JetBlue Baggage Policy

jetblue baggage policy
JetBlue Baggage Policy

The JetBlue baggage policy has been developed to reduce the extra costs of bags carried by passengers. This is ensured as it informs them about the guidelines relating to the luggage. JetBlue Airways makes sure that travelers face no issues while adhering to its policy. Hence, it keeps the guidelines clear and flexible for both international and domestic flyers. When you are considering flying with this airline for a future trip, you should be aware of this airline’s basic baggage policy. 

JetBlue International Baggage Allowance Policy

JetBlue baggage allowance for international flights allows carrying up to two pieces of bags in all cabin classes. It can be noteworthy to know that on booking the reservations for Blue Flex or Mint Fare option, you can get up to three checked bags for free. Moreover, international passengers have greater liberty in terms of extra bags, and general overweight allowance in comparison to domestic flyers. 

JetBlue Airlines Domestic Baggage Policy

On domestic flights, more restrictions apply to baggage allowance. Though the weight and size limits can remain the same as the international flights, rules differ when it comes to JetBlue extra baggage.

JetBlue Baggage Allowance Rules

As per the TSA guidelines, this airline has given certain rules and regulations. They are to be followed while carrying your bags. These rules help to make sure that aircraft do not exceed their freight capacity. Hence, as a flier, you must obey these conditions to ensure a safe journey. 

The main JetBlue baggage rules, as given by the airline, are as follows:

  • This airline offers three different options to bring your luggage. These include checked carry-on, and excess luggage. Excess baggage, in turn, includes overweight and oversized bags. 
  • JetBlue Airlines offers different fare classes to its passengers. The baggage rules differ based on the class you select. These classes of service include Blue Basic, Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, Mint, and Mosaic. 
  • On domestic flights, passengers must check their baggage at least 40 minutes before their departure. For international flights, bags checked in at least 60 minutes before the departure will be accepted. 
  • The Blue Basic JetBlue baggage allowance can remain the same on both international and domestic flights since it is the Economy fare. 
  • This operator has the right to terminate your reservation if your bags do not adhere to the maximum allowed limits. 
  • The facility to carry excess or extra bags will only become available at the payment of additional fees. 

Note: For more information regarding the ground rules of JetBlue baggage allowance, you can connect with the airline authorities directly at the customer care center. 

JetBlue Baggage Weight Limit

Based on your destination, the JetBlue baggage weight limit varies. This weight limit mainly applies in the case of checked items. Bags exceeding this weight limit may not be accepted by the airline. Therefore, it is important to know these restrictions before you travel so that you can avoid trouble during the check-in process. 

Given below are the different weight restrictions based on your destination: 

Destination(s) JetBlue Baggage Weight Limit 
Cuba 50 lbs or 22 kgs
Ecuador, Haiti, Peru, Tobago, Dominican Republic, Trinidad 70 lbs or 31.75 kgs 
London 50 lbs or 22 kgs (3 bags)

For items exceeding this weight limit, JetBlue extra baggage fees can apply. Hence, if you wish to avoid these fees, you will have to obey these weight limitations. 

JetBlue Baggage Fees

When you are carrying your items as checked baggage on a JetBlue flight, there are certain things that you should know. JetBlue checked baggage allowance and carry-on permit have regulations that need to be obeyed by the visitors. The operator offers different fare classes such as Blue Basic, Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint. All of these consist of various fees for bags. The checked baggage allowance for them may also differ. Hence, this fee can additionally vary based on your arrival destination, whether domestic or international. 

Mentioned herewith are the fees applied for checked items on JetBlue flights within Latin America, the Caribbean, and the U.S.: 

Cabin ClassFirst BagSecond BagThird Bag or 3+ Bags
Blue BasicUSD 35 or EUR 33USD 45 or EUR 42USD 150 or EUR 142 
BlueUSD 35 or EUR 33USD 45 or EUR 42USD 150 or EUR 142 
Blue PlusCost-freeUSD 45 or EUR 42USD 150 or EUR 142 
Blue ExtraUSD 35 or EUR 33USD 45 or EUR 42 USD 150 or EUR 142 
MintCost-freeCost-freeUSD 150 or EUR 142 
MosaicCost-freeCost-freeUSD 150 or EUR 142 

JetBlue international baggage fees for flights between the U.S. and the UK are as follows: 

Cabin ClassFirst Bag Second Bag 
Blue Basic USD 65 or EUR 55 USD 105 or EUR 85 
Blue Cost-freeUSD 105 or EUR 85 
Blue Plus Cost-freeUSD 105 or EUR 85 
Blue Extra Cost-freeUSD 105 or EUR 85 
Mint Cost-freeCost-free 
Mosaic Cost-freeCost-free

Note: This fee can get updated from time to time. Therefore, you can check the airline’s official website for such updates and any offers available. 

