John F. Kennedy International Airport 

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The most renowned airport in New York City is JFK International Airport which serves more than 90 passenger and cargo airlines. In 1963, this airport was given its name in honor of the 35th US President. It is the busiest international airport in NYC, providing direct flights. Also, this is spread over 4,900 acres of land with several terminals and runways. 

Description of the services available at John F. Kennedy International Airport, its terminal map, and other details are analyzed further. 

What is the General Information About JFK International Airport?

Some of the key details about the John F Kennedy International Airport which are helpful in getting a clear idea about this operator are mentioned here:  

Airport John F. Kennedy International Airport 
Airport Type Public 
Operator Port Authority of New York and New Jersey 
Serves New York Metropolitan Area 
Hub For Delta Airlines American Airlines 
John F Kennedy Airport Code JFK 
John F Kennedy Airport Terminals Terminal 1Terminal 4 Terminal 5 Terminal 7 Terminal 8 
John F Kennedy Airport Coordinates 40.6446° N, 73.7858° W
John F Kennedy Airport Runways 4L/22R4R/22L13L/31R13R/31L
John F Kennedy Airport Address Queens, NY 11430, USA
Distance from the City 15 miles or 23 km from Midtown Manhattan 
Official Website
Phone Number (718) 244-4444

What are the Main JFK Airport Codes? 

This airport has a specific numeric or alphabetic code by which it is known. The JFK Airport code can vary based on the naming agency as follows: 

WMO Code 74486 
JFK Airport Zipcode 11430

How Many Runways are there at JFK International Airport? 

John F. Kennedy Airport has both runways and helipads. The number of runways at JFK International Airport is 4. Each of them is made with a different material as detailed in the following table:  

RunwayDimensions Surface 
4L/22R12,079 ft or 3,682 meters Concrete 
4R/22L8,400 ft or 2,560 meters Asphalt 
13L/31R10,000 ft or 3,048 meters Concrete 
13R/31L14,511 ft or 4,423 meters Concrete 

What Does JFK Airport Map Show?

To locate the arrival or departure concourse, passengers can use the JFK Airport terminal map. This digital imprint outlines the exact design of the airport so that travelers can easily locate different concourses, exit gates, or retail outlets. It is especially useful for those who do not fly frequently. 

Given here is the official map of JFK Airport showing various terminals: 

Image of map of jfk airport terminals

Which Airports are the Nearest to John F. Kennedy International Airport?

New York is a large city with several airports in different locations. There are some of these that are relatively close to the John F Kennedy Airport as mentioned below: 

  • LaGuardia Airport (12 miles) – LGA 
  • Teterboro Airport (28 miles) – TEB 
  • Newark Liberty International Airport (36 miles) – EWR 
  • Westchester County Airport (38 miles) – HPN 
  • Long Island MacArthur Airport (45 miles) – ISP 

What Additional Amenities and Services are Available at JFK International Airport?

To improve the quality of the passengers’ airport experience, it offers different services at all terminals. Some of the major amenities at John F Kennedy International Airport are as follows: 

  • Shopping
    • Metro News and Gifts 
    • 5th and Sunset 
    • Brighton Collectables 
    • Cartier 
    • Hudson 
    • Hermes Center Boutique 
  • Dining
    • Sive Steak 
    • Abitino’s Pizza 
    • Baskin Robbins 
    • Dunkin Donuts 
    • Central Diner 
    • Blue Smoke on the Road 
  • Other Facilities 
    • Restrooms 
    • ATMs 
    • Lounges 
    • Charging Stations 
    • Currency Exchange 
    • Nursing Suites 
    • Pet Relief Centres 

How Many Terminals at JFK Airport are in Operation?

This airport used to have eight terminals from 1 to 8. However, the JFK Airport terminals currently in operation include concourses 1, 4, 5,7, and 8. From a drone view, these terminals form a U-shaped structure. They are home to 130 gates in total and have different services including parking areas, baggage carousels, and check-in centers. 

