Turkish Airlines Check in Policy


The Turkish Airlines check in policy helps passengers become aware of the various conditions of boarding. It assists them to confirm their arrival on time. Moreover, it is helpful in avoiding delays when crucial conditions are not known. Guidelines regarding baggage, seat selection, etc., while checking in are further covered.

What are the General Conditions of Turkish Airlines Flight Check In Policy?

This check-in policy has mentioned a few important conditions in general: 

  • It is mandatory for all passengers to check in and obtain a boarding pass in advance. 
  • The check-in counters will be closed a few minutes before the flight’s departure. 
  • Your flight will be canceled if you fail to do so on time. 
  • The boarding policy of the second airline will be taken into account on codeshare flights. 
  • No check-in fee is charged except on partnered flights. 
  • The check in Turkish Airlines feature will only be available on official reservations. 
  • This carrier permits seal selection at the time of check-in. 
  • The rules for domestic and international flights differ. 
  • Preferential check-in will only be made available to Business Class passengers. 
  • The time limit differs based on the method of marking the arrival. 
  • You need to submit your:
    • License 
    • Passport 
    • Or, other identification proofs 

Are there Any Turkish Airlines Check in Baggage Rules? 

Checking in your luggage is an important step in the boarding process. Hence, certain checked baggage rules have been mentioned by the carrier: 

  • Passengers with baggage should arrive at the airport a few hours before departure. 
  • If you have already checked in online, you do not have to wait in line for bags. 
  • For self-service check-in for bags, you should go to the boarding desk. 
  • Each of the items will be given a check-in number. 
  • On connecting flights, the process will be permitted for passengers with no possessions. 

Turkish Airlines Check in Baggage Size

The carrier may check the dimensions of your luggage. They should not exceed more than the size allowed.

Turkish Airlines Check in Baggage Weight

While you check-in, the airline will weigh your bags. If you go over the weight limits, then you will have to bear additional charges. 

What is the Turkish Airlines Check in Time Limit? 

Every passenger’s boarding process needs to be done with the same level of scrutiny. Hence, this carrier has given a specific Turkish Airlines check in time limit for different flights. 

Type of Flight Expected Arrival Time at the Airport Check-in Closing Time 
International 3 hours before departure 60 minutes prior to departure 
Domestic 2 hours before take-off45 minutes before departure 

Turkish Airlines Check-in Time Online

These deadlines may vary based on the method of check-in you have chosen. In the case of the online mode, the time limits are as follows: 

Nature of FlightExpected Time of Arrival at the Airport Check-in Open Time Closing Web Check-in Time 
International 3 hours before take-off 24 hours prior to departure 90 minutes before leaving
Domestic 2 hours before you depart 24 hours before take-off90 minutes prior to departure 

Note: When you use the mobile application method, the deadlines remain the same as that of the Turkish Airlines check in time online. 

Marking Arrival via Kiosks

The deadlines imposed when checking in through the self-service kiosk are highlighted below: 

Flight TypeCheck-in Open Time Check-in Closing Time 
International 12 hours before departure 60 minutes prior to departure 
Domestic 12 hours before flight’s departure 45 minutes before take-off

The same limits are applicable when boarding passes are obtained at the airport desks. 

Region-Wise Boarding Time 

The boarding process will be closed 120 minutes before take-off when flying to some specific regions such as: 

  • Lagos 
  • Caracas 
  • Abuja 

Note: Certain airports follow the time limits given by their domestic government. Hence, these limits will not apply there. 

Is there a Turkish Airlines Check in Policy for Business Class? 

Business class passengers will have the special opportunity to enjoy the preferential check-in feature. 

  • They don’t need to wait in any Turkish Airlines international check in lines. 
  • They can check in all the baggage items at once. 
  • Additional personalized services will be offered.
  • Special counters will be designated for preferential check-in. 
  • Extra checked baggage allowance will be made available. 

Note: Preferential check-in also includes early lounge access without any waiting time. 

What are the Methods for Check in on Turkish Airlines? 

