Alaska Cancellation Policy

Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy

The Alaska cancellation policy facilitates reversals without any hassles. It comes with clear terms and conditions. Following these can enable you to revoke a ticket within/after 24 hours. Through these, you can also learn how to Cancel your Alaska airline flight ticket, Cancellation Fees, claim refunds, and compensation for canceled flights. etc.

What is the Alaska Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy?

According to the Alaska cancellation policy of 24 hours, you can cancel the flight ticket within some specific hours of purchase. Once you cancel your tickets within the required time frame of twenty-four hours, then you can get the full refund amount as per the policy.

However, remember that if the cancellation exceeds the 24 hours limit, then the cancellation fees will be charged. In the case of non-refundable ticket cancellation within 24 hours, the passengers will get credits. The full refund amount will get credited as eCredits in the Alaska Airlines Passenger Wallet.

eCredits From Alaska Airlines:

eCredits are credits that remain in Alaska Airlines’ wallet, which are only available to be used when flights are canceled or delayed due to weather or other issues such as a terrorist attack or natural disaster or so on. They can also be used if a passenger is changing the itinerary but wants to keep the same flight at a lower price. If you are acquiring the 24-hour Alaska Airlines cancellation policy, then the eCredits will be available and these are valid for the next year.

Alaska Airlines Covid Cancellation Policy

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the passengers or airlines may cancel some flights for safety purposes. As a part of this, passengers can get the full amount refunded on canceling their trip with Alaska. Alaska Airlines may not charge any cancellation fees from passengers on flights canceled due to COVID-19.

Understanding it as a medical crisis, the Alaska flight cancellation policy due to COVID-19 waves of cancellation fees. This can be applicable to most trips and fare types.

airfleetrating-alaska airlines covid cancellation policy

When Can You Cancel Alaska Flight?

Passengers may cancel a flight due to a variety of reasons such as a sudden change in their travel plans. In this case, they can also change their Alaska flight tickets. However, that can be chargeable if changes are made after 24 hours of ticket purchase. 

This is one of the reasons for Alaska Airlines’ cancellation of flights. More such reasons are given as follows: 

  • Passengers may cancel the flight due to any mishap or accident that has happened to them.
  • Due to some illness, a traveler can cancel the flight.
  • A change in the flight schedule may cause trouble for the passenger.
  • Sometimes, the loss of a loved one may prevent a person from continuing with his/her travel plans.

Some Guidelines to Consider While Canceling Alaska Airlines Flights:

In accordance with the Alaska cancellation policy, a passenger should adhere to its terms. This is necessary when you want to ensure that your ticket is properly canceled. Also, to find out when cancellations can assure refunds, going through these terms or guidelines is suggested.

Here are some guidelines that one needs to consider while canceling an Alaska Airlines flight:

  • If you purchase your ticket more than 24 hours before the scheduled departure, you will be able to cancel it in less than that amount of time at no additional cost to you.
  • You can book your Saver fares at least 24 hours before departure, but you can cancel and rebook them within the same day.
  • With reference to the Alaska Airlines baggage policy, at times, you may purchase a luggage allowance. When your bag’s attributes go beyond the limit specified in the allowance, it is best to cancel the flight soon. This will save you cost for the baggage allowance as well as the flight.
  • When you bought an Alaska refundable ticket, you can request a refund through the website or by speaking to customer service.
  • Until the flight departure, you can cancel or change your reservations. If you booked a non-refundable ticket and want to change it, then you will receive a credit for future flights.
  • Changing the fees can happen when you are a Gold member but only if the changes are made during the check-in window. It’s only $25-$50 otherwise.
  • For availing of award tickets, as long as you notify the airline before departure, you can receive your Mileage Plan miles back in your account.
  • Once you Check-in with Alaska Airlines, cancellation is not permitted.

