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In order to enable passengers to complete the boarding process without much hassle, the LATAM check in policy has been designed. This policy reveals all the conditions applicable to boarding. These can include minimum time limits, methods to obtain boarding passes, and restrictions imposed if any.

What Conditions are Applicable to the LATAM Airlines Check In Policy?

Under the LATAM Airlines check-in policy, certain primary conditions and regulations have been given:

  • A boarding pass can only be obtained after the check-in process is complete. 
  • Countries can have different domestic guidelines. 
  • Automatic check-in can only be availed on official reservations. 
  • You must complete the entire process at least an hour before the departure. 
  • Animals will have to be checked in separately. 
  • All the bags must be dropped off at the deposit counter. 
  • Seat selection or changes can be made during check-in at the airport. 
  • You may have to undertake this procedure twice on connecting flights. 
  • The details submitted must be correct while obtaining the boarding pass. 
  • Unaccompanied minors should check in as well. 
  • No fees will be applicable unless you are traveling under special conditions. 

Note: Based on the country you are flying to, the region-specific regulations will be informed at the time of reservation. Also, when adhering to LATAM’s Check-In Policy, it’s crucial to ensure your name is correct. In case you need to make any changes in PNR, refer to LATAM name change policy for a smooth and hassle-free process.

Is there an Automatic Check In on LATAM Airlines?

This airline offers an automatic LATAM check-in option to make the boarding process quicker: 

  • It can be done digitally through a simple procedure. 
  • Through this, the 48 hours of waiting time before boarding can be avoided. 
  • The check-in will be done automatically by the airline. 
  • When you are carrying only cabin baggage, the boarding pass will be given immediately. 
  • A temporary pass will be issued before automatic check-in. 

How Does the LATAM Automatic Check-In Work?

On the basis of a temporary boarding pass, this feature works. More information is mentioned below: 

  • You will have to first purchase a ticket using the official sources of the carrier. 
  • Then the airline will issue a provisional boarding pass. 
  • You can use this temporary pass to select seats or change flights on LATAM Airlines. 
  • Next, the information you have submitted will be checked. 
  • Based on these details, the airline will automatically check-in your booking. 
  • Your official boarding pass will be sent to the registered address. 
  • You can then present it at the airport at the time of boarding. 

For International/Third-Party Bookings

In case you wish to avail of this feature on international flights or on bookings made via travel agencies, you will have to: 

  • Go to the “Automatic Check-In” page on the main site of this carrier. 
  • Enter all the LATAM check in details here. 
  • Provide your “Reservation Code” and “Passenger Last Name”. 
  • This information has to be filled out 72 hours before the departure of the flight. 
  • You will then be given a temporary boarding pass. 
  • After making the necessary changes to it, the airline will issue the official pass. 
  • This document will be given 48 hours before take-off.
  • You can now present this official pass at the airport to continue boarding. 

Note: The same process has to be followed for reservations made using third-party websites and services. 

Benefits of the Temporary Boarding Pass:

The temporary boarding pass that you are issued after check in has many benefits. Some of these are: 

  • You can use this pass to select the desired seats. 
  • Additional LATAM Airlines baggage allowance can also be purchased. 
  • Upgradation of seats can be done for free. 
  • You do not have to wait in the LATAM Air check in lines at the airport. 
  • Official boarding passes can be obtained for free without any hassle. 
  • Any changes you make to your reservation will be reflected in your pass. 
  • Checked baggage can be tagged easily upon the presentation of this document. 

Note: To know whether your flight has automatic check-in, refer to the email/message sent after the reservation. 

How to Check In on LATAM Airlines Flights?

For LATAM flight check in, you can use four main options including online check-in, at the airport counter, through the official app, and via self-service kiosks. 

Method 1: Online Check-In

This option can be accessed on most flights that are officially booked with the carrier. 

  • Run the official site of the carrier. 
  • On the first page of this site, you will come across the “My Trips” option. 
  • Two sections will now appear as “Manage Your Trips” and “Check In”. 
  • Click on the “Check In” option now. 
  • A new redirected page will now be opened where you will have to enter your details. 
  • Here, under the “Search Your Trip” section, give the following information. 
    • Reservation Code
    • Passenger Last Name 
  • Now, continue by clicking on the “Look For” button.
  • Your flight information will now be retrieved. 
  • Follow the instructions given on the screen. 
  • Use the LATAM check in online option to complete the procedure. 
  • Your boarding pass will now become available either on the site or by mail. 
  • A confirmation mail will also be sent to your registered ID. 
  • Recheck your details and print out the boarding pass. 
  • You will then have to present this pass at the airport at the time of boarding. 

