Etihad Cancellation Policy


The Etihad cancellation policy is designed to manage the revocations of the booking caused by a variety of circumstances. These circumstances can be due to some emergency issues with the flyers. This policy operates by adhering to a set of terms to ensure that reservation cancellations can be smoothly done by the passengers.

This airline’s passengers can choose a revocation option based on how and when they may wish to reverse their booking. It is important to understand and follow all of the UAE carrier’s terms and conditions before starting the flight reversal procedure. 

What are the cancellation policies for Etihad flights?

The passengers may wish to use the Etihad cancellation policy in specific circumstances. There can be some instances where the flyer needs to cancel their booking due to sudden changes in their travel. Or, due to some emergencies too. Therefore, knowing this policy can be extremely important for its visitors. Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy aims to make it easy for travelers to cancel their tickets by following its terms and conditions. In all cases, the flyer must contact Etihad Airways at least two hours before the scheduled departure time to cancel their ticket.

Other important terms and conditions that should be known about Etihad ticket cancellation of flight are as follows:

  • A passenger may need to notify a partner airline personally when he or she is traveling with this operator. 
  • When you require to revoke your booking purchased through the agent, you may contact him or her directly. 
  • The most restricted ticket can be used when you have reserved numerous fares. 
  • Etihad Airways cancellation policy may apply to all fares and service classes to the flyers.
  • One can receive an entire refund amount when his or her ticket is bought, including an infant. 
  • In such circumstances, when a flight reservation of the traveler can be made with a check, invoice, cash, or any other non-electronic transaction, the ticket may not be refundable. 
  • When a visitor is traveling on a special ticket, the air operator may not charge a revocation price on his or her booking.
  • In case of the death of the traveler, proof of documentation needs to be submitted for verification by the family member to cancel the reservation. 

Note: To understand the details of terms and conditions properly, you can visit the official site of the air carrier. Additionally, you can also call the operator for acquiring more information. 

How does Etihad Airways 24 hours Cancellation Policy work?

This airline based in UAE has a 24-hour cancellation policy for rapid cancellations. Etihad 24 hours cancellation policy is set for passengers who may not wish to continue their trip with this operator for various reasons. A traveler may be permitted to make an Etihad Airways cancellation within 24 hours. In addition to this, this policy provides a flyer with a risk-free time. 

Please read the following guidelines to better comprehend this 24-hours policy:

  • Only tickets reserved from or to the United States before one week of departure time and canceled within 24 hours can be eligible for a full refund.
  • The carrier may not get charged a cancellation fee when the tourist changes or cancel the booking within this risk-free period. 
  • Any tickets reserved through the main site and by calling the customer service department can be eligible for Etihad Airways 24 hours cancellation policy. 
  • All refundable, as well as non-refundable tickets, can be subject to this policy.
  • The tickets purchased using frequent flyer miles or future credit coupons may not be eligible under the 24-hour policy.

What are the reasons for the cancellation of Etihad flights?

Flight revocations can be prevalent these days, particularly due to some crises. There can be a variety of factors that a passenger may reverse his or her booking, apart from the crisis. One can avoid such reversals when he or she may understand the reasons. This may assist you in carefully designing your trip. 

The most frequent causes for travelers to cancel their tickets:

  • Bad Weather
  • Medical issues
  • Government directives
  • Visa problems
  • Family functions
  • Demise in Family
  • Emergencies at work
  • Unfavorable weather
  • Changes to the location

Note: According to the Etihad Airlines cancellation policy, you may not be required to state the reason for the cancellation of your reservation to the airline. The carrier’s main purpose is to make traveling easier for its tourists by allowing the revocations at any cause.

What is the Etihad Cancellation Policy for COVID-19?

When the plane is accessible during the coronavirus pandemic, a tourist can fly with Etihad Airways. In such instances, you may be required to follow all the safety precautions outlined in the Etihad Airways COVID-19 cancellation policy. However, when it is not followed, the carrier may cancel or delay your booking.

To avoid such situations in the first place, one can be obliged to wear a mask all the time, following this policy. A traveler can visit the official site of the airline to learn about it and comprehend the other safety precautions. You might also call the operator for gaining more information about the COVID-19 norms. 

