Southwest Cancellation Policy

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy

Before flying, it is important to be prepared for various outcomes and circumstances. These may include flight cancellations and delays. To facilitate such events, especially cancellations, this airline has given the Before flying, it is important to be prepared for various outcomes and circumstances. These may include flight cancellations and delays. To facilitate such events, especially cancellations, this airline has given the Southwest cancellation policy. Since cancellations are unpredictable, it is important that you refer to this policy beforehand. Knowing the important rules and regulations it holds can help you in determining the procedure of cancellations. Additionally, as a flier, you ought to know this policy in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Explaining the Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy 

Passengers can avail of Southwest cancellations by meeting the conditions given by this policy. It also gives a designated set of regulations that are to be followed during cancellations. The different methods of flight reversals, fees for cancellations, and refund rules are also determined by it. It aims to provide the utmost assistance to the customers and resolve their queries. Besides, the policy helps the travelers in claiming compensation. 

The following are the main rules and eligibility criteria as given by the cancellation policy of Southwest Airlines: 

  • You can cancel any reservations that are made with the airline directly either through the website or by calling. 
  • For group reservations involving more than one ticket, the cancellation rules will apply to all the tickets equally. 
  • You can avail of Southwest ticket cancellations on tickets bought through the carrier’s frequent-flier programs as well. The rules for these kinds of cancellations may vary. 
  • If you have canceled your flight and want to rebook a new one on the existing itinerary, then the airline may automatically book a ticket on the next immediate flight. 
  • For those reservations that are made at least 7 days before the flight’s departure, you can cancel them 24 hours before you board. 
  • As per this policy, the tickets are classified into refundable and non-refundable nature. 
  • This policy also covers information regarding flight compensation in case of delays. 
  • Sometimes you may witness Southwest Airlines cancel flights. This can be due to issues faced by the airline which can pose a risk to the safety of passengers.

Note: To know whether flight cancellations have any influence on the cost or allowance of your baggage, you can check the Southwest baggage policy. It can help you to know the measures you have to take to ensure the security of your luggage. 

Southwest 24 Hour Cancellation Policy 

The Southwest 24 Hour cancellation policy mainly facilitates flight reversals within these hours of booking. This feature can be available on all types of tickets. Depending on the date of your purchase, you will be allowed to cancel your reservations 10 minutes before the departure under this policy. 

For the flights canceled within 24 hours, passengers will have to pay no cancellation fee. Additionally, full refunds can be obtained. Hence, it proves to be extremely beneficial to customers to cancel their flights within twenty-four hours. 

Note: Sometimes, few restrictions can be imposed on the 24-hour cancellation policy depending on the travel destinations or demands for flights. For this, you are suggested to check the official site of the airline. 

Southwest COVID-19 Flight Cancellation Policy 

In light of the pandemic, Southwest Airlines has given the COVID-19 cancellation policy. As per this policy, the airline has reduced the amount for cancellations and charges. Passengers whose main reason for cancellation is coronavirus can do it for free as well. The last dates to apply for travel funds and their expiry have been further extended. The airline also made several modifications in its Southwest cancellation policy for COVID-19 to increase flexibility. 

Southwest Cancel Policy for No-show

The airline suggests canceling tickets 10 minutes prior to your flight’s departure. When this is not observed, it can mark you as a no-show. You will be able to receive a refund. This will be provided in the form of flight credits. The benefit is available for Anytime and Business Select flyers. For others, the no-show cancellation policy may not assure refunds.

Reasons for Ticket Cancellations on Southwest Airlines 

Different circumstances can lead to the cancellations of your Southwest flight tickets. The reasons can be personal or professional. In such unavoidable situations, it can become mandatory for you to use the Southwest cancel flight feature. Also, knowing the probable causes for cancellation may give you valuable insight on how to avoid these causes. Yet, if the cancellations become inevitable, you will know the steps to take and the procedure to follow. 

A few of the main causes for cancellations for flights by the passengers can be as follows: 

  • Personal problems 
  • Safety issues 
  • Medical problems 
  • Work meetings 
  • Professional gatherings 
  • A last-minute change in plans 
  • Death or injury of an immediate family member
  • Change in departure destinations

Other than these, there can be several other causes for changes and cancellations. In such cases, you will be allowed to cancel your flights without a second thought. The Southwest cancellation policy is fairly flexible and you can access it at any point of your travel. 

If you do not show up at the airport at the time of boarding, then, as per the “no-show” policy, your ticket will automatically be deemed canceled. You may not be eligible to apply for refunds on such no-show tickets. 

