Eva Airways Baggage Policy

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Eva Airways Baggage Policy

Eva Airways has been serving many destinations worldwide. The Eva Airways baggage policy keeps the flyers updated about its rules. The baggage rules of this airway have a major focus on two major concepts. Based on the weight concept and piece concept, the baggage fees of Eva Airways can be decided. Also, knowing about the difference between these concepts can help you pack your luggage safely without having to pay for the additional costs.

Eva Air Baggage Allowance for Checked Items Onboard

The checked baggage of Eva Airways can use two concepts. The weight concept can be used for countries like the U.S., Canada, Central America, and South America. While the piece concept can be applied to other destinations or routes. Every customer in any cabin class can be entitled to bring 2 complimentary checked bags.

Eva Airlines checked baggage allowance for classes has been shown below:

Piece System

Cabin ClassFare TypeBaggage Allowance
Business Class/Premium Laurel/Royal LaurelPlus (C)Standard (J)Basic (D)2 pieces of 70 pounds or 32 kilograms
Premium Economy ClassPlus (K)Standard (T, L)Basic (P)2 pieces of 62 pounds or 28 kilograms
Economy ClassPlus (B, Y)Standard (Q, H, M)Basic (V, W, S)2 pieces of 50 pounds or 23 kilograms
Discount A1 piece of 50 pounds or 23 kilograms

Weight System

Cabin ClassFare TypeWeight Allowance
Business Class/Premium Laurel/Royal LaurelUp (C)Standard (J)Basic (D)88 pounds or 40 kilograms
Premium Economy ClassUp (K)Standard (T, L)Basic (P)77 pounds or 35 kilograms
Economy ClassUp (B, Y)Standard (Q, H, M)Basic (V, W, S)66 pounds or 30 kilograms
Discount (A)44 pounds or 20 kilograms

For the instances not listed above, the below-mentioned Eva Air allowed baggage concept can follow:

Weight System:

  • Business/Premium Laurel/Royal Laurel: 88 pounds
  • Premium Economy: 77 pounds
  • Economy: 66 pounds
  • Infant: 22 pounds

Piece System:

  • Business/Premium Laurel/Royal Laurel: 2 x 32 kg bags
  • Premium Economy: 2 x 28 kg bags
  • Economy: 2 x 23 kg bags
  • Infant: 1 piece

Eva Airways Baggage Policy for Carrying Extra Bags

Eva Air baggage allowance for carrying extra bags may imply some fees. These baggage fees can be based on the different zones of routes. These zones can be categorized from Zone to Zone 7. The extra baggage fees can also be charged via the weight and the piece concept. Zone 1 to Zone 4 fees can be charged according to the weight system while Zone 5 to Zone 7 can be assessed via the piece system.

Mentioned herewith are the Eva Air extra baggage fees depending upon the zone of travel and the weight/piece structure:

Extra Piece Charges

To/FromZone 1: Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, China, Korea, PhilippinesZone 2: Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam MyanmarZone 3: The Middle East, Oceania, AsiaZone 4: Europe, Africa, Russia
Zone 5: Canada and West Coast of the U.S.$115$140$150$160
Zone 6: East Coast and some points of U.S. and Canada$130$155$170$180
Zone 7: South and Central America$170$200$210$230

Extra Weight Charges

To/FromZone 1: Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, China, Korea, PhilippinesZone 2: Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam MyanmarZone 3: The Middle East, Oceania, AsiaZone 4: Europe, Africa, Russia
Zone 1$8$15$30$60
Zone 2$15$25$45$60
Zone 3$30$45$45$60
Zone 4$60$60$60

Eva Air Overweight or Oversized Charges

Eva Airways can charge baggage fees in terms of its weight and size. When baggage can be found to be overweight as per the cabin class allotment, then the airline may can levyy extra baggage fees. These Eva extra baggage fees can be charged on different conditions of the bags carried.

The passengers have to have to pay overweight/oversized Eva Airways baggage fees on carrying more than the required weight and size restrictions:

Weight/DimensionsOverweight/Oversized Baggage Fees
Overweight over 50 and 70 pounds$32
Overweight above 70 pounds3 times extra baggage fees per kilo
Oversized from 62-80 linear inches$100
Oversized above 80 linear inches$300

Eva Air Hand Baggage Allowance/Carry-on Baggage Allowance

The airline, Eva Air, may permit its travelers to bring some carry-on luggage at no cost. This carry-on luggage should be within the weight and size constraints of 7 kilograms and 115 centimeters. Eva Airlines baggage allowance for international, as well as domestic passengers, can be at least one personal item or hand baggage in addition to the checked bags. These personal items should not reach more than 23 x 36 x 56 cm.

