Volaris Airlines Baggage Policy

Volaris Airlines Baggage Policy

Volaris is one of the well-known air carriers in Mexico. It has created some policies for the easy flying of its passengers. Cancelation, baggage, etc., are a few of these policies. Volaris baggage policy, in particular, ensures that travelers carry appropriate luggage as per size and weight. Carrying the bags according to the same can help board a plane with no major inconvenience.

Volaris Airlines Baggage Allowance for Checked Items

Baggage allowance refers to the number of checked bags taken on a flight. Volaris approves a minimum of two bags to be taken by a flyer. Weight, size restrictions, and type can be a part of the checked baggage allowance criteria.

Volaris Baggage Size Restrictions

On traveling with Volaris Airlines, passengers should bring their luggage as per size limits. They may bring bags up to 62 inches as their maximum dimensions. To understand the dimensions in depth, Volaris baggage or luggage dimensions/requirements based on type should be known.

  • Checked Baggage: The flyers may bring up to two checked bags of the allocated size measurements. Volaris baggage measurements for this type can be 158 cm in total, consisting of wheels and handles.
  • Cabin Bags: Volaris checked bag size for the cabin can be a maximum of 62 inches. The size dimensions per bag can be up to 18 x 14 x 8 inches. Maintaining the size limits, only one or two cabin bags can be brought.
  • Oversized Luggage: On this airline, when oversized, luggage should be 62 linear inches. Any luggage found to be more than this cannot be considered.
  • Carry-on Bags: The general Volaris carry on size limit is 41.2 inches or 104.6 centimeters. For individual dimensions, they should be no more than 22.4″ x 15.7″ x 12.9″/56 x 39 x 32 cm, approximately.

Volaris Baggage Weight Limit

The Volaris Baggage Weight limit can be a primary thing for the operator based in Mexico. Volaris weight limit applies on checked, cabin, carry-on Size, as well as overweight bags.

  • Checked/Cabin Baggage: The maximum Volaris checked bag weight limit can be 25 kilos. The limit can remain the same in the case of cabin baggage.
  • Carry-on Bags: Volaris carry-on weight limit can be 22 pounds or 10 kilograms per bag. Above the weight limit, bags cannot be approved by the airline.
  • Overweight Luggage: Approximately 45 kg or 101 pounds can be the Volaris check-in bag weight when overweight.

Volaris Checked Baggage Fees

Specific fees can be charged for carrying checked bags on this airline in Mexico. They are charged on the basis of the ongoing season and destination routes. Volaris checked bag fees, concerning different routes and seasons, as shown in the following table:

ConditionSeasonInternational RoutesDomestic RoutesRoutes of Central America
At the gateLow USD 45500 MXNUSD 30
HighUSD 50600 MXNUSD 35
Booking at the AirportLowUSD 35400 MXNUSD 15
HighUSD 40450 MXNUSD 20
Online Booking/Call CenterLowUSD 40300 MXNUSD 25
HighUSD 45450 MXNUSD 30
Pre-flightLowUSD 40400 MXNUSD 30
HighUSD 45500 MXNUSD 35

Note: These Volaris baggage fees may or may not be accurate as per the season. Always check the prices with the operator before booking.

Fees for Excess Luggage

When it comes to bringing extra/additional baggage on a flight, Volaris’ extra baggage cost can be levied. Along with the number of bags, the fees may also depend on the travel route.

ConditionSeasonDomestic Routes FeesDestination Between Central America Fees
Online and Call Center BookingLow770 MXN50 USD
High825 MXN50 USD
Pre-flight BookingLow990 MXN55 USD
High1045 MXN55 USD
At the Airport and Boarding GateLow1000 MXN55 USD
High1200 MXN55 USD

Volaris Baggage Fees on Carrying Extra Bags at Other International Routes

RouteSales ChannelFees (in Dollars)
U.S. or Mexico to Central AmericaAllLow: 72
High: 83
Routes between Central America to the U.S.AllLow: 140
High: 260
Routes between Mexico to Central AmericaAllLow: 98
High: 110
Pre-flight from U.S. or Mexico to Central AmericaAllLow: 121
High: 143
Pre-flight from Central America to the U.S. AllLow: 155
High: 249
Routes between Mexico to Central AmericaAllLow: 155
High: 179
U.S. or Mexico to Central AmericaAirport or Boarding GateLow: 100
High: 110
Routes between Central America to the U.S.Airport or Boarding GateLow: 240
High: 250
Routes between Mexico to Central AmericaAirport or Boarding GateLow: 150
High: 160

Volaris Overweight or Oversized Baggage Fees

Flyers can be levied with overweight or oversized baggage fees on carrying luggage more than its weight/dimensions restrictions. Along with surpassing these, Volaris overweight baggage fees can also be determined by domestic/international routes.