Risk-Free Period by Alaska Airlines

A risk-free policy in terms of airlines is something that offers travelers a chance to get airfare canceled without any risk or obligation. As a part of the Alaska Airline cancellation policy, this period should be availed of as soon as possible. It will be beneficial to make use of it when canceling tickets on the same day of reserving them. In case passengers are canceling after a risk-free period, they have to pay a cancellation fee of $125.

How do you Cancel Flight Tickets in Alaska?

Under the Alaska Airlines cancellation policy, you can use the official website when you do not wish to continue with a reservation. You can also use the phone number of the airline and share your request on a call. Thus, as per what suits you the best, you can choose either the online or the offline method.

airfleetrating-How to Cancel Alaska Flight

Method 1: Cancellation through Official Website

Alaska Airlines to cancel flights, you can run its main website. Here, you can find a tab that says My Trips. You can access it only when you have signed in to your account. Afterward, you need to mention the details of your booking. Once you do so, you can decide which flight you want to cancel. Confirm this change later. 

Here are some steps on how to cancel your flights with Alaska Airlines:

  • Open your Alaska Airlines. account.
  • Click on the “Cancel or Deposit a ticket” under Manage reservation.
  • Fill in the Passenger’s last name & e-ticket number.
  • You will see your all bookings made by you. Select the booking that you need to cancel.
  • Click on the “Confirm” tab to make the cancellation.
  • After the successful cancellation of your flight, you will receive an email.

As per the Alaska cancelation policy, it is important to ensure that the process gets confirmed. Thus, receiving the email is crucial. Assuming that you have not received it, despite the process being complete and successful from your end, please contact Alaska.

Eligibility Criteria for Online Cancellations:

There are eligibility criteria that passengers need to know considering the cancellation of tickets online. This approach may not be available to every passenger. The availability is subject to the kind of ticket purchased. Also, tickets accessed via any party other than the airline may not qualify for reversals, as the Alaska flight cancel policy adds. 

To understand the criteria better, the following terms should be looked at:

  • Do know whether the chosen ticket comes under the Alaska Airlines cancellation policy or not.
  • Check the duration of the ticket in which you can initiate the cancellation.
  • The Saver Fare promotion doesn’t last longer than 24 hours after booking.
  • The fare does not contain any government policy.
  • You are not being a part of a group or vacation package booking.
  • To prevent Alaska Airlines unaccompanied minors from going to unknown locations, all such tickets must be booked on either Alaska Airlines or their codeshare partner.
  • You were issued a ticket using US dollars as your form of currency.

Method 2: Cancel via a Toll-free Number

Alaska Airlines is said to be one of the best when it comes to its customer service. So, you can take assistance any time for cancellation of a flight ticket as well. As it is available 24 by 7, you can connect with it during any hour of the day. 

Here are more details regarding Alaska Airlines’ cancellation on call:

  • Dial the Alaska Airlines toll-free number.  You will be able to speak to the customer service representative.
  • When asked about the details of the ticket, do share them with the representative.
  • After collecting all the information about the ticket and other details, the representative will process the cancellation.
  • If you have any doubt about the Alaska Airlines cancellation fees or how much refund you will get after the flight cancellation, then you can ask the customer service representative about the same.

For people dealing with hearing and speech problems, a toll-free number 1-800-654-5669 is available. Those who are in trouble can reach out to the airline on this given number and initiate the cancellation process. Furthermore, to avail more of relay services, one can dial 711. Having said that, the Alaska cancellation policy is inclusive of benefits for every type of customer. 

Method 3: Live Chat for Ticket Reversal

Live chat is one of the most convenient methods introduced by the operator for Alaska flight cancellation. For being a part of live chat, customers need to be ready with the ticket details. On the go, this method assists them to manage their tickets, provided that the details are correctly mentioned. 

  • Visit the “Contact Us” page on the Alaska Airlines official website.
  • Look for the “Start Chat” option and initiate the conversation by mentioning your name and other relevant details.
  • A chatbot will get connected with you asking for some more details including the booking confirmation code.
  • Provide the details and wait until the cancellation request is processed. 

