Xiamen Airlines Reviews

✓ Seat Comfort and Legroom
✓ Safety
✓ In-flight entertainment (WiFi/TV/Movies)
✓ Onboard Experience
✓ Customer Satisfaction
✓ Value for money
✓ Cleanliness
✓ Check-in and boarding
✓ Food and beverage

Xiamen Airlines reviews are looked for when individuals are preferring to book their reservations with this airline. The reviews of the airline mention the quality of amenities and services on board. The best reviews of Xiamen Airlines particularly mention the comfort of sitting. Built with good material, the seats are also adjustable.

Some reviews of this operator focus on flight entertainment. With feature-rich headphones, Wi-Fi availability, etc., Xiamen has kept its flyers entertained. The reviews of this Chinese passenger operator also talk about various policies in place that make flying convenient. This airline has also amazed its passengers with spectacularly clean areas on its flights. With such reviews known, making a flight reservation with Xiamen can be a good choice.

Xiamen Air Reviews to Explore in 2023

The reviews of Xiamen Airlines are about its services such as providing food, entertainment, and security among others. From Xiamen Airlines Business Class LAX to Xiamen’s Economy and First-Class, the quality of these services can differ. 

The reviews covered below are about the airline’s quality based on cabin class. In addition, the reviews on policy for passengers have also been displayed.

Xiamen Airlines Options of Tickets

Xiamen Air MF881 boarding pass

With the formation of Xiamen Airlines, it was believed that customers with varying budgets would be attracted. To satisfy their budget, the airline initiated various options for tickets. The travelers can book Economy class tickets as they tend to be lower in value. As seen in a few Xiamen Airlines reviews for Economy, the amenities delivered were relevant as per the price. 

Business Class tickets have been found costly by many flyers. However, this class permitted the flyers to cancel or modify their tickets anytime they wanted to. First-Class is the next ticket option provided by Xiamen. According to the passenger views, this has been the best cabin with excellent quality. Based on the quality, the charges were cost-effective.

Xiamen Airlines Seat and Legroom Options

Xiamen Airlines has excellent seat features. The operator’s focus on giving decent legroom space has also been acknowledged. For the seats, Xiamen has picked the best material that keeps the passenger in comfort on both long and short-duration journeys. The recline feature and other adjustable properties have also been given to the seats. Xiamen China Airlines reviews suggest that the availability of decent space in the legroom area, combined with comfortable seats, makes their whole experience positive.

Xiamen Airlines - First class seat of B-2866

Based on Xiamen Airlines seat reviews, let us also look at seat configuration and availability.

Cabin ClassSeat ConfigurationNumber of Seats
Economy Class2-2-2215
Business Class2-218
First-Class 2-24

Xiamen Airlines Baggage Rules

For many reasons such as security and convenience, Xiamen has established baggage rules for travelers. The rules show weight restrictions to be followed by its passengers. These restrictions were imposed on carrying checked baggage as well as extra items on flights. Most passengers, as Xiamen Airlines reviews show, are satisfied with the rules relating to weight. However, for the number of bags to be taken, some of them expect the additional ones to be allowed.

Flight Cancellation

Cancellation of flights can sometimes be inevitable, even when you are flying with airlines as professional as Xiamen. Considering such events, the airline has formed its flight cancelation policy. Even though it has been formed for the convenience of its flyers when their flights are unavailable, some of them show dissatisfaction. This dissatisfaction is mainly due to the refund-related processes being slower than expected, as the Xiamen Airlines cancelation reviews show.

Xiamen Airlines Entertainment Facilities

Passengers who have traveled from Xiamen Airlines before have revealed that this operator provides excellent entertainment facilities. The flyers received noise-cancelling headphones to enjoy the best of music and movies. The reviews for Xiamen Air Wi-Fi service highlight fast connectivity, unlimited browsing, and more. The flight also featured on-board games which sought the interest of many children. To add more to its entertainment, Xiamen has introduced an in-flight magazine.

Xiamen Air 787-8 Economy Class inflight Entertainment
In-flight EntertainmentAvailability
TV showsYes

Xiamen Air Refreshments, Meals, and More

Xiamen Airline - Business Class Meal

Varying delicacies are a specialty of Xiamen Airlines. The food reviews of the operator are about the availability of chicken, fish, fruits, salads, snacks, etc. Xiamen Airlines food reviews also mention the availability of meal boxes for passengers. Thus, for short hunger pangs and complete cravings, the airline has set in numerous options. Talking about drinks, the flyers have been served with great appetizers and wines throughout the journey. 

Traveler Security

Even though the cabin classes of Xiamen can be accessed at different costs, the operator ensures safety for every passenger. In terms of traveler security, the authorities see to it that life-threatening items or weapons are not carried on board. For the security of luggage, the crew of Xiamen is active at all times. Speaking of passenger safety amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the necessary guidelines are already being followed.

Services for Boarding and Check-in

For confirming the presence of travelers on the flight, Xiamen Airlines carefully follows its boarding and check-in procedures. The reviews of the operator share that it has focused on limiting the time for these procedures to ensure no delays in the flights. Xiamen Airlines Vancouver reviews mention certain facilities with respect to these procedures. Due to these facilities, the procedures were timely done. These facilities included:

  • Frequent Flyer Program
  • Reduced queues
  • Active counters for check-in 

Satisfaction of Travelers

When the quality of services provided by Xiamen Airlines remains above the mark, its travelers ought to be satisfied. Even the reviews of this Chinese travelers airline suggest the same. From meals and safety to policies and procedures, Xiamen has achieved the satisfaction of its customers to date. Rarely, in a few instances, some passengers were disappointed with an unlikely experience. For them, the Xiamen Airlines contact number was made available to report problems and seek help.

Level of Cleanliness

Xiamen Airlines has established a rigorous cleaning and disinfection strategy for each flight to protect the health of its passengers. Customers disclosed in Xiamen Airlines reviews that chlorine-based disinfectants were used to clean the restrooms, cabin flooring, table tray, seats, armrests, overhead bins, and other systems. A few reviews show that contaminated seat coverings have been thoroughly disinfected by soaking them in powerful disinfectants. 

Xiamen Airline Ratings and Reviews

The flyers have given various ratings based on the amenities provided inside the Xiamen Airlines’ aircraft. Based on the ticketing fare, 4.3 stars have been given to this airline. The food services have been found excellent and Xiamen Airlines was rated 4.6 stars for them. The check-in facility has been liked much by flyers. So, it has achieved 4.6 stars. The security services have attained 4.7 stars at Xiamen. 4.2 stars have been seen for the airline’s flight entertainment.

Summing Up

Xiamen Airlines can be selected for Chinese short routes and long routes. People who want to travel domestically with some great facilities and amenities can fly with this air operator. Passengers who already flew with this airline have recorded great experiences. Do you have any experience flying with Xiamen Airlines? Tell us through your comments below.

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