United Airlines Cancellation Policy

United Airlines Cancellation Policy

United Airlines Cancellation Policy

The United Airlines cancellation policy is created to deal with flight reversals due to various factors. This policy works by following specific rules to make sure that flight cancellations can be done with ease. It includes the rules for 24-hour cancellation, COVID-19 reversals, and other such features. Depending on when and how a flyer wants to cancel his or her flight, he or she can choose a method of cancelation. Before proceeding with the flight cancellations procedure, it is important to know and fulfill all the rules and regulations possessed by the airline.

United Airlines Flight Cancellation Rules

In certain instances, the passengers may want to use the United Airlines cancel flight service. For that reason, this policy plays a significant role. The basic aim of this policy is to provide travelers with a simple flight canceling process by following its rules. The airline outlines some rules that must be met for this process to be verified. 

In accordance with one of these rules, this policy only applies to the flights that are purchased directly from United Airlines via the website, ticket counter, or else through the customer service center. 

The following are the other primary rules that govern this United Airlines cancelation policy:

  • A passenger can be levied a cancellation fee when he or she cancels his/her flight ticket after 24 hours of booking.
  • Whenever it comes to ticket booking, the airline has separated tickets into two categories. They are classified as non-refundable tickets and refundable tickets. 
  • You can revoke your flight at any time when it is a refundable reservation. In that case, you will receive a full refund on the cancellation of the flight. 
  • For non-refundable tickets, a flyer can only reverse it within 24 hours after purchasing tickets. In that event, you may not get the money back. Nevertheless, you may use the money to reserve your new flight.
  • As per the United Airlines cancel flight policy, when you may wish to reverse your flight on the departure day, you should pay a fee, whether the ticket is non-refundable or refundable. 
  • When the ticket is booked by utilizing the United gift voucher by the passenger, in such instances, at the time of cancellation of the flight, he or she may receive a digital travel coupon in exchange for his or her money. 
  • In accordance with the United flight cancellation policy, once the flight has been reversed by the airline, the traveler can ask for a refund of his or her ticket within the time that has been set. 
  • For foreign flights, the airline may cost more than when it comes to national travel locations. 
  • Given that you are unable to finish your check-in procedure promptly, United Airlines may not be responsible for giving back any payment. 

United 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

For quick reversals, there is a 24-hour cancellation policy of United. It is for those travelers who do not intend their journey to proceed with the carrier due to varying reasons. This policy allows you to reverse your flight within 24 hours of your reservation. It includes canceling your reservation and receiving a full refund. Additionally, the policy gives you access to a risk-free period. 

Please read the terms and conditions given as follows to understand United Airlines cancelation policy better:

  • This policy can be applied when you have reserved your flight through the: 
    • Airport ticket kiosks
    • Customer service center
    • Official site of United Airlines 
  • When a flyer purchases his or her flight ticket, the 24 hours duration will commence. 
  • All the money-back requests may be processed in the actual mode of payment except the ticket reserved with a United gift voucher. 
  • The tickets bought by the passenger with e-certificates may not be eligible. 
  • Money and Miles flight tickets cannot be revoked within a United 24 hour cancellation timeframe. 

United Flight Cancellation Policy COVID-19

Sometimes, the COVID-19 regulations may affect the travel arrangements of the flyers. It may lead to revocation of the reservation too. To avoid such circumstances, the United Airlines cancellation policy COVID-19 is created to assist travelers during their medical emergencies. There may not be a cancellation fee for flights reversed. This is because of the ongoing pandemic situations worldwide.

A flyer can also ask for the complete money-back of his or her flight ticket under this policy. Alternatively, you can also use the ticket at a later period. 

Procedure for United Airlines Flight Cancellation

The passengers have a number of approaches to use the United Airlines cancel flight option. They can revoke the flights by the online process with ease. Or else, a flyer can contact the airline for his or her issue. Additionally, you can visit the airport counter and cancel the reservation. Depending on the convenience of the traveler, he or she can choose one method that is the most comfortable. 

Method 1: Cancel United Flight via Website

As per the United Airlines cancellation policy, a passenger can revoke his or her flight by navigating to the airline’s site. By utilizing the My Trips option, you can easily cancel your flight with United. In addition, a flyer may need to input his or her flight details. Post providing information to the operator, you can reverse your flight. 

