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As an air passenger, you never know when a need to cancel your booking will arise. To help passengers stay prepared during such unforeseen circumstances, Condor has come up with a unique policy. This is known as the Condor cancellation policy. Referring to the regulations of this policy will enable customers to go forward with the revocation procedure. 

Important Conditions of Condor’s Cancelation Policy 

Just as the case with any other policy, even the cancellation policy on this carrier has a specific set of guidelines to be followed. It is the duty of the travelers to adhere to these conditions while it is the responsibility of the airline to implement the rules. 

Some of the most important conditions are described below: 

  • To be able to access Condor’s cancel flight ticket option, you will have to book your reservations using the legal sources of this carrier. 
  • When flights are reserved via travel agencies, the rules of the agency will hold power and will be implemented along with the airline’s general conditions. 
  • Passengers will be permitted to revoke their bookings within just a 24 hours confirmation. 
  • The type of fare and class of service also plays a role in the implementation of the rules of this policy. 
  • Holders of certain tickets may not be granted the opportunity to discontinue thief flights. 
  • Generally, the personal reason for your flight reversal will not play a major role in determining your eligibility. 
  • A fee can be incurred for the official cancellation of your reservations. 
  • The rules for Group Bookings differ from those for individual bookings. 
  • All the customers on a flight will be allowed to receive compensation when the authorities themselves have revoked the said flight. 
  • It is the decision of the passengers to select a particular method of revocation. 
  • The airline has several fares and caters to all types of users. 
  • A full refund may or may not be guaranteed. This depends on your ticket. 

Note: It is recommended to resolve any queries regarding the above-mentioned points immediately, as soon as possible. For this, you may visit the main site of the carrier. 

24-Hour Cancellation Policy on Condor Airlines 

To facilitate instant flight revocations within just one day of booking, this airline has given a certain set of guidelines. As per Condor Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy, flights traveling to and from the US can be reversed within the first 24 hours from the time of making the reservation.

  • This period of the initial 24 hours is said to be the “risk-free” period. 
  • It means that no revocation fee will be incurred on flights that are reversed during this time. 
  • Further, a full refund can be availed by passengers who have been able to successfully undo their trips under this policy. 
  • This policy will not be applicable if your flight is less than a week away from its scheduled time. 
  • Generally, this policy will be equally applicable to all types of fares and service classes like Economy, Premium, and Business. 
  • To reverse flights under this policy, you will have to directly connect with the airline authorities at their official contact number found on the online website. 

Note: Though tickets booked with travel agents will be eligible for reversal under the 24-hour policy, the rules might slightly differ. For this, you will have to communicate with your agents.

Condor Airlines COVID Cancellation Policy 

One of the most affected areas due to covid is the air transport sector. Understanding this dire situation, the carrier facilitates revocations due to the pandemic under its Condor COVID-19 flight cancellation policy.  

The main benefits of this policy are highlighted below: 

  • Passengers who are compelled to discontinue their trips due to covid will be given more flexibility. 
  • The fee for the cancellation will be reduced. 
  • You will be charged about 50 euros for zone 1 flights and 75 euros for zone 2 flights per traveler. 
  • After the revocation of the flights, you can rebook new flights up to 3 times for free on short-distance routes. 
  • In case the airline itself cancels your reservation due to covid or other such medical emergencies, compensation will be offered to all the affected fliers. 

Note: Apart from cancellation, this policy also enables passengers to modify their tickets at reduced charges. These modifications can include name changes and corrections as well. 

Eligibility for Cancellations on Condor 

Few passengers might not be permitted to revoke their flights based on the type of ticket. Moreover, the rules for the revocation policy might differ in certain regions owing to their domestic policies. 

In this regard, this operator has given sudden conditions that determine the eligibility criterion for flight reversals: 

  • On Economy flights, especially on short and medium-distance reservations, the revocation feature will not be available on tickets that do not have the flex option. 
  • In the Premium Economy class, tickets without the flex option can be reversed but a refund cannot be claimed. 
  • The same is the case for Business class tickets on short-haul reservations. 
  • On most long-distance international flights, the revocation will be permitted after the payment of a certain flight ticket cancellation fee. 
  • Only the ticket holders who meet the conditions of the eligibility will be permitted to undo their bookings. 

Note: The regulations mentioned above might get changed when the policy gets updated. To get notified when such updates occur, you can keep visiting the official site of the carrier from time to time. 

Refund Policy of Condor Airlines 

Keeping in view the uncertainty of flight cancellations and to ensure the benefit of the customers, this operator reimburses the value of the revoked ticket. The Condor Airlines flight refund policy determines the amount that will be refunded to the passengers. This policy also decides whether you are eligible to receive a refund or not. 

Getting Full Refunds 

Full refunds will only be granted in certain cases. In order to get back the entire value of the ticket, you will have to reverse your booking within 24 hours. This condition is especially applicable to flights traveling to the US. 