Alaska Airlines Social Media Portals

Today’s consumers can modify or ask queries about their flights in a variety of ways using social media. Additionally, this strategy can be used to address problems with booking reversals.

Social SignalsSocial Media links
Alaska Blog

Note: During a live chat session, the customers need to wait for 4-5 minutes. This duration is required to fetch all the details considering the same confirmation number or the client requesting cancellation. Without these details, exercising the Alaska cancellation policy becomes difficult.

Alaska Airlines Cancellation Fee

For canceling your Alaska Airlines flight, you may or may not have to pay the cancellation fee. No cost will be charged in case of cancellation within 24 hours from the date of purchase. In this case, passengers will get a waiver on fees. Alaska Airlines will refund the full ticket amount. 

Service/fee typeStandard feeFirst Class (purchased) passengerFirst Class (award) passengerFirst Class (upgrade) passengerMileage Plan
SaverNot permitted outside the 24-hour windowNot permitted outside the 24-hour windowNot permitted outside the 24-hour windowNot permitted outside the 24-hour windowNot permitted outside the 24-hour window
First class
First class
Same-day confirmed changes$50$50$50$50$50
Same-day confirmed changes for
for flights entirely within the state of California or in our shuttle markets.
Change/cancellation feeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree

You will have to pay the Alaska Airlines cancellation fee according to the policy. The scenarios in which it is applicable are stated below:

  • A standard cancellation fee will be charged on certain tickets purchased and canceled within 24 hours of departure.
  • The cancellation fees may be applicable on all types of trips, fares, and classes after the time period.
  • For Domestic ticket cancellation or any ticket change, the fee is nearly $125.
  • For International ticket cancellation, the fee can be from $200 to $500.

Note: If the chosen plan by the passenger gets altered at any time, then there will be no additional fee to change or cancel the Main and First Class fares. But do know that a fare difference may apply. 

Alaska Airlines Cancellation Done by Authorities

There are certain instances when Alaska Airlines cancels its flights. This usually happens due to some unwanted scenarios. The flights can get canceled by Alaska Airlines because of poor weather conditions. At times, due to some technical glitch also, the flights can be canceled. If the flight is delayed for more than 12 hours, then cancellation will be likely. The other reason for flight cancellations is due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Alaska Canceled Flight Compensation Terms

It is understood by the airline that when it cancels flight tickets, passengers can experience immense trouble. Some of them may be unable to continue important trips. For reducing this trouble, Alaska ensures that the passengers are compensated.

As per the Alaska air cancellation policy, it is important to know that compensation is not assured in every situation. To be clearer about the same, you should be aware of the policy’s terms for compensation.

  • Alaska Airlines is not a European Airline. However, EC 261 offers compensation to European travelers as well. For any Alaska Airlines cancellation at the last minute, which was scheduled to go via European airports also, it offers compensation.
  • In case the airline can offer an alternative flight, it does not pay any compensation.
  • The flight cancellation compensation is up to $700 per person.
  • When the flight is being canceled less than 14 days from the scheduled departure, the European passengers will get compensation.

Note: In some special circumstances, the compensation may vary for both delayed as well as canceled flights.

Compensation for Flights Canceled by Alaska

When the flight tickets are refundable, Alaska Airlines gives the full fare. The Alaska Airlines flight cancellation compensation will get refunded via the same payment mode. When passengers have a non-refundable ticket, they can make use of the amount of their ticket for future purchases. The non-refundable cancellation amount gets credited to passengers’ Alaska Airlines wallets.

airfleetrating-Alaska cancelled flight

Note: Alaska Airlines also offers credits and reward points for the flights canceled due to COVID 19 restrictions. But passengers can demand a refund of the amount instead of credits or reward points.