Note: When your Eva Air international baggage allowance for carry-on items can be found to be overweight or oversized, it can be taken inside the cargo hold section of the Eva aircraft.

Items Allowed to be Taken on Eva Airways

There are certain items that can be approved by Eva Airways to be taken on its flights. These items can be essential to some passengers and can be transported in the aircraft concerning some safety guidelines. Safety measures such as size and eva air carry on weight limit need to be taken care of.

Shown below is a list of all the items that can be brought by the passengers under the Eva baggage allowance for carry-on:

Air mattresses
Baby folding chair
Baby food
Baby car seat
Diaper bags
Hearing aids
Assistive devices
Medical devices
Reading material

Eva Airways Pet Baggage Policy

Eva Airlines’ baggage policy may allow some dogs and cats to be transported. Small pets can be transported via the cargo hold of the aircraft. Live birds cannot be carried with the travelers inside the Eva flights. It has to be noted that the pets cannot travel as unchecked baggage with the flyer except for some guide and rescue dogs.

Other guidelines for carrying pets according to the Eva Air baggage policy for international and domestic routes are listed below:

  • Pets and service animals can only be admitted if the legislation of the nations of departure, transit, and arrival allow.
  • Passengers flying with dogs must call EVA Air Reservations before departure to check the transportation requirements.
  • Some flights of Eva Airways cannot allow pets due to aircraft type restrictions.
  • Pregnant pets and animals less than 10 weeks old may not be accepted for carriage by Eva Air baggage policy for Economy and Business Class passengers.
  • It will be the customer’s responsibility to provide current health and immunization certifications of the pet to the Eva air carrier.
  • Snub-nosed dogs and cats should not be transported during the summer since they have trouble keeping a regular body temperature.

Eva Air Infant Baggage Allowance

The customers of Eva Airways can bring their infants onboard by following certain guidelines. These guidelines or measures of Eva baggage policy have been set for the security of the infants as well as the passengers. Looking at the safety of the babies, they are requested to board the flight with their respective guardians or parents. Infants below 7 days of age cannot travel due to the changing temperatures of the plane.

Other Eva Air baggage policy rules that need to be followed by the passengers carrying infants are:

  • For premature infants, a medical record has to be submitted at Eva Airways before the reservation of the flight.
  • On Eva Air business baggage allowance, purchasing a ticket for the infant can cost you a discounted fare of 8-25%.
  • For security reasons, if the passenger is found to be flying with two infants, then one of them needs to sit on the seat.
  • When any passenger does not have an infant car seat, he/she can purchase one from the airline by paying the Eva Air baggage fees.
  • It can be noted that a child restraint device cannot be accepted in the Royal Laurel Class of Eva Airways.
  • Baby bassinets can be allowed free of charge if the infant is under the age of 8 months.
  • Infants cannot have the entire free Eva international flight baggage allowance as that of an adult even though they may own a ticket.

Sports and Music Instruments Accepted on Eva Airways

From the security and safety point of view, Eva Airways may accept a few sports and musical instruments to be carried by the customers. These sports and musical instruments can be taken as checked luggage. They have to be separately presented during the Eva Air check-in process.

Described below are some of the items that can be brought by the flyers following the Eva Airways baggage policy:

Fishing equipmentAngling equipmentGolf clubsBicycle
Bowling equipmentArchery equipmentCanoeHang-gliding equipment
Kitesurfing equipmentHockey equipmentParagliding equipmentScuba diving equipment
Ski equipmentWaterski equipmentSnowboarding equipmentGuitar
Cell bassViolinDrumsPiano/Drumsticks

Prohibited or Restricted Items at Eva Airways

Eva Airways cannot permit the boarding of flights with unwanted items. These items may be considered prohibited or restricted because of the attributes they possess. For example, some items can be harmful as they could be sharp-edged or toxic. Therefore, you should avoid carrying the below-mentioned list of items to have a smooth flying experience:

  • Poisonous substances
  • Magnetic materials
  • Chemicals
  • Firearms
  • Guns
  • Axes
  • Swords
  • Scissors
  • Knives
  • Lithium batteries
  • Radioactive materials
  • Corrosive materials
  • Organic peroxides
  • Pesticides
  • Insecticides