George Bush Intercontinental Airport

airfleetrating-IAH Airport

George Bush Intercontinental Airport is the busiest airport in Texas. It mainly services the metropolitan area of Greater Houston. With its wide range of facilities and services, it is known to be one of the most passenger-friendly airports. This airport currently covers about 10,000 acres of land and serves different worldwide carriers. It is also deemed to be one of the largest hubs for United Airlines. 

Detailed discussions about the airport’s location, the airlines it manages, and the services it offers are given in the following sections. 

What is the General Information about George Bush Intercontinental Airport?

The table below gives a generic overview of the George Bush Airport and highlights a few of its basic details. These are as follows: 

Airport George Bush Intercontinental Airport 
Airport Type Public 
Operator Houston Airport System 
Serves Greater Houston 
Hub For United Airlines 
George Bush Airport CodeIAH
George Bush Airport TerminalsTerminals A, B, C, D, and E
George Bush Airport Coordinates 29.9902° N, 95.3368° W
George Bush Airport Runways 15L/33R15R/33L9/278L/26R8R/26L
IAH  Airport Address2800 N Terminal Rd, Houston, TX 77032, United States
Distance from the city23 miles or 37 km North of Downtown Houston 
Official Website
Phone Number+1 281-230-3100

What is the George Bush International Airport Code?

This airport has been given the IAH Airport Code by organizations like IATA, ICAO, etc. Travelers can search the airport by using this code while booking tickets. 

WMO Code 72243 
IAH Airport Zip Code 77032

What Does the IAH Airport Map Show?

Popularly known as the terminal map, the map of IAH Airport, shows the way to each of the five terminals at this airport. It also indicates the levels of check-in and ticketing so that passengers can quickly locate their assigned gates. Further, it shows the areas available for parking, centers for rentals, and other retail outlets. You can find the interactive map on the airport’s official website. 

The following is the terminal map of the IAH Airport showing the various available facilities: 

airfleetrating-iah map airport

How Many Runways are there at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport IAH?

To facilitate the take-off and landing of flights, the Houston George Bush Airport provides 5 runways. Their dimensions are mentioned below in the given table: 

Runway Dimensions Surface Material 
15L/33R12,001 ft or 3,658 meters Concrete 
15R/33L10,000 ft or 3,048 meters Concrete 
9/2710,000 ft or 3,048 meters Concrete
8L/26R9,000 ft or 2,743 meters Concrete
8R/26L9,402 ft or 2,866 metersConcrete 

Where do IAH Airport Arrivals Take Place?

Based on whether your flight is domestic or international, all five terminals enable George Bush Intercontinental Airport Arrivals. After reaching the designated arrival terminal, passengers will be led to the area for baggage collection. From here, you can either choose a transportation facility to leave the airport or wait at the lounges if you have another connecting flight. 

Where do IAH Airport Departures Take Place?

The five terminals present at the airport will allow boarding and departures. Passengers will be required to find their assigned gates for their Houston IAH Airport departures. Procedures like check-in and TSA screening are mandatorily undertaken before the departure of flights. In case you fail to complete any of these processes, your reservation will be revoked and you might be held back. 

What are the Nearest Airports to Houston Airport IAH?

The nearest airport to George Bush International Airport is William P. Hobby Airport (HOU), which is approximately 28 miles from IAH. However, there are several other airports in the Greater Houston area which are as follows: 

How Many IAH Airport Terminals are in Operation?

Labeled A, B, C, D, and E, the airport has five Houston IAH Terminals. Terminals  A, B, and C are located on the north side of the airport, while D and E are located on the south side. All of these terminals together host 161 gates. They also comprise Jet Bridges, hard strands, and an automated Skyway. Langside connections between the terminals are provided by the Subway facilities. 

Terminal A IAH Airport  

Terminal A George Bush Intercontinental Airport primarily serves all domestic carriers except United. This terminal is divided into two levels. The lower level houses baggage claim, while the upper-level houses ticketing, security, and departure gates. Overall, a total of 20 gates are managed by this terminal. 

George Bush Intercontinental Airport Terminal B

This terminal features 40 gates undertaking all its operations. It also includes 30 hardstands and is divided into two levels. One of the most prominent IAH Terminal B Airlines is United Express. Further, services like dining and shopping can be used by both domestic and international passengers. 

Terminal C IAH Airport 

With 29 gates in total, Terminal C George Bush Intercontinental Airport mainly serves all the domestic flights of United Airlines. It has baggage and ticketing areas categorized into two different levels. Therefore, all the undertakings are properly maintained at the terminal with the additional benefit of space for parking garages. 

