Austin Bergstrom International Airport Code AUS

Airport Codes


Airport coordinates

LAT / LON 30°11'40"N / -97°-40'-11"W


Weather Observations

Station ID: KAUS
Observation Time: 05/03/2021 4:16 am

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About Austin Bergstrom International Airport Code

Austin Bergstrom Airport code is AUS (Austin Airport code). This IATA code is based on Austin city located in the heart of Texas. Its elevation above sea level is 542 feet/ 165 meters and the local time zone at the airport is UTC-5 and UTC-6 during Standard Time.

About Austin Bergstrom Airport (AUS)

Spread across an area of 4,242 acres, Austin Bergstrom Airport (AUS Airport) is equipped with two world-class concrete runways. It is one of the busiest aviation hubs in the country with average passenger traffic of more than 6 million annually. Aircraft operations also keep this facility quite busy throughout the year. 

Barbara Jordan Terminal (AUS)

This terminal is spread across an area of 748,000 square feet with 34 gates out of which 6 can handle international flights also. Apart from restaurants and lounges, this terminal also has a live music stage for local bands to perform. 

South Terminal

This facility is primarily used by Allegiant Air and Frontier Airlines and has a separate gate for entry. South Terminal boasts a retro look. It has three gates. 

Austin Bergstrom Airport zip code (Austin texas airport zip code) is TX 78719.

Nearest Airports to Austin Bergstrom Airport IATA (AUS)

  • San Antonio International Airport: 66.9 miles
  • Easterwood Airport: 85.2 miles

Major Airlines Operating from to Austin Bergstrom Airport (AUS)

Runway Data

Name Length Width Surface Lighted
17R-35L 12,248 ft 150 ft Concrete Yes
17L-35R 9,000 ft 150 ft Concrete Yes
How do I pick someone up from the Austin Airport?

As you enter the Austin Airport area, having Austin Airport code, you can drive to the bottom baggage level of the airport to pick your friend, family member, or someone else. You can also go to the higher level to pick up the passenger. Only operational loading and unloading are permitted on the airport curbside. Unattended cars and parking are not allowed at the Austin Airport. So, you can quickly pick up the person without waiting for a long duration.

What is the significance of the name Bergstrom for the airport in Austin?

Captain John August Earl Bergstrom, a commander with the 19th Bombardment Group, honoured the airport’s name, Bergstrom. This airport is known by its Austin Bergstrom Airport code and also has a US Air Force facility. The  Austin Bergstrom Airport took over as Austin’s primary airport from Robert Mueller Municipal Airport. This holds the real significance behind the name “Bergstrom” for Austin Bergstrom International Airport.

What number of terminals does Austin Bergstrom Airport have?

Austin Bergstrom Airport (with Austin Bergstrom Airport ZIP code) has 2 terminals. They are not associated with each other. One of them is the Barbara Jordan Terminal. That terminal is the primary terminal of Austin Bergstrom Airport and the South Terminal is the second one which is utilized by Allegiant Air and Frontier Airlines.

What are the parking options at Austin Airport?

The Austin Bergstrom, with the AUS Airport code, has the most premium parking options: 

Valet: The handiest; however, Valet usually is the most costly one, with a family-friendly choice of $19 and a management option of$ 29. The car valet is located right across the terminal at the 3rd level in Garage No.1.

Parking Garage: You may also park for $3 per hour or $20 for a whole day in your self-parking garage which is next door to the terminal.

Economy Parking: You might choose an economy lot that costs $8 per day. It includes a free shuttle service from the Austin Bergstrom Airport to the terminal if you stay for extra hours at the location.

How many security checkpoints are there in Austin Bergstrom Airport?

The Barbara Jordan Terminal of the airport (with the ABIA Airport code) has three security checks, and the South Terminal has one. The checkpoints are open every day from 3:30 a.m. until the last departure (except for the west checkpoint, which opens at 4 a.m.). Travellers travelling from Barbara Jordan Terminal can use any of the three security checkpoints to get to their gate.

Are there any airport lounges at Austin Bergstrom Airport?

There are three airline lounges at AUS Airport all of which are located in the departure concourses. Day passes are available for $59 and $50, respectively, at two of the lounges. Admirals Club, United Club, and Delta-Sky Club are the three airline lounges at Austin Bergstrom International Airport (Austin Texas Airport Zip Code).

Does Austin Bergstrom Airport have a TSA PreCheck?

TSA PreCheck lanes are available at Austin Bergstrom Airport’s Barbara Jordan Terminal checkpoints 1 and 2 and in the South Terminal checkpoint. The TSA website has the most up-to-date information about opening hours. The TSA Enrollment Center of the airport (Austin Bergstrom International Airport code) is also located on the baggage carousel level of the Barbara Jordan Terminal, among both carousels 3 and 4. You can seek any information related to TSA PreCheck at the TSA Enrollment Center. The guide over the desk will help you solve your queries at the earliest.

Are there any baby care facilities at Austin Airport?

Austin Airport (Austin Airport code) provides two private rooms or pods at Barbara Jordan Terminal for breastfeeding or pumping. A mother’s lounge can be found at gate 10 there in East Concourse. Also, a Mamava Lactation Room is located across the Second Bar + Kitchen street in the airport’s central departure area. Hence, passengers can enjoy the baby care facilities and nurse their children at the airport’s lactation room.

How early should I get to Austin Airport (AUS Airport code)?

Passengers flying before 8 a.m. have to arrive at least three hours at Austin Airport, having the AUS Airport code. The airport also recommends that travellers on flights should not arrive too early in the morning. They should also not arrive over two hours before the flight. It is advised to avoid extra congestion in the crowded morning queues.

How many terminals does Austin Airport have?

Austin Airport, having the Austin Airport ZIP code, has 2 terminals. They are not connected to each other. The first terminal is Barbara Jordan Terminal. It is the main terminal of Austin Airport. The second terminal is South Terminal. South Terminal is used by two airlines which include Frontier Airlines and Allegiant Airlines.

What time does TSA Austin Airport (AUS Airport code) open?

The initial TSA checkpoint begins at 3:30 a.m. every day at Austin Airport, having the Austin Airport ZIP code. So, this can be the time around which Austin Airport opens. However, departing travellers are recommended to arrive at least two hours before their departure during busy travel periods. Passengers are advised to be at the terminal prior to 90 minutes for various other reasons. Even then, you will find this airport open.

Are masks required at Austin Airport(AUS Airport code)?

Yes, wearing masks is mandatory at Austin Airport (Austin Airport code). According to the Federal Government’s regulation, you must cover your face by wearing a mask while visiting Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. If you refuse to cooperate at the airport, then you might face federal consequences such as deportation and denial of re-entry.

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