The following are the detailed steps for using the United Airlines canceled flight option:

  • First, please access the website of the carrier, “www.united.com”.
  • On the homepage of the site, you can look for the “My Trips” section. Select that feature.
  • Then, in the appropriate field, you will have to insert your “Surname” as well as your “Confirmation Code”. 
  • Once a flyer has provided all these details, he or she can click on the “Search” option to see his/her United Airlines flight. 
  • The next step is to navigate to the flight that you want to revoke from the list. 
  • Further, you can go for canceling a flight on United by using the “Cancel” tab next to it. 
  • Finally, the airline may send you a message as soon as your reservation is canceled on your registered email ID. 

Note: Always check the information of the flight twice while deciding to revoke. 

Method 2: Cancel United Airlines Flight through Calling

In some situations, for some passengers, contacting the airline offline to revoke their reservations is preferable. By using this option, the agent will connect with you personally, and further, you can ask for the United Airlines flight cancellations service. This option may be helpful for the last-minute revocation of a booking. It is a trustworthy procedure because, as per the United Airlines reviews, the officials remain eager to help the passengers in various processes like these. A passenger can reach the United airlines customer service department.

Once you connect with the personnel via call, ask him or her to assist you with United Airlines canceled flights. Furthermore, you may provide the details regarding your booking, such as the entire name, confirmation code, and flight number. Your flight reversal procedure may begin, as soon as the agent can identify your booking. You may need to pay a service fee, when necessary to complete the United flight cancellations process. At last, a flyer may receive a confirmation email regarding the revocation of the booking. 

Note: Additionally, a passenger can either request a refund or book a new flight, when his/her flight has been reversed. 

Method 3: Canceling a Flight on United by Visiting Airport

Under the United Airlines cancellation policy, the most simple way to revoke the booking is via the airport counter. While using this procedure, you can contact the officials of the operator. 

You will have to visit the ticket counter for successful United flight cancellations at the airport. First, you would have to meet the officials for your query. Request him or her regarding the revocation of the flight. Then she or he may ask you for the details of the reservation. Once you provide all the details, you may have to pay a cancellation fee if applicable. Next, the official of the airline will go ahead with the procedure. At last, you will be informed about the completion of the cancellation of the booking. 

Note: Sometimes, the carrier assistance desk may be closed for a variety of reasons. Similarly, you may not be able to cancel United flights when the flexibility is not available. Hence, arriving at the airport far before the departure time can be beneficial for a passenger. 

Refund Policy for United Airlines Flight Cancellations

The refund policy may specify that when United flight cancellations have been successfully done, a certain sum may be refunded to the traveler. A passenger can ask for a refund usually on the refundable tickets. Non-refundable tickets cannot be eligible for a refund in all instances. 

Note: You can verify whether your flight ticket is non-refundable or refundable at the reservation time on the official website. 

Please read more conditions of the refund policy as follows to exercise it better:

  • When COVID-19 has disrupted your travel plan, you may be eligible for a refund. 
  • A passenger may be provided a refund or future travel credit to the actual source of payment, depending on the ticket type and the nature of the itinerary interruption. 
  • You may have to fill out the form of refund when you are already done with the United Airlines flights canceled process. The carrier may contact you as soon as possible to inform you that your flight ticket is eligible for money back. 
  • The credit card refund procedure may take somewhere around 7 working days.
  • All other refund requests can be processed within 20 days after receiving the receipt.
  • Payouts for the flight ticket in foreign places may take a longer period. 

Note: A passenger can claim his or her money back through both online and offline processes.

How do I make a United Airlines Refund Request?

Passengers who have used the United Airlines canceled flights service can obtain a refund. The online method can be used to submit a request for a refund. By visiting the site of the operator, you can request money back on flight cancellation.

The main steps for placing an online refund request are mentioned below:

  • A passenger can utilize the link given below:
  • There you may find a form of “Request a Refund”. 
  • Next, a traveler should mention all the details asked in that form. The details may include the “Contact Information”.
  • Once you provide all the information, further in the given box, you may add the reason for your refund request.
  • Post you write your reason, mention your email from which the airline can get in touch with you. 
  • Moreover, click on the “Submit” option.
  • When you are eligible for a flight refund, the carrier may notify you. 
  • A passenger may also view the status of his or her refund on the refund form page. 
  • Later, you can wait for the airline to respond.