George Bush Intercontinental Airport Terminal D 

This terminal is the one that manages the arrival and departure of all non-United international flights. For this purpose, the George Bush Intercontinental Airport Terminal D has 12 gates. The departure gates house the common-use facilities while the arrival gates have the baggage carousel areas. Ground transportation is provided at this terminal. 

Terminal E at IAH Airport

Terminal E George Bush Intercontinental Airport is designated to handle all international flights managed by United Airlines. It has 30 gates to facilitate passenger boarding. Shuttle buses and train systems are provided to connect this terminal with the others. Passengers will have to head to the assigned gate after obtaining the boarding pass. 

How Many Airlines are operating from the George Bush Intercontinental Airport?

  • Aeromexico 
  • Air Canada
  • Air China 
  • Air France 
  • Air New Zealand
  • Alaska Airlines 
  • American Airlines
  • ANA Airlines
  • Avianca
  • British Airways
  • Delta
  • Emirates
  • Frontier
  • JetBlue
  • KLM
  • Lufthansa
  • Qatar Airways
  • Southwest
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Sun Country
  • Turkish Airlines
  • United
  • Volaris

How Long are the IAH Airport Security Wait Times?

As one of the busiest airports in the United States, George Bush Airport has strict security measures and customs procedures for the safety of the passengers and their belongings. All passengers are required to pass through TSA security checkpoints before entering the boarding area. The IAH Airport wait times at these checkpoints can be as follows: 

airfleetrating-iah airport wait times
Checkpoint Opening Time 
North – Terminal A 3:30 am 
South – Terminal A 3:30 am 
Terminal B 5:00 am
North – Terminal C 4:00 am 
South – Terminal C 4:00 am 
Terminal D 4: 00 am 
Terminal E Currently Closed 

What are the Additional Services and Facilities Offered at the IAH Airport?

Different types of services are offered at the IAH Airport Houston including hotel facilities, shopping stores, restaurants, and parking spaces. A detailed list is provided below: 

  • Shopping:
    • iStore 
    • Johnston and Murphy 
    • Brookstone
    • Duty-Free Store 
    • InMotion Entertainment 
    • Dufry Free and Duty-Free
    • The Wall Street Journal 
    • KPRC2 Travel Store 
    • Sound balance 
    • iShoppess Duty-Free 
    • Spanx 
    • City Point 
    • Univision 
    • Headphone Hub 
  • Dining
    • Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen
    • Pink’s Pizza 
    • Whataburger
    • Cafe Adobe 
    • The Fruteria
    • Einstein Bros. Bagels –
    • Landry’s Seafood House
    • Le Grand Comptoir
    • Wendy’s 
    • Starbucks 
    • The Market by Villa 
    • Panda Express 
    • Dunkin’ 
    • Peet’s Coffee 
    • Jason’s Deli 
    • Mockingbird Distillery and Smokehouse 
    • The Breakfast Klub 
    • Great American Bagel 
    • Cadillac Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar 
    • Chick-fil-a
  • Other Services
    • Clubs and Lounges 
    • Charging Stations 
    • Goerge Bush Lost and Found Department 
    • Minute Suites 
    • Massage Chairs 
    • Public Art Galleries 
    • Parking Spaces 
    • IAH Wi-Fi Services 
    • Currency Exchange 
    • ATM Machines 
    • Luggage Storage 
    • Wheelchair Assistance 
    • TTY Rooms

How to Contact the IAH Airport Lost and Found Department?

The Lost and Found at IAH Airport came into effect to help passengers find their misplaced items. Depending on where you have lost your belongings, that is, whether, at the airport terminals, TSA checkpoints, or on an airplane, different contact numbers are made available. These are as follows: 

airfleetrating-houston iah airport lost and found
  • Items lost at the airport:
    • IAH Airport lost and found phone number is 1-833-253-2940 
    • The office is located at the lower level, that is, the arrival level of Terminal E 
    • It will be open from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm every day. 
  • Items lost at TSA checkpoints:
    • You can call the number 1-281-443-5301
    • Otherwise, you can reach out to the agents at the email
  • Lost passports:
    • U.S. Customs and Border Protection receives all found passports. 
    • The authorities can be reached at the number 1-281-230-4672.
  • Items Lost at Car Rental Counters:
    • You will have to contact First Transit at 1-281-233-1019.
    • You can also send an email to 
  • Items Lost on Airplanes:
    • For the items lost on the airplane, passengers will be required to connect with the airline directly. 
    • The contact details of each airline can be found on the official IAH website. 