JFK Airport Terminal 1

The JFK International Airport Terminal 1 came into existence 50 years after the establishment of the airport. It has 11 gates and handles the freight of Skyteam carriers. This is one of the only few concourses that serve Airbus A380 aircraft. Air France and Korean Air are the major airlines serving here.

JFK Airport Terminal 4 

This concourse houses a total of 48 gates and was established in 2001. JFK International Airport Terminal 4 was expanded several times over the course of years. It has an extensive range of amenities that cover an area of 15,000 sq ft. 

JFK Airport Terminal 5 

International services at this terminal were recently developed to serve airlines like Cape Air. This concourse has lounge facilities and check-in lobbies. Currently, Terminal 5 JFK Airport has 29 gates in operation. It is also the concourse that facilitates the working of the TSA pre-checkpoint. 

JFK Airport Terminal 7

The JFK Airport Terminal 7 has 12 gates after its renovation. This concourse is under the supervision of JFK Millennium Partners and handles international flights. It mainly undertakes the flights of Oneworld carriers like Alaska Airlines and Star Alliance carriers like Air Canada or Ethiopian Airlines. However, non-alliance airlines are also managed at this concourse. 

JFK Airport Terminal 8 

This is one of the bigger terminals at this airport. It has 31 gates and is divided into Concourses B and C. Terminal 8 at JFK Airport was expanded to include moving walkways and tunnels to be used by passengers. 

Which Airlines Operate from John F Kennedy International Airport?

The vast terminals at this airport enable the operation of several airlines, both international and domestic. To properly manage each of these carriers with equal concentration laid on all of them, different terminal gates are assigned to airlines. Each of these carriers at JFK Airport has a specific concourse for check-in and baggage claim as well. 

Image of john f kennedy airport

What is the JFK Airport Delta Terminal?

All the flights of this carrier arrive and depart from Terminal 4. This concourse is currently under construction for the introduction of roadways. Being a large concourse, the Delta Terminal JFK Airport provides a range of services. If you happen to miss Delta flights, you can take the help of these amenities while waiting for an alternative. 

What is the JFK Airport JetBlue Terminal?

Jetblue uses two different terminals for its arrivals and departures. All the departures of this carrier take place from Terminal 5. While the morning arrivals occur at Terminal 5, flights at night arrive at T4. Hence, T5 can be said to be the main JetBlue Terminal in JFK Airport. Based on your flight schedule, you will have to collect JetBlue baggage from the respective concourse. 

Which is the American Airlines JFK Airport Terminal?

JFK Airport American Airlines Terminal 8 is primarily used. The advanced facilities available at this concourse help in the quick processing of your check-in. 

What is the Emirates Terminal JFK Airport?

To board flights of this specific airline, passengers can make their way to Terminal 4. The recent renovation of the JFK Airport Emirates Terminal facilities organized quick check-in, security screening, and Emirates baggage deposit. Passengers can also use the animal relief centers and the nursing stations at this terminal.

Which Concourse is the JFK Airport Air France Terminal?

Air France forms one of the major airlines using Terminal 1 as its main concourse. Passengers can use this not only for boarding or collecting their luggage but also for making Air France flight changes or upgradation requests. To arrive at this Air France Terminal at JFK Airport, you can use the ground transportation services made available at the airport. 

What is the main JFK Airport Avianca Terminal?

Avianca baggage collection for arrivals and ticketing centers for departures are located at Terminal 4. Passengers at this concourse can avail of the lounge access facilities as well when they miss their flights. The Avianca Terminal JFK Airport is capable of managing heavy traffic both in terms of passengers and freight. 

What is JFK Airport Qatar Terminal?

