China Southern Airlines Customer Reviews

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✓ Safety
✓ In-flight entertainment (WiFi/TV/Movies)
✓ Onboard Experience
✓ Customer Satisfaction
✓ Value for money
✓ Cleanliness
✓ Check-in and boarding
✓ Food and beverage

China Southern Airlines customer reviews describe that this air operator has been one of the most preferred airlines by many flyers. In 2010, China Southern Airlines has been rated to be the fourth-largest airline in the world in terms of its traffic. Customers from around the globe have shared positive reviews about how traveling with this airline made their trip better. International, as well as domestic customers of this airline, seemed happy to travel with the airline.

Concerning various opinions of its travelers worldwide, we have shown multiple reviews of China Southern Airlines in this post. Scroll below to find them.

Exploring Genuine China Southern Airlines Customer Reviews

Several reviews concerning China Southern Airlines have revealed that this airline offers great ticket affordability. Apart from it, the seats in this airline have been found to be spacious. Customers also liked this airline for maintaining the utmost cleanliness. This has especially been suggested by some China Southern Airlines 787 reviews. Flyers who traveled with this airline before have also shared some of the best amenities in flight. 

Along with the pros of the airline, certain cons have also been observed in its reviews. To know them, please read ahead.

Ticket Fare Classes and Affordability

As per various China Southern Airlines customer reviews, ticket fares of this air carrier have been divided into four categories. These are Economy Class, Business Class, First-Class, and Premium Economy Class. This section will tell you which ticket options have been the most helpful as per the visitors’ reviews.

Economy Class:

Flyers have shared that Economy Class in China Southern Airlines has the lowest prices. According to them, the seats should have extra inches for the legroom facility. Also, customers have shared in China Southern Airlines Economy Class reviews that they could not alter or change their tickets as per their choice.

Premium Economy Class:

China Southern Airlines’ travelers find Premium Economy to be costlier than Economy Class. However, they have been able to experience more comfort in this class. One of the drawbacks of this class has been that the visitors have not been allowed to alter or modify their tickets. 

Business Class:

Business Class visitors of China Southern stated that they could cancel and change their tickets. They have been able to alter tickets even 24 hours after the departure. Many China Southern Airlines Business Class reviews showed that visitors have the comfort landing with an extra-inch recliner. Although the tickets for this class have not been easily affordable, the price has been worth paying.


The First-Class fare type at China Southern has been the best among all the other classes, as suggested by many reviews. Customers who traveled with this ticket could modify and change their tickets anytime, as has been explained in some reviews.

Seat Comfort with Extra Legroom

China Southern Airlines provides the best comfort seats in all classes. As per some China Southern Airlines seat reviews, the seats have been facilitated with a slimline feature with an adjustable headrest facility. 

Talking about Premium Economy seats, few customers said that they traveled in both Economy and Premium Economy classes. However, according to few reviews, Premium Economy seats provided extra 3-5 inches leg support and arm-restring feature than Economy seats. 

China Southern Business Class seat on a 777-200

The remaining two classes, Business Class and the First-Class have ideal seat choices. Flyers have been provided with a comfortable layout with a window or aisle seats, as suggested by China Southern Airlines Business Class seat reviews. If we talk about First-Class seats, then the customers said it might turn into a complete bed-like structure for a little additional comfort.

Carry-On Baggage

China Southern Airlines Baggage reviews for each ticket class vary according to various terms. Flyers of this airline stated they could bring one bag and one personal item such as a handbag or briefcase in Economy and Business Class. According to several online reviews, some travelers complained about increasing baggage prices after adding a few pounds to their luggage.

Cancellation Reviews

Keeping the cancelation policy of China Southern Airlines in mind, people seemed a little worried about its strict regulations. As per a few reviews, the flyers could not carry excess baggage inside the flight. The customers carrying excess luggage have been subjected to pay a fine of $25. A few customers in China Southern airlines customer reviews have stated that they have not refunded the money before canceling seven days of departure. Hence, they think that the airline should improve its canceling and refund policies in order to receive good reviews in the future.

Onboard Experience

Customers’ onboarding experience with China Southern Airlines was great. They reported that they had a sequence waiting number, and according to that, the passengers were systematically seated inside the aircraft. This made the process quick, along with the one-to-one Customer Check information services. Also, many flyers acknowledged this airline for its supportive ground staff in the flight.

In-flight Entertainment and Amenities

The in-flight entertainment at China Southern Airlines includes an IFE system with a good choice of western movies and TV shows, as reviewed by an Economy passenger. Other reviews show that some flights have IFE entertainment. While in the Business Class, an IFE-loaded tablet is provided. This airline provides pillows and blankets for every Business and First-Class flyer. Also, customers said that an amenity kit is also offered inside the flight.

Food and Refreshments

As per China Southern Airlines’ food reviews, the Economy class customers gave positive feedback about the meals. The Premium Economy flyers said that they got a chance to select between Chinese and other cuisines. Meals were served fresh with salad, a choice of beverage, and a dessert.

Visitors of this airline remarked that China Southern Airlines served the best food. Customers reviewed that the food is individually prepared and presented for a 5-star dining experience. The reviews of the First-Class customers suggest that along with premium dinner, they could also invite a companion to share a meal together. 

Check-in and Boarding

China Southern Airlines check-in

The TSA Check-in at China Southern Airlines took around 30-45 minutes to complete, as per some reviews. The check-in was done smoothly and the customers reported no negative reviews about it. However, due to traveler rush in some cases, the boarding took more time, as is reflected by China Southern Airlines customer reviews. At the time of boarding, the travelers were provided with hand sanitizers, face shields, masks, etc., to protect themselves against these challenging times of COVID-19. 

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Keeping certain cleanliness feedback of customers, the flyers at China Southern Airlines said that the aircraft was kept clean and disinfected. The doors and handles were cleaned by the staff using EDA-approved disinfectants after every 20-30 minutes, as reflected in China Southern Airline reviews. The kiosks and the departure area had no rush, and customers were in a queue to maintain hygiene and safety. Other reviews also stated that the table at the seats was cleaned after every meal service by the staff. 

Safety and Performance

According to certain flyers’ opinions, China Southern Airline met the safety of its customers. Contactless meals were ordered, and this airline made sure the boarding pass was printed by self-customers. Hand sanitizers were given along with PPE kits to Business and First-Class customers. These reviews ensured the utmost safety of flyers in terms of health. Also, keeping several safety reviews about China Southern Airlines in view, the announcements about take-off and landing were held. This was done to ensure that the customers were seated. 

Ratings and Rankings

Based upon some feedback on China Southern Airline, the seat comfort was given 4 stars out of 5. In-flight entertainment needs to be improved with many options for movies, as per several customer’s feedback. Hence, it was rated 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

According to the China Southern Airlines customer reviews, this airline scored 4.7 out of 5. Customers liked this airline for having a supportive crew and staff members. Food quality was found to be great and was served hot. Hence, it has been rated 4.6 out of 5. The boarding and check-in processes were also praised by many flyers and were given 4.2 out of 5 stars. 

Hence, we conclude that traveling with China Southern Airlines is good, and customers have appreciated this airline for keeping up their remarkable effort. Flyers traveling internationally and domestically were happy with the services of China Southern. Also, owing to the current pandemic, customers were not at risk while traveling by this air operator. 

So, how is China Southern Airline review according to you? Don’t forget to share it with us.

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