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✓ Seat Comfort and Legroom
✓ Safety
✓ In-flight entertainment (WiFi/TV/Movies)
✓ Onboard Experience
✓ Customer Satisfaction
✓ Value for money
✓ Cleanliness
✓ Check-in and boarding
✓ Food and beverage

It has been discovered in many Air Canada reviews that this is the national carrier of Canada as well as the country’s largest airline. Known to travel to more than 200 destinations worldwide, its travelers love it for putting in the best efforts. The airline has been acknowledged with reviews based on the efforts made. Most reviews about Air Canada airline are about its ticket affordability, pet cargo services, food, safety, etc. 

To see how the efforts of the airline have been, you should consider these reviews before proceeding with Air Canada reservations. Along with the reviews, we will also be sharing the ratings achieved.

Air Canada Reviews as Shared by Passengers

Air Canada customer comments have shown that this airline has different ticketing options. These are based on the prices and services the airline offers. Talking about the seats, flyers have also mentioned how long they were and the comfort they provided. Other visitors have described its different meals, safety standards, check-in experiences, etc., in their reviews.

To know the details of these reviews, continue reading ahead.

Ticket Fare Affordability

As per the opinions of different visitors, Air Canada has four main ticket fare classes. These are categorized as Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class, and First Class.


Let us read the reviews of Air Canada ticketing options provided by these classes.

* Economy Fare

As per the flyers’ feedback, Economy Class in Air Canada had the lowest prices. The Economy fare was the most preferred ticket by travelers on a short-haul route, as is reflected in some Air Canada Basic Economy reviews. However, they said that they could not change the sudden plans and cancel their tickets after booking with this airline. 

* Premium Economy Fare

It has been suggested by many flyers that upgrading to the Premium option is ideal. It is due to the extra facilities and amenities flyers get inside the flight, as is seen in some Air Canada Premium Economy reviews. Available at a higher price than Economy fare, this ticket also has no choice of altering or modifying the tickets on an urgent basis. 

* Business Class Fare

Business Class Fare cost in Air Canada was high but it provided the most comfort, suggests some reviews. As per Air Canada Business Class reviews, visitors had a luxurious experience traveling with this fare type. For the last-minute changes in plans, they could change their tickets even before the day of their departure flight. 

* First-Class Fare

Several international and emergency tour travelers opted for the First-Class Fare of Air Canada Airlines. Apart from being the costliest of all tickets, this option had the most amenities throughout the Air Canada flight. Visitors preferred this ticket option for being adjustable. Travelers could change their tickets and receive the most amazing experience, as stated in numerous Air Canada reviews.

Seat Comfort with Legroom Facilities

Air Canada is counted among those airlines that have more roomy seats and legroom space available for flyers. The seat comfort was found to have an additional space, as noted in various Air Canada seat reviews. If we talk about the seats of Economy Class, then they were stretched out 44 inches with the most comfort. Various flyers stated that the seats had a legroom capacity of up to 79 centimeters with a reclining structure. 


The Premium Economy seats provided more comfort than the Economy seats of Air Canada. They consisted of 51 inches of size with more stretching out features for travelers’ convenience. As per various Air Canada Business Class seats reviews, it had reverse herringbone seats. The seats were arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration with 80 inches of pitch and 21 inches of width. Coming to the First Class Fare seats, they could be transformed to be bed-like. Travelers have said that the First Class seats were considered ideal for long-haul flights and international destinations.

Carry-on Baggage Reviews

For the convenience of flyers, Air Canada has preferred allowing limited baggage while boarding. Thus, the carry-on baggage reviews are good so far. Only one piece of luggage is allowed in Economy seats, as discussed in some Air Canada luggage reviews. The Premium Economy customers of the airline have said that the baggage could not exceed the weight limit as per Air Canada Baggage Policy. However, just a short number of customers have felt the need to improve this service.

Cancellation Reviews

If we look into several Air Canada reviews, then the cancelation policy of Air Canada is suitable for the flyers’ convenience. After canceling their tickets, flyers have reviewed that the process was easy and took less time. As per the visitors, when they canceled the tickets 24 hours before departure, the payment transaction could be stopped and the refund could be processed.

Onboard Experience

Boarding the plane at Air Canada has been an excellent experience for many flyers around the globe. As has been mentioned in several reviews of Air Canada international flights, the aircraft has been kept sanitized and clean, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. After every landing, the staff of this airline kept maintaining the premises suitably for proper care during these challenging COVID-19 times. The visitors who traveled on this airline stated that they were provided with sanitizers, shield masks, and masks. Overall, they had the most hassle-free boarding experience with this airline. 

In-flight Entertainment and Amenities

The most liked feature by various flyers of Air Canada has been its in-flight entertainment. There are multiple podcasts, TV shows, and movies on the plane, as has been reflected in in-flight entertainment reviews of the airline. Free Wi-Fi service is also available at the airline along with a facility to locate the airline’s map while traveling. Travelers stated that they were impressed further as they could charge their devices throughout from boarding to landing.

Meal Reviews


Air Canada provides meals for everyone including special meals, children’s meals, as well as gluten-free meals. Considering Air Canada’s gluten-free meal reviews, low-fat, and children-preferred options were available. Salads, cold meal boxes, beverages, water bottles, and freshly diced fruits were available to the customers in flight. The meal options included a main dish, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, a dessert option, and a salad dish. The travelers were quite impressed with the service. 

Pet Travel Reviews

Customers seem to be satisfied with Air Canada’s Pet Travel Policy. They could carry their pets on their trips with this airline, mentions Air Canada pet travel reviews. However, they have shared that only a single pet is permitted to one adult traveler. Pets with up to 12 weeks of age have been allowed.

Safety and Performance

According to customer feedback, Air Canada analyses the level of safety measures and enhanced hygiene practices to decrease the transmission of coronavirus. Flyers have mentioned in a few Air Canada Express reviews that the flight attendants were very supportive in keeping the luggage safe inside the cabinet. After departure, they made sure that the flight was thoroughly checked, and if any items were found, then they would go to the carrier’s lost and found service. In terms of personal and luggage safety, Air Canada can be ideal.

Check-in and Boarding Reviews


From time to time, Air Canada has tried to keep the check-in and boarding processes as time-saving as possible. Air Canada check-in process takes less time, suggests some Air Canada customer service reviews. Travelers were happy as they could show the boarding passes from their smartphones. This helped in reducing the queue waiting period. Customers revealed that the boarding was also professionally executed. Safety measures amidst COVID-19 were also taken.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

A number of customers have preferred Air Canada for its cleanliness. Since journeys can be long, cleanliness becomes a key concern for most travelers. Considering this, several flyers have appreciated this air carrier for keeping hygiene. In view of the pandemic, Air Canada International reviews suggest that improvements can be done for maintaining better hygiene. 

Reviews and Ratings

Air Canada has got genuine ratings as per its services, ticketing options, food quality, and so on. The ticketing fare options have received 3.5 stars. Based on the customer’s feedback, it has been rated 4.2 stars for seat comfort and extra legroom. For entertainment and amenities, it got 4 stars. For safety, it has been rated 4.3 stars out of 5. As per the Air Canada rating, the airline’s cleanliness has received 3.9 stars. Overall, checking and boarding has secured 3.8 stars.

On a Final Note

To enjoy uninterrupted flying services on your trip, Air Canada can be your choice. As you would have read above, this airline has been rated for many factors like safety, food, seats, etc. Looking at all these reviews, what’s Air Canada like as per you? Tell us in the comment box below.

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