Qatar Airways Terminal at JFK Airport is numbered 8. This carrier uses this concourse to fly to destinations like Bangkok, Doha, Singapore, Kuwait, etc. For international flights, Qatar check-in at the terminal has to be done a few hours before the departure. Baggage, at this concourse, can only be deposited when it is properly sealed. 

Which one is the Iberia Terminal JFK Airport?

One of the international carriers that is housed by Terminal 8 is Iberia. The JFK Airport Iberia Terminal has a center to assist customers when they wish to lodge any complaints regarding any kind of inconvenience. Otherwise, any query about Iberia baggage or check-in can be resolved by visiting here. 

What is the JFK Airport Etihad Terminal?

JFK Airport Etihad Airways Terminal 4 has services available to account for a smooth customer experience. Also, when one loses any items in the Etihad baggage, one can file a claim with the lost and found department. Its main center is located at this terminal. 

What is KLM Terminal at JFK Airport?

A worldwide carrier that undertakes its flights from Terminal 4 is KLM. Passengers can weigh in their KLM baggage here at the different carousels available. However, this luggage should be well within the weight limit to be accepted at the JFK Airport KLM Terminal. 

What Concourse is JFK Airport WestJet Terminal?

The terminal serving this carrier is Concourse 4 for both international arrivals and departures. But, when there is any conflict in the flight schedule, the WestJet Terminal JFK Airport can be shifted to a new concourse for a while. The WestJet baggage submission centers may or may not be shifted under such circumstances. 

What is the JFK Airport Volaris Terminal?

Concourse 1 is used by this airline to handle its flights. This terminal primarily serves international passengers. The Volaris check-in facility is usually provided at Terminal 1. Sometimes, departures can take place from Terminal 4. Any change in the Volaris Terminal JFK Airport will be informed to the passengers a few hours in advance. 

Where Does JFK Airport Air India Terminal Operate?

Air India is a significant airline that is housed by Terminal 4. This concourse was recently assigned as the JFK International Airport Air India Terminal. It has two concourses which are used depending on the flight’s destination. Nevertheless, international itineraries are managed by Concourse B of this terminal. 

Is there a JFK Airport Korean Air Terminal?

Terminal 1 is used for the functioning of this airline. This JFK Airport Korean Airline Terminal supervises codeshare flights as well. Based on the aircraft type, the limit for Korean Air baggage will be set. In case travelers fail to stay within the given weight restrictions, they may opt for additional allowance at the terminal. 

What is the JFK Airport Virgin Atlantic Terminal?

The terminal designated for this carrier is numbered 4. From here, it provides both domestic and international flights. However, the carousel for Virgin Atlantic baggage deposit will be the same irrespective of the destination. The only difference will be in the check-in time and the baggage size limits accepted at the JFK Airport Virgin Atlantic Terminal. 

What Terminal is LATAM Terminal at JFK Airport?

To access the LATAM check-in and ticketing centers, the 4th terminal has to be visited. Further, this LATAM Airlines JFK Airport Terminal has been recently modernized to mechanized check-luggage screening options. All Asian flights are operated from Concourse A of this terminal. domestic flights are handled by Concourse B. 

Which is the JFK Airport Norwegian Airlines Terminal?

This carrier does not have a specified terminal at JFK Airport. Based on the flight schedule, the concourse with the least traffic will be allocated as the JFK Airport Norwegian Airlines Terminal for the day. In case of Norwegian Airlines cancellations, passengers may be transferred to the concourse used by its codeshare flights. 

What is the JFK Airport Condor Terminal?

One of the main airlines operating from Concourse 7 is this German carrier. This terminal also houses other Oneworld and Star Alliance carriers. There are pre-booking parking facilities available at this JFK Airport Condor Terminal. Once reserved, the parking spot will not lose its occupied status even in case of Condor flight cancellations

What Concourse is JFK Airport China Eastern Airlines Terminal?