How to Cancel Etihad Airways Flight Ticket?

According to the Etihad flight cancellation policy, visitors can use various methods for their flight reversal. A flyer can go to the airport and personally revoke his/her plane ticket by requesting the officials. Or else, the flyers can also call the customer service center and ask for the revocation of the booking process. In addition, one can go through the online procedure of cancellation of reservations provided by the carrier. Based on the conformity of the customers, they can select the most suitable method for them. 

Method 1: Etihad Ticket Cancellation via Online (Manage Booking)

Cancellations may be verified instantly by using this method. All kinds of tickets can be considered eligible for cancellation according to the Etihad cancellation policy. Now, the passengers may be able to access this function even more easily. 

For initiating this procedure, you may have to locate the main site of the carrier. There, you may invert your details regarding the reservation. Moreover, you will have to follow the further steps mentioned on the screen. Hence, flyers from all over the world are suggested to employ this method. 

Please go through the detailed steps to revoke your booking according to the Etihad Airways cancellation policy:

  • Open Etihad Website
  • Find the “Manage” section and Click on it.
Image of Etihad Manage
  • Fill in the details “Booking Reference or “Ticket Number” and “Last Name”.
Image of Etihad Manage my Booking
  • After filling out all of the information, click on the “Find My Booking” tab.
  • Select the ticket that you may want to cancel. 
  • Pay the cancellation charges if applicable.
  • At last, the carrier may send you a confirmation message. 

Note: Once the reversal of the booking procedure has been completed, you can claim your money back from the air operator. 

Method 2: Locating the Airport for Etihad Ticket Cancellation

One of the simplest Etihad Airways ticket cancellation procedures can be by visiting the airport, in person. A flyer can connect with the officials while performing this approach. 

Firstly, you may have to navigate the ticket kiosk. There, you can share your concern about the revocation of the ticket. You may have to ask to give the reason for the reversal. Further, you will have to provide your reservation information. This may include your reference code or ticket number as well as your full name. 

Post submitting your details to the operator, you may ask for the service fees when necessary. Once you pay the cancellation cost, the officials may start the revocation process according to the Etihad ticket cancellation policy. You may have to wait at the airport for the process to be completed. In the end, authorized mail can be sent to you for the confirmation reversal of the ticket. 

Method 3: Etihad Flight Cancellation with Customer Care Center

Sometimes, the passengers may wish to cancel their flight through traditional means. In such circumstances, calling the customer care department can be the best alternative. Calling the customer care service can be convenient for some visitors of this airline. The customer service representatives may assist you personally with the Etihad flight cancellation procedure. For last-moment cancellations, many tourists may go with the calling approach to cancel their flights easily.

A passenger can call the airline’s representatives. Once the call is connected with the officials, you will be able to share your query with them. Over the call, you may be asked about the preferable language. You will have to specify the language you may want to use for continuing the conversation. Further, you will have to share your query and reason regarding the ticket cancellations. At times, you may have to mention the reason for flight reversal. 

Furthermore, the agent may ask to provide the booking details of your flight. Under the Etihad Airlines cancellation policy, a passenger may have to give his or her “Full Name” as well as “Reference Code” and any other information when it is asked by the operator authorities. Next, the official may scrutinize your details. Once the information has been analyzed by the agent, she or he may go ahead with the reversal process. You may have to pay the cancellation fee when needed. Once you make your payment to the airline, wait for their response. As soon as the procedure has been completed, UAE Airlines may notify you about the same. 

Note: On-call, first the agent may inform you about the cancellation fees, as well as the eligibility of the reversal of booking. Once you agree with all the terms and conditions mentioned by him or her, then he or she may go ahead with the cancellation process. 

What is the cost of canceling a flight with Etihad Airways?

The air carrier may charge a modest price for the cancellation of the ticket to provide cost-saving to its tourists. One can even avoid the Etihad cancellation fees entirely. It can be possible when you cancel your booking within 24 hours of purchase. In this scenario, you may not be charged any flight cancellation fees. However, the service cost may vary depending on some factors. It may include the location, cancellation time, ticket type, and other factors. 

