London Heathrow Airport Code LHR

Airport Codes


Airport coordinates

LAT / LON 51°28'14"N / 0°-27'-42"W


Weather Observations

Station ID: EGLL
Observation Time: 22/06/2021 9:16 am

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About London Heathrow Airport Code

The London Heathrow Airport code for IATA is LHR. Apart from the IATA code, the ICAO code of LHR Airport is EGLL. LHR airport has been established in London. This is the capital of England located in the United Kingdom. Amongst all the other airports, the LHR Airport is one of the most occupied ones.

About London Heathrow Airport (LHR Airport)

London Heathrow Airport is recognized as an international airport in the world. Having LHR airport code, it is known to provide all the basic facilities to its flyers. Amongst all the airports, this one is fairly big in size. It is operated by Heathrow Airport (LHR Airport) Limited. It comprises five terminals and two lighted runways. The passengers can take the benefit from the scheduled services to and from this airport.

London Heathrow Airport (LHR Airport) Runways

Along with being provided with the Heathrow airport code, LHR Airport has been featured with two lighted runways. The combined length of both the runways is 24,800ft. The name of the first runway is 09R-27. This runway comes with a length of 12,001ft and a width of 148ft. The name of its second runway is 09L-27R. It has been made with a length of 12,799ft and a width of 164ft.

London Heathrow Airport Terminals

London Heathrow International Airport (LHR Airport) has been made with five terminals. Terminal 2 is the newest of all at this airport in London. It is officially known as Queen’s terminal as it occupies Queen’s Building. Interestingly, terminal 3 is known as the Oceanic terminal. Terminal 4 is located at the southern runway and is connected to Terminals 2 and 3. Terminal 5 is located between the northern and southern runway.

Nearest Airports to London Heathrow [LHR] Airport

  1. London Biggin Hill Airport
  2. London City Airport
  3. London-Corbin Airport/Magee Field
  4. London Airport
  5. London Gatwick Airport
  6. RAF Northolt Airport
  7. London Stansted Airport
  8. London Luton Airport

Major Airlines Operating from London Heathrow [LHR] Airport:

  1. Aeroflot 
  2. Air Canada 
  3. Aer Lingus
  4. Air China 
  5. Air India
  6. Air France
  7. Air Malta 
  8. Air Mauritius
  9. American Airlines
  10. Blue Air
  11. Aegean Airlines
  12. Biman Bangladesh Airlines
  13. British Airways
  14. Egyptair
  15. Emirates
  16. Finnair
  17.  Japan Airlines
  18. Sky Express
  19. Sri Lankan Airlines

Runway Data

Name Length Width Surface Lighted
09R-27L 12,001 ft 148 ft Asphalt Yes
09L-27R 12,799 ft 164 ft Asphalt Yes
Does London Heathrow International Airport offer FREE Wi-Fi to the passengers?

Yes. Identified with the London Heathrow Airport code, it is one of the most prestigious airports in the country. Hence, you will get everything that is needed to make your experience better and more memorable. And free Wi-Fi facility is just a part of it. To enjoy this free service, you do not have to do any registration or enter a complex password. Just go there and directly access the Wi-Fi.

Is London Heathrow International Airport located nearby to the London Kings Cross?

Yes, London Heathrow International Airport (LHR) is closely situated as it will take almost 1 hour. You can directly reach there through the London Underground/ Tube Services on the Piccadilly Line. Through Contactless Bank Card, Oyster Card Daily Cap, or One-Day Travel Card, it will cost you around 12.80 Euros. Besides, you can also take the Heathrow Express from Paddington. But yes, it will cost you a bit more, although it is a quicker option.

Does London Heathrow International Airport have a medical clinic or doctors’ facility inside?

Yes. The London Heathrow International Airport offers a medical clinic facility to its passengers. They have a dedicated team of highly experienced and certified physicians who deal with different emergencies on a daily basis. In case of an emergency, you can also dial 222 or simply find the “BOOTS PHARMACY” for the right assistance and proper guidance. These pharmacies are available in almost every terminal.

