JetBlue Airways Reviews

✓ Seat Comfort and Legroom
✓ Safety
✓ In-flight entertainment (WiFi/TV/Movies)
✓ Onboard Experience
✓ Customer Satisfaction
✓ Value for money
✓ Cleanliness
✓ Check-in and boarding
✓ Food and beverage

JetBlue reviews by its customers declare that it is a great airline for traveling. Established in the year 2000, it is amongst the most popular airlines in the United States. The reviews of JetBlue Airlines talk about its ticket options with affordable prices. Its entertainment facilities also keep the travelers engaged. The airline provides tourists with the best safety in terms of health and luggage items

The customer reviews covered by us will reveal the quality of various services provided by JetBlue such as seat comfort, cleanliness, cancelation policy, and much more. 

Describing Genuine JetBlue Airways Reviews

From carry-on baggage allowance to its food, everything is found great by JetBlue visitors. Flyers have also enjoyed its quick boarding experience with no waiting in the queue. Travelers have discussed how cleanliness kept their travel safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

With all such opinions of its customers, let us take a closer look at JetBlue Airways flight reviews.

Affordable Ticket Classes

Blue Class, Blue Basic Class, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and JetBlue Mint are the main ticket classes of JetBlue. After reading a few JetBlue Economy reviews, it has been seen that the class has saved a lot of passengers’ fees. Talking about Blue Class, the only difference with this option was that the travelers have been given the option of flying along with their group at affordable prices. Customers of this airline said in some reviews that upgrading to the Blue Plus option gave them not many benefits apart from extra checked luggage. However, flyers seemed happy about traveling by Blue Extra and JetBlue Mint as they were allowed for priority check-in services.

Seat Comfort and Extra Legroom 

Following many JetBlue seat reviews, it has been noted that the pitch of these has been facilitated with 34 inches. The visitors of this airline revealed that the aircraft at JetBlue had a seat configuration of 3-3 pattern. Although being costly, travelers opined that they had been occupied with the most comfortable seats with legroom facilities. 

Luggage Reviews

The luggage reviews of JetBlue depict that no complaints were raised from its travelers. Customers seemed to be satisfied with carrying one luggage item in Blue Basic and Blue Cabin. However, more importance has been given to the flyers of Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and JetBlue Mint fare classes. As per the JetBlue reviews of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, these customers have been permitted to bring additional bags for free at Blue Plus and other cabin classes.

Cancellation Reviews

Numerous travelers seemed delighted when JetBlue relaxed its cancellation policy during the last year owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers, on canceling their tickets, said that they have been given the entire refund amount. The cancelation policy was an easy process for some flyers, as mentioned in some JetBlue reviews. The amount of cancelation was credited to the customers’ accounts to use upon the next travel destination. Overall, the cancelation policy of JetBlue has been liked by many visitors who changed their travel plans during unforeseen times.

Onboarding Experience

The onboarding experience of disabled customers at JetBlue was found to be great with some extra perks and benefits. Following the JetBlue flight reviews, it has been found that the boarding took less time than the other airlines. The staff at JetBlue ensured that the boarding of customers has been done according to their seats and with some safety precautions. Flyers stated that some special instructions have been given to them during the take-off to maintain a hassle-free boarding experience.

Entertainment on Flight 

JetBlue is considered a pioneer when it comes to in-flight entertainment with super Wi-Fi connectivity. Flyers have reviewed that the Fly-Fi service was the best as they could connect up to four devices at once. JetBlue also provided an on-demand selection of movies. Various JetBlue in-flight entertainment reviews on specific aircraft show that the flyers had access to online radio stations with live music.

Meals and Beverages

Meals served at JetBlue Airlines have been good with a broad selection available. Travelers revealed that they could enjoy complimentary packaged snacks apart from the main course. Alcoholic beverages were also ordered by customers. The flyers described that JetBlue Airlines food menu has great choices for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. Thus, the airline has met the expectations of its flyers by delivering better quality food.

Passenger Security

Travelers’ security and safety is the main goal of JetBlue Airlines. This air carrier ensures that all the COVID-19 guidelines are maintained for health. The staff of JetBlue Airlines, as stated in JetBlue reviews about safety, has been trained well to minimize the loss of items by its flyers. In case the items are left at the aircraft, the customers are handed their belongings by its crew members. Thus, along with passengers, even their items are kept safe.

Check-in and Boarding 

Check-in process can be easily done as the flights of JetBlue are on time. Travelers flying with JetBlue Airways have had no issues in boarding the flights. The boarding was quick with no long queue at kiosks. JetBlue Online check-in was also made available for the customers. Customers expressed in JetBlue reviews that boarding was made according to the seat numbers allocated to them and a proper social distancing was also followed.

Customer Satisfaction

JetBlue has a record of great customer satisfaction. Flyers have given good reviews about the affordability of fare classes. They were happy with the great staff service. The food was also found to be of high quality, as has been found in some JetBlue international reviews.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

As far as cleanliness reviews are concerned, JetBlue has received positive opinions from its flyers. Seats have been cleaned thoroughly after landing. Doors and kiosks have been sanitized, keeping the COVID-19 pandemic in mind. To facilitate the cleanliness of the aircraft, contactless meal servings have been provided to customers. 

Reviews and Ratings

JetBlue Airways has been rated the best in terms of its excellent services. Based on affordable ticket fare classes, JetBlue has achieved 4 stars out of 5. For food and beverages served, this airline has got 4.3 stars. Concerning safety, it has scored 4.6 stars. Regarding cleanliness and hygiene, the airline has secured 4.2 stars. Its check-in and boarding facility has been provided with 4.4 stars.

Flying with JetBlue Airways can be exciting and affordable. Pertaining to its services, flyers have traveled a number of times by this airline. You can also share with us how is flying with JetBlue Airlines based on your experience.

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