The following may be the average amount incurred for the cancellation of a booking at this UAE-based airline:

  • When cancellation can be made within 96 hours of the flight’s scheduled departure, an extra 10% of the price of the ticket may be taken as a reversal fee by the carrier. 
  • In case, the passenger may wish to reverse her/his booking, she or he may have to pay a cost of $200. 

What are the options for free cancellation of tickets on Etihad Airways?

In some situations, the carrier may not charge any cost for the termination of the reservation. To know more about the circumstances, you can read the below points:

  • When the ticket for a trip from a country other than the United Arab Emirates.
  • In case the carrier may cancel the booking.
  • Under the Etihad cancellation policy, a passenger may reverse his or her flight due to coronavirus without any fees.
  • In such circumstances when a flyer has to cancel his or her booking because she or he may not be able to travel owing to trip restrictions. 
  • Within the risk-free period of 24 hours, the traveler may not have to pay the required fees to the carrier. 
  • By producing a legal document to the operator, a visitor can reverse her or his ticket free of cost in the event of any emergency.

Why did Etihad cancel its flights?

In addition to the traveler’s motives for cancellation, the operator may also reverse flights at times. According to the Etihad Airways cancelled flight policy, the reason could be anything from severe weather to conditions that can make flying impossible. Similarly, the conditions like violent storms can make it challenging to operate the flights. Hence, reversing the operations may seem more feasible.

The following are some of the more significant reasons for an airlines cancellation:

  • Maintenance issues
  • Technical Problems
  • Mechanical Problems
  • Delays of the pilot
  • Baggage issues
  • Industrial strikes
  • Insufficient fuel
  • Bad Weather Conditions
  • Air traffic
  • Sudden change in domestic policies
  • Attacks and strikes
  • Security Problems
  • Airport delays or rescheduling

Tip: According to the baggage policy of the airline, you may be able to buy an allowance for the same. In the event that the tourist’s suitcase/backpack exceeds the permitted limit, it can be recommended to revoke the booking as soon as possible. This is because it may save your money on both your Etihad Airways baggage allowance and your travel. When this is not ensured, the airline may have to cancel your reservation.

Considering the recent pandemic, the reservation may be canceled. This is because of the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 policy. Therefore, it is always preferable to have such vital details before reserving a flight. 

Note: In such circumstances mentioned above, it is advisable that you can look for more details on the official site of the airline. In addition, you can call the airline for such information. 

How do I claim Compensation for a Cancelled Etihad flight?

In the event of revocations as well as delays caused by the weather or technical issues, the air carrier may become obligated to reimburse a passenger. In addition, the operator may decide the amount to which the travelers are entitled to compensation depending on the terms of the Etihad Airways flight cancellation compensation policy. 

The preceding section details may have the various types of compensation available to its customers who experience reversals or delays on airline based in the United Arab Emirates:

In some cases, not covered under exceptions, boarding is denied or flights are canceled voluntarily. Etihad can then provide compensation.

  1. €uro 400 is usually given for flights covering up to 3500 km.
  2. When a flight covers a distance greater than 3500 km, €uro 600 is provided.
  3. Only 50% of the amount is compensated when:
    3.1) Another flight is booked for a flyer.
    3.2) And, the new flight’s arrival doesn’t exceed the time window of the previous trip by:
    3.2.1) 3 hours when the distance is up to 3500 km.
    3.2.2) 4 hours in case the flight distance is above 3500 km.

What is the Etihad Airways Refund Policy?

Following the Etihad cancellation policy, a flyer may be entitled to a refund when he/she revokes his/her flight. The amount of the refund can vary as per the flight. When it comes to assessing how much money-back a passenger receives, there may be some limitations. The refunds can be subjected to the ticket’s cost rules. 

