Korean Air Airline Reviews

✓ Seat Comfort and Legroom
✓ Safety
✓ In-flight entertainment (WiFi/TV/Movies)
✓ Onboard Experience
✓ Customer Satisfaction
✓ Value for money
✓ Cleanliness
✓ Check-in and boarding
✓ Food and beverage

Korean Air reviews suggest a lot about the airline’s excellent facilities for keeping its customers happy. Serving millions of travelers annually, Korean Airlines has become widely used in the last few years. Many travelers who flew with this airline have commended how good the food, check-in, and safety services were. Check-in and boarding took a lot less time for its travelers. Cleanliness has also been greatly maintained by this air carrier. There are also reviews of Korean Air that suggest improvement in its ticketing options. Discussing different types of reviews, keep reading further to know more about the service quality offered by Korean Airlines.

Korean Air Reviews to Discover in 2023

Customers who traveled with Korean Airlines have expressed their views on its different services. These reviews are generally based on food and beverages served, pet travel services, customer satisfaction, etc. Flyers have suggested the features of the airline they liked the most as well as the expectations that Korean Air is yet to fulfill.

Cost-Friendly Ticket Classes

Korean Airlines ticket fare comes with three primary cabin classes. These are Economy Class, Business Class, and the First Class. Travelers find the Economy Class to have the most reasonable and budget-friendly tickets. Upon traveling with it, the flyers stated that the services have been worth the value. From seats to meals, every amenity has been great at Economy Class. The Business Class upgrade has been comforting to a few visitors. However, this comfort comes with a price as several visitors have considered Business Class to be costlier than the other subclasses. Talking about the First Class travelers, they received a luxury experience while flying. The amenities in the cabin have been worth spending on.

Korean Air Airlines Legroom and Seats

First Class Sleeper Seat - Korean Air 747-400 - Korean Air reviews

Korean Airlines has been equipped with spacious legroom seats in 2-3-2 configuration. The 74-inch pitch of the seats has been admired by customers. On switching the seat controls, travelers revealed that they could recline to a great extent. The aisle, as well as, the window seats have been fully structured with armrests and headrest features, as has been described in different Korean Air seats reviews.

Korean Air Baggage Allowance Reviews

Baggage allowance rules have been accepted by many travelers flying with Korean Air. As per the policy rules, flyers have been allowed to carry only two checked bags inside the cabin. However, a few visitors were disappointed with this policy as it privileged Business and First Class travelers more than the Economy ones. A few extra kilos have been approved for travelers, as written in the Korean Air 787 Business Class reviews. 

Cancelation Reviews

Frequent flyer programs enable the customers to benefit from the cancelation policy built by Korean Airlines. The passengers at this airline experienced no issues while canceling their tickets before a few days of their departure. However, several Korean Air reviews suggest that those who canceled their tickets on an urgent basis have been charged a basic fee. Upon cancelation, a total amount of the refund has been provided by the airline. Thus, some customers enjoyed trouble-free cancelation of their tickets.

Onboard Experience

The boarding experience at Korean Airlines has been liked by many flyers as it took really less time. As per their reviews, flyers did not have to wait for too long in the queue for the boarding process. Korean Air Business Class reviews in 2018 reveal that the passenger queue reduced to 50 percent. The kiosks have been facilitated at every corner of the airports to self-print boarding passes. This way, Korean Air has done a brilliant job in making the boarding process quick.

Korean Air Entertainment Facilities

Korean Air Entertainment Facilities Reviews

In various Korean Air in-flight entertainment reviews, customers say that they have been provided separate headphones. Keeping the current COVID-19 pandemic in mind, those headphones were newly packaged with fresh ear covers. Upon reading more entertainment on flight reviews, it has been seen that movies were available in different languages. Customers seemed happy upon receiving a high-strength complimentary Wi-Fi service throughout the journey. Overall, the entertainment at Korean Air was well-appreciated by its visitors.

Korean Air Food and Beverages

Korean Air Food and Beverages Reviews

The meals served to passengers at Korean Air have been of great quality. Looking at basic Korean Air food reviews, it has been believed that apart from serving high-quality meals, the airline also offers various cuisines to choose from. Many visitors traveling in Korean Air A380 said that the meals had vegetarians as well as non-vegetarian options for different customers. The main dish included stirred vegetables with diced fruits and salads. A few complimentary snacks have also been given to customers at Korean Air. Alcoholic beverages were ordered on purchase, as has been stated by passengers traveling with the airline.

Pet Travel Services

As per various traveler reviews, the pets were allowed in the cabin class of Korean Air. However, the visitors said in Korean Air pet travel reviews that only small cats and dogs were allowed in the cabin. Larger pets have been approved to fly in the cargo hold. Regarding pet policy, some passengers were satisfied carrying their furry animals inside the aircraft of Korean Air.

Passenger Security

Talking about the security of the travelers, Korean Airlines makes it to the top. The staff of this airline ensures that total security is provided to its customers. Regarding Korean air reviews about safety, proper COVID-19 guidelines have been used on every aircraft. Masks, sanitizers, and shield masks are given to every customer for coronavirus prevention. For further security in the pandemic, contactless booking has been initiated by the air carrier.

Korean Air Check-in and Boarding

Korean Air Boarding pass

The check-in process at Korean Airlines has been smooth since the outbreak of COVID-19. At every corner of the airport, self-kiosks have been built. It is done to ensure contactless check-in. To wait for the flight, proper lounges have been made for passengers. Self-kiosks also enable the facility to select seats if you travel on Business Class and First-Class cabins.

Customer Satisfaction

Flyers have been satisfied by Korean Air for the uninterrupted facilities it provides. The food served has been found delicious, as read in several Korean Airlines inflight meals reviews. The seats have been slim-fit and mainly preferred by customers because of their satisfactory reclining features. Passenger security is also favored by many visitors of Korean Air.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Korean Air is well-known for its hygiene. As of 2023, no complaints have been raised regarding the cleanliness of its flights. Customers had the safest experience while traveling by Korean Air. The windows and seats have been cleaned with every take-off. The staff of this air carrier makes sure every passenger obeys all the necessary COVID-19 sanitization guidelines to stay healthy. 

Korean Air Reviews and Ratings

Korea Air Airbus A380 Economy class - Korean Air reviews

Korean Airline reviews and ratings fall between 4 to 5 stars. Looking at its affordability, this airline has received 4.2 stars out of 5. For meals and beverages, this air carrier has scored 4.4. 

4.6 has been given to it for entertainment-onboard. The cleanliness levels of the operator have received 4.3 stars. For seats and legroom, this air operator has been given 4.5 stars.

Final Words

Flying with Korean Air has been positive for many tourists. Looking upon its amenities, passenger reviews tell us that this airline is worth spending on. What are your views regarding traveling by Korean Air? You can leave your views in the section below.

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