DistanceTypes of FlightAmount Refunded (Per Person)
Under 1500 kmAll flightsUp to €250
Above 1,500 kmInternal EU flightsUp to €400
Between 1,500 – 3,500 km Non-internal EU flightsUp to €400
Over 3,500 kmNon-internal flights of the EUUp to €600

Delayed Flight Compensation under Alaska Cancellation Policy

A part of the Alaska Airline cancellation policy is focused on delays. This is due to the reason that delays can also result in flight reversals on the part of the airline. Therefore, the airline keeps in mind that delays may be likely in certain situations. Hence, putting in place the terms for such situations that specifically result in cancellation is important.

  • According to the Alaska Airlines cancellation policy, when the flight is delayed for 3 hours or more, then it is required to pay compensation to the passengers.
  • The European Law EC 261 safeguards European passengers. Due to this, Alaska Airlines is also required to pay compensation to European passengers when the flight travels via a European airport.
  • The compensation offered by the airline due to delays in the flights is up to $700 per person.

What is Alaska Airlines Refund Policy?

Once you are done with the cancellation of your flight, you need to apply for a refund. That is why you need to be aware of the refund policy. The Alaska Airlines refund policy may vary for different circumstances. 

Below we are sharing different conditions that one should be aware of when applying for a refund.

  • According to the 24-hour cancellation policy, a full refund will be initiated by the airline. This refund will be made using the similar payment mode that the passenger used while ticket booking.
  • A fee will get deducted from the refund for the cancellation done after 24 hours of flight booking. Passengers will receive the amount via the original payment mode only.
  • For a non-refundable flight, the amount is added to the future wallet of a passenger on the website. He or she can use this amount for booking other Alaska Airlines flights in the future.

If passengers are canceling the flights on a required amount of time, then Alaska Airlines refunds the amount and it gets initiated in 5-8 business days. The original mode of payment will be considered for cancellation. 

Eligibility Criteria to Get the Refund

You can obtain a refund on Alaska when you fit into its eligibility criteria. The Alaska Airline refund policy includes the mode of purchasing tickets in its criteria. Significantly, this policy outlines who can receive this benefit or how much. 

For further clarity, the airline has put down the conditions of this criteria as follows:

  • The refund request can be initiated for the tickets that are directly purchased from Alaska Airlines.
  • With a Saver ticket, the chances of getting a refund are less. This is due to the discounted fares of such tickets.
  • For refundable tickets, a complete refund will be initiated.
  • This policy guides that, no refund is there for those passengers who booked the ticket through any middleman or agency.

How to Place a Refund Request on Alaska Airlines?

After the Alaska Airlines cancellation of flights, passengers can place a refund request. To place the refund request, online and offline, both modes can be considered. For the online method, customers can visit the official website and place their requests. However, offline they can either call or visit the office from where they booked the tickets.

Online Method:

When you want to seek a refund online, you can stay signed in to your account. Then you can start managing your booking. As you manage it, you will find the option to fill in the details of the cancellation. These details are significant for verifying that your ticket has been assuredly cancelled. Post complete verification, you will be provided with a refund.

  • Visit & Login into Alaska Airlines Website.
  • Reach the “Manage Booking” page.
  • Mention the details of your canceled Alaska Airlines ticket.
  • The canceled ticket will appear on your device’s screen and you can check it.
  • Open the canceled ticket and select the “Refund” icon.
  • Lastly, follow the on-screen instructions and complete the refund procedure.

In case you are applying for Alaska Airlines refund request COVID-19, this method may demand that you provide certain proof. This can comprise documents relating to your medical treatment or test.

Offline Method:

The refund policy of this airline lets you place requests offline and seek direct customer support. In doing so, it allows you to contact the team. This is done on the basis of your location. Therefore, when you visit Alaska’s website, you will find the number that connects you with the airline’s team in your region. Then you can share the details regarding your cancellation and ask for a refund.