JetBlue Checked Baggage Policy

JetBlue checked baggage refers to the suitcases that the passengers will have to deposit at the airport during boarding. It will not be available for use during the flight. Later, upon arrival, it can be collected by the passengers at the destination airport. Based on your destination and itinerary, you will be allowed to carry a different number of checked bags. Therefore, analyzing the rules of the same on this airline can help you to avoid the hassle. 

JetBlue Airlines Checked Baggage Rules

The rules of checked luggage reveal the maximum size and weight allowed. The fees for carrying these bags are also brought out under these rules. Passengers will be obliged to obey and follow the restrictions. 

Presented below are the main weight and size conditions of checked baggage on this carrier: 

JetBlue checked Baggage Weight:

  • Passengers can bring 2 bags in the category of checked baggage. 
  • The maximum weight of the bags allowed is 50 lbs or 22.68 kgs. 
  • Any bags exceeding these limitations will be subject to additional charges. 

JetBlue Checked Baggage Size:

  • Your checked bag cannot be more than 62 inches or 157.48 cm. 
  • The given size includes the overall dimensions of height, width, and length. 
  • If you go over the limit of JetBlue baggage size requirements, then you will have to pay extra charges. 

Checked Baggage Fee:

  • In the basic economy and economy classes like Blue Basic and Basic, you will have to pay USD 35-45 for checking in your bags. 
  • This fee differs based on how many bags you wish to carry. 
  • The AAdvantage program members and the flyers who have opted for Mosaic can check in 2 bags for free without paying additional charges. 

Inside JetBlue Airlines Checked Baggage

All the basic items like clothes, assistive devices, food, and safety kits can be carried as checked luggage. This airline also allows its passengers to bring special items like fragile articles and sports equipment in this category. This is possible as long as they are well within the JetBlue checked baggage weight limit. 

The following are the items allowed as checked luggage:

Sports Equipment Under JetBlue Checked Baggage

As a part of checked baggage limitation, JetBlue enables customers to pack sports equipment and musical instruments. There may be additional JetBlue flight baggage fees for carrying sports items when they exceed the weight of 32 kilograms.

Skis, fishing equipment, golf bags, hockey, and lacrosse equipment can be allowed in one packed bag on JetBlue. Sports items must meet the airline’s (B6) normal checked luggage size dimensions and weight limitations. 

The following is a list of various sporting equipment that has been permitted in JetBlue Airlines baggage policy:

Golf clubGolf balls
Archery equipmentWindsurfing equipment
Snowboarding equipmentScuba Diving equipment
BicyclesRafting equipment
Bowling equipment Skiing Sticks 

Some other rules which apply to sporting equipment are mentioned here: 

  • All the sporting items must be carried in hard-sided cases. In case of any damage to these, the airline will only be liable if the equipment was properly packed. It will not be responsible for damage to equipment packed in soft cases. 
  • The JetBlue baggage rules for sporting equipment do not allow passengers to bring items more than 99 lbs. 
  • You can check in different items of sports gear in the same bag like a bowling set combined with skiing equipment. 

Note: Some destinations may not allow sports items under checked-in baggage. In such cases, you will have to contact JetBlue to make some accommodations. 

Musical Instruments in Checked Baggage on JetBlue

Some musical instruments are also carried by flyers on the flights of this airline. Here is a chart showing what musical items can be brought under the JetBlue baggage policy for international flights:


Note: For musical instruments that weigh about 164 lbs, you can purchase a separate seat. They may not be accepted as checked luggage due to their weight. Also, the instruments must be carefully packed and secured in hard cases to avoid damage. 

JetBlue Carry-on Baggage Policy

JetBlue baggage carry-on refers to those items which passengers can bring on board. These items can be used by travelers at any point in their journey. This type of baggage is also referred to as a hand or cabin bag. However, even on these items, various weight and size restrictions apply. 