Please read the below eligibility of refund to get a better understanding of the Etihad ticket cancellation refund policy:

  • A traveler’s flight ticket should be reserved with a single card and it should be issued 5 days ago.
  • Refunds and revocations may not be reversible.
  • The money-back may usually appear on the flyer’s bank account within 14 to 30 business days. 
  • The reservation should be refundable and it should not be used by the traveler.
  • There may be no refund processed on the service or extra costs under the Etihad Airways flight cancellation policy.
  • The tourists may get the refund through their actual payment method that can be used to make the booking of the flight.
  • During the expiration period, a refund request can be processed by the carrier’s customer support center. 
  • A visitor may not receive money back when she or he skips her or his plane for some reason without any prior notice. In such cases, the ticket can be considered a dropout.
  • When the travelers revoke their booking within 24 hours of reservation, they can get the full money back. However, if you reverse your plane ticket after this time limit but prior to 96 hours of departure, you should have to pay a fee that can be subtracted from your actual ticket price and the remaining amount can be credited to your account. 
  • The amount of money refunded by the airline may be determined by the kind of class you have, location, and the amount of time left to get there.
  • In case when you may get the business category ticket, you could be entitled to receive full payment.
  • You should have to request a refund from the travel agent when the tickets are bought through him or her. 
  • According to the Etihad ticket cancellation policy, the money-back may not be provided on non-refundable tickets. Nevertheless, you may get a trip coupon to spend on a future reservation. 
  • Sometimes, a flyer may not be able to take a flight because of the COVID-19 pandemic, in such situations, you may be given complete money back. 
  • In the scenario of the demise of the passenger or family member, she or he may get a complete reimbursement. In these circumstances, you may have to submit some documents as confirmation to the provider.

How can I Request a Refund from Etihad Airways?

The travelers who may have used the feature of Etihad booking cancellation can be eligible for a refund. The money-back request can be submitted by the flyer via the online approach. One can obtain a payment for a revoked ticket by going to the carrier’s official website. 

Mentioned herewith are the steps for requesting a refund via the internet or the online approach:

  • The tourist can use the following link:
  • Find the “Manage” section and Press on it.
  • Fill in the information such as your “Last Name” as well as “Ticket Number” or “Booking Reference”.
  • Further, you may have to select a flight to receive payment from the “My Trips” section.
  • Moreover, a flyer can be taken to the transaction area.
  • On your device, you may see all of the costs that have been subtracted from your initial price.
  • To verify your acceptance as per the Etihad flight cancellation policy, you can hit on the “Submit” tab.
  • Later, you may have to wait for a confirmation email that is sent to your verified email address. 

The Etihad cancellation policy is a comprehensive feature that may meet the needs of a wide range of travelers throughout every country. It can help the flyers with the ticket reversal and reimbursement when the booking has been canceled. This policy may provide maximum flexibility to the customers in the form of 24-hour availability. It may also help you in the time of the pandemic. Hence, one can revoke his or her booking at any time according to her or his needs and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to cancel an Etihad Airways ticket?

You can cancel your Etihad Airways ticket via the following methods: 
1. Online (Via Manage Booking)
2. On the phone by calling
3. At the airport desk
4. Through the Etihad mobile app

How much is the cancellation fee for Etihad Airways?

Etihad cancellation fees will be 10% of the ticket price after 96 hours.

Will I get a full refund for Etihad Airways?

It depends on the fare rules of your ticket. You will get a full refund if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of the booking.

Does Etihad give a full refund or Can I get a full refund if I cancel my flight?

You’ll receive a full refund if you cancel within 24 hours of booking, as long as you booked at least 7 days prior to departure.

How can I cancel my Etihad ticket purchased from a travel agent or a third party?

Please contact the travel agent or third party website directly to request for change or cancel a booking.

How much does Etihad charge for cancellation?

If you cancel after 96 hours, Etihad will charge a 10% cancellation fee.

What is the Etihad flight ticket cancellation charges?

There will be a 10% fee for Etihad cancellation made within 96 hours of your flight.

What is the Etihad International flight cancellation policy?

Etihad international flight cancellations are subject to fare rules and may incur a fee. Cancellations within 96 hours of the flight incur an additional 10% fee.

What is the Etihad Economy cancellation policy?

Etihad Economy cancellation policy: Cancellations made within 96 hours of departure incur a 10% fee.