Different Methods to Cancel Flights on Southwest 

You can use online and offline methods to cancel your flights on Southwest. The best possible method to cancel your flight depends on the time of request and the nature of the cancellation. Also, based on the option you find the most comfortable, you can make the choice of the method. The different levels of technological comprehensiveness of the users can also affect the method for Southwest cancellations. 

Given below are the two main ways by which you can cancel your tickets on this carrier: 

  • Cancel Southwest flight online 
  • By calling the customer care unit 

Besides these options, passengers can also make requests for cancellations through emails. However, this is not a frequently used method. 

Under the Southwest Airlines flight cancellation policy, all these options will be available for use all through the day. You are free to select the option you like and request the cancellation. These options work towards the same object or flight cancellations, hence, they provide complete guidance. 

Method 1: Cancellations through the Website 

Canceling flights through the official website of the carrier comes under the online mode. It can be best suitable in case of international or long-distance flights. It is an efficient option as all your details will be under protection. Also, it is flexible since it will be open 24 hours, seven days a week. You can perform your changes or cancellations yourself without the involvement of any third party. 

On the official website of this carrier, you can not only make Southwest Airlines cancellations but also check-in, print your boarding passes, view baggage rules, and upgrade your flights. In regard to cancellations, you will have to log in to the site and provide your flight details. 

The complete procedure for online cancellations is detailed here: 

  • Firstly, open your web browser and key in the link “”. 
  • On the homepage of the site, you will find a series of tabs in the panel near the “Book” option. Here, select the “Change/Cancel” tab. 
  • Now, you will have to choose the “Cancel Flight” option on the right. 
  • The airline will then ask you for your personal information and flight details. This information includes “Confirmation Number”, “First Name” and “Last Name”. 
  • After carefully providing this information, go ahead by clicking on the “Search” option highlighted in yellow. 
  • Your reservation will now pop up on the screen. You can choose the ticket that you wish to cancel. 
  • Check your details and use the Southwest Airlines cancel flight option to reverse your reservation. Pay the additional fees as required by the carrier. 
  • Once the cancellation request is processed, you will receive an email to your registered ID. Confirm the flight cancellation in this email. 

Tip: This method is suggested for using when you have booked round-way tickets. The Southwest cancelation policy brings forth that such tickets qualify for online management.

In some cases, while requesting cancellations online, the airline may ask you to send an email as well. This can be used to double-check your details and avoid any errors. You can send an email to the official web address of the carrier and attach all the required details. This request email will soon be verified with the details provided on the site and if they match, the process to cancel your flights will be initiated. 

Note: Given you want to go for online Southwest cancellations, it is better to not wait till the last moment. This is because during last-minute cancellations through the site, the requests may not be processed in time or the charges may increase. Hence, it is safe to cancel flights online a few hours before the official departure to avoid the hassle of any kind. 

Method 2: Offline Cancellations of Southwest Flights 

For a conventional approach towards cancellations, you can choose the offline method. This includes contacting the customer care unit of Southwest. You will be able to connect personally with the agents and make your requests. Moreover, as per the Southwest cancellation policy, you can contact agents from any part of the world and from anywhere. Hence, it proves to be a convenient option. 

You can dial the following Southwest cancel flight phone numbers to reach the agents of Southwest:

  • +1-800-433-5368 (Number for queries regarding group travel cancellations)

After calling any of these numbers, you will reach the helpdesk of Southwest. You will then hear voice commands from an automated device. Click on the appropriate keys based on these commands. Upon reaching the agent, inform him/her about the reason for your call, which is a cancellation. As per the Southwest flight cancellation policy, you will be required to provide the agent with proper information including:

  • Confirmation number
  • Ticket number
  • Date of departure

Personal details like the full name of the passenger may also be needed. Once the agent verifies these details, the process to cancel your flights will be commenced. You will hear of the confirmation of the flight cancellation either on-call or via email. 

Calling the airline directly is mostly preferred for last-minute cancellations or in the case of domestic flights. However, it can also be a viable method of cancellation of continental flights. 

Note: While assessing the Southwest cancel flight option through call, you can request to connect with an agent who is proficient in the language you speak. If this is not possible, then other arrangements can be made for you. 

Charges for Cancellation of Southwest Flights 

According to Southwest Airlines reviews, this carrier believes in the absolute convenience of its customers. It tries its best to make flying a low-cost and comfortable experience for them. For this reason, this carrier does not impose any kind of fee for allowing flight cancellations. This means that you can change or cancel your flights on this airline without paying any Southwest cancellation fee. 

