of Turkish Airlines change name fees. 

  • The exact amount of the fee depends on these factors:
    • Type of modification
    • Number of required alterations
    • Flight route and itinerary
    • Arrival destination 
    • Time of request 
    • Class of service 
  • A service charge will be payable when you seek the assistance of the airline agents. 
  • This fee can be paid online through the available payment modes. 
  • The amount payable will be informed when you make the name change request. 
  • No discounts will be given unless specifically mentioned. 

Note: In most cases, passengers will not be allowed to modify their tickets for free. 

How to Change Name on Flight Tickets on Turkish Airlines? 

This airline offers different methods through which you can change name on ticket on Turkish Airlines including website and calling facilities.

Method 1: Using Manage Booking

The quickest way to modify your ticket is by using the main website of this carrier. Under this, you can follow the steps given below to specifically reach the manage booking option: 

  • Open the airline’s home page.
  • Click on the “Turkish Airlines Check In/Manage Booking” section. 
  • Enter the following details: 
    • Ticket Number or Reservation Code (PNR)”
    • “Passenger Surname” 
  • Then click on the arrow given in red to continue. 
  • Your reservation will now be retrieved. 
  • Select the ticket to which changes are to be made. 
  • From here, you can follow the instructions given on the site. 
  • Modify using the Turkish Airlines change name on ticket option. 
  • Pay the required amount of fees. 

Once the ticket is modified, you will receive an email to your registered address. 

Method 2: Through Calling 

The process of Turkish Airlines changing name on ticket can be simplified by calling. You will just have to get in touch with the carrier’s agents and request the changes. 

To contact the authorities, you can:

  • Open the official site of Turkish Airlines
  • Select the “Help Center” option under “Help”.
  • Click on the “Contact Us” tab. 
  • Tap the link highlighted in red for “Contact Us”. 
  • A new page will be opened named “Our Call Centers”. 
  • Here, select your country and find out the required details. 

A few important phone numbers are listed here:

Region Contact Number 
Worldwide +90 212 463 63 63
Kabul 00 93707 11 48 49
Minsk +375 17 279 18 83
Toronto +1 800 874 8875
Billund+45 75 35 30 00
Cairo 0800 000 9145
UK+44 0844 800 66 66 /,  +44 0203 991 1993
USA+1-800-874 8875

Turkish Airlines – Social Media Platforms 

To solve any questions on Turkish Airlines for changing name on tickets, you can use the social media platforms of this operator. 

Social Media Platform Official Link 
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TurkishAirlines/ 
Twitter https://twitter.com/TurkishAirlines 
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/turkishairlines/ 
Linkedin https://tr.linkedin.com/company/turkish-airlines 

In summation, the Turkish Airlines name change policy is quite simple and straightforward. It enables its travelers to make simple adjustments as well as significant changes. Additionally, this feature is accessible to all, owing to the minimal charges. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change name on Turkish Airlines ticket?

You can use the carrier’s site or call the reservations office to change your name.

How much is Turkish Airlines name change fee?

This fee depends on the type of change and will be informed while making the modification.

What is Turkish Airlines name change policy?

It is a policy that allows name alterations and determines other rules for ticket modifications.

How to put your middle name in on Turkish Airlines?

The Turkish Airlines middle name can be entered on the ticket during reservation.

How to correct wrong name on Turkish Airlines ticket?

Go to the official site, enter your details under the “Manage Booking” section, and correct your name.

How to do Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles name change?

You can either call the airline agents or use the website of this operator for Miles and Smiles modifications.

Can I change the name on my Turkish Airline ticket?

Yes, this airline permits name changes and corrections.

How to change name on flight ticket Turkish Airlines offline?

To do so, you have to dial the contact number of the carrier in your region and place a request.

How to change passenger name Turkish Airlines? 

There may be limitations to fully changing passenger names. Connect with the airline for help.

Do a Turkish Airlines booking needs a middle name? 

It is not mandatory to enter the Turkish Airlines middle name on ticket unless mentioned on your passport. 

Can you change your name on Turkish Airlines after a divorce/marriage?

Yes, you can modify your particulars after submitting your marriage or divorce certificate.

How do I change my passenger on Turkish Airlines?

You will not be allowed to transfer the ticket to another flier on this carrier.

How much does it cost to change name on Türkiye Hava Yolları flight?

The amount of name change fees charged will be informed while adjusting/booking.

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