Etihad Airways Baggage Policy

Etihad Airways Baggage Policy

It can be crucial to check Etihad Airways’ baggage policy before you travel to any destination with this airline. Most of the time passengers may not be aware of the current luggage system of the airline. Hence, knowing about its baggage rules can be of great help to reduce extra costs on carrying the items on the flight. The baggage rules of Etihad can be very basic to follow with limited restrictions for its flyers. These restrictions can be around extra, overweight, or prohibited items.

Etihad Airways Baggage Allowance for Carrying Checked Bags

Etihad Airways’ new baggage policy has basic guidelines concerning checked items. As per its guidelines, the checked items must be under the allotted Etihad Airways baggage allowance for international and domestic routes. According to UAE Civil Aviation rules, no single piece of luggage shall weigh more than 32 kilograms. Along with this, Etihad Airways baggage allowance dimensions for each item should also be met. 

These dimensions are:

  • To the United States and Canada – 158 cm (70 x 50 x 38 cm)
  • To/from all other locations – 207 cm (90 x 72 x 45 cm)

The following is the table that shows the baggage allowance of this airline for different routes and cabin classes:

DestinationEconomy Class (Pounds)Business Class (Pounds)First Class (Pounds)
U.S.- Canada2 bags, 50 2 bags, 702 bags, 70
GCC, Jordan, & Lebanon8888110
Africa to Most Places8888110
GCC to Bangladesh, Philippines, & Indonesia88 88 110
India-U.K.88 88 132

Economy Fare Option is subdivided into Economy deals and Economy Saver and Classic. For these classes, the baggage allowance of Etihad Airways are as follows:

DestinationEconomy Deals & Economy Saver and Classic (Pounds)Economy Flex (Pounds)Business Class (Pounds)First Class (Pounds)
India, China, Australia, Japan, Pakistan, Korea, Hong Kong to Africa667788110
Asia to/from Europe & GCC667788110
Australia to Europe667788110
GCC to/from Indian Subcontinent 667788110
Philippines, India, Pakistan, & Bangladesh to Europe667788110
India and Europe667788110
Italy to China667788110
India & Pakistan to Australia667788110
UK to India667788110

The baggage allowance for Etihad Airways of Economy, Business, and First Class passengers for other routes are as stated below:

RoutesEconomy Saver and Classic (in Pounds)Economy Flex(in Pounds)Business (in Pounds)First (in Pounds)
China to Japan667788110
UAE to Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Azerbaijan667788110
Egypt to UAE888888110

Etihad Airways Excess Baggage Policy

Etihad Airways allows its passengers to carry extra baggage on its aircraft by spending additional fees. These Etihad Airways baggage fees can be paid online by its customers or they can be paid at the airport also. The greatest benefit of traveling with Etihad is that you can use your guest points to pay this fee for your extra luggage.

When you book tickets with Etihad, you may receive a majority of your guest points. This, however, is dependent on if you are an Etihad Guest Member. When you are already a guest member of this airline, you can call and reserve your additional checked luggage allotment.

The quantity of excess luggage you may check-in is determined by your membership tier. Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum are the four levels of membership. In rare circumstances, passengers can be permitted to check in extra luggage for free. Then they will not have to pay Etihad Airways extra baggage fees at all. 

Etihad Guest Silver members have the option of taking an extra 10 kg of luggage. Etihad Guest Gold members get access to take 12 kgs of extra luggage. Platinum members can bring 15 kgs of their luggage on a flight. Here is the table mentioning fees as per the weight limit in Etihad Airlines:

To/FromExtra Bag Fees in Dollars
UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia307
Jordan, Egypt,  Lebanon, Sudan256
Indian Subcontinent256

Note: The above-mentioned prices are related to the weight concept. 

Here are the basic rates according to the piece concept and overweight baggage in Etihad Airways’ extra baggage policy:

RoutesOverweight Fee in DollarsExtra Piece up to 23 KilogramsExtra Piece up to 32 Kilograms
ISC (Indian Subcontinent)120320360
Middle East, Europe, Asia, Canada, and the U.S.110320360
Australia, Korea, and Japan120350400

Allowed Baggage Items at Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways baggage policy may be flexible for passengers bringing carry-on items on the flight. The baggage policy for carry-on mentions what items can be brought with the customer onboard. However, it should be noted that these items are checked under the TSA guidelines and should meet the weight concept of 23 kilograms to be approved. 

The items allowed at Etihad Airways international baggage allowance are listed below:

  • Briefcase
  • Purses
  • Infant stroller
  • Baby food
  • Air mattresses
  • Binoculars
  • Books
  • Travel accessories
  • Blankets
  • Pillowcases
  • Umbrella
  • Walking sticks
  • Wheelchairs
  • Mobility devices
  • Hearing aids
  • Shoes
  • Clothes
  • Camera
  • Carrycot
  • Medicines

Etihad Baggage Policy for Liquids

The TSA, EASA, and FAA define the standard rules for carrying liquids at Etihad Airways. These standard rules indicate the passengers to bring the liquids as per the TSA 3-1-1 policy. Under this policy, the flyers of this airline are required to carry liquids of not more than 3.4 ounces. 