JetBlue Airlines Carry-on Baggage Rules

The air operator only allows those carry-on items which meet the size and weight restrictions. Various JetBlue baggage rules that they are subject to are as follows: 

JetBlue Carry-on Weight Limit:

  • Passengers will be allowed to take one personal item and one carry-on bag. 
  • Blue Basic fare passengers can only bring one personal item and not carry-on bags. 
  • This carrier does not have a specific weight restriction for carry-on bags but they must be light enough to be easily lifted. 

JetBlue Carry-on Baggage Size:

  • The carry-on bags that are to be transported in the overhead bins should be within the limit of 22″ L (55.88 cm) x 14″ W (35.56 cm) x 9″ H (22.86 cm).
  • Those bags which are to be stowed under the seat should be within 17″ L (43.2 cm) x 13″ W (33 cm) x 8″ H (20.32 cm).

JetBlue carry-on baggage fee:

  • One personal item and one carat-on item can be allowed for free under the JetBlue B6 baggage policy. 
  • Overweight items or items brought near the checked area can be charged a fee ranging between USD 65 and USD 180. 

Allowed Items on JetBlue Airways as Carry-on Baggage

There are specific items that can be brought with the passengers on flights by JetBlue Airways. These items are approved as per the JetBlue policy on baggage. The following list of items is allowed:

  • Personal care products
  • Packed objects like scissors and knives
  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Shoes
  • Safety pins
  • Hooks
  • Medications
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Baby carrier
  • Stroller
  • Car seat
  • Coffee maker
  • Bread toaster
  • Hairdryer
  • Curler
  • Airbrush makeup machine
  • Air mattress
  • Jackets
  • Pillowcases
  • Gadgets
  • Laptops
  • Chargers
  • Power Banks
  • Headphones
  • Tablets

Note: These items can be safely taken, following the JetBlue international baggage policy because they can be passed through the TSA security guidelines.

Liquids Under JetBlue Carry-on

Certain liquid items can be transported as carry-ons. They must be sealed in the right way and follow certain restrictions. However, harmful or flammable liquids will not be allowed by this carrier. 

The JetBlue baggage size restrictions for liquids are as follows:

  • These liquids should be under the weight capacity of 3.4 ounces/100 ml or less to avoid any complications during the screening.
  • They must be transported in quart-sized plastic bags and containers. 
  • If you wish to carry your liquids in plastic bags, then they must be carefully sealed in zip locks. 
  • The liquids in these plastic bags must not overflow. 

Note: The JetBlue baggage allowance policy does not permit passengers to carry dangerous gels or aerosols. 

Assistive Devices as JetBlue Carry-on Luggage

The JetBlue carry-on baggage policy permits travelers to bring assistive devices on board as per the TSA and FAA guidelines. These can be stowed in the storage space given inside the aircraft. They can include respirators, ventilators, BiPAP machines, and CPAP machines. 

For further information regarding assistive devices, you can directly visit the TSA website. 

Prohibited Items Concerning the JetBlue Baggage Policy

JetBlue Airways does not allow sharp objects and certain flammable items inside the aircraft. Such items are considered restricted or prohibited as they are pointed and can harm the passengers/goods inside the flight. Also, as per the TSA security guidelines, bringing these restricted items is not approved by the JetBlue baggage weight policy

Presented below are the objects that are considered prohibited on this airline’s flights:

Gas LightersMatchsticksExplosives
FirearmsLithium batteriesAdhesives
e-CigarettesMobility devicesBleaching products
PesticidesAerosolsFire extinguishers
Television sets Seafood and meatRadioactive materials 
Liquid bleachFlares Magnetized materials 
Oil-based paint Spray paint Tear gas
ShampooTurpentine CO2 cartridges 

Note: Should you insist on carrying any of the above-mentioned items even after security checks, then your reservation can be canceled by the airline. 

JetBlue Excess Baggage Policy

Airlines like JetBlue Airways have implemented a few restrictions on bringing excess baggage on board. On this airline, this is defined as a passenger’s total baggage including more than the necessary articles. The category can also include overweight and oversized items.  If the customer is found to be carrying additional things, then he/she will be assessed with the JetBlue baggage fees. These fees may vary depending on the visitor’s preferred route and cabin class. 

Fees for Carrying Excess Bags at JetBlue Airways

Here is the basic information for taking excess bags with JetBlue Airways:

  • Each JetBlue piece of luggage should be no longer than 62 linear inches and no heavier than 50 pounds.
  • JetBlue Airlines baggage fees for the second bag would be permitted for a one-way price of $150.
  • Baggage with a length greater than 62 linear inches but less than 80 linear inches will be allowed for a fee of $150.
  • If a customer has luggage that exceeds 80 linear inches and 45 kilos, then he or she will not be authorized to board the plane.

