Aeroflot Airlines Reviews

✓ Seat Comfort and Legroom
✓ Safety
✓ In-flight entertainment (WiFi/TV/Movies)
✓ Onboard Experience
✓ Customer Satisfaction
✓ Value for money
✓ Cleanliness
✓ Check-in and boarding
✓ Food and beverage

Aeroflot reviews indicate that it is Russia’s regional air operator and lies among the earliest known airlines in the world. If you want to reduce the amount of positioning for connecting flights, then traveling from this airline to cities like Moscow might be advantageous. Passengers that flew to Russia and other such countries with this airline in 2021 honored Aeroflot’s many ticketing options. The opinions of passengers about its cuisines, in-flight entertainment, and other amenities have also been reviewed by them. Aeroflot Airlines is very professional about cleanliness, as the passengers say. Besides these amenities, the cabin staff is also found to be very polite and helpful. 

To know what other qualities Aeroflot Airlines possesses, continue reading further.

Aeroflot Airlines Reviews to Explore Before Flying

Passengers who have traveled to Moscow and other cities have stated how is Aeroflot Airlines reviews. They have expressed the decent quality and excellent services of the airline in their feedback. The opinions of the customers mainly talk about the comfort of seats, entertainment facilities, and customer satisfaction. They have also unfolded what services have been liked the most and those which need to be improved by Aeroflot Airlines.

Reasonable Ticket Classes of Aeroflot Airlines

Owing to passengers’ preferences and affordability, Aeroflot Airlines has introduced three major cabin classes. These are Economy Class, Comfort Class, and Business Class. However, the First-Class fare type is not available at Aeroflot Airlines. Passengers find the Economy Class to be the most cost-effective. Keeping certain views in mind, it is believed that apart from being reasonably priced, Economy Class offers great services to its customers. Coming to Aeroflot Comfort Class reviews, the flyers opined that the charges have been appropriate for the services it provides. Boarding, check-in, and other amenities at Comfort Class have been found to be good by many travelers of this airline. Business-Class Cabin was considered to be the costliest by many of its flyers. It was opted by several international travelers for their emergency travel plans. The quality of amenities has been the best of the above two cabin classes, as suggested by different Aeroflot reviews.

Aeroflot Fleet Reviews

Many Russian Aeroflot Airlines reviews state that it operates ten Boeing 777-300ERs. All of these are brand new aircraft. The operator has been equipped with the world’s newest 777 fleets. The Airbus A330 is another essential operator in the fleet. Known as Russia’s largest airline, Aeroflot operates a total of 22 Airbus aircraft. Aeroflot presently runs 12 Sukhoi aircraft and has placed orders for another 50 aircraft in the future.

Aeroflot Airlines Seats and Legroom Space

The seats have been set up in a comfy cushioned way, as seen in many reviews about Aeroflot Airlines. Travelers have expressed their views that the aircraft had leather reclining seats with arm-rest and headrest features. Legroom has been given 6-inches extra space even for the tallest visitors, as has been delivered in various Aeroflot Comfort Class seats reviews. On certain aircraft, the seats have been configured in 2-2 patterns. While other planes have facilitated the seats with 2-3-2 patterns. On Business Class seats, additional space for storing luggage has been noted by its flyers traveling to international destinations.

Aeroflot Airlines Baggage Allowance System

The baggage allowance system is strict at Aeroflot Airlines. The passengers find this baggage policy to be not as appropriate because of its weight restrictions. As Aeroflot Airlines does not provide First Class, the visitors find difficulty in carrying heavy bags inside the cabin. Even with the Business Class options, the flyers have been allowed to bring two bags worth 32 kilograms inside the aircraft. Looking at a few Aeroflot International flight reviews from its visitors, we believe that this airline needs to work on increasing the weight limit of the baggage. It will not only comfort its visitors on carrying overweight items but also enable them to travel more by Aeroflot.

