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Hainan Airlines reviews state that it is the fourth-biggest air carrier in China and the most loved one among its travelers. Operating a wide-body aircraft, such as Boeing, it carries millions of tourists to many different locations. It has its main headquarters in Haikou, China. Flyers from various parts of the world have opined their views about how flying with Hainan made their trip enjoyable. Hainan Airlines is the best at what it provides, based on the reviews. As per the opinions of its travelers, Hainan provides great food with good reclining seats. The in-flight entertainment system has also been admired by a lot of customers. 

Let us look at the other services’ reviews of Hainan Airlines like boarding and checking, as well in this post.

Content Summary of Hainan Airlines Reviews

Hainan Airlines Customer Reviews in 2021

Travelers have stated in various reviews that Hainan Airlines is the most traveled carrier in China. They have revealed how this airline has served them with the best quality services. Mainly, this airline is mostly talked about for its spacious seats and really affordable ticket options. The check-in and boarding facilities have also been liked by the flyers of Hainan Airlines. 

Keeping all such Hainan Airlines reviews in mind, let us get to know about its different services in detail.

Hainan Airlines Tickets and Classes

Looking at travelers’ choices, Hainan Airlines tickets are available in four different cabin classes. These are inclusive of Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class. Hainan Airlines reviews of Economy Class suggest that it is a budget-friendly ticket and the most preferred one among its customers. Business Class, however, is also a widely chosen ticket fare. Amenities offered to Business Class passengers are far better than Economy and Premium Economy cabins. As stated in various opinions, Economy and Premium Economy facilities are nearly the same. However, seat selection and more space are given in Premium Economy Class. As per the reviews, the First Class Cabin is booked by several business travelers who want to board the aircraft early.

Hainan Airlines Seating Options With Legroom

Hainan Airlines Business Class Seats and Legroom

Hainan Airlines seat reviews from many passengers say that the comfort was appropriate as per the price. The flyers opined that the seats in Business Class could turn into a fully bed-like structure. The seats were equipped with three-belt security for the safety of its passengers. It is believed that the seats have been arranged in a 2x2x2 arrangement and the controls are so adjustable that the travelers could turn their seats as per their comfort levels. The seats have been found great concerning a few passengers’ views. The legroom has been facilitated with more space for every type of customer. Even the tallest customers could stretch out their legs comfortably in the seats of Hainan Airlines.

Hainan Airlines Baggage Rules

The baggage rules of Hainan Airlines have been found satisfying by most of the visitors. Regarding the baggage reviews from different customers, it is observed that the Economy passengers could carry only 23 kilograms of weight for their bags. According to the Hainan Airlines 787 Business Class reviews, the passengers could carry 32 kilograms of weight for up to three checked bags. However, concerning the opinions of visitors, most preferences of baggage have been given to Business Class and First Class people. Hence, travelers of Economy and Premium Economy suggest that this airline needs to update its baggage policy for the convenience of taking extra items inside the flights.

Flight Cancelation of Hainan Airlines

Flyers of Hainan have been happy upon receiving the total refund on canceling their tickets. Looking at a few Hainan Airlines reviews, the visitors could modify or cancel their tickets up to 72 hours prior to their flight. Upon canceling the tickets several days before or till three days prior to the scheduled departure, the passengers have been given the full refund. This policy made the journey of many flyers easy. Therefore, there are no negative reviews regarding its cancelation policy.

Entertainment Options

Hainan Airlines A340-600 B-6509 Business Class Entertainment

Certain airlines are recognized for providing the greatest entertainment options to customers. With more than 100+ movie options, Hainan has also become one such airline. Talking about Wi-Fi connectivity, it gives the maximum services in terms of speed. Upon booking with Business Class and First Class flights, the passengers are facilitated with a 14-inch wide LED touchscreen at their seats. The travelers seem to be happy about playing unlimited music and mind games for their enjoyment onboard. Thus, Hainan’s in-flight entertainment has been given many positive reviews.

