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Name Change Policy

Errors on your flight tickets must be corrected without fail. To allow the same, the United Airlines name change policy has been determined. It enables passengers to modify the incorrect details on their tickets. This policy also discloses the main conditions related to such changes to hint at eligibility. 

Which Conditions Apply to the United Name Change Policy?

To change name on United tickets without facing any kind of hassle, you will need to follow the basic conditions: 

  • Modifications can be made when the flight has been reserved officially.
  • The details on the ticket should be the same as that on your passport.  
  • To make full changes, you will have to submit certain documents. 
  • The alterations can be minor or significant. 
  • All the requests for modifications must be submitted in writing. 
  • Your eligibility for such adjustments depends on the type of ticket you have reserved. 
  • A fee may or may not apply based on the type of alteration. 
  • On certain tickets, there can be a limit on how many times you modify.
  • Alterations after check-in may not always be allowed. 
  • Travel agency bookings should be referred to the agents themselves. 

Note: In case any update is made to these guidelines, you will be intimated via the official website. 

What Types of Name Changes on United Airlines are Allowed?

This carrier allows both corrections and changes to personal information. 

Minor Modifications

Simple and minor alterations will be categorized as corrections under these regulations: 

  • All spelling corrections made to a passenger’s first name like one or two letters 
  • Corrections made to the last name 
  • Modifying the full details of the passengers from that of a nickname to the main name 
  • United Airlines name changes made to the titles/prefixes like Ms., Mr., Dr., and so on 
  • Inverting the first and last names as a minor correction 
  • Deleting or modifying an initial 

Note: This carrier has no rules against making bookings with your nicknames. 

Major Changes

Apart from the modifications mentioned in the above section, all other modifications are considered to be major. Some of these include: 

  • Adjusting the entire first or last name
  • Adding a middle name to the ticket
  • United Airlines name change due to marriage or divorce 
  • Legal name changes on the passport resulting in the modification of the ticket 

Note: Requests for the above will be accepted upon submitting the required documents/identity proofs. 

What Documents are Required for United Airlines Name Change on Tickets?

To enable the authorities to correctly scrutinize your details and change name on United Airlines tickets, you will have to submit: 

  • Marriage certificate when the last name has to be modified 
  • Divorce decree when adjustments are to be done as a result of the same 
  • Court-issued documents in case of legal name changes 
  • Identity proofs that show both your original and new names 

When the Documents are not Available:

In case any one or more of the above-mentioned documents are not available for immediate submission, you will have to present: 

  • A name affidavit highlighting the details regarding your modification 
  • Government-issued identification proof 

Are there Any Special Regulations of the United Airlines Name Change Policy?

Sometimes, the general conditions might not apply to passengers who have uncommon names. Then the United Airline name change policy has determines that:

  • If you only have a first and middle name, the middle one is entered as your last name. 
  • Your first name should be entered as the last one when:
    • You have a single first name 
    • And, it has no other prefixes or suffixes
  • The first name should be left unknown (FNU – First Name Unknown) when you have no:
    • Middle name
    • Or, last name 
  • A flier’s middle name cannot be entered as the first one. 
  • It is not mandatory for you to submit your middle name during reservation. 
  • In case your middle name is mentioned on your passport, enter it on the ticket too. 
  • When other flight operators are involved in an itinerary, United’s rules will also apply.

How to Change Name on United Airlines Tickets?

The United Airlines change name feature is available for both general tickets and MileagePlus reservations online/offline.

Method 1: Using the Site

To make modifications to personal details on general bookings, follow the given steps: 

  • Open the United website of this carrier. 
  • Go to the “My Trips” section on the dialogue box of the first page. 
  • Give your “Confirmation Number” and “Last Name”. 
  • Click on the “Search” button. 
  • Your booking will be retrieved
  • Follow the on-screen directions
  • Use the United name change on the ticket option to make the necessary alterations. 
  • Pay any fee if required and you will receive a confirmation message. 

Method 2: For MileagePlus Bookings

To change name on United Mileage Plus reservations, you will have to implement these steps: 

  • Open the authorized site of the airline
  • On the top right corner, tap on the “MileagePlus Program” option.
  • In the drop box, select the “My Account” option on the left. 
  • A new redirected page will open where you can sign in by entering your:
    • “MileagePlus Number” 
    • And “Password” 
  • Select the booking which you wish to modify.
  • Then make the required corrections

Note: You will also need to attach the required documents along with the general details. 

Method 3: Through the Reservation Centre

When you do not have much time to manage your booking, you can call the airline agents for a quick change. 

The contact numbers for accessing the United Airlines name change option can differ based on the region you are calling from: 

Region Contact Number MileagePlus Service Centre 
The US and Canada 1-800-864-83311-800-864-8331
South Africa 02142680580214268058
Germany 06950-985-0510800-663-7277
Mexico 55-5283-550055-5283-5500

The airline will take around 2 weeks to process your name change request. 

Tip: To find more phone numbers, check “Help Center” under “Help”. Then select “View Directory”.

Method 4: Via Mail

When you do not have supporting documentation required under the United Airlines change name policy, you will need to send an affidavit. 

  • This affidavit should be sent via mail and be notarized. 
  • You can send it to this address: 

P.O. Box 1394
Houston, TX 77251-1394

What is the United Airlines Name Change Fee?

Currently, the airline does not charge any United name change fee for any kind of modification. 

  • A service fee might be included when offline options are used. 
  • This fee can depend on the:
    • Type of change 
    • Time of request 
  • The exact amount will be informed beforehand:
    • During a reservation 
    • Or, when you make the adjustments 

United Airlines – Social Media Handles

You can connect with the airline on its social media platforms for queries about the United Airlines change name on ticket facility.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/United/ 
Twitter https://twitter.com/united 
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/united/ 
Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/united-airlines/ 

The United Airlines name change policy assists passengers in making all types of modifications. Additionally, it facilitates quick corrections at minimal costs or for free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change name on United Airlines ticket online?

You can alter your name through the “My Trips” section on the website of the carrier.

Does United Airlines offer name change waiver?

Waivers can depend on the type of name change you wish to make.

How to change misspelled name on United Airline ticket?

To correct misspelled details via the airline’s official site, use the “My Trips” section.

How to change the last name on United Airline ticket?

Call the airline agents at the general toll-free number and submit the necessary certification for last name modifications.

Can you change the name on a plane ticket United?

Yes, you have the option to change or correct your name on this carrier’s flight tickets.

How do I change my name on United Airlines flight offline?

You can do so by calling the airline agents at the respective contact numbers.

How United Airlines legal name change works?

Passengers will have to submit court-issued legal documents in case of legal name changes.

How to change name spelling on United Airline ticket?

Minor spelling corrections can be made through the website of this operator.

Does United Airlines allow middle name on ticket?

It is optional to add middle names to bookings.

Does United Airlines allow international ticket name change?

Yes, name changes are allowed on international bookings.

What is United Airlines name correction policy?

This policy permits single-letter corrections and minor modifications in the first and last names.

Does United Airlines charge to name change?

Currently, no name change fee is charged.

How much does it cost to change the name on a plane ticket United?

Modifications to personal information can be done for free except for the service charge.

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