Additional details regarding your tests and results are needed when you are seeking Alaska Airlines refunds due to COVID-19.

  • Get the helpline number of Alaska Airlines by visiting the Contact Us page on the main website.
  • Call on the number and connect with the executive.
  • Let the executive know that you wish to initiate the refund and provide all the asked details.
  • Wait until he/she confirms to raise your request. 

Alaska Airlines Contact International Contact Numbers

New Zealand0-800-25275200
United Kingdom001-800-2527522
USA / Canada1-800-ALASKAAIR (1-800-252-7522)


Traveling with this airline can be preferred due to the Alaska Airlines cancellation policy. It is made keeping in mind the various instances that may prevent travelers from going on a trip. With simple guidelines and flexibility, using the policy is easier for passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my Alaska flight and get a refund?

In some instances, you can cancel tickets as well as have your money back.

Can you cancel a flight on Alaska Airlines?

Yes, you can cancel a flight on Alaska Airlines. The reason could be any change in the plan, health issues, etc. Alaska Airlines cancelation policy takes into account such situations. Accordingly, it enables you to reverse your bookings.

What is the cancellation fee for Alaska Airlines?

From 1st May 2021 onwards, certain changes are made to the cancellation fee for Alaska Airlines. The cancellation fee has been permanently removed for the First class as well as the Main fares. The Alaska Airlines cancellation fee is USD 125 when you cancel the flight 24 hours before the departure.

How do I cancel my Alaska Airlines flight online? 

For your Alaska Airlines cancellation through an online portal, you need to open the official website of Alaska airlines. Then log in to your account by entering your details. Tap on “My Trips” and select the Alaska Airlines trip/flight which you would like to cancel. Then hit the “Cancel” tab.

How often does Alaska Airlines cancel flights?

The frequency of flight cancellations by Alaska Airlines is subject to certain conditions. These can include security reasons, extreme weather conditions, delayed flights, technical glitches, and some other reasons. However, it does offer compensation and refund as per the Alaska Airlines cancelation policy.

How to cancel a flight on Alaska Airlines offline?

To cancel a flight on Alaska Airlines offline, you can reach the customer service representative. He/she will guide you through the cancellation process. The representative will help you throughout the process. He/she will help you know about the refund too.

What if Alaska Airlines cancels my flight?

Due to several reasons, Alaska Airlines may cancel your flight. It provides compensation to passengers when it cancels the flight by itself. When the ticket is non-refundable, then the amount gets credited to the Alaska Airlines credit card or wallet. To compensate for flight cancellation or to avail Alaska Airlines refundable ticket, it also offers alternate flights for passengers.

What is Alaska Airlines cancelation policy?

The Alaska Airlines cancelation policy is a measure by the carrier to support you in instances wherein you cannot travel despite booking tickets. According to the 24 hours cancelation policy, passengers can cancel and change their flights within 24 hours of purchase. But the change in the flight itinerary can take place only once.

What is the Alaska Airline COVID cancellation policy?

The Alaska Airlines cancellation policy due to COVID-19 ensures assistance during the pandemic. The airline may cancel your flight when the times are too risky to fly, keeping in mind your health. Likewise, you can also seek cancellations. The COVID-19 policy can help you get a complete refund amount.

Is there an Alaska Air COVID refund policy?

A refund policy for coronavirus does exist on Alaska Air. Any passenger who may have booked tickets in advance but is unable to fly later in the pandemic can use this policy. It is also helpful when the passenger needs to get his/her money back for the ticket fare submitted.

How to use the Alaska cancellation policy?

You can use the Alaska Airlines cancellation policy in instances wherein you cannot carry on with your planned trips. This policy clarifies the terms to be followed for cancellations. In addition, when you require compensation, refunds, etc., its terms can be studied.

Who can use the Alaska Airline cancellation policy?

Airlines like Alaska have several ticket classes such as First and Coach. The flyers of its classes can use the cancellation policy. Though the policy is available for all flyers of Alaska Airlines, its terms can vary depending on the ticket classes they are flying with.