What is the cancellation policy for Etihad Airways tickets for flights to/from the USA?

Etihad Airways allows full refunds for flights to/from the USA if you cancel at least 7 days before departure. Cancellations within 24 hours of booking are not eligible for a refund.

Can I get Compensation for a Canceled or Delayed Etihad Flight?

You may get compensation for a canceled or delayed Etihad flight, depending on the circumstances.

What if Etihad Airways canceled or delayed by 5 hours or more?

If your flight is canceled or delayed by 5 hours or more, Etihad Airways will provide you with meals, hotel accommodation, and transportation to your destination.

How much does it cost to cancel a flight with Etihad?

If you change or cancel your Etihad flight ticket within 96 hours of departure, you will be charged an additional 10% of the ticket price.

Does Etihad Airways give a full refund?

Yes, you will receive a full refund if you cancel your Etihad ticket within 24 hours of booking. This is only possible if you booked at least seven days in advance of your flight.

What is the cancellation policy for Etihad non refundable tickets?

Etihad does not offer refunds or exchanges for non-refundable tickets. However, you may be able to change your flight for a fee.

What if Etihad Airways canceled my flight?

At times, the airline in UAE cancels the reservation of the flight for a variety of factors. When there can be any problem with the staff maintenance, security purposes, or any other obstacles while operating the flight, the air carrier may reverse the ticket. In such circumstances, when the carrier revokes the booking on its own, it pays the traveler some compensation. Based on the ticket type, or any other factors, the amount of compensation may vary.

How to cancel flight ticket Etihad Airways?

There are several options for cancel flight ticket Etihad Airways. One of such methods is to locate the main website of the airline. Then, you need to enter your details regarding the reservation and follow all the on-display guidelines. Another option would be to call the customer care representatives and request the revocation. Additionally, one can visit the airport personally and ask for the reversal of the flight. Before using these methods, make sure to read all the rules and regulations of the cancellation policy of Etihad Airways.

How to cancel Etihad booking online?

To reverse your Etihad Airways reservation online, you will have to locate the main website of the airline. There you may have to tap the “Manage” option. Next, you will have to add your details in the given blanks. Further, you can choose the flight you may require to revoke. By selecting the required booking, you can cancel your plane ticket. Later, wait for the message of confirmation from the carrier.

Does Etihad Airways allow to cancel flights within 24 hours?

Yes, a passenger has been allowed to use the feature for Etihad Airways cancel booking within 24 hours. In this time limit, you may not have to pay any extra charges as a service cost. Before going to cancel your reservation within twenty-four hours, the travelers should read all the 24-hour policy rules and regulations.

What is the cancellation policy for Etihad Airways tickets?

The basic regulations, as well as requirements for tickets reversal, are outlined in the cancellation policy for Etihad Airways tickets. This policy may decide whether or not the revocation of the booking is eligible for the flyers. It also discusses the other policy related to cancellation and methods that travelers can utilize to complete the reversal process.

How much are cancellation charges for Etihad Airways?

A passenger can revoke his/her research cost-free when she or he does so within twenty-four hours of the purchase. In case when you travel outside of this time frame and within ninety-six hours, you may be charged a 10% amount as cancellation charges for Etihad Airways. However, on the other hand, you may have to pay a fee of $200 as a service cost. Hence, the price of the fee may change based on several factors like destination, time of reversal, kind of ticket, and other factors to be considered.

How to cancel Etihad Airways ticket offline?

For flight cancellations, the offline method can be more reliable to the passengers. You will have to make a call connection with an agent in case of cancellation. Post connecting your call, you may have to provide your booking information to the officials and ask for a revocation process. Moreover, the agent may proceed with the reversal procedure. In the end, you may be notified through an email once it is done.

How Etihad Airways ticket cancellation policy work?

The Etihad Airways ticket cancellation policy can be based on a variety of terms and conditions that a visitor should agree on. This policy works and permits passengers to revoke their booking for free within the risk-free period after reservation. The risk-free period is 24 hours after booking a flight. Alternatively, you can reverse your booking after this period and pay a service fee. Over the revocation process, this policy may work with flexibility.

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