This carrier offers different kinds of check-in options for varying preferences of customers: 

  • Airport desk check-in
  • Turkish Airlines web check in 
  • Self-service kiosk

Method 1: At Airport Desks 

The most used option for Turkish Airlines flight check in is the airport desk method. It is suitable for both domestic and international flights. 

airfleetrating-Turkish Airlines check-in at Airport Desks
  • First, you will have to arrive early at the departure airport. 
  • Visit the nearest check-in desk. 
  • The agents here will assist you in the boarding process. 
  • Submit all the necessary documents like: 
    • Passport 
    • Government ID
    • Medical reports, if any
    • Discount vouchers, if any
  • The agents will make sure that all the documents are in order. 
  • Then hand over your baggage. 
  • You will then be given a boarding pass. 
  • To complete the check-in process, go to the boarding gate. 
  • Present the boarding pass. 
  • For codeshare and partner tickets:
    • A check-in fee will have to be paid at the counter. 
    • Other than this, no fee is charged. 

Method 2: Through Web Check In 

Web check in for Turkish Airlines can be accessed through the carrier’s site on your mobile, laptop, or tablet. Even via the application, you can do so. 

airfleetrating-turkish airlines Web Check In

To use this online mode, go through the following steps: 

  • On the first page of the site, find a tab titled “Check-in/Manage Booking”.
  • Now, enter your:
    • “Ticket Number or Reservation Code (PNR)” 
    • “Passenger Surname”
  • Then, continue by tapping the arrow in red.
  • Your booking will be retrieved. 
  • Hereon, you can follow the on-screen directions and complete the process accordingly. 
  • Once it is done, your boarding pass will be issued. 
  • Print out this pass as you need to present it at the airport. 
  • Confirm your details in the confirmation mail at the end. 

Once the online check-in process is completed: 

  • You can head to the baggage desk without waiting in any lines. 
  • Those with online boarding passes can send them to the carrier via telephone services. 

Limitations of the Online Procedure: 

The restrictions of the app or web-based method are:

  • This option will be ceased 90 minutes before the take-off. 
  • The Turkish Airlines online check-in doesn’t work for all counties. 
  • Digital boarding passes will be issued only in some airports. 
  • This method is mostly made available on international flights instead of domestic bookings. 

Method 3: Self-Service Kiosk 

Passengers who have experience flying and would like to complete the entire procedure by themselves can choose the self-service kiosks. 

airfleetrating-turkish airlines check at Self-Service Kiosk 

To use these devices: 

  • Go to the nearest kiosk at the departure airport. 
  • Submit your e-billet number or the PNR code, as required by the respective device. 
  • Give your personal details as well. 
  • To receive your boarding pass, you will first have to select a seat. 
  • On a Turkish Airlines flight check in will be complete once the boarding pass is issued. 
  • Go to the boarding gate within 20 minutes of the completion of the process. 

Note: Passengers with Miles and Smiles memberships can also utilize the kiosk method of checking in. 

Guidelines for Using Kiosks

Some other guidelines that apply to the usage of this device include: 

  • Only 8 people with the same PNR code can be checked in at once. 
  • The device has to be used before it is shut down. 
  • All domestic passengers of connecting flights can use this method. 
  • Self-service will be available on all same-day inbound and outbound flights. 

Rules for Self-service Check in for Baggage 

Prior to carrying luggage, know the following for using kiosks:

  • Your baggage should be checked at the device before you head to the boarding gates. 
  • Passengers on connecting flights without baggage can utilize this device as well. 
  • You should not go over the check in baggage weight limit. 
  • This option is best for domestic flights.
  • For certain international destinations, it may not be available.

Note: To check into inbound-outbound flights, you should not have any baggage. 

Can You Select Seats during Turkish Airlines Online Check in? 

Passengers making online bookings can select a seat during check-in. However, seats have to be chosen within the Turkish Airlines check in time online. 

The given table shows the eligibility and time limits for check-in seat selection: 

Time Limit Business ClassPrimeFlyExtraFlyEcoFly
Check in between 24 hours and 6 hours Free seat selection Free – standard tickets Paid – Legroom tickets Free – standard tickets Paid – Legroom tickets Paid – legroom, standard, emergency tickets 
Check in between 6 hours and 90 minutes Free seat selection Free seat selectionFree seat selectionNo seat selection 
  • Once you receive your boarding pass, you won’t be permitted to select any more seats. 
  • The seats can be changed before the check-in process is complete. 
  • Check into these aforementioned tickets at least 90 minutes before take-off. 

Can Turkish Airlines Web Check in be Canceled? 

Passengers who no longer wish to continue their trip after they have completed the Turkish Airlines check in online process can cancel their boarding passes. 

  • Connect with the airline agent to manage bookings. 
  • Dial the toll-free number ✆ +1-877-799-1495. 
  • Submit the required details. 
  • Request the agent to revoke your boarding pass. 
  • Your online check-in will be revoked
  • The boarding pass will no longer be valid. 