Note: The United cancellation policy indicates that a traveler can also make a request for his or her money back by calling the airline officials. Or else, you can visit the airline and claim your refund. Only after the cancelled flights confirmation has been received by you, proceeding with the refund request will be suggested.

Cancellation Policy for MileagePlus Miles Members

The following are the MileagePlus program’s rules and regulations, which govern the redemption and earning of the miles, advantage, prize, as well as million miler and premier advantages. By participating in the program, a flyer can acknowledge that he or she has read and understood the regulations and agree to follow them. A passenger can contact the MileagePlus customer care center for additional information on United Airlines flight cancellations. It is important to know the rules before proceeding with the procedure of revocation of flight. 

Below some rules and regulations are mentioned regarding the MileagePlus policy:

  • You may have to pay a charge to revoke an award booking less than 30 days before departure. In that case, you can receive a Miles refund. 
  • A traveler can cancel United flights when he/she has paid for it with MileagePlus miles. When you reverse your flight ticket a minimum of 31 days before departure, you may not have to pay a cost for canceling an award reservation. Further, you may receive the credits redeposited into your MileagePlus account. 

How to Cancel a Flight Reserved with Miles?

A flyer can initiate canceling a flight on United by contacting the MileagePlus customer care center. You may get the contact numbers from the official website of the carrier. There, you can only follow simple steps to reverse the booking.

The detailed steps on how to cancel a ticket as per this policy are as given below:

  • Kindly, open the official site of the airline.
  • On the homepage of the website, you may find the “MileagePlus Program” option. Click on it. There you can select the “Contact MileagePlus” feature. 
  • By hitting on it, a flyer may be redirected to the other page, where he or she can look for the “Phone” tab.
  • Below that option, you can get the details of contacting the officials for the United Airlines flight canceled procedure.
  • There may be two contact numbers mentioned. You can select one at your convenience. Once you call the agent, he or she may guide you through the whole process of revocation. 
  • At last, a traveler will receive a confirmation email of his or her flight’s reversal. 

United Cancellation Fee

When a flyer decides to reverse his or her booking, he or she may be charged a United cancellation fee. The service cost of this airline can be determined by several factors. It includes the schedule of your flight, as well as the location of your trip. 

In certain situations, you may be able to avoid paying your cancellation fees. To take the advantage of avoiding the fee, you should revoke your flight within 24 hours of its booking. When a passenger cancels his or her flight ticket within this no-risk period, he or she may not be charged any United Airlines cancellation fee. 

Here is a brief description of the revocation cost in various situations:

  • Beyond the risk-free period, the passengers who have purchased a non-refundable flight ticket may have to pay $200 for the cancellation charges.
  • For the award tickets, the carrier may cost anything from $25 and $125.
  • As per the United Airlines cancellation policy, the purchaser of the refundable ticket can be exempt from paying the revocation fee. 
  • The cost for general members to reverse booking can be $125. 
  • Fees for premier platinum can be as little as $50. 
  • Premier 1k members can cancel their reservations free of cost. 

Note: Reversal of reservation far in advance may save your time and money on extra fees.

United Airlines Cancel Flight Policy

Sometimes, a flyer’s flight may be canceled by the airline itself. When United Airlines cancel flights, there may be several reasons for this. One of the reasons is that bad weather may cause issues in flying. The carrier does not endanger the life of its travelers in this scenario. Hence, canceling the reservations may seem ideal in such circumstances. Therefore, you may not be able to continue your journey. 

Some other possible motives explaining United Airlines cancelling flights under some scenarios are as follows:

  • Problems with take-off
  • Issue with the mechanical system
  • Computer-related errors
  • Flights are overbooked
  • Difficulties on the runway
  • Flights may be excessively delayed
  • COVID-19 rules may pose some limitations
  • Natural disasters

At times, not following the rules of the other policies set by the airline may result in cancellation. Especially with respect to United Airlines baggage policy, abiding by its terms is more essential, on failing which you may be denied boarding.

United Flight Cancellations Compensation

The United flight cancels and delays may happen. Whatever the reason for the airline’s delay or revocation of your reservation, you may get compensation. This compensation can be given to adjusting the loss or inconvenience faced by the passengers.