The other rules that apply for carrying liquids following the Etihad baggage policy are:

  • The liquid bag must be separately presented at the airport for screening.
  • Liquid duty-free goods must be carried in a bag that is tamper-proof.
  • Liquids, gels, and aerosols are restricted to one quarter-sized bag per passenger due to Etihad Airways’ allowed baggage weight limit.

Etihad Airways Infant Baggage Policy

Etihad Airways permits its visitors to fly with their infants. Parents can bring their infants onboard with this airline complying with some guidelines. These guidelines have been made for ensuring the utmost safety of the babies. However, the most important rule that the traveler should follow is that the infant must not be less than 7 days old to travel on the aircraft. Also, it should be understood that baggage allowance with Etihad Airways for infants may not be the same as for adults. Infants above 2 years of age are allowed to carry a little baggage weight of their own.

These guidelines need to be obeyed by the flyers of this carrier carrying their infants:

  • Etihad mandates the filing of a MEDIF form and medical report in the event of any birth difficulties or premature birth of the baby inside the flight.
  • Those who are under the age of two on the day of travel are regarded as infants and will be assessed with 10% of the adult price on their tickets.
  • Only one infant can be attended by each adult.
  • Your infant will need a separate seat on the aircraft if you wish to utilize a car seat on the airline. 
  • Unless the fee is submitted, infants may not be given their own seat, as mentioned in the Etihad baggage policy. 
  • You are allowed to carry your young one’s own car seat as long as it satisfies certain requirements and is authorized for use on the aircraft.

Etihad Baggage Policy for Transporting Pets

Pets of any sort are not permitted in the main cabin or as checked baggage on Etihad Airways flights. All pets must approach the United Arab Emirates as manifested cargo, according to UAE government laws. Falcons and certain Service Animals are exempt from this rule, following the Etihad Airways baggage policy for pets.

Falcons can be permitted as checked luggage and in the main cabin of the flight. All essential paperwork and permissions should be obtained ahead of time to guarantee a smooth journey for transporting pets. There can be an extra charge for carrying falcons on Etihad flights. This Etihad Airways excess baggage fees can be paid online or at the airport.

Sports and Music Equipment Allowed on Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways allows its customers to bring certain sports and musical instruments on the flight. Ensuring the safety of the passengers, this air carrier permits its visitors to bring these instruments as per the weight limit. The weight and size restrictions of Etihad Airways baggage policy for sporting and music equipment are:

  • Weight Limit: 23 kilograms
  • Size Restrictions: 62 linear inches

This chart exhibits what instruments are approved by the Etihad Airways checked baggage policy:

BikesBicyclesFishing equipmentWater sporting equipment
Boogie boardsWave skisPaddleboardsKiteboard
Ski equipmentSnowboarding equipmentScuba diving equipmentGolf clubs
PianoCell bassDrumsticks

Prohibited Items at Etihad Airways

To make the journey of the customers safe, carrying certain items are not allowed at Etihad Airways. The items can be considered restricted because of the properties they may possess. For example, some of the items may be sharp-edged while others may be gaseous or poisonous substances. Firearms and fireworks are also prohibited on Etihad Airlines. Carrying such items might result in exploding of the bags and further unlikely actions. 

Here is a detailed list of such restricted items as per the Etihad Airways baggage allowance:

Pointed and Sharp ObjectsBlunt InstrumentsDangerous Goods & ChemicalsWeaponsExplosives
SwordsBaseball batsRadioactive materialCrossbowsBlasting caps
AxesCricket batsPoisonsStun devicesAmmunition
Knives and scissorsSnooker, billiards, pool cluesDisabling spraysLightersDetonators and fuses
Blades and razorsMartial arts equipmentFire extinguishersHarpoon and spear gunsReplica or imitation explosive material
Ice picksFishing rodsFireworksPistols, revolvers, rifles, shotgunExplosive devices
Arrows and dartsSkateboardsPyrotechnicsToy gunsGrenades

According to various opinions of the passengers, Etihad baggage policy rules may sometimes be strict to follow. However, it is recommended to sincerely obey all the rules of this baggage policy to ensure the safest traveling experience.

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FAQs of Etihad Airlines Baggage Policy

How strict is Etihad with baggage allowance?

Etihad Airlines may be quite strict when it comes to carrying baggage. As per the Etihad Airways baggage allowance from the U.S. to India or other countries, the passengers can bring their bags under the size restriction of 90 x 72 x 45 cm. The weight of the total bags should not be 30 kilograms for each bag.

Does Etihad weigh hand luggage?

Yes, the staff of Etihad Airlines weighs the overall hand luggage of its passengers. Since Etihad increased its hold luggage capacity to 30 kg, check-in employees are now checking a lot of hand luggage. If the luggage is found to be more than 30 kgs, then the Etihad Airways overweight baggage fees may apply.

How many bags can I carry on Etihad?

The Etihad Airways baggage policy allows Economy passengers to hold up to one personal item and a single checked bag up to 50 pounds for free. The Business Class and First Class passengers can take two bags, each weighing approx 70 pounds.

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