It is to note that if you wish to rebook your flight after cancellation, then you might need to pay a fare difference. This is when this new flight costs more than the initial ticket. But, on the other hand, in case it costs less, the difference amount will be refunded to you by the airline. Thus, the free cancellation policy of Southwest is a great benefit to the customers. 

Ticket Refund Policy of Southwest Airlines 

According to the Southwest refund policy, there are both refundable and non-refundable tickets. You can avail of full refunds on the former type. On the latter tickets, you cannot get refunds in monetary terms upon cancellations. However, the value of these tickets will be estimated and converted to travel funds. You can then use these funds at a later date and book flights using them. 

Note: The Wanna Get Away tickets of Southwest are non-refundable. Business Select and Anytime ticket fares are the ones that are refundable. 

To request a refund on this carrier, you will have to open its official website through the link “” .Then follow the given steps: 

  • Go to the “Cancel Flight” option on the homepage of the site. 
  • Enter all the necessary information regarding your flight and your name as well. 
  • View your reservation and after you cancel it, you can choose the Southwest refund option to place your request. 
  • The request will be processed and your amount will be transferred to you in the original form of payment. 

Note: In case you have any queries regarding the Southwest Airlines refund policy, you can call customer care. You can also check your refund status with the agents. 

Refunds under Southwest 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

During 24 hours of your booking, you can cancel a ticket for free. You can also look forward to receiving a refund. Speaking of this, you will have 2 options. The airline can allow you to decide a payment method, in accordance with the Southwest 24 hour cancellation policy. Then you can receive your refund through that. Or, you may inform Southwest that you agree to receiving flight credits in place of the value of the ticket fare. These credits will apply to flights directly booked with the airline in the future.

Southwest Airlines Compensation for Delays and Cancellations 

When the airline itself cancels bookings, passengers will be eligible for the Southwest Airlines cancelled flight compensation. This also applies to flight delays. In case of cancellations, you can get an amount of about $700 should your flight be canceled less than 14 days before its departure. 

The compensation in case of delays mainly depends on the travel distance of the flight and time. Usually, compensation is given if the delay in flight exceeds 3 hours. 

Under the Southwest cancellation policy for compensation, you should also know the following:

  • When your delayed flight is set to travel a distance of less than 1500 km, you will receive an amount of about USD 325. 
  • If the distance is more than 1500 km and less than 3500 km, you will be compensated about $475.
  • For flights exceeding 3500 km, the compensation can range around $725. 

Note: During the waiting period of the delay, you will have the right to receive compensatory services like free food and refreshments. 

This airline provides an all-inclusive policy to its customers. The Southwest cancellation policy aims to be convenient for different users. It aids in cancellations and changes. It also takes into account the refund and compensatory needs of passengers. Hence, it is a beneficial policy that can suit your needs and requirements at any time.

Southwest Cancelation Policy FAQs 

Some of the common Southwest Flight Cancelation Policy FAQs:-

Can you cancel Southwest flights?

Passengers of this airline are given the option to cancel their flights. You can use the Southwest cancel flight option to cancel your reservations. The reservations made with the airline directly will be eligible for cancellations. You can reverse your flight ticket due to any reason without any trouble.

How can you cancel a flight on Southwest Airlines?

You can cancel your tickets purchased with this airline either through online mode or offline options. For the online method, you will have to open the carrier’s official site and select the “Cancel Flight” option here. Provide your details and continue the process. For the offline mode, you may connect with the agents of the airline at its number.

Can I cancel my Southwest flight and get a refund? 

Yes, as per the Southwest refund policy, you can cancel your refundable tickets. Then you can get a full refund. The entire fare of the ticket will be transferred to you. But, for non-refundable tickets, the monetary value of the ticket will be converted to Travel Funds upon cancellation. You can use these funds to make reservations in the future.

How late can you cancel a Southwest flight?

You can cancel your flights as late as just 10 minutes before departure. However, some restrictions can apply to such last-minute cancellations. In normal circumstances, cancellations will be allowed up to 24 hours before the departure of your flight provided that it has been booked at least 7 days before the date of taking off.

Can I cancel my Southwest flight online?

Yes, you can avail of online cancellations on this carrier. The online flight reversals can be done through the official website of Southwest. You will simply have to submit your travel details and use the “Cancel Flight” feature. This will help you to cancel your flight online.

How far in advance to cancel Southwest flights?

