Southwest Airlines Reviews

✓ Seat Comfort and Legroom
✓ Safety
✓ In-flight entertainment (WiFi/TV/Movies)
✓ Onboard Experience
✓ Customer Satisfaction
✓ Value for money
✓ Cleanliness
✓ Check-in and boarding
✓ Food and beverage

In Southwest Airlines reviews, it is suggested that it has been one of the world’s biggest low-cost airlines. When it comes to arranging a vacation, this airline has been among the most popular choices. The reviews by its flyers in 2021 suggest that the airline’s baggage policies seem to be excellent. Southwest Airlines is also well-known for providing good quality food and various entertainment options to its customers.

These reviews provide a wealth of information about where this airline is doing excellent or needs to improve. To come across this information, we will be going through these reviews in detail. 

Knowing Honest Southwest Airlines Reviews

Flyers of Southwest Airlines have been happy with the policies set for them. Southwest Airlines customer reviews explain that the services of the airline with respect to seating, boarding, entertainment, etc., have been satisfying. Their experiences indicate that Southwest has been performing at its best for keeping its customers happy. 

Let us see more about what the reviews of the airline indicate about its performance.

1. Ticketing Options

According to some opinions of flyers, Southwest Airlines offers different ticket pricing alternatives. These are:

Wanna Get Away: Flyers around the globe mostly choose to travel from the Wanna Get Away fare class type as it comes in the standard basic fare. The reviews of Southwest suggest that travelers prefer this ticket option as it can be reused once if anyone wants to change the reservation. 

Anytime: Anytime or First-Class fare type has been a refundable ticket option. Southwest Airlines’ First-Class reviews suggest that customers could modify or change their tickets on the particular dates they wanted. Flyers used it to book their flight ahead of their pre-booking using the Anytime fare option. This fare class has been believed to have a high price by few customers.

Business Select: Visitors flying from Southwest Airlines have been quite impressed by the Business Class fare type. They said that they could board the flight on a priority basis. Reading a few Southwest Airlines Business Class reviews, it has been interpreted that this class is considerably high-priced. Flyers seemed to be pleased by the complimentary drinks and snacks served on board and were worth the price.

Senior Fare: Southwest also provides Senior Fare. This ticket has been exclusively accessible to travelers 65 and over in age and is fully refundable. The elderly enjoyed a fantastic flight experience with these tickets, as has been suggested by their reviews.

2. Seat Comfort and Legroom

According to Southwest Airlines reviews, travellers from different countries suggested that its seats provided outstanding comfort. With additional legroom and a recliner, the seats have been quite comfy.

southwest airlines Seat Comfort and Legroom

Some travelers revealed that its seats have been towards the top of the economy seat list. These seats came with an average pitch length of 31′′-33”. A slight recline on most seats has been marked by its certain flyers and a complete tray table was also provided to them. The best part about economy seat tickets was that they came with a low-fare option.

3. Southwest Baggage Policy Reviews

southwest airlines baggage

Talking about the Southwest airlines baggage policy reviews, Southwest Airlines has been excellent at reducing extra costs. Travelers’ opinions about baggage policies make it clear that they could carry a single personal item along with two free checked bags. This feature of Southwest Airlines has been most loved by its customers. 

4. Pet Travel Reviews

southwest airlines pet travel

Travelers with their pets reported some issues while flying with Southwest Airlines. They have been denied to carry pets below 4 months of age. This disappointed a few of the airline’s customers. Also, pets were not allowed to be carried inside the bags or luggage as per the pet travel policies. In Southwest Airlines’ pet carrier reviews, certain flyers said that only six pets could be allowed inside the flight with one pet per customer. 

5. Onboard Experience

Boarding flights with Southwest Airlines has been commendable with most of the flights on time, as reviewed by its international visitors. According to them, they felt the landing at these airlines has been far better than any other airline. The whole onboarding process was friendly, with good staff, and they have been pleased with the overall experience post flying. 

6. In-flight Entertainment & Amenities

Talking about in-flight amenities, Southwest Airlines offers several entertainment options to its flyers. Flyers post-traveling shared their Southwest Airlines reviews which explained that more than 20+ live TV channels have been given along with a great choice of movies. Apart from that, other entertainment amenities have also been given to the customers. On-demand TVs have also been accessible by travelers but with a charge included.