Also, full reimbursements can be accessed on tickets that are booked only a week before the departure on the condition that the request is made well in advance. 

Main Terms of the Refund Policy: 

When you exceed the time period during which you could have accessed a complete refund, the following conditions apply: 

  • Only refundable fares will be reimbursed. 
  • You can check whether your ticket is refundable or not by connecting with the airline or at the time of cancellation. 
  • However, even the non-refundable fares can be revoked before the flight takes off. 
  • In case you have purchased your ticket through the payment of a check, the airline will take around 20 working days to send you the money back. 
  • When bookings are made via cash or credit card, it will take the carrier about 7 days to grant the refund. 
  • You will be required to produce the receipt of the payment for the ticket at the time of requesting a refund. 
  • The process of claiming a refund on electronic tickets differs from that of normal bookings. 
  • For requesting a refund for the condor’s cancelled flights, you will have to call the sales team of the carrier. 
  • Passengers can also check the status of their refund request after claiming a reimbursement. 
  • Sometimes, reimbursements can also be granted in the form of services or vouchers. 

Note: The passengers who do not qualify as per the above-mentioned conditions will not be allowed to claim a refund or money-back. 

How to Apply for a Refund? 

In order for the value of the ticket to be credited back into your account, passengers will first have to make a refund claim. For this: 

  • You can contact the airline at their official toll-free number. This number can be found on the main website of the airline. 
  • Otherwise, you can send a mail requesting reimbursement to the official id of the carrier. 
  • Do not forget to attach all the required flight details. 
  • The main feature can also be used to check the status of your request after it is submitted. 

Methods to Revoke Flights on Condor Airlines 

Taking into account the preferences and abilities of different types of customers, this operator has given two main methods through which flights can be revoked. The first one is the online option which involves utilizing the official site of the airline. The second option is to call the airline authorities directly. 

To be able to properly use either of these methods given by Condor Airlines’ cancellation policy, you will first have to know how they work. For this, refer to the steps given below to gain a clear understanding. 

Method 1: Online Reversal Of Flights 

Most passengers prefer the online method due to its easy accessibility. Irrespective of your location or time, you can visit the online site and continue with the cancellation process. Hence, choosing the online mode is suggestable when long-distance flights are to be revoked. 

To avail of the online flight revocation option, the “manage booking” section has to be visited. The following steps explain the procedure for accessing this option: 

  • Open your browser and go to the main website of this airline by visiting its official link
  • As you open this site, five tabs will be visible on the homepage. Among these, click on the “My Booking” tab. 
  • A new redirected page will now be opened. Here, you will have to enter your details in the boxes provided. These include: 
  • Book in number or check in number or reference number 
  • Date of the flight 
  • The surname of the passenger 
  • In case you have booked your flight using a tour operator, mention this tour operator as well. 
  • Once you are done filling out all the boxes, go ahead by clicking on the “Continue” button highlighted in yellow. 
  • The site will now provide you with on-screen instructions to help in the revocation process. 
  • Follow these directions and reverse your trip using the Condor cancel flight ticket option. 
  • In the end, you can confirm your details in the confirmation email received at your official mail address. 

Note: This online method will not be available for those passengers who have made their reservations using unofficial or illegal sources of booking. 

Method 2: Offline Reversal of Flights 

When you do not have the time to use the online option, especially in case of last-minute requests, the offline option becomes useful. It is known to be the quickest method of flight revocation. Under this, you will simply have to reach out to the agents and put forward your request. 

To connect with the authorities, dial any of the given numbers: 

  • 1-866-960-7915: For passengers from the USA and Canada 
  • + 49 0 6171 6988920: For passengers from all other countries 
  • Passengers with hearing or speech impairments can dial 711 for using a voice relay. 

No fee will be charged for making this call, you can do it for free. Hence, once the authorities pick up the call: 

  • Let them know who you are and why you are calling. 
  • Give them your flight details, and personal information and put forward your revocation request. 
  • You can either ask the airline agents to tell you how to cancel condor flight tickets or ask them to reverse the same. 
  • When the airline is satisfied with the scrutiny of your details, it will begin the reversal process. 
  • Pay the necessary cancellation fee via the available modes. 
  • After the successful revocation of your booking, you will get an email or a call from the carrier confirming your revocation. 

Note: This offline option is the only available mode for passengers who have reserved their tickets using the assistance of travel agencies. However, before calling the airline, you will first have to connect with your respective agents. 

Condor Airlines Flight Revocation Charges

This airline charges a certain fee for the reversal of your tickets. This fee varies as per the time at which the request for revocation is made. As mentioned earlier, flights revoked within the first 24 hours of booking will incur no Condor flight ticket cancellation fee. 