As per the Southwest 24 hour cancellation policy, you can cancel your flight as early as twenty-four hours of booking it. You will also be allowed to cancel your ticket immediately after you purchase it. In other words, the eligibility for cancellation will be open from the moment your reservation is confirmed.

How to get a refund from Southwest Airlines?

You can get a Southwest refund once your ticket is confirmed to be canceled. On the online site of this airline, you will find the “Request Refund” option after cancellation. Use this option to claim a refund. Otherwise, you can contact the airline directly via call and request for it.

What to do when Southwest cancels your flight?

When Southwest cancel flights, you will be compensated. The airline can rebook you a new flight. If you opt to not continue your travel, then the full fare will be transferred to you. You can obtain full refunds on these tickets and book a later flight at your convenience.

What happens if you cancel a Southwest flight?

When the passengers cancel a fight, they will first get an email confirming this cancellation. Then, you can make a request for a refund on this canceled ticket. When your amount is refunded, you may use it to make a new reservation. Passengers will be permitted to cancel their tickets irrespective of the reason.

Can I cancel my Southwest flight within 24 hours?

You will be allowed to make Southwest cancellations within 24 hours of booking. This is allowed as per the 24-hour policy of this airline. Most of the refundable and non-refundable tickets are eligible for this feature. For any restrictions, you can check the online site of Southwest.

Who can use the Southwest cancelation policy?

Southwest ensures fair policies for all its flyers. Therefore, the Southwest cancellation policy can be used by travelers of all classes. The level of flexibility may vary. For certain classes like Business Select, the provisions offered by the policy can be greater. Travelers of such classes can even receive full refund amounts on cancellation

What are the Southwest cancel policy rules?

The rules of cancellation policy of Southwest include reversals under various circumstances. Within 24 hours or during the pandemic, you can opt for free cancellations. The Southwest Airlines cancellation policy rules also decide who is eligible for refunds and compensation.

What is Southwest 24 hour cancellation policy for no-show?

This airline can mark passengers as no-show when they do not fly or cancel their tickets. Some can lose the ticket value when marked. During 24 hours, when passengers cancel the tickets even 10 minutes before the aircraft is supposed to fly, they can receive refunds.

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Jesse D. Saiz
8 months ago

Southwest seems to be a budget airline to me when I book the tickets on discounted fares. Mostly, when I cancel my flights because of changes in my business meetings, I go through no difficulties in the process. How to cancel the Southwest flights via the website is new to me. Usually, I would be at the airport and would easily get the ticket canceled in no time. The website method seems to be more self-reliant though.

Grant Madden
8 months ago

I knew that there was a time period within which you can revoke your booking and get a refund. But I was not very clear about it. Here, I can see when exactly can i cancel southwest flight tickets. But some extension should be additionally given if you are booking an expensive ticket.

William T. Carden
7 months ago

I had struggled so much and gone through so many links to find out whether Southwest Wanna Get Away refund exists or not. Thanks for clearly stating it. But I still don’t get why these tickets are not refundable. I don’t really find them to be budget-friendly. Or may be I need to choose some other types of tickets on this airline. Anyway, I like the airline’s services for sure.

Edward D.
7 months ago

In 2020, this airline was canceling many flights. But then I knew that the pandemic was the reason. Some time ago, this happened again. I don’t get it why is Southwest canceling flights every now and then. But looking at the reasons given here, I can comprehend to some extent why this happens.

Stevan Strange
6 months ago

The airline seems to be quite strict about the information you enter when booking or canceling the tickets. I entered it all correctly when I was making the booking. But when I was cancelling it, I didn’t realize making a minor mistake in the information. I was also applying for a refund at that time. Later on, I was notified that the airline canceled my Southwest flight refund. I had entered some info incorrectly and it did not pass the verification process.

Lynn Kub
6 months ago

Certainly Southwest 24 hour cancellation policy is one of the most travel-friendly policy this Ailrines has included in their guidelines. At least one doesn’t have to worry much about hefty cancellation fee and the nominal refund a traveler would receive otherwise. In case of urgencies when we need to instantly cancel flight or in situations where we decide to just go later on, under this policy we can just demand a complete refund.

4 months ago

Wondering when cancellation policies were changed or updated. As a frequent traveler with southwest, there were times due to (medical, personal, calendar errors) that funds were credited for approx. 1 year before forfeiture or loss of funds. Currently, now a cancellation 10 minutes before flight must be made either on-line or a call. Was a notification, text, call sent out to inform longtime customers?

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