Terminal 1 is the primary supervising concourse of this airline. Being a relatively larger terminal, it is suitable to undertake China Eastern baggage deposits even at times of rush of fliers. Additionally, the extra services provided at the JFK Airport China Eastern Airlines Terminal enhance the passenger experience. 

Is there a JFK Airport China Southern Airlines Terminal?

Concourse 8 is assigned as the official JFK Airport China Southern Terminal. Passengers flying to both domestic and international destinations will have to check in their China Southern baggage at this terminal. Parking facilities are also made available here when required. 

What is the JFK Airport China Airlines Terminal?

Another Asian carrier that is under the roof of Terminal 4 is China Airlines. Passengers arriving at this concourse will be bestowed with different kinds of relaxation and general amenities. Even the China Airlines baggage collection points are smoothly operated. Further, if you are flying with animals, you can make use of the pet relief areas at this JFK Airport China Airlines Terminal. 

Is there a JFK Airport Air China Terminal?

The concourse used for the functioning of these flights is Terminal 1. With its parking, lounge, and hotel facilities, this terminal is sufficiently equipped to operate international freight. It also houses customer care centers for grievance redressal. For departures from the JFK Airport Air China Terminal, check-in should be completed well in advance. 

What Terminal is Alaska Airlines at JFK Airport?

International flights under this carrier are managed by the 7th Concourse. After its recent renovation, the JFK Airport Alaska Airlines Terminal is capable of handling busy days with large passenger volumes. These passengers will also be given a place to rest at the terminal during situations like involuntary Alaska Airlines cancellations

What is the Aer Lingus Terminal JFK Airport?

The Concourse with 12 gates (Concourse 7), is named the Aer Lingus Terminal at JFK Airport. It offers international flights mainly to the Western Areas. When using this terminal, you can visit several dining and shopping options. When accompanied by Aer Lingus pets, the animal service centers will also be of immense use. 

What is the main Aeromexico Terminal JFK Airport?

Terminal 4 enables the arrivals and departures of this airline. Passengers will have to complete the check-in process before the minimum time in order to avoid delays. Check-in for Aeromexico unaccompanied minors will also be made available at the JFK Airport Aeromexico Terminal. Guardians will have to carry out this process for their children. 

Where does JFK Airport British Airways Terminal Operate?

The official concourse used by this airline is the 8th one. Prior to this, Terminal 7 was in use. Both boarding and British Airways flight cancellations can be done at this concourse. Further, the JFK Airport British Airways Terminal is categorized into Gates B and C. 

Which one is the JFK Airport Brussels Airport Terminal?

Terminal 1 is known to be the home of Brussels. Owing to its advanced facilities, it ensures that ticketing and boarding are undertaken methodically. Ticketing centers at the JFK Airport Brussels Airport Terminal should be visited for quick reservations. Additionally, the procedures for depositing Brussels Airlines baggage and checking in can be executed. 

What is the JFK Airport Caribbean Airlines Terminal?

The 4th Concourse is used as the international JFK Airport Caribbean Airlines Terminal. This spacious concourse provides a hassle-free check-in process without any unnecessary hindrances. After checking in, customers can go around the terminal and access the various available facilities. 

What Terminal is Cathay Pacific at JFK Airport?

This is yet another international carrier housed by the 8th Concourse. The JFK Airport Cathay Pacific Terminal consists of 84 ticket counters and more than 40 self-service kiosks. Due to this, checking in Cathay Pacific baggage is made extremely simple. Delays are also avoided since passengers can use the self-service kiosk at their convenience. 

Which is the JFK Airport Copa Airlines Terminal?

Copa provides its flights through Terminal 4. This arrangement can be shifted in case of Copa flight cancellations. Passengers will be transferred to the new terminal when such a shift occurs. It is planned to expand the JFK Airport Copa Airlines Terminal to include 16 additional gates so as to avoid such shifts or transfers in the terminals. 

What is the JFK Airport Hawaiian Airlines Terminal?