How Much is IAH Airport Parking?

Parking at IAH Airport is of different types like valet, terminal, and economy. The spots can be reserved in advance by contacting the airline agents. These spots are offered at a daily rate and an hourly rate as per the customer’s requirement. 

airfleetrating-houston Airport Parking Map

Terminal Parking IAH Airport: 

This type of parking is closest to the airport gates and hence is the most easily accessible. The rates for terminal parking at George Bush Airport are listed down below 

Daily Rate: 

Type of Garage Fee Charged
Red Garage USD 24 per 24 hours 
Blue Garage USD 24 per 24 hours 

Hourly Rate (both before and after tax: 

Duration Fee Before Tax Fee After Tax 
0 to10 minutes USD 0.92 USD 1
11 minutes to 1 hour USD 4.62 USD 5 
1 to 2 hours USD 5.54 USD 6 
2 to 3 hours USD 7.39 USD 8 
3 to 5 hours USD 9.24USD 10 
5 to 24 hours USD 23.09 USD 25 

Economy Parking George Bush Airport:

This is the cheapest parking at IAH Airport offered at a daily rate. These spots are usually full and hence a prior reservation can prove to be beneficial: 

Type of Spot Fee Charged (without tax) 
Ecopark Covered USD 8.31 
Ecopark 2 Covered USD 7.39 
Ecopark Uncovered USD 6.47 

Valet Parking at Airport IAH: 

The hourly IAH Terminal C valet parking rate with tax is given below. The same price is charged for valet parking at other terminals: 

Duration Parking Fee (with tax) 
0 to 2 hours USD 15 
2 to 24 hours USD 30 

George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) being one of the most frequently used airports in the United States, ensures that there is no compromise of safety and security practices in its proceedings. This airport provides booking facilities for its different services to make sure that all passengers get equal accessibility. Hence, travelers from all around can easily fly via IAH. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Houston Airport have wifi?

Yes, Houston Airport has free Wifi.

What terminal Delta IAH?

Delta Airlines uses Terminal A at Houston (IAH Airport)

What terminal does AeroMexico use at IAH?

Aeromexico IAH Terminal uses Terminal D at Houston Airport (IAH).

How far is George Bush intercontinental airport from Galveston?

The distance between Houston George Bush Airport and Galveston is around 70 miles.

What airlines fly into George Bush Intercontinental Airport?

The different IAH Terminal Airlines include: United, Delta, American, Spirit, Frontier, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, JetBlue, etc

Where is George Bush Intercontinental Airport located?

The IAH Airport is located in Texas, approximately 23 miles (37 km) north of downtown Houston.

Where to park at George Bush Intercontinental Airport?

The garages for airport parking at IAH are located right in front of each terminal to offer easy access.

What time does George Bush Intercontinental Airport open?

The Houston George Bush Airport is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where is George Bush Intercontinental Airport?

The George Bush Airport is located at 2800 N Terminal Rd, Houston, TX 77032, United States.

Do Southwest Airlines fly to George Bush intercontinental airport?

Yes, the IAH Southwest Terminal A is used for the operations of these flights.

How big is George Bush Intercontinental Airport?

The George Bush Intercontinental Airport covers an area of 10,000 acres.

How busy is George Bush Intercontinental Airport?

It is known to be one of the busiest airports in the US as the IAH Airport operates 24 hours a day throughout the week.

How far is George Bush’s intercontinental airport from Galveston?

The distance between George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) and Galveston, Texas is approximately 70 miles (112 kilometers) by road, depending on the exact starting and ending points of the journey.

What did airlines fly into George Bush intercontinental airport?

Many airlines operate flights to and from this airport, including United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, JetBlue Airways, and Qatar Airways.

Can you vape at George Bush intercontinental airport?

The airport prohibits smoking and vaping in all indoor public areas and outdoor areas within 25 feet of any entrance or exit.

Is George Bush International Airport the same as IAH?

Yes, IAH is the airport code for George Bush Airport.

What terminal does Emirates depart from at IAH?

The IAH Emirates Terminal is the Terminal D.

What terminal is United at IAH airport?

Terminal C is the United Airlines Terminal IAH.

What terminal is American Airlines at IAH?

American Airlines uses Terminal A at IAH Airport.

What terminal is Southwest at IAH?

Southwest Airlines uses Terminal A at IAH Houston Airport.

What terminal is Spirit at IAH?

Spirit operates from Terminal A at Houston Airport (IAH).

What terminal is Frontier at IAH?

Frontier Airlines uses both Terminal A and Terminal D.

