Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal

Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal 

John F Kennedy International Airport is the busiest airport in New York. It is also one of the largest airports with 5 main terminals that enable the operation of several carriers. Alaska Airlines, one of the major international carriers, is also housed by this airport. Having prior knowledge about Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal can be helpful if you are flying with this carrier. Alaska Airlines uses Terminal 7 at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Different aspects of the terminal arrangement like security screening, check-in, and baggage collection need to be understood. Further, it can be beneficial to know the gates assigned for arrivals and departures as well. 

More distilled information about the terminal and its operations are highlighted in the following sections. 

General Information about Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal 

The airport has a total of terminals named 1,4,5,7 and 8. All the flights of Alaska Airlines are undertaken by Terminal 7 which is the main  Alaska Terminal JFK Airport. Below is some more information about this terminal. 

Official Website 
Airport Location Queens, New York City, United States 
Airport Address Queens, NY 11430, USA
Airport For Alaska AirlinesDelta Airlines 
Alaska Terminal JFK Terminal 7 

What Terminal is Alaska Airlines at JFK? 

Terminal 7 is well-suited to handle the inflow of passengers under this carrier and hence is allotted as the official Alaska Terminal JFK Airport. 

JFK Alaska Terminal Map

The Alaska JFK Terminal map shows the arrangement of the terminal in a graphical view. It is an interactive map that enables passengers to view the different points within the terminal and also refer to the directions. It also depicts the division of the terminal into different levels and the services offered at each level. 

Here is the official terminal map relating to Alaska Airlines at John F Kennedy Airport. 

JFK Alaska Terminal Map

Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal Arrivals 

The primary JFK Alaska Terminal Arrivals is Terminal 7. It not only undertakes domestic arrivals but is also used by international passengers. The first level of Terminal 7 is designated for arriving passengers. It houses facilities like baggage collection and rental services. In case of connecting flights, passengers will be given the option to wait in the lounges after arrival. 

Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal Departures 

The main Alaska Terminal JFK Airport that manages all the departing flights is Terminal 7. This includes both domestic and international flights. All of the pre-departure proceedings take place at the second level of this terminal. The airport requires its passengers to be present at the departure level at least 2 hours before the flight. In case of delays, travelers will be marked as no-show. 

JFK Alaska Terminal Phone Number 

If you have any queries about any of the processes or happen to face any issues, you can resolve them by connecting with the agents at Alaska Terminal JFK Airport. Here are the contact details that will help you get in touch with the authorities: 

Purpose of Calling Phone Number 
General Queries 800 252 7522 
Cargo 1-800-225-2752
Reservations 1-800-252-7522
Other issues 1-800-654-5669

Alaska Airlines Terminal JFK Airport Parking

Parking at Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal is offered both on a short-term and long-term basis. This parking is known as the orange garage parking. The rates might differ based on how long you book your spot for: 

Duration Parking Fee Charged 
Half an hour USD 6 
Each additional half-hour USD 6 
Each additional half-hour over 3 hours USD 12 
24 hours USD 60 

Note: This parking can only be availed if you have pre-booked your spot. The rates are also subject to change based on the availability and the requirement. 

Flights from Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal 

This international carrier covers several destinations all over the world. It provides domestic flights as well. Some of the most popular flights operating from the JFK Alaska Terminal are as follows: 

Destination Airport 
San Francisco San Francisco International Airport or SFO 
San Diego San Diego International Airport or SAN 
Seattle Seattle-Tacoma International Airport or SEA 
Portland Portland International Airport or PDX 
Los Angeles Los Angeles International Airport or LAX 
Vancouver Vancouver International Airport or YVR 
Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport or LAS 
Spokane Spokane International Airport or GEG 
San Jose San Jose Mineta International Airport or SJC 
Palm Springs Palm Springs International Airport or PSP 
Anchorage Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport or ANC 

Services Offered at JFK Alaska Airlines Terminal 

Being one of the largest airports, JFK offers quite a good number of facilities to its passengers. These services can either be pre-booked or enjoyed on the spot as well. The following are the main facilities provided at the Alaska Air Terminal JFK Airport among many: 

what terminal is alaska airlines at jfk


The Alaska Airlines check-in procedure should be completed at the second level of Terminal 7. The airport staff will be available for assistance throughout the procedure. 


Arriving passengers can collect their Alaska baggage at Level 1 of the terminal. The baggage allowance includes one free personal item and a cabin bag, for checked bags up to 50 lbs USD 30-40 has to be paid. 

Flight Cancellation

In case you wish to cancel your trip, you can opt for Alaska Airlines cancellations by visiting the ticketing counter at the second level of terminal 7. 

Flight Change

Any modifications to the reservation can be made by requesting for Alaska Airlines flight change at the ticketing counter or online at the main site of the airline. 

Security Screening

At Level 3 of the terminal, passengers will have to undergo the security screening process. It might take about 5-10 minutes to complete the TSA check based on the passenger rush. 

TSA Pre-Check

The airport provides the option for enrolling under the TSA Pre-Check facility which will expedite the screening process. 


Alaska Airlines offers two lounges at the JFK Airport, one at Level 4 and the other at Level 3 of Terminal 7. These are usually open between 5:00 am and 10:00 pm. Facilities like free food, wifi, and relaxation services can be enjoyed here. 

Rideshare Services

These services will be exclusively available for the arriving passengers at Level 1 of the Terminal. You can pre-book your taxis as well. 

Lost and Found

Terminal 4 of the airport houses the lost and found office. You can report any of your lost/misplaced items at this office. You can also contact them directly by dialing the number +1 347-684-3604

Some more facilities available at the airport include: 

  • Shopping 
  • Dining 
  • Wi-Fi 
  • ATMs
  • Pet Relief Areas 
  • Kid’s Play Area 
  • Self Use Kiosks
  • Hotels 
  • Waiting Rooms  
  • Vending Machines 

The Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal enables its passengers to have a friendly experience by providing different kinds of facilities and services. Further, additional amenities like parking, ground transportation, shopping, and dining are quite common at this airport. Hence, passengers at the JFK Airport can complete all the proceedings effectively and in a hassle-free manner. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which terminal is Alaska at JFK?

Alaska Airlines operates from Terminal 7 of the John F Kennedy Airport. 

What Terminal does Alaska Airlines use at JFK? 

Alaska Airlines uses Terminal 7 for all arrivals and departures at the JFK Airport. 

What is Alaska Terminal at JFK for arrivals? 

For all arrivals of Alaska Airlines, Terminal 7 of the JFK Airport is used. 

What Terminal is Alaska Airlines at JFK for departures? 

Terminal 7 of the John F Kennedy Airport is used for all departures relating to Alaska Airlines. 

Is there parking at the Alaska JFK Terminal

Yes, the orange garage at the Alaska Terminal JFK Airport offers parking. 

How much is parking at JFK Alaska Air Terminal

The fee for parking at this terminal can range between USD 6 and 60 based on the duration of use. 

Is there an Alaska Lounge at JFK Airport? 

Yes, there are two lounges at the terminal of Alaska Airlines at JFK Airport. 

How much is the lounge at the Alaska Air JFK Terminal?

The fee for lounges at the JFK Airport Alaska Terminal can differ based on your membership status. 

What are the services offered at the JFK Terminal Alaska Airlines

The different facilities offered at the Alaska Airlines JFK Terminal include dining, shopping, parking, and on-ground transportation services as well. 

What is the international JFK Terminal Alaska Airlines for arrivals? 

For all international arrivals of Alaska Airlines flights, Terminal 7 of the airport is used.

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