Cathay Pacific Airways Baggage Policy

Cathay Pacific Airways Baggage Policy
Cathay Pacific Airways Baggage Policy

The Cathay Pacific Airways baggage policy has been made using simple rules for carrying items in flight. These items should adhere to the weight and size constraints of the airline. When flying with Cathay Pacific Airlines, it can be important to know that its policy may rely on the class of travel. Thus, the passengers of this Hong Kong-based airline can get higher weight considerations, even on taking carry-on luggage. 

Cathay Pacific Baggage Allowance for Checked Items

The baggage allowance for taking checked items on a flight at Cathay Pacific can be based on the weight of the bags. It can also vary, concerning the number of bags a passenger brings. All the rates of the cabin class can contain the least minimal checked luggage. With the weight allowances, Cathay Pacific’s check-in baggage allowance might get difficult. This can be due to the particular weight limitations differing based on the kind of fare ticket and the destination traveled.

Note: The baggage allowance of Cathay Pacific Airlines for the checked luggage can vary according to the zone of the routes. 

Cabin ClassNumber of BagsWeight Capacity (in kg)Size Limit (in cm)
Economy Class230203
Premium Economy Class235203
Business Class240203
First Class350203

Baggage allowance of Cathay Pacific to the USA may not be the same due to weight capacity and the class of travel. 

Mentioned herewith is the baggage allowance of Cathay Pacific Airways from the USA to other countries:

Cabin ClassNumber of BagsWeight Capacity (in kg)Size Limit (in cm)
Economy Class223203
Premium Economy Class225203
Business Class232203
First Class232203

Note: As this airline is based in Hong Kong, the baggage allowance of Cathay Pacific may vary in this capital. 

The Cathay Pacific baggage allowance to HongKong and Auckland is shown in the following table:

Cabin ClassNumber of BagsWeight Capacity (in kg)Size Limit (in cm)
Economy Class123203
Premium Economy Class223203
Business Class323203
First Class323203

Baggage Allowance for Complimentary Bags on Cathay Pacific

Cabin baggage can refer to the complimentary limit of bags a flyer can take on Cathay Pacific flights. The cabin baggage, also like the checked one, can depend on the class of the travel. 

Note: Each visitor on this Hong Kong Airline can be approved to bring one free cabin baggage. 

Cathay Pacific Airlines baggage allowance for international flights, as well as the domestic ones, based on the cabin class, is:

Marco Polo Club MembershipEconomy ClassPremium Economy ClassBusiness ClassFirst Class
Green1 bag and 1 small item of 7 kg1 bag and 1 small item of 7 kg1 bag and 1 small item of 10 kg1 bag and 1 small item of 15 kg
Silver1 bag and 1 small item of 10 kg1 bag and 1 small item of 10 kg1 bag and 1 small item of 10 kg1 bag and 1 small item of 15 kg
Gold 1 bag and 1 small item of 10 kg1 bag and 1 small item of 10 kg1 bag and 1 small item of 10 kg1 bag and 1 small item of 15 kg
Diamond1 bag and 1 small item of 15 kg1 bag and 1 small item of 15 kg1 bag and 1 small item of 15 kg1 bag and 1 small item of 15 kg

Cathay Pacific Excess Baggage Fees

The excess baggage limit of Cathay Pacific can be understood as per the itinerary or zone the flyer is traveling through. Once the number of items reaches the maximum limit on some routes, and when the weight limit is surpassed on other routes, Cathay Pacific additional baggage fees may apply. While prices may change by area, they can typically run from $12 to $60 per kilogram. 

A bag that weighs greater than the weight restriction may be divided into many bags to comply with the Cathay Pacific Airlines baggage policy. If it cannot be divided, then you may need to make accommodations with the airline ahead of time to see if you can be allowed to check your bags. 

Note: Please remember that the airline may refuse to accept oversized or overweight luggage.

These are the Cathay Pacific extra baggage fees for different zones and itineraries:

Fees in Dollars per kgHong KongZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4
From Hong Kong13202545
From Zone 11315203045
Zone 22020354045
Zone 32530404565
Zone 44545456565

Allowed Items to Bring with Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific may permit its visitors to transport permitted goods as their carry-on baggage. These things should transit through the airport’s security checkpoint in order to get checked. When the item can be allowed to be carried as a Cathay Pacific carry-on baggage allowance, it should be under the size and weight constraints. Any of the following listed items, if found to be overweight, can be seized by the airline.

