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It has been suggested by China Eastern Airlines reviews in 2023 that this air operator comes with a fleet of 642 aircraft and headquarters in Shanghai. It provides customer and freight air transportation services. The airline has served a large number of foreign flyers. It has received several reviews from its customers. With different fare options, the airline provides comfort at different levels. Its policies like the cancellation policy, carry-on baggage policy, etc., aim to make the overall experience of the flyers convenient. Before traveling with China Eastern Airlines in 2023, you should know what more the customers have to say about its flying services. 

So, here, we will discuss various reviews concerning different fare options, seat comfort, safety, baggage reviews, etc., of this airline. 

Revealing Some Honest China Eastern Airlines Reviews

Customer feedback in 2023 has revealed that China Eastern Airlines has various ticket fare classes. Some flyers have also mentioned in some review show comfortable the seats were. Customers have also described how the cancelation policies of this airline made their last-minute plans work. 

To know in detail what these visitors have said about the airline and its services, please read ahead.

Ticket Affordability

China Eastern Airlines possesses four main ticket fare classes: Economy, Premium Economy, First-Class, and Business Class. These classes are based on the prices that can go from the cheapest and moderate to the highest rates. 

* Economy Class

According to travelers’ experiences, China Eastern Airlines’ Economy Ticket was the lowest. This fare was regarded as ideal for individuals looking for a low-cost alternative, according to some China Eastern Economy Class reviews. However, as far as economy fare tickets are concerned, customers faced the issue of not altering or canceling their tickets when needed.

* Premium Economy Class

Premium Economy tickets at China Eastern Airlines provided some extra comfort with a little higher price. Web-based China Eastern Airlines Premium Economy Class reviews of travelers suggest that they could not change the tickets as well. However, the other qualities were good as compared to the Economy Class.

* Business Class

Talking about Business Class, China Eastern Airlines provides the best amenities inside the flight. Flyers opting for this ticket could alter or modify their tickets as per their choice. However, as per several China Eastern Airlines Business Class reviews, customers found this fare ticket class to be more costly than Economy and Premium Economy classes.

* First-Class

The most admired fare option by many travelers of China Eastern in 2023 has been the First-Class fare option. According to China Eastern First-Class reviews, premium quality services were provided at this cabin. Also, the customers could alter or change their tickets in the First-Class fare type. However, being the costliest ticket, First-Class was used mainly by international travelers.

Seat Comfort and Extra Legroom Facility

As per various China Eastern Airlines seat reviews, space was not a problem for travelers. The seats had a sofa-like structure in Economy Class but with no recline. They had bulkhead seats with a head and arm-resting facility.

Premium Economy fare had little reclining with an extra legroom feature for flyers. The seat width of Premium Economy seats was 22-inch with an armrest and headrest feature along with a little legroom space.

Business class cabin of China Eastern's

Talking about Business Class fare, ample room space was provided to customers, as revealed in China Eastern Airlines reviews in the Philippines, Australia, etc.First-Class seats were the most comfortable with additional legroom facilities. They had extra inches of space for legroom and the elderly were quite satisfied traveling with First-Class.

Carry-On Baggage

The carry-on baggage policy of China Eastern clearly explains the weight and size of bags to be carried. Being so clear, the flyers of the airline have not faced problems in understanding the baggage allowance rules. In the 2023-year reviews about China Eastern Airlines International, First-Class visitors share that they can carry up to 2 pieces of luggage. At the same time, Business Class and Economy Class can only bring one piece of luggage. According to some travelers, they were allowed not to exceed 110lbs of weight inside the flight. If any customer is carrying any sports equipment, then the extra cost will be added.

Cancellation Reviews

The cancellation reviews have both positives and negatives, as shown in China Eastern Airlines reviews in the Philippines. Customers were slightly disappointed as they had to pay a 50 percent price after the cancelation of tickets after departure. Few flyers have also mentioned that a refund was provided if they booked the tickets and canceled 24 hours before departure. Some customers availed themselves of the Premium Economy ticket with a discounted price. However, due to China Eastern’s Cancelation Policy, they could not get the total refund.

Onboard Experience

Although some flyers have been facing problems onboard, China Eastern Airlines’ experience with onboarding is well-maintained in most cases. Severalreviewsof passengers mention that the kiosks and handles were sanitized throughout the process. The onboarding process had no rush and social distancing was also followed. Proper use of masks and shields was observed, as described by many flyers. Overall, they had no difficulties boarding the aircraft. 

In-flight Entertainment with Amenities

China Eastern Airlines reviews in 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, and other years make it clear that in-flight entertainment needs to be improved. Some customers suggest that this airline should have options for western movies. As per some flyers, it has only Chinese and Korean films as well as dramas. Headphones for music and Wi-Fi facility are available at China Eastern Airlines only for Business Class and First-Class travelers. Regarding the amenities, the airline provides a comforter with a pillow to the people of First-Class and who are traveling long-haul routes. 

Food Reviews

China Eastern dinner

China Eastern Airlines’ food and beverages were satisfactory to its customers. However, some travelers complained about the meal options on the flight. In China Eastern Airlines food reviews in 2023, they have said that they only had Chinese meal options and not other cuisines to choose from. The facility to select beverages was still available. According to their feedback, the menu of this airline should be changed to meet the needs of its visitors.

Safety and Performance

When China Eastern reviews for safety are looked into, a few customers seem unsure whether to travel with this airline. The reason is that in the ‘90s, China Eastern Airlines participated in a series of crashes, even though smaller regional planes were involved. The most catastrophic collision happened in 2004 when 53 customers were shattered by a tiny Bombardier. Despite the disaster, China Eastern Airlines complies with all international safety requirements and has the same safety record as other global carriers. Flyers who have traveled with this airline have described that they had the utmost safety and found no problems on their trip.

Check-in and Boarding Reviews

China Eastern Airlines check-in

China Eastern is among those airlines that come with both online and offline options to check-in. It allows its flyers for online check-in through smartphones and other devices, as reflected in the China Eastern Airlines reviews in the Philippines. There are self-service kiosks at every corner of the airline. To maintain a social distance amidst COVID-19, most flyers’ have been going for self-screening and printing their boarding passes.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

The cleanliness and hygiene standards at China Eastern Airlines indeed met the expectations of its customers. The hygiene measures have been adapted from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). Doors, kiosks, handles, windows, and tables are cleaned and appropriately sanitized for the safety of its visitors, as stated in reviews about Eastern China Airlines.

Ratings and Rankings

China Eastern Airlines has received various ratings based on cleanliness, safety record, food, etc. It has been rated 4.2 out of 5 stars for its seat comfort. For entertainment and amenities, it has scored 3.5 out of 5 stars. For safety, the airline has been rated 3.8 stars out of 5. The airline’s cleanliness levels have scored 4.6 out of 5 stars. Check-in and boarding of the airline have been given 4 out of 5 stars. Food quality is what needs improvement. Hence, it has been given 3.9 stars in 2023.

Summing Up

It is concluded that on the basis of many reviews, China Eastern can be recommended to customers worldwide in 2023. As shown above, visitors are satisfied with this airline’s seat comfort, cleanliness, check-in, boarding, and other processes. For long-haul, as well as short-haul routes, this airline can help you travel safely to various places.

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