Refreshments and Meals

Economy Class Inflight Meal - Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines has been equipped with a personal bar on selected flights. The First-Class flyers seem to be excited about getting many varieties of alcoholic beverages on their journey. Looking at the Hainan Airlines First Class reviews, approximately 16 different kinds of wines have been served to the tourists traveling by that cabin. Apart from having delicious appetizers on the flight, the lounges also serve various cuisines for the long journey of its customers. Mainly, the flyers of Economy Cabin said that they have been offered Chinese cuisine. The menu of the flight also consisted of many snack dishes, for the hassle-free journey of its passengers.

Hainan Airlines Reviews on Pet Policy

Hainan Airlines Pet Policy Reviews

The pet policy of Hainan Airlines allows only certain animals to fly inside the cabin. It comprises guide dogs and companion pets. As per the Hainan Airlines pet policy, the pets have to travel in the cargo hold if their capacity is above the restricted weight limit. The visitors of Hainan have also described in some reviews that a pet carrier is a must to travel internationally. The pet carrier should be strong enough to support the pet. The flyers seemed to have no problems as far as the pet policy of this airline is concerned.

Hainan Airlines Safety of Passengers

When talking about the safety of passengers, Hainan Airlines is a 4-star carrier. Till 2021, no problems have been experienced concerning safety. The staff of Hainan ensures that during these tough COVID-19 times, the passengers are boarded safely inside the cabin. Upon boarding, they are given masks and sanitizers to maintain utmost safety inside the flights. The luggage is also maintained securely at Hainan Airlines. As depicted in numerous Hainan Airlines reviews of safety, the staff calls the passenger from their helpline contact number in case of any lost items on the flight. The flyers faced no issues while receiving their lost items on Hainan aircraft.

Hainan Airlines Boarding and Check-in Services

As per some views of the customers, the boarding process at Hainan Airways has been civilized. The customers expressed that apart from other airlines, Hainan has the most pleasant environment when it comes to boarding the aircraft. There has been no rush and a proper social distancing rule was seen to be maintained. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the passengers’ have been given utmost security for check-in. There have been numerous kiosks for printing the boarding passes. Also, as shown in Hainan Airlines 787-9 Business Class reviews, the passengers who wanted to avail of early check-in could do so by paying a little extra fee at the airport. Overall, customers seemed to be fortunate in receiving such great check-in services by Hainan Airlines.

Passenger Satisfaction

If we talk about passenger satisfaction, then Hainan Airlines is the most favored by travelers of China. The delicious food, comfortable seating options, and early check-in make it a perfect airline for its customers. The flyers who flew with Hainan showed no negative reviews about it. Although, in a few Hainan Airlines customer reviews, the travelers talked about how affordable the journey has been while flying with it.

Flight Cleanliness

Cleanliness is the first thing which a passenger looks at while booking their reservations. Hainan Airlines is great at maintaining the overall hygiene of the aircraft. During this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the staff keeps the entire area of the aircraft clean and sanitized. As seen in many Hainan Airlines reviews, the staff facilitates the passengers with gloves, hand sanitizers, and shield masks to protect themselves against the virus. 

Hainan Airlines Reviews and Ratings

Hainan Airlines is positively rated for its excellent services on board. Talking about the affordability of tickets, it has got 4.7 stars out of 5. For meals served, Hainan has scored 4.6 stars. For in-flight entertainment, this airline has received 4.3 stars. For cleanliness, it has secured 4.4 stars. Lastly, for the check-in procedures, Hainan Airlines has been rated 4.8 stars out of 5.

Final Note

Hainan Airlines is the most recommended choice of flight for Chinese travelers. It is way ahead of the time and passengers can truly enjoy the whole experience of flying with the airline. The customers said in various reviews that they have been served with Hainan Airlines special meals throughout their journey with many options of food. Overall, if you need not spend extra fees and travel freely, then Hainan Airlines can be the one for you.

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