The compensation provided by the United Airline can depend on factors like location. When a flyer arrives from the European Union or Canada, he or she can visit the customer care department to get his or her hotel stays, complimentary food, as well as drink coupons if any. According to the United Airlines cancellation policy, when you travel from the United States, still you may be rescheduled on a new flight to your location. However, you may not get the beverages, hotel rooms, and free food.

Note: Please keep in mind that when you are eligible for this, the amount may vary as per the number of hours delayed or the reason why United Airlines is cancelling flights. The table below may give an estimate of how much United Airlines will be compensated for its cancellation:

When your flight originates in Canada, you may receive:

Amount ReimbursedHours that have been pushed back
CAD 10009 hours and more
CAD 400 3 to 6 hours
$700 6 to 9 hours

When you travel out of the EU, the compensation to cancel United Airlines flights can be as follows:

Distance (Km)Delayed HoursCompensation
3500 In between 3 to 4 hours€300
3500 4 hours€600

Tips to Cancel Flights on United Airlines

Professional airlines such as United require a certain time for cancellations and refunds to be processed. As soon as a traveler decides to cancel a flight, the processes can be expedited. Speaking of only this airline, it has established the United cancellation policy. The sooner you decide to cancel, going through the policy’s terms will give clarity and ensure quick reversals.

In addition to this tip, you can find more below:

  • For cost-free cancellations, see to it that you take an assured decision within twenty-four hours.
  • When you are revoking flights because of coronavirus, keep the relevant medical reports in hand. Ensure that the dates on the reports are recent.
  • Go for online cancellations when you are an international flyer. This is mainly for the reason that calling across international borders may delay the process should the phone lines be occupied.
  • Going by the United flight cancellation policy, airport-based reversals are suitable at the last minute. Thus, avoid using the online or calling modes for quick cancellations.
  • Since refunds can take more than a few days to be received, ensure that the requests are raised as early as possible. Use only accurate details in the requests for no hassles in receiving the amount.

On a Final Note
The United Airlines cancellation policy is a complete feature that provides the requirement of different travelers around the world. It may assist the passengers with flight cancellations as well as offer refunds on the revocation of the flight. This policy may serve the clients with the maximum convenience in the type of 24 hours availability. Hence, you can reverse your reservation whenever you want to do so.

United Airlines Flight cancellation Policy FAQs

Some of common United Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy FAQs:-

How does United Airlines flight cancellations policy work?

The United Airlines cancellation policy works via some rules and regulations that need to be followed by the passengers. This policy works for the flyers to easily cancel their flights within 24 hours of booking at no cost. Or else, they can reverse the booking beyond this time also, provided that a charge is paid. This policy works flexibly throughout the cancellation procedure.

How much does it cost to cancel United Airlines flight?

Usually, the United cancellation fee for non-refundable tickets can be $200. The carrier may charge anywhere between $25 and $125 from the holders of award tickets. General members may have to pay a fee of $125 for the revocation of the reservation. For the Premier Platinum members, fees can be charged around $50. Nevertheless, the cost of the reversal of the booking may vary from time to time.

Does United Airlines compensate for canceled flights? 

Yes, United Airlines compensate the travelers for their canceled flights. The compensation provided by the airline can be based on location and timing. It can often vary depending on these factors.

How often does United Airlines cancel flights?

United can cancel the flights due to some reasons. It can be because of take-off issues, natural disasters, or other factors. Depending upon these circumstances, it can be necessary to cancel a flight by the airline. However, if you want to know the exact frequency of flight revocation, then you can contact the operator.

Can you cancel a flight on United Airlines?

A passenger can cancel a United Airlines flight. Certain medical issues, any modifications in the plan, or other factors can be the reason for the revocation of the reservation. The cancellation policy takes such circumstances into account. Based on that, you can reverse your booking.

What if United Airlines cancels my flight?

There can be several reasons why United Airlines cancel flights for passengers. In case of any issue with technical, runway difficulties, etc., they can cause a flight revocation. In such instances, the airline provides the customers with compensation. The compensation provided can differ from person to person as it depends on the ticket type and other factors.

What is United Airlines cancellation fee? 