What is the difference between the London Heathrow International Airport and Westminster?

It depends on the mode of commute you are choosing. For instance, if you are travelling by your car, then it will take only 1 hour as it is 15-16 miles away. If you are taking a bus or a train, then it will take 1 hour & 20 minutes and 50 minutes respectively. So, it is suggested to choose your commute mode wisely to save a significant amount of time as well as money. Having LHR airport code, you will be provided with all the necessary guidance and assistance for this also at the London Heathrow International Airport.

Does London Heathrow International Airport have an immigration office?

Yes, the LHR Airport has an immigration office. You can directly visit the office or simply call them on one of the following numbers:
·         0844 335 1801 (within the UK)
·         +44 20 7360 1250 (outside the UK)
You can also validate these contact numbers by browsing through the official website of the airport to avoid unnecessary confusion.

How can I get from London Heathrow International Airport’s Terminal 2 to Terminal 5?

To travel between these two terminals, the London Heathrow International Airport authorities will provide you with shuttle or underground train services. However, to know whether the charges are applicable or not, you will need to inquire at the customer care counter or simply connect with the customer support team of the airport. They will better guide you about the same.

How can I contact a passenger at the London Heathrow International Airport’s Terminal 3?

To reach out to a passenger at LHR Airport’s terminal 3, you can directly go to the help desk. You can reach there and ask them to help you connect with the passenger. It is a free as well as quick service that can be used by anyone.

Where is London Heathrow Airport located?

London Heathrow Airport is situated to the west of London City. This airport is beside the Survey Border at London Borough of Hillingdon. It is distanced near to the London City Center. Additionally, M4 Motorway links this airport to its capital. You can also use the Heathrow Airport code to understand its location better.

Which airlines fly to Heathrow London?

There are a total of 6 airlines that fly to Heathrow London. This airport, along with its LHR Airport code, plays host to more than 90 airlines. American Airlines, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, United Airlines, and Air New Zealand are some of the airlines that fly to this airport in London City.

What is London Heathrow Airport Code?

London Heathrow Airport consists of two airport codes: IATA and ICAO. The IATA Heathrow International Airport code is LHR. These two codes are responsible for giving this airport its own identity. Additionally, you may also see this code on traveller’s tickets and baggage identity cards.

Why is Heathrow Airport Famous?

Heathrow Airport (LHR Airport code) forms the most significant connection in the UK’s air transport system. This airport is more famous in terms of its passenger traffic volume and flight movements. It serves more people yearly than the combined traffic of the two additional airports.

Is duty-free Open at Heathrow (London Heathrow Airport code)?

Yes, duty-free is currently open at London Heathrow Airport. However, passengers are advised to note that there are only a few shops open right now. One of those duty-free shops is at Terminal 2 of this airport which is now open for travellers.

Where is the best place to park at Heathrow Airport?

There are many places to park at London Heathrow Airport. Some of these places where you can park your vehicle are Purple Parking Park & Ride and Good to Go Drop & Ride. These two parking spaces are the best parking spots and sometimes they allow you free parking options also. To find these parking spaces’ locations, you may use the London Heathrow Airport postcode.

Are luggage trolleys free at Heathrow Airport?

Yes, luggage trolleys are free at Heathrow Airport that comprises the Heathrow Airport code. Baggage trolleys are available without any charges at major spots throughout the terminal facilities. At this airport, the arriving passengers will discover a large number of carts in baggage reclaim. These carts are helpful to carry your luggage to the car park, bus terminal, or train station.

What is the Heathrow Airport free travel zone?

The Heathrow Free Travel Zone (HFTZ) is a free public transportation zone. It is sited at Heathrow Airport. The LHR Airport code can assist you in finding the airport and then you can easily locate this zone. HFTZ is financed by the airport itself. Therefore, there are no tickets, oyster cards, or smart cards required to access the buses. The bus facility at the Heathrow Free Travel Zone is completely free to use.

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