Terminal 4 is the center via which flights of this carrier operate. The JFK Airport Hawaiian Airlines Terminal is currently under construction for the introduction of a new roadway. This will provide an easy way for the passengers to connect with other concourses in case of emergencies or Hawaiian Airlines cancellations

Which Terminal is Kuwait Airlines at JFK Airport?

Kuwait’s main terminal is Concourse 7 for international flights. Here, any information about a flight change, upgradation, seat selection, or Kuwait Airlines cancellation, can be obtained. Counters for the same are available at the JFK Airport Kuwait Airways Terminal 7.

Which Concourse is the JFK Airport Lot Polish Airlines Terminal?

JFK Airport Lot Terminal 7, after its expansion, caters to a large number of passengers from all across the world. Hotel accommodations and duty-free services will be provided at this terminal for travelers who need to stay at the airport for a while. Sleeping pods will be offered as well. 

What is the JFK Airport Singapore Airlines Terminal?

Among many other airlines, this is another major carrier using Terminal 4 as its main concourse. Passengers at this terminal can enjoy shopping at various retail outlets and gift stores. Lounge access will be provided when waiting for check-in or Singapore missed flights. This JFK Airport Singapore Airlines Terminal is used for the operation of codeshare flights too. 

Where is the JFK Airport Lost and Found Department?

While moving around in the airport, passengers might misplace their belongings or luggage. To provide assistance in such situations, the lost and found department has been established at this airport. This department is located at Terminal 4, John F. Kennedy International Airport.

  • The JFK Airport lost and found phone number is +1 347-684-3604.
  • It can also be directly visited on all days round the clock as it is open 24 hours. 

What are the Terminals for JFK Airport Arrivals?

For arrivals at this airport, all the terminals are used. Amongst these, most of the arrivals JFK International Airport occur at Terminal 4. As soon as you arrive at this concourse, you will be provided with the facility to collect your baggage. In case of late-night arrivals, passengers can use the hotel services.

Which Terminals are Used for JFK Airport Departures?

All the concourses of this airport enable the take-off of various flights. Before you head for your JFK Airport international departures, you will have to deposit your luggage and have the boarding pass in time. The lounge access facility available at the departure terminals offers a place for travelers to wait for their flights. 

How much is JFK Airport Parking Fee?

JFK Airport offers both pre-paid and on-the-spot parking facilities. Passengers can park their vehicles at any terminal at their convenience. The JFK Airport parking rates depend on the time for which you wish to reserve the spot. 

Image of map of jfk airport terminals

How Long is Short Term Parking at JFK Airport?

The fee collected for short term parking at JFK Airport will vary as per the lot you choose. 

The prices for JFK Airport parking Terminal 5 are as mentioned here: 

Duration Fee in USD 
Half an hour 
Each additional half-hour 6
Every additional half hour after the initial 3 hours 12 
24 hours 70 

JFK Airport Terminal 8 parking rates are as follows: 

Time Duration Charge (USD) 
Half an hour 4
Each extra half-hour 4
Every extra half hour after the initial 3 hours 8
24 hours 60

To avail of parking at JFK Airport Terminal 4, you will have to pay the given fees: 

Duration Fees in USD 
30 minutes 
Each additional half-hour 6
For every extra half hour after the initial 3 hours 12 
24 hours 70 

Pre-booking parking charges are highlighted in the following table: 

Duration Federal Circle Station Terminal 5Terminal 4Terminal 8
24 hours USD 20 USD 42USD 42USD 36
Every 12 hours after 24 hours USD 10

Note: Parking facilities at Terminals 1 and 7 are currently halted. 

How Much is the Fee for JFK Airport Long Term Parking? 

Long term parking at JFK Airport will only be available for either a day or more than a day. The fee payable is as follows: 

Parking DurationCost Applicable
Initial 24 hours USD 29 
Every 12 hours After 24 hours USD 14.50

What are the Security Wait Times at JFK International Airport? 

