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✓ Safety
✓ In-flight entertainment (WiFi/TV/Movies)
✓ Onboard Experience
✓ Customer Satisfaction
✓ Value for money
✓ Cleanliness
✓ Check-in and boarding
✓ Food and beverage

Japan Airlines reviews describe it as among the most important air carriers in Japan. Known to be operating a fleet of over 150 aircraft, it has been believed to carry millions of its flyers domestically and internationally. This airline has been well praised by many of its visitors for its sheer services. Customers of Japan Airlines have given many positive reviews about its seats, quality of food, check-in services, and more. For facilities like seats, the flyers find the airline to be satisfactory. As per them, the airline based in Japan has always served hot meals with high-quality levels. 

Japan Airlines Reviews - japan airlines

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Japan Airlines Reviews by Numerous Customers

It has been reported in many reviews that Japan Airlines has several affordable ticket options. This airline has been favored by many flyers for keeping different ticketing categories for affordability. The customers of JAL have suggested in their reviews that facilities like seating, meals, safety, entertainment, etc., are the best as per the quality.

Ticket Affordability

The ticketing options at Japan Airlines have been found suitable by a lot of customers. As per a few reviews, JAL has four different classes for the convenience of its flyers. These are recognized Economy Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class, and First-Class.

Economy Class tickets have been the most low-cost tickets, as revealed by some flyers. This class has several facilities which have been enjoyed by travelers of Japan Airlines. Premium-Economy cabin customers shared that they traveled with ease as it has more amenities compared to the basic Economy Class tickets. 

Japan Airlines Business Class reviews by flyers have stated that it has provided them with most of the luxuries possible. First-Class travelers found this ticketing option to be the costliest of all but some flyers’ opinions have revealed that it has been worth traveling with Japan Airlines’ Business Class flights.

Seat Comfort with Extra Legroom Facility

The flyers of Japan Airlines have found the seats to come with the most desirable features. It has been known that the best seats have been available in the First-Class and Business cabin of JAL. These two cabins have leather-type seats that can be turned into lie flat-bed type structures, as stated in Japan Airlines seat reviews.

Japan Airlines domestic flight economy class seats

Premium Economy and Economy seats have been facilitated by extra inches of legroom for customers’ comfort. Few flyers have said that as per the price, the seats in both classes have additional space for legroom and for keeping extra luggage.

Carry-on Baggage

japan airlines review Carry-on Baggage

The carry-on baggage policy of Japan Airlines has been liked by several flyers traveling with it. The customers of this air carrier have stated in Japan Airlines Premium Economy reviews that the carry-on baggage policy seemed favorable. They have been allowed to carry not one but two bags inside the flight. However, according to their opinions, it has been noted that they have not been allowed to carry items more than 22 lbs. The weight restriction limit has been found to be too low by some visitors of this airline. They have suggested that Japan Airlines should work on improving its baggage policy.

Cancelation Reviews

The cancelation policy of JAL has been made to assist the flyers when any inconvenience is faced. For this policy, the customers of this airline have suggested canceling or modifying the tickets 24 hours prior to the departure has been possible. In Japan Airlines reviews, it has been observed that visitors have received the total refund of their amount on cancelation even 60 minutes before the flight. 

Onboard Experience 

The overall flying experience of travelers inside Japan Airlines has been great. As per various Japan Airlines feedback, it has been noted that upon boarding, this airline has met the different expectations of the flyers. From maintaining strict regulations to social distancing, Japan Airlines has been the most preferred air carrier amongst its travelers.

In-flight Entertainment and Amenities

Entertainment is an area in which JAL can consider improving itself. This can be said on the basis of certain Japan Airlines in-flight entertainment reviews. The customers of the airline have been facilitated with its magic in-flight entertainment system. While this has been favourable, the flyers have not been given any choice for movies. Especially non-Japanese flyers have been unhappy with movies being unavailable in their language. Japan Airlines in-flight entertainment reviews cover Wi-Fi services too. These services are available on domestic and international flights and do not require any charges.

Meal Reviews

Business Class In-flight Meal - Japan Airlines

As far as food is concerned, Japan Airlines has been considered the best among its customers. The flyers of this airline seemed happy due to the meals presented to them. According to the Japan Airlines food reviews, travelers have liked the overall food quality while traveling. Even the Economy and Premium Economy customers have stated that the food has been served fresh and the meals have been served hot. There have been many cuisines at JAL to choose from Japanese and Thai to Indian and Mexican. Best refreshments and snacks while flying on the long-haul routes have also been provided. JAL provides its Business Class and First-Class travelers with complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on both short-haul and long-haul destinations. 

Safety and Performance

JAL has been certified as a five-star air carrier for keeping the utmost safety standards. Guests traveling with Japan Airlines can fly hassle-free knowing that utmost priority has been given to them for their safety and comfort. Japan Airlines safety ratings indicate that proper precautions have been taken for the security of passenger items. Few of the travelers have mentioned in some reviews that their journey has been the safest for their health also. This airline has properly followed COVID-19 guidelines. 

Check-in and Boarding

Japan Airline Check-in Counter in Hanamaki Airport

Certain airlines may focus more on entertainment while others may be concerned about areas like check-in and boarding. Japan Airlines is particular about giving the customers a good experience while they check-in or board the flight. The airline has introduced the “QuiC” service for every traveler at an international level. This service enables them to check-in online. In addition, flyers can board the flights with ease using the QuiC service.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Talking about cleanliness, Japan Airlines may not have disappointed the flyers. As per a few reviews relating to the airline, the seats have been cleaned following each departure. The kiosks have been thoroughly sanitized to maintain the health of both travelers and staff during COVID-19. Customers of the airline have felt safe because of its clean environment especially amidst the pandemic, suggests Japan Airlines reviews.

Reviews and Ratings 

On the basis of reviews received by customers, Japan Airlines has got many positive ratings related to its services. For ticket affordability, this airline has received 4.3 stars. Concerning some reviews about in-flight entertainment services, Japan Airlines has been given 4.7 stars. The airline retains 4.8 stars for food. The rating is nearly the same for its boarding services as well. In the area of cleanliness, JAL has secured 4.7 stars.

Bottom Line

Flying with Japan Airlines has been an amazing experience for numerous customers. They have found the services to be good. The staff of this airline has been very supportive in maintaining its quality standards. 

Going through all these reviews, is JAL a good airline as per you? Let us find out in the comment box below.
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