MomentWeight (Pounds)Domestic Routes Fees (In MXN)International Routes Fees (Dollars)International Routes between Central America Fees (Dollars)
Airport and Boarding Gate57-77 Low: 800
High: 900
Low: 80
High: 90
Low: 25
High: 30
79-101 Low: 1800
High: 1900
Low: 180
High: 190
Low: 50
High: 55

Volaris Airlines Carry-on Prices

This operator can charge fees for bringing carry-on or hand luggage on flights. Volaris carry-on price may vary on booking the tickets at various platforms.

First Carry-on BagSeasonDomestic Routes Fees (Mexican Dollars)International Routes Fees ( U.S. Dollars)International Routes between Central America
Online or Call Center BookingLow3805230
Pre-flight BookingLow4105532
At the AirportLow5007054
At the Airport or Boarding GateLow6007559

Allowed/Prohibited Items at Volaris Airlines

Some items can/cannot be considered safe while boarding flights. For the safety of the passengers/crew, these items may be allowed or prohibited. In case prohibited, items such as knives, scissors, hammers, e-cigarettes, lithium batteries, etc., can be on the list. On the other hand, items including carry-cots, baby food, handbags, diaper bags, strollers, and air mattresses, can be approved.

Other such allowed/disallowed items can be

Allowed ItemsProhibited Items
Assistive devicesChemicals
LaptopsRadioactive substances
Hearing aidsExplosives
Reading materialPesticides
WheelchairCorrosive materials
Electronic devicesCertain gases

Volaris Baggage Policy for Infants

Passengers who are flying with their infants or babies can use the baggage system set for them at this airline. While flying with them, it should be ensured that the infant is 7 days or older. Also, for both domestic and international route passengers, carrying car seats can be mandatory.

Other rules relating to Volaris Airlines baggage policy for infants can be:

  • When the infant is two or more years old, he/she is entitled to purchase a separate ticket.
  • If the infant is allocated a ticket fare, no additional baggage allowance can be given to him/her on the flight.
  • Certain medications can be taken on the flight for infants.
  • In case, if the flyer has not taken the car seat, he/she can purchase the child restraint device from the airport.

Volaris Airlines Baggage Policy for Bringing Pets

Pets are welcome with Volaris flyers of 18 years and above. For traveling in a cabin, they should be transported as checked luggage. During transportation, the pet has to sit with the flyer under the seat.

Volaris new baggage policy rules for pets can also include:

  • Pets should be properly vaccinated.
  • All the health records of the pets must be submitted to the airline prior to booking.
  • Pets should not weigh more than 45 kilograms to travel in the cargo or cabin of the aircraft.
  • They may not be given extra baggage allowances since they would travel as checked luggage.

Volaris Baggage Policy for Sports/Music Instruments

This Mexican carrier can permit flyers with certain music/sports instruments under special baggage. The instruments can be taken as checked or carry-on baggage. For checked baggage, the items should not be more than 55 pounds and 78.7 total linear inches. For carry-on, they should be under 12.99 x 15.74 x 22.44 inches and 22 pounds.

On most cabin classes of Volaris, Personal items such as ski, snowboarding, water skiing, golf, hoverboard, bicycles, and archery equipment can be taken. Volaris baggage policy for Economy, Business, and First-Class visitors can also allow:

  • Bows and arrows
  • Fishing equipment
  • Football equipment
  • Scooters
  • Skateboards
  • Scuba diving equipment
  • Surfboards
  • Kayaks
  • Canoe
  • Kite flying equipment
  • Violin
  • Basses
  • Guitar

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Volaris baggage prices?

Volaris will be charged a fee for Domestic Flights of $20-$35 USD and for International flights of $40-$50 USD.

Can I take food on Volaris?

It’s up to you, Once you onboard, be prepared to pay for any drinks and snacks during the flight.

Can I take perishable items on a flight with Volaris Airlines?

You can take perishable food items on Volaris. However, items such as vegetables, seafood, liquid items, etc., cannot be carried as checked baggage but as carry-ons. The passengers can bring them in proper food box containers, as per the Volaris baggage policy.

Can Volaris carry on liquids in flight

No, Volaris does not allow liquids in flight.

Can I take food with Volaris Airlines?

Yes, you can bring food under the Volaris Airlines baggage policy. Food items such as ground coffee, spices, milk powder, dietary items, milk, and milk products, etc., can be brought following the carry-on weight limits.

How many ounces can you take for liquids on Volaris Airlines?

Volaris carry on policy accepts liquids with 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters to be taken on its flights. Please note that carrying liquids above this may not be accepted.

Can you take additional bags after checking in at Volaris Airlines?

You can take additional bags or add baggage at your convenience post-check-in at Volaris. You may be charged with Volaris baggage fees. These fees may depend on the route and the cabin class.

What does Volaris’ basic baggage include?

Volaris’ basic baggage may include one carry-on and a personal bag of 14 x 18 x 8 inches. Other than this, you can also bring 1 Volaris checked bag of 23 kilograms.

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