Cancellation Policy Reviews

The cancelation policy has been favored only by a few customers of Aeroflot Airlines. According to Aeroflot reviews, they have been facing many issues while canceling the flights. They said that they were not able to cancel their flights on an emergency basis or 48 hours before the departure. On canceling even 72 hours prior to the departure, the flyers were not given the entire refund amount. We think that in the upcoming years, Aeroflot may update its cancelation policy for the comfort of its travelers.

Aeroflot Airlines Entertainment Onboard

Aeroflot flight entertainment has many facilities, as per several reviews from its customers. They have revealed in these reviews that on being seated, they were provided headphones for listening to music. The LED screens were found to have ample movies and TV shows options to watch. Magazines and newspapers have also been given to the flyers upon request. However, one thing which did not meet the expectations of its passengers was the Wi-Fi system. On reading several reviews, it has been observed that Aeroflot did not have the facility of a Wi-Fi service onboard.

Cuisines and Meals

Aeroflot Business Class

Aeroflot offers a number of menu options, as revealed by many passengers traveling onboard. The menu has a list of almost 12 various cuisines to go for. Passengers seem to be happy about receiving such great hospitality from its staff members. Wines and appetizers were also served on purchase with Business Class seats. According to Aeroflot food reviews, the flyers have been satisfied with delicious meals served to them on both short-haul and long-haul flights. The quality of meals was fresh with no negative feedback from the visitors of Aeroflot Airline.

Passenger Safety of Aeroflot Airlines

Passenger Safety of Aeroflot Airlines

Going by the passenger safety of Aeroflot flights, the airline saw some plane crashes way back during the 1990s. Now, things have changed a lot. Aeroflot safety rating is 6/10 and no casualties have been recorded in the past few decades. Hence, customers are still traveling from this airline without much hassle and fear. 

Aeroflot Airlines Check-in & Boarding

Aeroflot check-in at Chopin Airport

Procedures like check-in are done on a priority basis at Aeroflot Airlines. First-come first check-in is allowed for passengers who need an early check-in facility. There are self-kiosks at every corner of respective airports for customers to print their boarding passes. If any customer needs to go first, then either he/she can book Business Class tickets or go for priority boarding with some extra charges. This facility, considering the Aeroflot reviews, seems to be liked by various flyers as this makes it easy for them to travel overseas in a short time.

Satisfaction of Customers

Looking at the satisfaction of customers, Aeroflot is widely considered by the passengers of Russia and Moscow. The passengers have liked the meal quality and the selection of food. The check-in facility has also been admired by several flyers of this airline. The most appreciated service was the affordability of the fare tickets. Tourists have loved traveling regionally with Economy Class, as seen in a few Aeroflot Airways reviews. 

Aeroflot Airlines Flight Cleanliness

Overall hygiene and cleanliness are well-maintained in Aeroflot Airlines. Passengers flying with this airline have described in Aeroflot reviews how the staff had ensured that the premises of the aircraft were clean. Upon every departure, the handles and windows have been constantly sanitized, keeping the current pandemic restrictions in mind. Lavatory and seats have also been kept tidy and hygienic throughout the journey of the customers.

Aeroflot Airlines Reviews & Ratings

It can be said that as per the reviews, Aeroflot Airlines has got both notable and less-positive ratings for different services. Going by the seats and legroom facilities, this airline has scored 4.3 stars. The ticket fare affordability has received  4.2 stars. For check-in and boarding, this airline has secured 4 stars and for the meals, it has got 4.8 stars. The safety of the passengers needs to be improved and has managed to receive only 3.5 stars. Another thing that needs some changes is its cancelation policy as it has only scored 3.6 stars.


Aeroflot Airlines is ideally recommended for tourists traveling regionally and on short-haul routes. Based on really affordable fare tickets, this airline is preferred by a good number of passengers around the world. Reading the above-mentioned reviews, how good is Aeroflot Airline, according to you? Share your thoughts in the comment box given below.

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