The wait time at John F Kennedy Airport varies from one terminal to another. It also depends on the rush of passengers. For the general line, the wait times are shown below: 

Terminals Wait Time 
23 minutes 
8 minutes 
9 minutes 
16 minutes 
19 minutes 

For the TSA Pre check-in security line, the wait times are as mentioned below: 

Terminals Waiting Time 
7 minutes 
7 minutes 
6 minutes 
5 minutes 

Note: The wait times will keep changing as per the flight schedules. 

The John F Kennedy International Airport manages all the airlines in an organized and efficient manner. It ensures that all the passengers’ needs are properly met by making available different types of services. The introduction of the newest technologies further makes it possible for passengers to enjoy simpler processes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which terminal is Delta at JFK Airport?

Concourse 4 is the main JFK Airport Delta International Terminal.

What terminal is Delta at JFK Airport?

The concourse assigned as Delta Terminal at JFK Airport is number 4.

What terminal is JetBlue at JFK Airport?

JFK Airport JetBlue departure terminal is Concourse 5. Late-night arrivals take place at Concourse 4.

What terminal is JetBlue in JFK Airport for arrivals?

Concourse 4 is designated as the JFK Airport Jetblue arrival terminal.

How many terminals at JFK Airport?

There are 5 JFK International Airport terminals – 1, 4, 5, 7, and 8.

How many terminals does JFK Airport have?

The JFK Airport has 5 terminals between 1 and 8 except 2, 3, and 6.

How many terminals in JFK Airport?

There are a total of 5 terminals in JFK Airport.

Is there a hotel in JFK Airport terminal?

Hotels are available at JFK International Airport, depending on flight schedules and passenger intake.

What terminal is Aer Lingus at JFK Airport?

Concourse 7 is the Aer Lingus Terminal at JFK Airport for check-in and ticketing.

What terminal is Air France at JFK Airport?

The concourse used as Air France Terminal JFK Airport is the first one.

What terminal is Alaska Airlines at JFK Airport?

Flights of this airline are facilitated under JFK Airport Alaska Airlines Terminal 7.

What terminal is American Airlines at JFK Airport?

The concourse allotted as American Airlines Terminal JFK Airport is the 8th one.

What terminal is American Airlines in JFK Airport?

JFK Airport American Airlines Terminal 8 is used by this carrier.

What terminal is Delta Airlines at JFK Airport?

To board flights, Concourse 4 is the Delta Terminal at JFK Airport.

What terminal is Delta Airlines in JFK Airport?

Delta JFK Airport Terminal 4 is preferred by the airline for its services.

What terminal is Delta in JFK Airport?

Delta Terminal at JFK Airport is numbered 4.

What terminal is JetBlue Airlines at JFK Airport?

This airline is housed by JFK Airport JetBlue Terminals 4 and 5 based on the arrival time.

What terminal is JetBlue at JFK International Airport?

While JetBlue JFK Airport Terminal 5 is the main one, T4 is sometimes used.

What terminal is Lufthansa at JFK Airport?

Lufthansa Terminal at JFK International Airport is Concourse 1.

Which terminal is JetBlue at JFK Airport?

Jetblue Airlines’ main concourse is Terminal 5.

How much is parking at JFK Airport Terminal 5?

The rates for JFK Airport parking Terminal 5 can range between USD 6 and USD 70.

Is there free WiFi at JFK Airport Terminal 4?

Yes, you can get free Wi-Fi at JFK International Airport Terminal 4.

What terminal is Alitalia at JFK Airport?

Alitalia Terminal at JFK Airport is Concourse 1.

Where is arrivals terminal in JFK International Airport?

JFK Airport arrivals take place at all the terminals that are currently in operation.

What is the airport code for JFK?

JFK is the official code for John F Kennedy International Airport.

What is the zip code for JFK Airport?

11430 is the JFK Airport Zip Code.

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