Given below are the amounts of fees you will be required to pay when you exceed the 24-hour time limit: 

  • When there are 60 days left for the flight’s departure, 20% of the value of the ticket will be charged as the fee. 
  • In case you have 30 to 59 days for boarding your flight, you will have to pay 50% of the fee. 
  • When you make your request 15 to 29 days prior, a fee of 70 % will be applicable. 
  • Passengers canceling flights 14 days to 1 day before the scheduled date of departure will incur 90% of the charges. 
  •  Full 100& of the fee will be payable when requests for reversals are made on the day of departure. The same is the case under the no-show policy. 

For group bookings, the fee will depend on the date of take-off, the itinerary, and the size of the booking. To know the actual amount of charges, you can contact the group reservation department of the airline. 

Note: In case your booking is not yet confirmed even after the risk-free period, that is, the first 24 hours of reservation, it will automatically be changed to a fixed booking. 

What Happens if Condor Cancels My Flight? 

Owing to the uncertainty of air transport, the airline might sometimes cancel the bookings due to various reasons. It is not necessary that these causes are within the airline’s control. However, when this happens, the airline is liable to provide Condor canceled flight compensation to all the affected passengers. 

But keep in mind that the airline will only offer compensation when the reasons for the revocation fall well within the management scope of the carrier. These include 

  • Mechanical issues 
  • Technical difficulties 
  • Pilot not arriving on time
  • Delay in the provision of the in-cabin services 
  • Issues with the baggage 
  • Other issues at the airport 

In such cases, you will be entitled to receive service compensation or monetary compensation. The following steps will be taken by the carrier to reduce your inconveniences in situations like these: 

  • The carrier will first notify all the passengers of the canceled flights that their flight has been revoked. 
  • Updates will be given on the official site, emails will be sent and calls will be made. 
  • Passengers will be assigned seats on an alternative flight to the same destination. 
  • In case a stand-by flight is not available, the airline will make efforts to provide accommodations on another carrier. 
  • The Condor Airlines ticket cancellation policy also entitles the customers to receive free meals, drinks, and refreshments. 
  • Travelers will be permitted to make free phone calls. 
  • When the cancellation or delay results in overnight stays, free hotel accommodations will be offered to the customers. 

When passengers are denied boarding, the airline will first ask if anyone is willing to give up their seat before canceling their flight.

  • These volunteers will receive compensation and benefits in the form of high-value travel vouchers.
  • The value of these vouchers will be more than that of any cash compensation. 
  • Volunteers will be provided accommodations on other flights. 
  • Access to meals, telecommunication, and hotel services will be given for free. 

Hence, Condor’s flight cancellation policy not only enables the customers to easily revoke their flights but also grants them refunds and compensation. It makes the revocation procedure simple by offering different methods. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if Condor Airlines cancels my flight?

You will be either given cash or service compensation or will be accommodated on a new reservation to the same destination. 

How do I know if my Condor Airlines flight ticket is refundable?

Call the airline authorities at the time of booking or revocation to know if your ticket is refundable. 

What happens if you cancel non-refundable Condor flights? 

Refunds cannot be claimed on non-refundable flights, hence, no money-back will be given. 

Can Condor Airlines tickets be canceled 24 hours after booking?

Yes, the 24-hour cancellation policy of this airline permits revocations within the first 24 hours free of cost. 

Can I cancel my Condor Flight ticket online? 

To make online reversals, visit the main page of the carrier, go to the “my booking” section, enter the necessary details and follow on-screen directions. 

What happens if I cancel my Condor Airlines flight ticket? 

Your flight trip will be discontinued and you can either rebook a new reservation or claim a refund. 

Can I cancel a Condor Airlines flight within 24 hours of booking? 

All the flights revoked within the initial 24 hours of booking will be changed with no cancellation fee and full refunds can be accessed on such revocations. 

How do I cancel my flight on Condor offline? 

For offline cancellations, a flier will be needed to call the airline agents at their toll-free number as provided on the main site of the airline. 

Is booking a flight ticket on Condor refundable?

Not all tickets on this carrier are refundable. Some are non-refundable as well. 

Can I get Condor Airlines’ compensation for a 2-hour flight delay?

Compensation for delays generally includes free food and drinks and some monetary reimbursement. 

How to cancel your Condor flight ticket?

To undo bookings on this airline, you can either go with the online option using the “my booking” tab or the offline option by calling the airline agents. 

How do I get a refund from Condor Airlines? 

You can claim a refund by connecting with the official agents of the authorities. Otherwise, you may also submit your refund request online. 

How do I cancel a Condor Airlines flight via phone?

Revoke your reservation via phone by logging into the online site using your phone and accessing the cancel flight option. 

How do I cancel my Condor booking after confirmation? 

To revoke your flight after it has been successfully confirmed, reach out to the authorities of the carrier and make your request. 

How much does Condor flight cancellation cost? 

Generally, flights canceled within the first 24 hours of booking will be charged no amount. On other flights, you will have to pay about 20% to 100% of the original value of the ticket based on the time of the request. 

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