Items such as these can be allowed to be taken with Cathay Pacific baggage weight allowance:

  • Small bags
  • Backpacks
  • Handbags
  • Assistive devices
  • Clothes
  • Diaper bag
  • Baby stroller
  • Baby food
  • Car seat
  • Books
  • Tablet
  • Crutches
  • Headphones
  • Smartphones
  • Jewelry
  • Wheelchair

Cathay Pacific Airways Baggage Policy for Infants

Provided the baby is in excellent health, Cathay Pacific Airways may accept an infant to fly beyond the first week after birth. This airline, giving the priority to the baby’s health, may approve at least a single parent to accompany it. Considering these appropriate requirements, up to two infants can fly with each traveler or guardian. 

The additional Cathay Pacific Airways baggage policy rules for infants are:

  • Each baby should be at least six months old and be flying in an infant car seat. 
  • The appropriate infant fare will be applied on booking a reservation for the baby.
  • A child restraint device should be used to hold the second infant onto the parent’s lap. 
  • The registered passenger responsible for carrying the baby should provide his/her own newborn car seat. This car seat should meet Cathay Pacific’s authorized criteria.

Cathay Pacific Airways Baggage Policy for Pets

Cathay Pacific Airways may not allow normal pets to travel in the cabin class. Only assistive dogs and pets can be approved to be taken inside Cathay Pacific flights. With regards to the Cathay Pacific check-in baggage policy, the normal pets can be taken into the cargo hold section of the airline. They cannot fly in the main cabin. Some pets may not be accepted as cabin luggage due to their breathing problems. A few examples of such pets can be:

  • Snub-nosed animals
  • Snout animals
  • Flat-faced animals
  • Brachycephalic
  • Certain dogs and cats

Note: Pets may not qualify for complimentary baggage allowance. All pets will be charged with Cathay Pacific baggage fees. The exact will be as per the overall capacity of the pet and its crate.

In-flight Pet Requirements for Cathay Pacific

While traveling with pets on a flight of Cathay Pacific, the flyers may have to fill a few requirements. Small dogs may be held on the owner’s lap but the larger ones should be seated on the aircraft floor at the passengers’ feet. Service dogs should be securely strapped at all times throughout the flight. Also, the dog’s leash should be fastened to the seatbelt. The flyer can be solely responsible for the pet’s guidance and protection. 

Note: One service dog can be permitted on Cathay Pacific flights.

Cathay Pacific Baggage Policy for Music/Sports Equipment 

Cathay Pacific may allow you to take along sports and music equipment. Prior to carrying them, they should fulfill appropriate specifications, following the Cathay Pacific baggage policy for international flights. The sports and musical instruments can be taken as checked luggage if they are below 23 kilos. Other rules associated with carrying them can be known by connecting with this airline. 

This airline has authorized the following sports and musical items to be taken inside its flights:

BicyclesGolf equipmentBows and arrowsBowling equipment
Snowboarding equipmentWatersports equipmentBasketball equipmentHang gliders
Scuba diving equipmentPianoTablaDrums
ViolinDrumsticksGuitarCell bass

Prohibited Items at Cathay Pacific Airways

Hong Kong’s famous Cathay Pacific Airways may not approve some items to be taken on its aircraft. The reason behind this can be security or size-related problems. Mentioned herewith are the items that are regarded as prohibited under the Cathay Pacific international baggage policy:

Toy gunsAxes and swordsChemicals
ExplosivesFirearmsCorrosive materials
Lithium batteriesRadioactive materialsOrganic peroxides

You can also look at our recently covered Thai Airways baggage policy if you have some plans on flying to Thailand soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much baggage is allowed in Cathay Pacific Airlines?

Cathay Pacific Airways can allow its passengers to take 2 bags on each class of travel. However, for Business and First Classes, the visitors can carry up to 3 bags on its flights. It should be noted that all of these bags should not be limited to 152 centimeters in size, followed by the Cathay Pacific flight baggage allowance.

Is Cathay Pacific strict with baggage allowance?

Yes, Cathay Pacific seems to be strict about its baggage allowance policy. The Economy Class passengers can bring luggage up to 30 kilos. Under the Cathay Pacific Airlines Business Class baggage allowance, their passengers can transit approximately 40 kilos. The First-Class flyers can take bags measuring up to 50 kilos. On not following this, additional charges can be asked for.

Does Cathay Pacific weigh carry-on baggage?

Yes, it can be possible that Cathay Pacific Airlines weighs your carry-on baggage. So, adhering to the Cathay Pacific carry-on baggage policy, you should bring the items according to their size constraints. The size limits for the Economy and Premium Economy travelers can be 15 pounds. For Business Class flyers, the size limit can increase to 22 pounds. While for First Class travelers, the carry-on bags must weigh 33 pounds.

How much does Cathay charge for excess baggage?

Overweight luggage that exceeds the standard limit for each cabin class is charged $13-$65 per kilogram by Cathay Pacific Airways. When your luggage is under the weight limit but you want an extra piece, the extra baggage fees in Cathay Pacific can range between $30 to $60 per item. An extra piece can cost $150-$280 for journeys via the United States.

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