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American Airlines reviews describe it as one of the most popular airlines in the United States. More than 5.5 million flyers travel from this airline every year. At some point in life, you may want to travel with American Airlines. To ensure whether the airline is right for you, we have introduced some reviews about this airline in which you will get to know most of the things. We will cover all the ratings and reviews given by many customers, share their onboard experiences, legroom facilities, safety, food and beverage, seat comfort, and much more. 

American Airlines Reviews

So, let us get down to each review one by one given by the customers of American Airlines from all over the world.

Content Summary of American Airlines Reviews

In these reviews, we are going to discuss the following:

American Airlines Reviews by Travelers 

The reviews of American Airlines mention that travelers can customize and choose their tickets according to their needs. Also, the flight offers lost and found services which help the flyers if they forget any belongings in their flight. Cleanliness and hygiene are also maintained at this airline with major COVID-19 guidelines

Moving further, let us read more about American Airlines reviews. 

1. Ticketing Options of American Airlines

When traveling via local and international flights, American Airlines provides a variety of pricing alternatives. According to some American Airlines customer reviews, these pricing options are based on the additional seat comfort and legroom they provide. The fare options include Main Cabin, Premium Economy, Business Class, and First Class. We will describe which of these has the lowest fare, flexible fare, and fully flexible fare.

* Economy Basic

With relatively medium-priced tickets, as per American Airlines Basic Economy reviews, you can bring one piece of standard carry-on luggage. Few customers have reviewed that there is no opportunity to alter or cancel the ticket when traveling domestically or to other short-haul locations. So, although the costs may appear appealing, it is worth looking into other ticket options if your travel plans are likely to alter. This class has the lowest fare among all different categories but with some restrictions. 

American Airlines Basic Economy Ticket

* Premium Economy

Premium Economy in American Airlines is a definite upgrade from Main Cabin, offering preferential boarding and more legroom seats. It also provides complimentary entertainment, meals, and amenity kits. Many customers of this airline have said in their Premium Economy American Airlines reviews that the cost is adjustable and that the flights travel ahead of the Main Cabin.

* Business Class

On the American Airline routes to Bermuda, the Caribbean, and other locations, the Business class fare option gives the top quality service. Various American Airlines Business Class reviews suggest that priority boarding and lounge access are available to tourists ahead of their departure. 

* First-Class

On American Airlines flights throughout the United States, First-Class has the finest quality of service, and customers may enjoy preferential treatment at the airport. These opinions are notable even during the COVID-19 epidemic, on the basis of American Airlines First-Class reviews.

2. American Airlines Baggage Option Reviews

In First-Class of American Airlines, visitors have indicated that they can take up to two to three complimentary bags weighing up to 70 pounds. Travelers of Business class can bring two complimentary bags that may weigh up to 70 pounds. Customers from Premium Economy are permitted to use two complementary bags with 50 pounds of weight. Some American Airlines reviews show complaints relating to the luggage charge. These charges can be revised by the airline.

3. American Seat Comfort and Legroom

American Airlines Seat Comfort and Legroom reviews

Legroom and seat designs at American Airlines might change from flight to flight due to a variety of ticket classes and airplane layouts. As per various American Airlines seat reviews, flagship prices feature lie-flat seats for the most luxurious and pleasant flight possible. The flagship seats have been admired by most customers at this airline. However, First and Business class seats are still larger and have far more legroom than standard Main Cabin seats. Many flyers find the seats the most comfortable and spacious, as can be said based on the American Airlines Business Class seats review.

4. Safety Performance

American Airlines has scored five out of five stars in terms of safety. Based on certain American Airlines reviews for safety, the highest level of customer safety is ensured in the times of the current pandemic. Not only healthwise, but this airline also ensures that the belongings are kept safe with them if left by any flyer. The flyers of American Airlines think that this airline is doing what is possible to ensure their personal safety and health.

5. Onboard Experience

Keeping a number of reviews of American Airlines in mind, many travelers have said that their onboard experience has been great so far. They had the smoothest traveling experience with all the refreshments offered and broader seat allotment. With overpriced tickets, amenities at these airlines served are also the best. 

6. In-Flight Entertainment & Amenities

American Airlines’ in-flight entertainment reviews suggest that most amenities are given to travelers. The travelers of the Premium Economy class have been impressed with the wider seats available. Business-class flyers have given the airline a good rating for a lavish experience and multiple entertainment options. The flyers of First-Class and Flagship-Class have shared that American Airlines has never failed to give them an ultra-comfortable experience.

7. Lost & Found Services

American Airlines provides a lost and found service for its flyers. When you lose an item belonging to you on the plane, at the airline’s gates, etc., this service can be availed of. As per American Airlines’ lost and found reviews by travelers, this service has indeed been helpful. 

8. Refund Pending Reviews

American Airlines refund pending reviews share that you can utilize the remaining ticket value and seat fees for a future trip if your journey has been canceled. If you want to book your trip again with this airline, then you will receive an email notification containing relevant information about your next booking. When your ticket qualifies for a refund, it takes around 7 days to get a refund from American Airlines which is agreeable to the travelers. 

9. Food and Beverage

american Airlines Food and Beverage reviews

American Airlines has focussed on providing various food options to its flyers. The American Airlines food reviews bring to light that it has included healthy food options too. Travelers with different preferences have positively reviewed these options. Also, they seem to be very satisfied with the quality of food.

10. Cleanliness and Hygiene

American Airlines keep their premises such as kiosks, ticket desks, and sitting spaces clean and sanitized. On their aircraft, they keep their tabletop, buckles of the seatbelt, armrests, coverings of windows, screening of seatbacks, doors, and handles of overhead compartments clean and polished. According to some American Airlines reviews, good hygiene is maintained here for the safety of its customers.

11. Customer Satisfaction

Like every carrier, American Airlines has a proportion of disappointed customers but it also has many flyers who admire its services. American Airlines reviews have unfolded that customers are most satisfied with the numerous seat options, ticket prices, and entertainment options available. However, they believe that the check-in service can be done with more speed especially when there is a rush.

12. American Airlines Reviews and Ratings

Based on some American Airlines ratings and reviews by its customers, this air operator has scored 5 stars for in-flight entertainment. With respect to seat comfort and legroom, it has secured 4 stars. In the case of the onboard experience, the airline has been given 3 stars. For food quality, 4 stars have been recorded. Lastly, check-in and boarding have received 4.6 stars out of 5.

Wrapping Up

American Airlines has been reviewed at a positive level by customers for cleaning, food, price affordability, etc. Visitors who wish to travel on a budget find its services agreeable. On the other hand, travelers who expect ultra comfort have also not been disappointed by American Airlines.

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