When you reverse your flight after 24 hours of booking, you can be charged a United Airlines cancellation fee. This fee may depend on some factors. It may be based on the type of the ticket, the timing of the canceled flight, etc.

Can I cancel my United Airlines flight within 24 hours? 

A passenger can be permitted to cancel his or her flight within 24 hours. It can be allowed under the United 24 hour cancellation policy. This policy can be used for non-refundable tickets as well as refundable tickets, provided that the time-related rules are sincerely followed.

What will happen if I cancel a non-refundable ticket on United Airlines?

When a traveler may cancel a non-refundable ticket on United, he or she cannot get any refund. On this type of ticket, if you reverse the flight within 24 hours of purchase, then you may receive a refund. In case, when you cancel your ticket beyond this time limit, you may have to pay some fees.

Can I get a credit if I cancel my United Airlines flight?

United provides a refund to its customers for the cancellation of flights. This refund is received by the passenger in the original form which he or she has used to book a flight ticket. When you want it only in the form of a credit, you can request it from the airline. As per the airline’s policy rules, it will let you know whether it is possible or not.

How can I use United Airlines credit for a canceled flight?

A traveler can use credit on United, partner-operator flights, as well as United Express in the future. You can use it by visiting the official site of the airline. You may be allowed to use one credit per purchase when you obtain it by canceling a flight. You can apply for several credits in one transaction if you have earned them for a future flight by switching to a less costly reservation.

How does United Airlines COVID cancellation policy work?

The United Airlines cancellation policy for COVID-19 works as a feature of the carrier. This feature allows travelers to reverse their reservations due to any illness or emergencies. It may give full refunds to the passengers. Or else, you can use the flight ticket later. As per this policy, you may not pay a charge if you go for the reversal of the booking.

Does United Airlines allow free cancellations?

Yes, this carrier allows the free cancellation of a ticket in some situations. In the case of COVID-19, a passenger can revoke his or her booking free of charge. Similarly, for Premier 1k members, there may be no charge for revocation.

Is there a penalty under the United flight cancellation policy?

The United cancellation policy applies a penalty in the form of a fee. It is to be paid when you cancel a non-refundable ticket after 24-hours of your reservation. Last-minute reversals can also be subject to it. The same may apply during the instance of a no-show.

Can Basic Economy Travelers use United 24 hour cancellation policy?

The travelers of Basic Economy may find fewer flexibilities when flying with United. For cancellations, a duration of 24 hours is available to them. After booking their tickets, they can cancel in the said duration using the 24-hour cancellation policy.

What are the rules of cancellation policy United Airlines?

An important rule of the cancellation policy of United is to first see whether your ticket is refundable or non-refundable. For the second category, cancellations are easily possible in 24 hours or on the same day. Another rule is that you apply for refunds soon after you cancel. When certain rules are not followed, a cancellation fee is to be paid.

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Hannah G.
5 months ago

United Airlines offer different services to its passengers. When we want to cancel our booking, we can use the United 24 hour cancellation feature. In that feature, we get the complete payment back to our account. But can you please mention in exactly how many days, the refund will be received by us? Its been almost 4 days and ive not got mine!

M. David
4 months ago

I purchased a ticket a few months back. After a few days, I realized that I have booked the flight with the location that I don’t want to go to now. So for that reason, I had made the United Airlines cancellation. I don’t have knowledge of how to make it online. By reading this, the first time I tried the online procedure. It was done but it was a very long procedure with so many details asked. Next time if it happens I will prefer to go with the offline process.

Kristy D.
4 months ago

Booked my non-refundable ticket with United. In an emergency, I had to undo my booking. Nevertheless, I learned that the United airlines cancellation fees are high. So I changed my mind because I can’t afford the reversal charges of the airline. Could you please charge less for cancellation?

Alex Thomsan
4 months ago

The United covid refund policy seems to be fine. When one gets the refund based on the ticket type and price of the ticket that appears to be reasonable. During coronavirus, I had taken advantage of this refund policy. I have received my entire payment. Hence I hope I will travel with this airline without any trouble in the future also.

George Tin
4 months ago

Booked my non-refundable ticket with United. In an emergency, I had to undo my booking. Nevertheless, I learned that the United airlines cancellation fees are high. So I changed my mind because I can’t afford the reversal charges of the airline. Could you please charge less for cancellation?

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