Is terminal E open at IAH?

No, The Terminal E is closed.

What terminal is Alaska Airlines at IAH?

Alaska Airlines uses Terminal A at Houstan Airport.

Which Terminal is Delta at IAH?

Terminal A.

How much is Parking at IAH terminal C?

IAH Terminal C parking Daily rates is $25.

What terminal is Air Canada at IAH?

Air Canada uses Terminal A at IAH Airport.

What terminal is Jetblue at IAH?

JetBlue Airways operates from Terminal A at Houston Airport (IAH).

What terminal is Lufthansa at IAH?

Lufthansa uses Terminal D at Houston Airport (IAH).

What terminal is Turkish Airlines at IAH?

Turkish Airlines operates from Terminal D at Houston Airport (IAH).

What terminal is Aeromexico at IAH?

AeroMexico operates from Terminal D at Houston Airport (IAH)

What terminal is International at IAH?

Terminal D.

What terminal is Sun Country at IAH?

Sun Country uses Terminal D at IAH Airport.

What terminal is United Express at IAH?

United Express uses Terminal B at Houston Airport (IAH).

Can you check luggage in terminal A at IAH airport?

You can check your luggage at Terminal A George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Can you check luggage in the terminal at IAH airport?

Yes, you can check your luggage at Terminal A at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).

What airlines fly out of terminal C at IAH airport?

Terminal C IAH Airport Airlines include Air Canada, ANA, AzulCape Air, EVA Air, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, and Swiss International.

What terminal has Starbucks at IAH airport?

There are two Starbucks locations in Terminal A near Gate A1 and Gate A24.

How much is airport parking at IAH?

The fee for parking at the airport IAH can range between USD 1 and 30.

How much is George Bush Intercontinental Airport Parking price?

Based on the location and duration, the George Bush Airport parking fee can go up to USD 30.

What is the best place to park at IAH?

The Ecopark and the terminal parking spaces are the safest and most affordable parking spots.

Does Houston airport have long-term parking?

Parking near IAH Airport is provided on a daily basis, which is the long-term parking option.

Does IAH terminal A have parking?

Yes, the Terminal Garage, located across Terminal A, is the closest parking option to Terminal A

Can pets fly at IAH?

Pets can fly through IAH Airport.

How many runways does IAH airport have?

IAH has five runways.

How many terminals does IAH have?

IAH has five terminals.

How far is IAH from Galveston?

The distance between George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) and Galveston is 58 miles.

Is IAH a significant airport?

In 1997, Bush became the 41st President of the United States. IAH, recognized by the George Bush Intercontinental Airport code, has five runways and encompasses 10,000 acres, i.e., 40.5km sq. of land. IAH Airport is also significant as the second massive passenger hub. This title was given for United Airlines which is behind Chicago–O’Hare.

What is the best way to travel to IAH Airport?

The Skyway provides airside connectivity to IAH Airport (Houston Airport code). It connects Terminals A, B, C, D, and E for passengers having connecting flights at various terminals. This enables passengers to roam throughout the airport without the need to go through security again. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At IAH Airport which terminals are connected?

Terminal C is connected to various flights at IAH Airport. Terminal C, also known as the Lewis W. Cutrer Terminal, is the only primary hub for United Airlines’ national operations at IAH (IAH Airport code). It is also the leading centre for certain United Express national and international flights.

On foreign flights at IAH Airport, do you have to recheck your bags?

At IAH Airport, when travelling domestically, travellers usually don’t have to recheck their luggage. Let us suppose that you are connecting in the United States or any other international country. In that case, it is mandatory that you, as a passenger of a foreign flight, must re-check your luggage at the first point of arrival.

Do I require to go for immigration at IAH Airport for a connecting flight?

Yes, you will have to go through the process of immigration for a connecting flight at IAH Airport with Houston Airport code. You must always depart and pass security when you’re connecting via an aircraft out of an International to a domestic airline (unless and until you have gone through preclearance, which will be in a rare case.)

What is required to domestically travel at IAH Airport?

While domestically travelling to IAH Airport, a valid passport, a refined driving license issued by a state, or maybe a U.S. military ID must be flown into the United States. You must have appropriate IDs. You cannot pass until you can verify your identification. Review the complete list of permitted IDs at the IAH Airport. By doing so, you will have a safe boarding experience.

How do I know my flight terminal at IAH Airport?

You simply have to check your airline ticket. Also, you can check your flight route to find out the terminal before your trip. You can find this on your confirmation email or the website of the airline. This should be done before the day of your flight’s departure.

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