JetBlue Overweight Baggage Rules

The JetBlue baggage policy does allow its customers to bring overweight items. On bringing items above 50 pounds, it can cost some extra overweight fees. Here are the regulations stated by this carrier for the passengers transporting such items:

  • The operator requires that all the checked baggage measures no more than 50 pounds.
  • You will be fined with JetBlue overweight baggage fees ranging from $100 to $150 for bags within 51 to 99 lbs. 
  • Any bag weighing more than 99 lbs will be rejected by the airline. 

JetBlue Oversize Baggage Rules

A bag that is more than 62 inches will be considered JetBlue oversized baggage. Additional fees will be charged for transporting it. 

  • An oversized cost of $100 to $150 per bag will be applied to items that are between 63 and 80 inches or 160 and 203 cm. 
  • On JetBlue flights, the largest luggage that can be carried is up to 80 inches in length. Hence, bags exceeding this limit will be prohibited. 

JetBlue Airways Military Baggage Surcharges

If you are a member of the U.S. military on active duty, then your baggage can fly for free. This is because the members of the military are offered benefits in terms of baggage allowance Under the JetBlue military baggage policy, the following features are facilitated to the members of the military. 

  • 2 baggage is free for active-duty travelers flying for pleasure.
  • 5 baggage will require no cost for active service personnel traveling for duty.
  • Baggage exemptions will be given to any family on the same PNR as the active-duty traveler. These rules depend on how JetBlue charges baggage fees for military travelers. Additionally, whenever you are traveling for pleasure, you will need to show your DoD Common Access Card at the check-in desk to avoid paying extra baggage costs.

JetBlue Baggage Policy for Infants

It should be known that the JetBlue baggage policy for domestic flights, as well as international flights, allows its passengers to fly with their infants. Infants may not be eligible to book their tickets. However, it is mandatory to inform the airline while you are traveling with your baby on your lap. Concerning some rules, the adult passenger can only carry infants on the flight. Also, the baby should not be under 2 days old to travel by air. 

JetBlue Plus baggage allowance permits the following items to be taken with the infants:

  • Baby car seat
  • Strollers
  • Diaper bags

It is to be noted that the infant is not counted to have his/her own checked luggage. Even upon buying tickets, babies may not be eligible to carry any checked luggage.

JetBlue Baggage Policy for Pets

This airline has made a different policy regarding carrying pets with travelers. Abiding by JetBlue Business Class baggage allowance, below-mentioned are some rules that need to be followed:

  • All domestic and international flights approve the flying of pets.
  • JetBlue only permits four pets per trip. Thus, it is critical to purchase your pet’s reservation as soon as possible. The airline essentially allows tiny cats and dogs in the cabin. 
  • During the whole ride, pets must stay enclosed in their carriers with the doors shut and under the passenger seat.
  • This carrier does not permit dogs to fly in the cargo hold owing to oxygen deprivation and pressurized air on its planes.
  • Pets must be capable of standing up and wandering around the carrier without difficulty, as has been stated in the JetBlue Airways carry-on baggage allowance. 
  • All pet carriers must possess a leak-proof bottom. Additionally, they should have at least two sides that are adequately ventilated.

JetBlue Baggage Claim and Compensation

In the case of JetBlue lost baggage, delayed, or damaged bags, you can claim with the airline. For delayed or damaged bags, you will have to register your claim within a short duration after arriving at your destination airport. Any help needed in doing so can be availed of via the carrier’s agents. As per JetBlue reviews, they ensure constant guidance as needed.

If you have already left your airport, then you can make a baggage claim by calling the number 1-866-538-5438. This is the JetBlue Central Baggage service. 

JetBlue Baggage Compensation 

At times, you may receive your possession in a damaged condition. Or, your bag may be delayed or lost. Then you will be entitled to Jetblue delayed and lost baggage compensation. For domestic passengers, this compensation is USD 3800 per ticket. For international passengers, the compensation depends on the extent of the damage. To know the exact amount, you will have to contact the airline. 

Saving Extra Baggage Fees on JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airlines has a straightforward policy and no one may want to spend extra money on baggage fees. By following some steps, one can entirely avoid bearing the JetBlue checked baggage fees. 