Some of the important contact numbers to reach out to the agents in different countries are given in the table here: 

Region Contact Number 
Australia +61 1 800750849
Bahrain  +908503330849
Canada +1 800 874 8875
Denmark +45 33 14 40 55
Egypt 800 000 9145

To find more numbers of other countries: 

  • Look for “Get in Touch Turkish Airlines” on your browser.
  • Visit the “Our Call Centers” section. 
  • Find your location and press it.
  • The contact number will now be provided on your screen. 
  • On the same page, you can scroll further to find office addresses too.

Note: Only online check in can be revoked by contacting the agents via call. For other modes, you will have to visit the customer desks at your nearest airport. 

Turkish Airline Online Check in Eligibility 

Not all airports offer the online check in Turkish Airlines option. Hence, digital boarding passes will not be issued at these airports even if you use the self-service kiosks. 

The eligibility for digital check-in based on different airports is given below: 

Airport Online Check in Self-Service Check in 
Adana AirportPermitted Permitted 
Beijing Capital International AirportPermitted Not Permitted 
Ahwaz AirportNot Permitted Not Permitted 
King Hussein International AirportNot Permitted Not Permitted 
Barcelona El Prat AirportPermitted Not Permitted 
Mostepha Ben Boulaid AirportNot Permitted Not Permitted 
Benina International AirportNot Permitted Not Permitted 
Brussels National AirportPermitted Not Permitted 

To find more airports other than the ones mentioned here, you can visit the official site. 

Note: In case your departure airport is not mentioned on the official site as well, directly contact the airline agents through a call. 

Turkish Airlines Social Media Handles

Sometimes, contacting the airline agents via call can be time-consuming or not feasible. To avoid this delay, you can use social media platforms for doubts about Turkish Airlines flight check in.

Social Media Platform Official Link 

The check-in policy of Turkish Airlines clearly explains all the rules and regulations related to boarding passes, time limits, and more. It makes sure that no passenger is left in doubt when it comes to check-in and boarding. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long before you can check-in with Turkish Airlines?

The time limit differs as per the medium for checking in and usually closes 90 minutes prior to departure.

How many bags can you carry on Turkish Airlines?

Only one carry-on item can be brought on board.

How long does boarding last Turkish Airlines?

The entire boarding process may take an hour based on your destination.

How to check-in online Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines online check in can be done through the carrier’s main site.

How many luggage can I check-in Turkish Airlines for free?

One item of checked baggage can be carried for free with this operator.

When can you check in Turkish Airlines at the airport?

You will have to check-in at least 45 minutes before the flight’s take-off.

How long before you can check in with the Turkish Airlines online method?

The Turkish Airlines web check in opens 24 hours prior to the departure of the flight.

How do I check-in with Turkish Airlines via kiosk?

Go to the nearest kiosk, enter your PNR code, check-in your bags, and obtain the boarding pass.

When can I do online check in with Turkish Airlines?

You can check in online 24 hours-90 minutes prior to the scheduled take-off of the flight.

How to online check-in Turkish Airlines via mobile app?

Open the mobile app, go to the “Check-in” section, give your details, and follow the on-screen directions.

What is Turkish Airline’s self-service check-in?

It is a check-in option where passengers can obtain boarding passes themselves.

How does Turkish Airline self-service check-in work?

You will have to provide the necessary details to the kiosk device and check into your flight.

When can I use Turkish Airlines self-service check-in?

It can be used nearly 12 hours prior to the take-off time.

Does Turkish Airlines have online check-in?

Yes, this carrier offers the online option of reporting your arrival.

What are the requirements for using online check-in?

Your booking will have to be official and eligible for this service.

When should I be at the boarding gate after using self-service check-in?

The Turkish Airlines check in time for the kiosk is 45 minutes before the take-off. Accordingly, you can reach the boarding gate.

Can I check-in online if I have bags to check?

Yes, you can do so using the online site.

Can I change/select my seat when checking in online?

The online seat selection feature will only be offered on specific tickets.

Can I choose emergency exit seats during online check-in or self-service kiosk check-in?

In this scenario, seat selection can only be done on the payment of certain fees.

Can I complete online check-in for my child?

You can check-in for your child’s ticket if it has the same PNR code.

How do I perform kiosk check-in?

You can do so by submitting the required information at the airport kiosk.

What if Turkish Airlines online check in doesn’t work?

Based on your eligibility and time-limit regulations, you can check-in at the airport. Or, call the carrier to receive help.

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