Note: Bookings made through travel agencies cannot avail of this online feature. 

Location-Wise Eligibility for Web Check-in

The online facility will be made on flights flying to and from the following destinations: 

  • Canada 
  • Spain 
  • Uruguay
  • United Kingdom 
  • Northern Island 
  • United States of America 
  • New Zealand 
  • Chile 
  • Mexico 

Note: In case the LATAM web check in service is not made available on the above-mentioned itineraries, you can try calling the airline authorities. 

Method 2: At the Airport Counter

Visiting the airport counter to obtain the boarding pass is by far the simplest method of checking in. You will simply have to visit the airport on the day of departure. 

  • Reach the airport at least a few hours before the check-in opening time. 
  • Once the airport counters open, make your space in the queue. 
  • The agent will now ask you to submit your flight details and personal information. 
  • In the process of LATAM Airlines flight check in, deposit your bags. 
  • Complete the deposit process. 
  • Go through the security checks. 
  • Once this is done, you will be given boarding passes. 
  • You can then take these passes to the boarding gates. 

Note: Any issue faced during the boarding process will easily be resolved on the spot by the airline authorities. 

Method 3: Through the Carrier’s Official Application

The official application of the airline can be accessed through your phone or computer for online check-in.

  • You can download the check-in LATAM app from:
    • Google Play Store
    • Or, Apple App Store 
  • Go to the “Check In” section.
  • Give all the necessary details asked.
  • The in-app instructions will provide you assistance to complete the rest of the process. 
  • Print out the boarding pass when it is made available. 
  • You can submit this pass at the airport on the day of departure. 

Method 4: Using the Self-Service Kiosk

Kiosks work on a self-service structure. Hence, you can follow the steps given below to complete the LATAM flight check in through these: 

  • Go to your departure airport 2-3 hours before the scheduled take-off. 
  • Visit the kiosk device closest to your boarding gate. 
  • Enter your reservation code onto this device. 
  • Your flight booking will be retrieved. 
  • Using the options available on the screen, go ahead with the check-in procedure. 
  • The boarding pass can be printed right away. 
  • Carry this pass to the boarding gate and submit it there. 

How to Check in Baggage on LATAM Airlines?

To indicate the luggage quantity at the time of check-in, either use a self-service kiosk or do so via the website of LATAM.

Method 1: Online Option

The LATAM Airlines online check in facility can be used for your baggage as well. 

  • You can follow the same procedure as the regular check-in through the official site. 
  • This time, mention the number of bags you plan to travel with. 
  • Also, mention the size and weight of each luggage item. 
  • You need not follow this process if you only plan to bring carry-on bags. 
  • Pay the necessary fee, if required. 
  • Get your boarding pass. 
  • At the time of presentation of this pass, you can avail of the baggage tags. 
  • Carefully attach them to your items and deposit your luggage with the agents. 
  • You can collect your belongings upon arrival at the destination airport. 

Method 2: Using the Self-Service Kiosk

The kiosks at the airport facilitate many services, one of which is to print baggage tags after confirming the baggage quantity.

  • For this, you will first have to complete the LATAM Airlines check-in process. 
  • Then scan the QR code on your boarding pass using your cell phone. 
  • The tag will be printed as soon as the device recognizes your code. 
  • Separate the barcode from the tag and attach it to the bags. 
  • Stick the tag in a way that the barcode appears on the front side of the bag. 
  • Separate the sticker from the bar code, if necessary. 
  • Use the scale at the device to weigh your luggage. 
  • Any item weighing more than 23 kgs or 50 lbs should be taken to the counter. 
  • Now, go to the nearest “Tagged Baggage Drop-Off” counter. 
  • Scan your boarding pass and barcode on the attached tags. 
  • It is mandatory to scan each item of luggage. 
  • Once the entire luggage is checked-in, place it on the conveyor belt. 
  • You can now make your way to the boarding gate. 

Note: One scan of the QR code will yield only one tag at a time. 