Southwest Airlines In-flight Entertainment

If we talk about the amenities, the travelers have been provided with blankets in the Business Class and First-Class cabins. Apart from that, pillows and amenity kits have also been facilitated to the customers. These kits contained sleeping masks, tissues, wet wipes, earbuds, etc., for the convenience of travelers. 

Southwest Airlines’ Wi-Fi reviews revealed that the internet has been available free of charge throughout their journey. Travelers have been able to engage themselves in several things across the web.

7. Food & Beverage

TThe flyers of Southwest airlines have opined that food and beverage facilities have been available. They have appreciated the fact that the facilities were contactless due to the COVID-19 guidelines being followed.

Southwest Airlines food

As per other travelers’ reviews about Southwest Airlines, it served few non-alcoholic beverages inside the flight. Some passengers said that they enjoyed having an expensive premium dinner with some of the best cuisines served during their trip. It offered contactless food ordering via the Wi-Fi Portal of the flight, as has been observed in many Southwest Airlines’ reviews. 

The meal options had several different cuisines for visitors to choose from. Six different meal varieties have been served along with appetizers. As per a few customers’ feedback, the meal included a main dish along with freshly diced salad. Apart from that, refreshments and beverages have also been provided  to customers while traveling with Southwest Airlines. 

Business Class and First-Class visitors have been provided with the opportunity to order wines and alcoholic drinks onboard. They have been facilitated with no-charge and can be ordered twice or thrice on long-haul flights.

8. Check-in and Boarding

The check-in and boarding facilities of Southwest have no long queue, as reported by many flyers. The check-in at this airline included a companion pass. The pass easily enabled the flyers to check with their companions. As seen in different reviews about Southwest Airlines, the visitors admired the boarding process, with the staff welcoming them by providing hand sanitizers. Some of the reviews also said that check-in took minimum time compared to other airlines.

9. Cleanliness and Hygiene

Southwest Airline Cleanliness and Hygiene

Southwest is a good option for cheap flights and travel. It was ranked as the No. 1 airline in 2020 and 2021. Flyers have reviewed Southwest Airlines to be one of the cleanest airlines. As per Southwest Airlines reviews, the workers and attendants of these airlines cleaned the premises every hour. Other surfaces such as armrests, doors, and handles have been sanitized using disinfectants. Upon traveling, flight attendants provided a new set of gloves, masks, and sanitizers to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The reviews about the airline mention extreme levels of care for travelers flying amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

10. Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Southwest Airlines has been ranked first in DOT Air Travel Consumer Report. As per the customer feedback, they looked happy with their overall experience. Right from in-flight entertainment to food, most things have been praised by them. The most commendable thing about Southwest Airlines has been the staff members, as reported in Southwest Airlines’ customer reviews. Certain flyers shared that the staff has been friendly and supported them with the luggage and other amenities. 

Southwest Airlines Customer Satisfaction

There have been a few complaints about the service for people with disabilities, as is mentioned in some reviews. However, we hope that the airline will work on the same to give a better experience to travelers with special needs.

11. Ratings and Rankings

Talking about different ratings and rankings given to Southwest Airlines, various customers have given 4 out of 5 stars for its comfy reclining seats. Older people have found these seats to be more spacious for stretching out, as seen in some reviews. At the same time, others have rewarded the airline with 5 out of 5 stars for its in-flight entertainment. The overall food quality has been given 3.5 stars out of 5 which is reasonably satisfactory. Customers have given 4 stars to the various ticketing options available at affordable prices. Overall, the ranking of this airline remains good.

To Conclude

Flyers from across the globe have given positive feedback about its seats, ticket affordability, and good staff, as can be inferred from Southwest Airlines reviews. Some flyers have reported that cleanliness is adequately maintained at this airline and felt safe as proper sanitization is being done on an hourly basis. Southwest seems to be the best airline for those who want low tickets, excellent customer service, cost-free checked baggage, in-flight beverages, and a relaxing journey. 

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