What are Alaska cancelation policy rules?

Alaska Air’s cancellation rules relate to passengers and their ticket classes.  The rules of the Alaska cancellation policy also take into account the hours of booking after which they are cancelling their tickets. Additionally, the policy outlines the conditions under which cancellations are allowed.

How to place Alaska Airlines refund request COVID?

A request for a COVID-19 flight cancellation refund can be placed offline. You can find Alaska’s contact number as per your region. Then you can connect with its team. After you provide all the details essential for claiming a refund, your request shall be placed and eventually approved.

What are the Alaska Airline COVID cancellation policy terms?

The Alaska Airlines cancellation policy for COVID-19 comprises simple terms. Mainly, when you are canceling your flight due to coronavirus health issues, you may have to present proof if the carrier asks for it. Along with this, when you qualify for a refund, you need to initiate the request from your end.

How much are Alaska Airlines refunds due to COVID-19?

At Alaska Airlines, the refund amount depends on the type of your ticket and its value. You can expect the complete value back when the ticket is refundable. Also, as per the other factors like time and situation, the amount of refund gets varied.

Does the Alaska Air COVID refund policy apply to non-refundable tickets?

You can use the refund policy for a non-refundable ticket. This may not assure you of a complete refund. The Alaska Air COVID refund policy can apply a cancellation fee. After the fee is deducted, the remaining value should be given to you.

Can the Alaska Airline refund policy give complete refunds?

With its refund policy, Alaska Air can provide you with a full refund amount. You can expect this when you have purchased a refundable ticket. Understanding that you reserved a seat in the Saver or any such class, receiving the full amount can be difficult. In special circumstances though, Alaska can set exceptions for its passengers.

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Kevin S. Boyle
11 months ago

I made a group booking for 5 people. Then due to some issues we all decided not to go on the trip. Luckily, we decided so within a few hours. We didn’t know that there was a 24 hour policy of Alaska. But after the cancellation got confirmed, i placed the Alaska Airlines refund request. I received the refund quite earlier than I had expected. I had a nice experience with both cancellation and refund.

11 months ago

I canceled my flight for the first time ever on this airline. The reason was absolutely genuine and it was something personal. There was no problem with the airline itself. But when it was about claiming the refund, I requested the airline so much to reimburse it in cash to me. But as per its refund policy Alaska Airlines doesn’t have such a norm. I didn’t like this at all. There should be some norms that ensure that the passenger is able to get the refund in whichever form he or she prefers.

Amila Smith
10 months ago

So, I was trying to find out whether or not can I cancel my Alaska Airlines flight after 7 days. I like the procedures you have listed. It is also simple to understand how they work. But I am not satisfied with the fee charged. For international flights, the amount seems to be unnecessarily high.

Sofia Hayat
10 months ago

Alaska Airlines cancelled my flight. It was continuing with its flying services after the pandemic. But when the cases started rising again, cancellations also began happening. The airline is not insensitive. It understands the loss a passenger has to bear. So it compensated me for that. My plan did suffer when my flight was cancelled. But from the airline’s point of view, passengers’ health is more important than anything else. The airline looks at the complete picture and does what is right.

Angila Villains
10 months ago

As soon as I got notified about Alaska Airlines cancelled flights news, I called up the airline and opted for cancellation. There was no waiting time may be because I called in the afternoon and there were no peak hours then. But I liked offline cancellation way more than the online method available. Since the offline one is more helpful, I might book my tickets the next time using that only.

Philip Edwards
9 months ago

I made a reservation for a 1st class ticket with Alaska a couple of nights before the departure, with the time difference between booking and take off being around 30 hrs. With the reference of Alaska Cancellation Policy, when is the furthest time I can drop this flight? The ticket I reserved is in the refundable category. When is the furthest down the line I can drop this flight.

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