Available Airports:

This kiosk device is made available for use at the following airports only: 

  • Natal International Airport (NAT)
  • Florianópolis, Hercílio Luz International Airport (FLN)
  • Belo Horizonte/Confins, Tancredo Neves International Airport (CNF)
  • Miami International Airport (MIA)
  • London Gatwick Airport (LGW)
  • Cali, Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport (COL)
  • José María Córdova International Airport (MDE)
  • Santiago de Chile Airport (SCL)
  • London-Heathrow Airport (LHR)
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
  • São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (GRU)
  • Brasilia International Airport (BSB)
  • Salvador International Airport (SSA)
  • Puerto Montt Airport (PMC)
  • Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM)
  • Río de Janeiro International Airport (GIG)
  • Antofagasta, Cerro Moreno International Airport (ANF)
  • Concepción, Carriel Sur International Airport (CCP)
  • Galeão International Airport (GIG)
  • El Dorado International Airport (BOG)
  • Natal International Airport(NAT)

Applicable Restrictions:

As per the check in LATAM Airlines policy, there are some conditions under which fliers will not be allowed to tag their baggage. These include: 

  • The weight or size of the items exceed the given limits. 
  • Restrictions will be applicable to group bookings. 
  • Passengers with the following fares may not be able to avail of this service:
    • Black and Black Signature
    • Platinum
    • Gold/Gold Plus 
  • You require adding extra baggage to your reservation. 
  • Passengers are accompanied by LATAM Airlines in-cabin pets
  • Dangerous items are found in your luggage/

What are the LATAM Check In Times?

Every passenger is required to complete this check-in process as per the time limits dependent on travel locations.

The following table highlights the LATAM Airlines Check in times based on the same: 

Country Check-in Time (Before Flight Departure)
Oceania4 hours 
Dominican Republic3 hours 
Mexico3 hours 
Paraguay3 hours 
Bolivia3 hours 
Brazil3 hours 
Colombia4 hours 
Peru3 hours 
Chile4 hours 
Europe 4 hours 
Costa Rica3 hours 
United States3 hours 
Uruguay3 hours 
Argentina3 hours 
Easter Island 3 hours 
Galapagos Islands 2 hours and 30 minutes 

Are there Any LATAM Airlines Check In Fees?

Generally, the LATAM Airline check in can be done free of charge on most flights. You can also obtain your boarding pass for free. 

  • The payment of service charges may become necessary in case of offline options. 
  • It is mandatory to pay the required taxes. 
  • Additional baggage fees might become applicable when the limit is exceeded. 
  • No fee will be applied for the usage of self-service kiosks. 
  • Any charges incurred during the check-in process will be timely informed. 

What is the LATAM International Flight Check In Policy?

The LATAM international check in policy is determined to facilitate easy boarding in case of international fights. Some of the regulations under this policy include:

  • The minimum check-in time limits should be followed. 
  • In the case of COVID-dominant countries, passes will be given at the airport counters. 
  • The rules of the arrival destinations should be followed. 
  • Any special queries should be resolved by contacting the agents of the airline. 

Using Social Media to Connect with LATAM Airlines

Any queries regarding the LATAM Airlines check in feature can be referred to the agents of the airline. Contact them through these platforms:


The LATAM check-in policy enables fliers from all over to attain their boarding pass via a simple procedure. It further outlines the details of the time limits and the various available methods for check-in. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When can you check-in for LATAM?

Depending on the travel location, 2-4 hours before departure, you can check in for your flight.

Can I do online check-in?

Yes, you can check in online when traveling with this airline.

What happens if I am unable to check-in LATAM?

Given that you are unable to check in, contact the airline authorities to complete this process on your behalf.

How to check in with LATAM Airlines?

Use “My Trips” given on the website of this airline. Select “Check in” under this to start the procedure.

Can I buy upgrades at check in desk LATAM JFK?

Yes, you can upgrade your reservations. However, this depends on the type of fare you have chosen.

Can I check in LATAM Airlines?

Passengers can check in on this carrier.

Can I check my bags in early in LATAM?

Yes, one can check in one’s bags as soon as the luggage deposit counter opens at the airport.

Can laptop be taken on checked luggage on LATAM Airlines?

Generally, all electronic devices like laptops are to be brought as carry-on luggage.

Do I need to check in with LATAM Airlines?

Yes, it is mandatory to complete the check-in process in order to board your flight.

Does LATAM online check in require ID?

For the online check-in process, you will have to provide your ID.

How can I make my check in online international LATAM?

Use the website of this operator for online check-in. Otherwise, contact it offline for help.

How do I check in with LATAM Airlines offline?

Go to the self-service kiosk at the airport to complete the check-in process.

How early can I check in LATAM?

You may start this process as early as 72 hours in the case of the online check-in method.

How early can I check in my bags with LATAM?

Baggage check-in can be on the day of departure as soon as the counter for this opens

What time to check in for international flight LATAM?

The minimum check-in time for international flights depends on the country you are flying to.

What is the LATAM check in fee?

Usually, no fee is charged for check-in on this airline.

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