Warsaw Modlin Airport (WMI)

The Modlin Airport (WMI) is located in the Warsaw municipality. Warsaw is the capital of Poland, Europe. It is one of Poland’s well-known airports that are located in the Masovia area. Passengers can schedule their flights for this airport and can have the best flying experience as well.

GeneraI Information about Warsaw Modlin Airport

The following table is an overview of WMI Airport indicated below:

AirportWarsaw Modlin Airport
Airport TypePublic
OwnerMazowiecki Port Lotniczy Warszawa-Modlin Sp. z o.o
Built In (Year)1967
ServesWarsaw, Poland
Hubs forBuzz,Lauda Europe,Malta Air,Ryanair
Modlin Airport CodeWMI
Modlin Airport TerminalsOne Main Passenger Terminal
Warsaw Modlin Airport Runways1
Warsaw Modlin Airport Coordinates52°27′04″N 020°39′06″E
Modlin Airport AddressGenerała Wiktora Thommée 1a, 05-102 Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Poland
Contact Number48 22 315 18 80
Official Websitemodlinairport.pl
Elevation104 m / 341 ft

Warsaw Modlin Airport Map

The Warsaw Modlin Airport location map is a useful tool for finding your way around the airport, and for planning your journey.

Modlin Airport Code

Warsaw Modlin Airport code consists of two principal codes. These include the IATA and ICAO codes of the airport. The IATA Modlin Airport code is WMI and its ICAO code is EPMO. These two codes mainly represent this airport. It’s one of the biggest airports in Poland. 

ZIP CODE05-102

Modlin Airport Terminals

The new two-story terminal with 13,380 sq. meters is the principal building at Modlin Airport (Warsaw Modlin Airport Code), in contrasting orange and grey colours.

Due to departures and arrivals being on the same level, the terminal’s inside is ergonomically designed. Further, it is divided into zones. These zones help allow the passengers to hang out around it simply and comfortably. Clear markers enable people to move across all zones without difficulty and rapidly access any spot they require. The structure consists of two stories; one usually stays above the ground level and another one at the basement level with technical rooms at WMI Airport.

Modlin Airport Runways

Modlin Airport with WMI Airport code has one runway of 8,202 ft. long. The runway is lighted, consisting of an asphalt surface. 

08-268,202 ft197 ftAsphaltNo

Other Nearby Airports From Modlin Airport

Some of the closest airports to Modlin Airport are:

  • Warsaw Chopin Airport
  • Minsk Mazowiecki Military Air Base
  • Radom Airport
  • Babice Airport 
  • Góraszka Airport
  • Tomaszow Mazowiecki Military Air Base 
  • Szczytno-Szymany International Airport
  • Leczyca Military Air Base
  • Łódź Władysław Reymont Airport 

Major Airlines Flying From WMI Airport

The following airlines operate from WMI Airport:

  • Ryanair
  • Malta Air
  • Buzz
  • Lauda Europe

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get from Modlin Airport to Warsaw?

From Modlin Airport to Warsaw and back, there are various options. You can choose the most prevalent modes of transportation from Warsaw Modlin Airport (Modlin Airport code). Train, bus, taxi, and shuttle are all the available options for (public) transportation at this airport.

To examine the average costs of several modes of transportation from the airport to Warsaw, train travel from the airport to Warsaw is the cheapest option (39 minutes, PLN 12 – PLN 60). The fastest way to travel into the city is via shuttle if you wish to get to your destination as soon as possible (31 minutes, PLN 78).

What facilities can you enjoy at Modlin Airport’s Terminals?

The airport with the WMI Airport code has designated unique rooms for passengers with small children that can stay usually at the accessible zone, which is on the first floor. This airport comprises a restricted area located at the departure hall. Also, there is a restricted zone located inside the Arrivals Hall for the convenience of travellers with small children. 

A café, a shop, a kiosk, beverage machines, cash dispensers, currency exchange, Masovian Railway station, Modlinbus station, ticket machine, and vehicle rental stands are all located in the generally accessible zone. Passengers can use the terminal’s free WiFi throughout the premises. Thus, tons of facilities can be accessed at this airport.

What are the different types of Modlin Airport parking options?

WMI Airport parking choices come in a variety of options. The parking options at the WMI Airport (Warsaw Modlin Airport code) have evolved and grown. Several forms of parking are available at medium and major airports. The prices of the same can vary according to convenience and distance from the terminal.

The following are the various forms of parking:
Parking for a limited time period can be found here.
Parking can be available on a daily basis.
Parking for long periods/satellite parking can be availed of.
Interestingly, valet parking is available at this airport.
It provides you with parking at a short distance from the airport.
Sleep, park, and take-off parking options are also available.

Where is Modlin Airport, and how many passengers can it handle?

Warsaw Modlin Airport (Modlin Airport code) is an international airport in Warsaw, Poland, opening in July 2012. It was previously a decommissioned military airfield. It is located in the city of Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, which is 40 kilometres north of Warsaw’s city centre, and occupies a maximum capacity of around 2-2.3 million passengers per year. 

Low-cost carriers serving Warsaw, Poland’s capital, are expected to use the airport. With 2.588.175 passengers served only by Ryanair as of 2015, the airport is Poland’s fifth busiest airport. However, Warsaw Chopin Airport is the city’s primary international airport.

Is it possible to pay for my transfer by exchanging money at the Modlin Airport?

Yes, you can exchange money at the Modlin Airport’s Kantor ICE (International Currency Exchange) office or withdraw cash from a number of ATMs (Euronet, Grupa BPS). You can find the ATMs located throughout the airport. However, you should bring some Polish Zloty with you because currency rates at airports are substantially higher.

Does Modlin Airport have a train station?

Modlin Airport has two direct flights and one indirect flight to Warsaw’s city centre. Although the airport does not have a train station, there are frequent bus services to Modlin (distance 4 km), where local and long-distance trains depart for Warsaw up to 62 times every day. The first and quickest option is to hire a Modlin airport cab, found at Sawa Taxi or Taxi Modlin. Taxi rides take about 40 minutes on average and cost between 38 and 47 euros.

What are the limits on duty-free cigarettes and alcohol from within the EU at Modlin Airport?

There is no restriction as such at Modlin Airport (Modlin Airport code) on the amount of alcohol and tobacco items you can bring in from an EU member. If you have a quantity more than the ones mentioned in the following guidelines, then a Customs Officer will most likely question you about your intentions with these goods:
1 kilogram of tobacco, 800 cigarettes, 200 cigars
10 litres of spirits 
110 litres of beer
A total of 90 litres of wine 
A fortified wine of 20 litres

Which shopping centres are located at Modlin Airport?

The following shopping centres are located at Modlin Airport:

Tax & Duty-Free Space
Short Stop
Style & Beauty
Bistro Travel Chefs
Coffee Express

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