Here are 4 basic strategies that can help you do so:

  • Be a part of the TrueBlue Mosaic subscription. You may get it by recording 15,000 flight miles in a single year or 30 quarters and 12,000 travel points.
  • This membership gives you access to a variety of perks, such as free JetBlue Flight cancellation and priority boarding.
  • On JetBlue military baggage fees, this airline offers certain unique perks. You can take advantage of these given that you are a present duty officer or a member of his/her family.
  • The airline provides three credit cards, each of which includes one complimentary checked bag for every ticket. The JetBlue Plus Card, JetBlue Card, and JetBlue Business Card are all included in this option. You may use any of these to save money on JetBlue international baggage fees.

It can be said that JetBlue baggage rules are simple and easy to understand by many flyers worldwide. By using these rules, you can travel hassle-free without the need of worrying about additional costs. Apart from this, when you will be aware of what to carry or avoid, you will ascertain yourself and others a safe journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are JetBlue baggage fees for international flights in 2020?

JetBlue policy on its baggage has different fees for international and domestic routes. The baggage fees for JetBlue international destinations are $35 for the first bag and $45 for the second bag. When any flyer wants to carry a third piece of baggage, he/she has to pay $150 for transporting three or more than three bags.

Does JetBlue charge baggage fees for military officers?

No, JetBlue does not charge JetBlue baggage fees for military officers. According to the policy, they can take up to five checked bags at no additional baggage fees.

How much baggage is allowed on JetBlue Airways?

The baggage weight at JetBlue Airways is different for each cabin class. JetBlue Airways’ baggage policy for Economy travelers allows them to carry two bags of 23 kilograms, each. Business Class flyers can bring up to three bags with weight up to 32 kilograms each. First-Class travelers can transport four bags of 32 kilograms inside the flight of JetBlue Airways.

Are there fees for additional baggage on JetBlue Airways?

Yes, whenever you will carry more than the required items, you will have to bear JetBlue’s additional baggage fees on your final payment. These baggage fees range from $45 for carrying one bag to $150 for carrying two additional bags.

What size is carry-on baggage for JetBlue?

The carry-on baggage at JetBlue must be under 22″ L x 14″ W x 9″ H. The proper size dimensions must be 55.88 cm x 35.56 cm x 22.86 cm. When an item is not as per the restricted size, the passenger has to pay the JetBlue carry-on baggage fees at the airport.

How much is checked baggage on JetBlue?

The JetBlue checked baggage fee mainly depends on the number of bags you want to carry. Usually, this fee starts at USD 35 on domestic flights and USD 65 on international flights. The maximum charge is USD 150 which is for three or more bags. The fee can also vary based on your class of service.

How do I pay for my baggage online with JetBlue? 

You can pay the baggage fee online during check-in. This can be done 24 hours before your departure. Go to the “Online Check-in” option on the website of JetBlue Airlines. Enter your bag details here. Then follow the on-screen instructions to pay the required JetBlue Airlines baggage fees. 

How much does JetBlue pay for lost baggage? 

This airline provides lost baggage compensation if it is confirmed that your possessions are misplaced. Its amount varies for domestic and international passengers. For the former, USD 3800 per ticket is offered. For the latter, the JetBlue lost baggage compensation depends on the level of damage. Contact the airline directly to know the exact amount in your case. 

How strict is JetBlue with carry-on baggage? 

The JetBlue carry-on baggage policy is quite strict. The airline will charge extra fees for items in the category that exceed the size limits. Moreover, it will not accept items that are over the maximum possible limit. Also, your ticket can be canceled when prohibited items are found in your carry-on luggage. 

How much does JetBlue charge for overweight baggage? 

The fee for overweight baggage depends on the excess over the weight limit. For carrying an additional weight of 51 to 99 lbs under checked luggage, you will have to pay a fee ranging between USD 100 and USD 150. This JetBlue overweight baggage fees can alter as per your arrival destination as well. 

How can I add baggage to my JetBlue flight? 

As per the JetBlue baggage allowance policy, you can add your bags online. You can do so by visiting the “Manage Trips” section on the official JetBlue site. Then go to the extras section and add the required number of bags. Pay the necessary fees to complete the procedure. 

How much does JetBlue charge for extra baggage? 

Sometimes you may have to carry excess or extra bags that go over the standard limit of the weight and size restrictions. Then you will have to pay the JetBlue extra baggage fees. This fee is usually around USD 150 on most destinations. However, this might change for a few regions, as mentioned on the online site of the carrier. 

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